How to Take Triphala Churna for Digestive Health

triphala churna dosageHere’s how to use the benefits of triphala churna to enhance your digestion, reduce intestinal problems and improve your health in general. Also ahead is how to make up triphala and dosage information.

Triphala churna is an Ayurvedic preparation that is a combination of the powdered fruit of three different trees – haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaki (commonly known as amla).

It is prized in Ayurveda for its ability to balance the doshas (the elements of body and mind) and enhance the process of digestion and elimination. Triphala is known to be beneficial for removing toxins from the digestive tract, cleansing the liver, gallbladder and kidneys and purifying the blood.

There are many other health benefits of triphala and it is prescribed for a wide range of ailments in India. People in Western cultures are now starting to discover the effectiveness of triphala churna for themselves.

The term ‘churna’ means a mixture of powders, so, by definition, triphala churna is simply triphala powder. Here’s how to make it up at home yourself to improve your digestive system and bring your body back into balance.

Recommended Triphala Churna Dosage and When to Take It

When you research how to take triphala churna, the most commonly suggested starting dosage is a level teaspoon (around 4 grams) of the powder, stirred vigorously into a glass of hot water. You leave this mixture to settle for at least twenty minutes, though it is often recommended of several hours, or even all day.

Then drink the whole glass in one sitting, leaving the sediment at the bottom. You then refill the glass with hot water, mix it well and leave it to use again for a second time.

The best time to have this triphala churna tea is in the evening, a couple of hours after dinner and just before bed. Followed again first thing in the morning with the second dose made from the same triphala powder.

The way I do this is to make up my triphala in the morning in a glass of hot water, cover it and leave it for the day. Just before bed I drink it all down and refill the glass with hot water and stir it well ready for the morning. After researching the different brands I settled on this organic preparation and I’ve been very happy with it.

After having the morning’s triphala churna tea you discard the sediment and stir up a new mixture. As a precaution, it should not be used by pregnant women and there are a couple of other potential side effects to be aware of.

On the whole though, triphala churna in an excellent superfood supplement and can be used regularly for detoxification and better digestive health.

Larger Doses for Constipation

At the recommended dose of a teaspoon, triphala is not considered a strong laxative in the same way as cascara sagrada or senna, but more of an internal cleanser and bowel tonic.

triphala churna usesIn all likelihood, you will be heading to the bathroom soon after you get up in the morning, but this should be a normal and easy bowel movement. If stools are too loose you could try not taking it for a day and then starting again at half the dose and monitoring the effects.

If you do not feel the need to visit the bathroom soon after waking, the amount of triphala you take in the evening could be slowly increased by a gram or so each day (or a little more heaped teaspoon) until the desired result is achieved.

At doses of 8 grams (around two teaspoons) and above for constipation, triphala should have a definite laxative effect for most people. Drinking more of the sediment is also likely to increase it’s effectiveness for this purpose.

It is best used at these higher doses for constipation for shorter periods only, perhaps just a day or two if needed. Triphala churna is however, generally thought to be much safer than other types of laxatives as its rejuvenating properties help to offset the potentially depleting effects of using a laxative.

Unlike some other laxatives, triphala is non-habit forming and is said to strengthen and tonify the internal muscles of the bowels. That said, regular use of laxatives is not recommended. It’s worth seeking out a knowledgeable healthcare professional if constipation becomes a regular digestive problem for you.

Triphala Capsules Before Meals

A simpler way to take triphala is as a digestive aid before meals up to three times a day. This is a good way to take the tablets or triphala capsules like these.

Dosages are usually lower, generally 1 gram or 2 capsules half an hour before a meal, with a large glass of water. At this amount, triphala’s rejuvenating and balancing properties are usually noticed more than with the larger powder dose.

This is a gentler method for getting triphala churna health benefits and would be suitable for people who didn’t want to drink the triphala tea due to the taste. It may however take longer to show obvious beneficial effects as triphala’s cleansing actions would be likely to be less pronounced with the lower dosages in capsules.

How Does Triphala Taste?

With all the tannins and powerful nutritional compounds in amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki, triphala churna isn’t the best tasting thing you’ll ever try. Ayurvedic medicine says it actually has a combination of five of the six known tastes – bitter, sour, sweet, pungent and astringent, with only salty missing.

When I first tried it the taste was definitely more in favor of the first two of these I’ll admit. But I knew the health benefits and took the strong taste as proof of its potency.

Ayurveda teaches the importance of a balance of all the tastes for good health and in a preparation like triphala churna your taste buds will most likely focus on what you most need. Given Western diets, that’s unlikely to be sweet. Over time the taste has become more balanced to me (or perhaps my taste buds have) with a combination of flavors and I have no problem drinking it regularly.

If you feel the taste may put you off, then good strength triphala capsules may be a good option if you still want to experience the health benefits of triphala churna without going to the trouble of making it up each day.

However, if you’re using it in the larger dosage for internal cleansing, or as an occasional laxative for constipation problems, then the powdered triphala churna is both better value and considered significantly more effective.

Have you tried using triphala churna before? I’d really like to hear about how you took it and what kind of effect it had on your health for you personally. You can also read more about the many triphala benefits on this site, including how to use it for a different kind of weight loss that has nothing to do with counting calories or starving yourself.

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  1. Cyndi Boulden says:

    Where can I purchase and is is called Triphala or is there a product name?

  2. Akhter says:

    I have been taking Triphla for over 3 months. I take one tea spoon in a quarter of a glass of hot water before bed. I mix and take the whole thing without leaving anything in the glass. I was not a constipated person, the reason to start was that I suffer from IBS and after reading and reading I decided to have a go. I will be honest, I have not felt any relief from pain and other symptoms of IBS but still want to carry on for its long term effects. I am not taking any medicine for IBS otherwise. Can someone tell me about Triphla’s positive immediate effects on their stomach?


    • Jim says:

      Hi Akhter. I’ve found better results with mixing my triphala in the morning, covering and letting it ‘distill’ all day before drinking it in the evening. I definitely notice more energy when I take it though I haven’t experienced the IBS symptoms you’ve described. It would be great if someone who has taken triphala for irritable bowel syndrome could comment.

      • Kane says:

        Hello I had IBS and been taking triphala since last year. Never been better, everything is smooth

        • Jim says:

          Hi Kane and thanks for writing in with your experience with triphala for IBS.

          I’ve also read positive comments about it’s effectiveness in online health forums.

    • dhillon says:

      hi akter
      try to it empty stomac in the morning with honey and dont eat anything for 1 hous after taking it. continue it for three months and then stop for 15-20 days and start again……………….

  3. Vicki says:

    How long does it take for the “larger” dose to work? I drank the smoothie this morning then waited 2 hours before taking the larger dose of triphala. It has been over 2 hours and nothing.


    • Jim says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Everyone will be different but generally it should have had its effects within two hours. Stirring up the triphala before you drink it will apparently increase its laxative effects. If this does not work you would need a larger dose. You could increase the amount by a teaspoon until it’s working for you. These amounts would only be for occasional use.

      Perhaps an hour afterwards and a bit larger dosage would be more appropriate as I feel it is important to go to the bathroom within the next few hours after having the smoothie for it to be most effective.

      Pure castor oil is a powerful laxative and very fast working but, while I haven’t had anyone commenting about it here, occasionally some people report some nausea with using it. On the other hand, it is recommended as an excellent intestinal cleanser itself.

      When I initially wrote the page on the parasite killing smoothie – – I recommended castor oil and then changed to triphala. On balance, I feel it’s worth adding it back in and giving people both options.

      I’ll be editing the page to reflect all of this so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      • c Patange says:

        1.5tea spoon in hot water and stirr well after cooling at room temp stirr well.Drink after dinner at least one hr gap..Repeat same in the morning overnight preparation is always good & 2-3 glass of water after 10 good to clean ur bowel. lhave tried filtered drops as eye drops. Daily prepared drops are good. I even tried it as Nasal drop to my experience it is giving great result.
        I am 60 yrs my eye sight has been improving. I have typed this without glasses. Very good to reduce weight, feel frerh,reduces high blood pressure.

      • Phoenix9 says:

        Doing a Castor oil pack over your lower abdomen is a great way to relieve constipation without any nausea that comes from ingesting it. To do it, soak a piece of flannel in castor oil and place it over your lower abdomen. Wrap plastic wrap around your whole abdomen (keeps the pack in place and prevents staining of clothes) Use a hot water bottle or heating pad on the area for at least 30 min up to an hour. When you are finished you can keep the flannel in a plastic bag in the fridge for the next use. I found that it i did this before bed, the next morning evenything moved a lot easier.

  4. janmeet says:

    i m suffering from my stomach disorder. when i get wake up early in the morning then acidic is formed in my stomach and if i try to eat breakfast them vomiting starts. is triphala helps me in this problem.

    • Jim says:

      Hi there. Triphala is said to be good for acid reflux and improving digestion in general. Avipattikar is another Ayurvedic remedy that may also help with an excessively acidic stomach.

      Hope this helps.

  5. ghazala says:

    Hi I hv been suffering from IBS for many years n I just came upon ur page n would like more light thrown on this topic, on taking triphala pills,pls help cos my acid level is also becoming very disturbing recently n need urgent advice thank u….m against taking doctors medicines cos they hv so many side effects,do prefer alternatives….thank u

    • Jim says:

      Hi Ghazala,

      I’ve read many reports of triphala helping with IBS – A good triphala powder like this is stronger than the capsules so I’d consider getting something like that for therapeutic dosages. The common complaint is that it doesn’t taste great, but how important is that compared to potentially healing your gastrointestinal issues?

      Hope this helps.


    • Toshia says:


      Ive just been taking triphala for two days and it is already helping my IBS. I have mostly bloating gas and difficulty digesting food.

    • Angela D says:

      ghazala…I have extreme acid levels as well. I’ve been working with a nutritionist and I drink 1 oz of Aloe Vera Juice before each meal and right before bed time. This has helped me tremendously! My nutritionist is adding 1 new supplement at a time, and today I began the Triphala…keeping my fingers crossed that this will be an added bonus. But the Aloe really does work. Just make sure you a buying pure aloe. Best wishes!

  6. pamela says:

    hello, is taking triphala in the evening enough for the digestive health effects? I imagine taking it morning and night would be best, but I do worry about taking it in the morning if there is the urgent need to run to the bathroom shortly afterwards. Or does it usually not work that quickly?

    thank you for your informative website!

  7. praneeth says:

    I have been using triphala for over a year of time and i feel better and relieved of some chronic diseases, I read that
    triphala with guggulu has better performance than the sole triphala.I’m planning to use triphala with guggulu and please let me know if there are any sideeffects with that combo.Cheers:)

    • Jim says:

      Hi Praneeth,

      Triphala Guggul may have some additional benefits but it is significantly more expensive. There aren’t any specific side effects mentioned beyond possible stomach irritation with large doses. That said, if you are using it to treat disease it would be best to consult an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner who would have access to high quality product and know the best way to take it for your individual circumstances.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Asia says:

    Welcome. I’m from Polish, sorry for the mistakes, but I’m using google translator. I have hypothyroidism and very strong constipation. Small doses of Triphala for me does not work. If I take the night np.6 Triphala tablets 500 mg will be the same as if I took 3 grams of powder? Is better to sprinkle the powder from the capsule and mix with water?

    • Jim says:

      Hi there and thanks for your question. If you have the triphala tablets it would be fine to take them in this dose with a large glass of water. If this is not effective then 5 grams or 10 tablets, preferably with two glasses of water could be taken. Up to 8 grams of triphala powder has been recommended for constipation. Given this, I tend to think this organic triphala powder is much better value –

      Hope this helps.

  9. Asia says:

    Thank you for your response. Increasing the dose of Triphala with plenty of water.

  10. kashif says:

    Can i take triphala with milk.n will it provide same effects

    • Jim says:

      Hi Kashif,

      Triphala can be taken with warm milk if you prefer. Sometimes ghee is added as well which may improve its absorption.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Asif says:

    Can anybody suggest if Triphal Ras(juice) is more efficacious than Triphala Churna(powder)?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Asif,

      If triphala ras is a syrup with sugar in it as it appears to be then I’d definitely recommend real triphala churna. It’s quite pointless to take a health product loaded with sugar.

      All the best.

  12. sunita says:

    how can one use whole dried triphala fruit? I bought it and now i am not sure what to do with it. Can i soak the fruit in water, or boil it and drink the liquid?



    • Jim says:

      Hi Sunita,

      I think soaking the fruit and then using it and the water in a recipe would be best. Boiling may destroy the vitamin C and other nutrients.

  13. vinod says:

    Hi, can we take triphala for life time without any side effects?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Vinod,

      At the lower doses described in the article triphala is considered safe and effective for long term use.

      All the best.

  14. daniel says:

    I am 41 years old.I have type 2 diabetic from january,2014.I want to use triphala churnam.Is it good for me? Is there any side effect for me?.Please give me suggestions.

  15. Ashendra says:

    I have mild ankylosing spondylosis and always have acidity heartburn numbness and feel more pain with stuffy tight stomach
    First i start with cough than heavy stomach and acidity
    And gas or whatever enter in spine n ribs which make me stiff

    Somebody suggest me trifala in morning for acidity
    Plz suggest me right way or dosage

  16. SANDI says:

    My local Indian grocer sells refrigerated bottles of unsweetened 100% pure Triphala juice. One bottle lasts me for about a week. The taste is very astringent, so once a day I mix a few ounces (1/4 cup) in a big glass of water and add bit of fruit concentrate or a 1/2 tsp of honey to make it more palatable. I am over 50 and heard Triphala would be beneficial tonic for anti-aging and toning of internal organs and hormonal systems, as well as benefitting my eyes, which have been getting very dry. I haven’t really noticed any effect yet after two weeks. How long would it be safe for me to continue to consume in order to receive beneficial effect. Is once dose per day sufficient? Is the powder form as tea superior to the juice?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi there,

      Triphala juice is a bit of a strange term as triphala is made from the powder of three herbs and as you say not the sweetest of tastes. I tend to think the powder is better value but if you are getting a good product that is unsweetened that’s great.

      Triphala powder is considered safe for long term use and is generally used once or twice a day for best results. With a good dosage you should be starting to feel beneficial effects within a couple of weeks so it may be worth considering the strength of the product and looking for a good powder to mix yourself. The article has a good link or check iherb for international delivery.

      Hope this helps.

  17. C.Sasidharan says:

    Triphala churnam is nice digestive churnam and helps in detoxing the stomach too and which doesn’t have any side affects too !

  18. Prasad says:

    Hi jim,

    I am suffering as bronochitis asthma and very frequently infected with cold. Can I start taking triphala chran for same.

  19. ronit says:

    i have constipation problem ..i have to take two big spoons of triphala to have a motion but some times i puke all the powder .. so can we spit the dosage of it in four parts and taking it several times in the day…?? would that be right..

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi there,

      This should be alright as long as taken away from meals as described in the article. I’d suggest trying 1 spoonful of triphala first thing in the morning and one in the evening well before dinner first.

      Hope this helps.

  20. nitin says:

    Hi I m having gerd prob when I woke up at morning I feel acid in my throat can i take triphala to get rid of so

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Nitin,

      GERD can be aggravated by constipation and triphala is excellent for this but I’d suggest trying aloe vera juice and lowering the acidic foods in your diet. The Curezone forum has a lot of good info on GERD treatments.

      Hope this helps

  21. Leslie says:

    I have been drinking Organic Haritaki Fruit Powder (Terminalia Chebula) since August 23, 2014. I was told about it by someone that also drinks it for other Health Benefits. Would you happen to have something I can read that discusses other benefits of Terminalia Chebula, other than digestive health.


  22. Ayurvedaforall says:

    Triphala’s effective combination of herbs acts as a gentle laxative on the body, cleansing the body of all toxic waste accumulated over time while at the same time strengthening and nourishing the tissues. Its two main advantages are that it is an affordable solution for the many people who require prompt relief from the discomfort and pain that is usually a given thing in GI tract disorders of all kinds and the fact that it causes very little known side effects for people using it.

    Apart from being a natural laxative, Triphala also provides a host of health benefits, some of the important ones being helping the body recover from ill effects of stress, boosting the immune system, preventing signs of ageing, purifying blood and aiding in weight loss by regularizing the function of the digestive tract.

  23. lynne says:

    I have pills (capsules) that are 690 mg per pill. The bottle says take 5 a day in divided doses. I take senna and other stuff to soften as I took miralax and it shrunk my intestines so senna alone no longer works…it wont get through as the passage is too small. I need to replace senna (6 per day) with triphala but don’t know how much to take. I don’t want to take too little because if I go ONE day and don’t go I get awfully constipated. I have a deformity…a pouch and it filled up (sigmoid) and I ended up in the hospital. So I need it to work the first time. I wish there was a cross reference table…6 senna equals x tablets at 690 mg each. Any suggestions please? Thank you.

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Lynne,

      When using triphala for constipation the powder is much better value, though some people do have problems with the taste. A teaspoon is the usual dosage.

      If you are using the capsules to get the equivalent amount at 690 mg you’d need around 7 taken together, which is admittedly a lot. I think taking them in a divided dose would have more of a tonifying effect than laxative effect. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach with some warm water would be best for stimulating a bowel movement.

      You may be able to take less by starting at this amount and trying one less the next day to see if you get the same effect. Working down to the minimum needed.

      Given your medical condition you should consult a healthcare professional on this and check this page on potential triphala side effects

      All the best,


  24. c Patange says:

    Actually triphala powder (churna) is mother of all the medicine, it arrests hair loss,ap ply paste to ur head will keep lice, scalp and other infection away,filtered liquid as eye drops keeps away infection like conjuntivities & cataract problem. Simply it take care from tip of hair to toe,I mean it even cures Nail infection ,weight loss,joint pain,blood purifier,protect from Malaria, flu, typhoid ,ulcer read that it even cure small tumours & checks Diabities. Pyioria gum problems… Etc …etc at the same time atleast 20 to 30 min exercises is essential min 4times in a week daily is v good.

  25. c Patange says:

    Note pregnant women should avoid triphala powder churna. Other wise it is v good

  26. prince says:

    i have problem with all dairy product like milk ,yogurt ,butter and also with all dry fruit because not me digest and me infiammory my stomach and also after eating something not me digest quicky i lose my weight because bad digestion system . use triphala churna can improve my digestion system

  27. ani says:

    What dosage of triphala is best for life time use.whether it gives better result in weight loss and hair growth

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Ani,

      For ongoing use dosages are usually lower, generally 1 gram or 2 capsules half an hour before a meal, with a large glass of water. At this amount, triphala’s rejuvenating and balancing properties are usually noticed more than with the larger powder dose.

      Hope this helps,


  28. Paulina says:

    Hi Jim,
    Doing the parasite cleanse and just took this powder. On my second chug, I got nauseous and vomited a little. Can I just add the powder to veg capsules I make myself and take it this way? I thought I could handle the taste, but now I get nauseous every time I try to drink it.

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Paulina,

      Yes it’s fine to use the triphala powder in capsules though you’d need quite a lot of them to make up the dosage recommended in the papaya seed smoothie article.

      Hope this helps,


      • Paulina says:

        Hi Jim,
        Thanks for your response. The capsules were many, but it was so much easier!

  29. kusum says:

    Hi.. i just start trifla and honey for weight loss so please tell me how does it work for my weight loss my weight is 82kg and height 5feet4inches

  30. Irene says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for all your info on Triphala. I’ve been very enlightened and feel willing to get Triphala, and take it for life.

    I have a question. My ex had his entire large intestines surgically removed, and has an ileostomy bag attached to his small intestines. If he consumes Triphala, does he need to follow a different protocol of taking it, than what you’ve suggested?


    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Irene,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This you’d have to ask them to check with their doctor. As triphala works primarily in the large intestine it’s a different case.

      All the best,


  31. Kim says:

    Is it normal for my stool to be black after taking triphala?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Kim,

      This happens with activated cahrcoal but not usually triphala. I’d consult a healthcare professional if this continues.

      All the best,


  32. lina says:

    Ant suggestions for Gastroparesis…..severe constipation on a daily basis. ..can not go at all. .have tried alot of things. How would I take it, in what form and when? ?pls help

  33. Anita says:

    I’ve been using triphala. The taste is something to get used to, but it is so good for you. Here are my experiences.

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