International Immunity Superfoods List

Superfoods and herbsMany readers have messaged asking how they can get the foods and herbs from the Immunity Superfoods List if they are not in the USA or a country with Amazon.

International delivery experts iHerb are the best and cheapest option. Use the code DIL799 at the checkout for an extra discount and low cost delivery almost anywhere.

12 Superfoods that Boost Immunity

1. Antiviral high curcumin turmeric at iHerb.
2. Get fresh ginger root to fight respiratory viruses at the supermarket.
3. High quality medicinal mushrooms blend here for polysaccharides.
4. Eat more onions and garlic for immune cell function.
5. Organic Styrian pumpkin seeds for zinc here.
6. Brazil nuts for selenium on sale here (just 2 a day).
7. High quality, lemon flavored arctic cod liver oil for vitamin D, A and omega-3s.
8. Organic ground flaxseed meal for 3CL protease blocking (enzyme COVID-19 uses).
9. Nutritional yeast for beta glucans, B vitamins and great tasting seasoning.
10. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica at iHerb for interferon boosting phycocyanobilin.
11. Organic amla powder for natural vitamin C.
12. Elderberry extract as a viral preventative.

3 Antioxidant Immune System Supplements

1. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) for inflammation and inhibiting viral replication (600 mg 3 times a day before meals).
2. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) for cellular protection (600 mg 2 times a day before breakfast and dinner).
3. Quercetin (with bromelain) as an antiviral and anti-inflammatory (600 mg 3 times a day with main meals).

I hope this immunity superfoods and supplements list is helpful. If you use iHerb then the code DIL799 will give you an extra discount and quick international delivery.

Please remember that it’s very important to follow CDC advice and contact your healthcare provider if you suspect COVID-19 infection.

None of these recommendations are in any way medical advice. Just the results of my own extensive study of the best research and expert articles I could find on this extremely important topic.

Wishing you good health and strong immunity as we all get through 2020.

Jim Dillan