Where to Buy Pumpkin Seed Oil Online

Best pumpkin oilThis page is designed to be a resource for where to find good pumpkin seed oil at the best price online. It covers the two main types – the Styrian version for culinary uses and the cold pressed oil, best used for its nutritional value and health benefits.

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Styrian pumpkin seed oil, also known as kuerbiskernoel, is made by drying and low temperature roasting the seeds from the stripy green and yellow pumpkins from this traditional region of Austria.

Styrian pumpkin’s full botanical name is Cucurbita Pepo Convarietas Citrullinina – Varietas Styriaca (which is quite a mouthful). The seeds are still usually harvested by hand and roasted and pressed by traditional methods.

It takes around 30 pumpkins, each with around 300 seeds, to create just one liter of the oil. It’s for this reason that Styrian pumpkin seed oil costs more than other cheap to produce, and often chemically and heat derived, processed vegetable oils. But many people believe the intense nutty flavor, that goes so well over salads and in other recipes, is well worth it.

For many years, this culinary oil was difficult to come by in the USA and very expensive. While it is still considered a gourmet food and hardly cheap, a recent increase in demand has seen more of the product being exported from Austria and prices have come down considerably.

For example, CastleMuro have this large Austrian pumpkin seed oil made from Styrian pumpkin seeds that would make a great culinary oil for the kitchen and a very tasty way to improve your health.

Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil Choices in the USA

For the highest levels of nutrition and for daily use as a supplement for prostate problems, hair loss and other health conditions, cold pressed oil is recommended over refined or roasted varieties.

Flora make a cold pressed and unrefined pumpkin seed oil that preserves the important fatty acids and vitamin content of the oil. After researching the different brands, this is the one I decided to use personally.

Omega Nutrition make another high-quality, organic oil, available in large 12 ounce bottles. I wrote to the company to see if their product was raw and got this response back:

“Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Oil is not considered raw because the seeds are minimally heated. The heat could reach a temperature of about 112F, which is truly low and does not affect the oil composition or stability of the product. However, it does add a slightly toasted flavor which makes the pumpkin seed oil more palatable.”

I’ll include them here as this very low temperature would still preserve the important health nutrients. But if you are looking for a truly raw and cold pressed oil, consider the Flora option above.

On the other hand, if you want a pumpkin seed oil with  a ‘slightly toasted flavor’, but still retaining as many nutrients as possible, this may be the best option.

The Best Pumpkin Seed Oil Capsules

Many people prefer the convenience of capsules and some are quite good value. Given that this oil is very sensitive to light and heat, capsules may be a more long-lasting option if you only intend to use them occasionally.

Planetary Herbals have their full spectrum pumpkin seed oil capsules at a good price with positive reviews for treating prostate and bladder issues. These 1000mg softgels are much more potent than most on the market

Hopefully there’s a few good options here for anyone interested in buying pumpkin seed oil to protect against hair loss and prostate problems or its many other health benefits.

Whether you choose Styrian kuerbiskernoel, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil liquid or prefer the capsules, it’s important to take it regularly, preferably daily, for the most noticeable health benefits.

Photo 1 credit with thanks: Roberto Verzo 

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robin smith

where can I buy Kuerbiskernoel oil ?

Saleem Khan

Hi there,
I live in Mississauga Ontario,Canada. I want to buy here locally if available.
What quantity should I use.
How long should I use.
How much would it cost
When its start effect on reducing my DHT.
I have hair loss issues. My head top hair are gone almost 90%.

Can anyone help me buying in Canada.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I wouldn’t know locally and pumpkin seed oil can be hard to find but iHerb delivery cheaply and have some of the lowest prices https://superfoodprofiles.com/go/iherb-special

    All the best,



    Hi Saleem,
    Austrian pumpkin oil is available in a lot of health stores and also in some food stores ( Brand Deli in Mississauga has this )
    It’s expensive but soooo good !! ( Styrian Gold Pumpkin seed Oil )
    Hope you will be able to find this.


am in Kenya where can i find these oil


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