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Welcome to Superfood Profiles. This website is about using the world’s most nutritious foods for preventing diseases, healing naturally, improving your appearance, cleansing your body and reaching a higher level of health and wellness.

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Homemade Remedies & Natural Cures

Superfood treatments and nutrition-based remedies for hair loss, skin disorders, parasite removal, inflammation reduction, improved digestive function, natural weight loss and increased immunity.

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Featured Superfood: Avocado Oil

Green Superfood Powders

Detailed reviews of the best powdered greens and other superfood-based supplements with ingredient assessment, value per serving, pros and cons and potential side effects.

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Healing Smoothies

Special high nutrition smoothie recipes designed to treat specific health conditions, increase detoxification, boost energy levels and improve hair growth and skin complexion.

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Featured Superfood: Papaya

Hair & Skin Treatments

Homemade remedies for acne, wrinkles and poor skin tone plus natural remedies for weak, thinning or greying hair.

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Healthy Superfood Recipes

Simple, nutritious and tasty recipes and potent, antioxidant-rich juices for increasing your daily superfood intake.

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Ayurvedic Super Herbs


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