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Welcome to Superfood Profiles. This website is about using superfoods to address nutritional deficiencies, enhance your natural immunity, improve your appearance, increase your energy levels and reach a higher level of wellness and well-being.

Articles on this website are highly detailed, heavily researched and reference scientific studies, though nothing should be taken as personal advice. Please discuss using supplements and making dietary changes with your doctor first.

You can read some of the most popular articles on superfood nutrition, potential benefits or side effects, pros and cons and how to take them below.

More Benefits of Superfoods

Homemade Remedies and Natural Cures

Herbal treatments and nutrition-based remedies for hair loss, skin disorders, parasite removal, inflammation reduction, improved digestive function, natural weight loss and increasing your body’s defenses.

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Featured Superfood: Avocado Oil

Green Superfood Powders

Detailed reviews of the best powdered greens and superfood supplements with ingredient assessment, pros and cons, cost per serving, potential benefits and possible side effects.

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Healing Smoothies

Special high nutrition smoothie recipes designed to treat specific conditions, increase detoxification, boost energy levels and improve hair growth and skin complexion.

More Smoothie Recipes

Featured Super Fruit: Papaya

Hair and Skin Treatments

Homemade remedies for acne, wrinkles and poor skin tone plus natural treatments for weak, thinning or greying hair.

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Healthier Recipes

Simple, nutritious and tasty recipes and potent, antioxidant-rich juices for increasing your daily nutritional intake.

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Ayurvedic Super Herbs

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What are Superfoods?

They are special foods so high in nutritional density that eating them regularly makes using multivitamins and other lab-engineered supplements obsolete.

There are many different types of superfoods. Some, like flaxseed and avocado oil, are rich in certain nutrients that are particularly beneficial for your skin and hair.

Others, such as papaya, amla and parsley, are full of free radical scavenging antioxidants that help lower your risk of many common disorders and slow down the visible signs of aging.

Many more, including pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts and avocados, are loaded with important vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and other beneficial compounds to improve your nutrient intake and overall sense of wellbeing.

One of the simplest ways to get much more nutrition into your diet is by using potent green powders. I’ve reviewed the most effective of these on the site and you’ll also find smoothie recipes combining many different healthy foods with specific benefits.

Superfood Profiles is updated regularly and any comments or questions you might have are appreciated. Here’s hoping information you find here can lead to a positive change in your life. Thank you for visiting today.

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