Where to Buy Avocado Oil Online

oil of AvocadosAvocado oil is one of the healthiest and best oils to use in cooking and in salad dressings and other recipes.

It is rich in monounsaturated fats, phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol and high in antioxidants like vitamin E, lutein and alpha and beta-carotene.

While it would be best enjoyed unheated to preserve all of the health benefits, avocado oil is also one of the most heat stable of all cooking oils.

With an amazingly high smoking point of up to 520 degrees fahrenheit, it is far superior to olive oil for high temperature cooking and frying.

What to Look for When Buying Avocado Oil

There are a couple of important things to look for with a good avocado oil, like this highly recommended one I use in my kitchen.

Choose Cold Pressed

The first important factor is for the oil to be cold pressed and unrefined. Similar to the process that creates olive oil, cold pressed avocado oil is produced by mechanical extraction, rather than solvents. This process leads to very low acidity levels and little chance of contaminants.

Unrefined and Organic

While avocados are not considered a fruit that has a problem with excessive pesticide levels, an oil made from organically grown crops is also preferable if possible.

A deep green color can be a good indicator of an avocado oil rich in health nutrients. The color comes primarily from chlorophyll pigments, but its presence indicates minimal processing.

The less processing an oil has undergone, the more antioxidants like vitamin E, lutein and alpha and beta-carotene are likely to be present in the oil you use in your kitchen.

Look for a Dark Bottle

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell the color of an avocado oil until you are pouring it over a salad or into a bowl for the first time. This is because most oils will come in a dark bottle to protect it from the light.

I wouldn’t consider buying any avocado oil brand that didn’t come in a dark bottle, preferably dark green glass. Cheap avocado oil in clear plastic bottles is usually highly refined and not worth the money.

Even bottled in dark glass, it is best to store avocado oil in a cupboard due to its sensitivity to light. If this isn’t possible then at very least away from direct sunlight at all times.

The Best Cold Pressed and Unrefined Avocado Oil to Buy

I use and enjoy this delicious extra virgin Avohaus avocado oil regularly on salads and as my primary cooking oil. It’s cold pressed, unrefined and has a rich buttery flavor and thick texture that’s great for frying with.

USA Grown Organic Avocado Oil

Made from avocado fruit grown in southern California, this deep green and organic Bella Vado avocado oil is also unrefined, unfiltered and cold pressed, making it great not just for your kitchen, but also to use in hair and skin treatments.

Where to Buy Avocado Oil in Bulk

When you switch to healthy avocado oil as your main cooking oil, like I have, it makes sense to stock up on it for the best value.

Good bulk buying options include this pair of extra large avocado oils made from Mexican Hass avocados and bottled in California.

While expeller pressed and hexane free, this oil would be much better for high temperature cooking than salads or beauty treatments

The French company La Tourangelle also make a very popular discount avocado oil 3 pack available at Amazon if you’d like to have extra kitchen oils on hand.

Avocado Oil is Worth the Price

Overconsumption of inflammatory vegetable oils is implicated in many serious diseases. Buying heart healthy avocado oil and using it in your cooking is a simple way to improve the quality of important fatty acids in your diet.

While cold pressed avocado oil is a bit more than cheap, solvent processed vegetable oils, the combination of its extensive health benefits, extremely high smoke point for cooking and rich, buttery taste, makes it well worth it when you value what you put into your body.

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