A Parsley Face Mask for Acne, Dark Spots and Discolored Skin

Parsley facial treatmentParsley is well known for its skin lightening properties that can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolored skin on your face. It is also a beneficial acne treatment, particularly when used fresh.

Some commercial products trumpet the addition of parsley extract in their formulas. But why pay exorbitant prices for minuscule amounts, when you can easily make a parsley face mask at home for a fraction of the cost and at much greater strength and effectiveness?

Homemade Dark Spots and Acne Face Mask with Parsley, Honey and Lemon

Alongside its ability diminish dark spots, parsley applied topically to the skin in a face mask is also said to help reduce acne outbreaks and heal up any blemishes.

Fresh lemon juice is another natural cure for dark spots and discolored skin, but it needs to be applied often for best results. Be aware though that using lemon juice on your face regularly may make it more sensitive to the sun.

It can also be quite drying when used on the whole face, so it’s better to use the following lemon juice and parsley face treatment no more than twice a week. For dark spots and small areas of discolored skin, lemon juice could be applied topically twice a day, but just to the specifically affected area.

Lemon juice can also be beneficial for pimples, with many people in acne forums online reporting positive results for both clearing up acne scars and reducing the frequency and severity of outbreaks. Results will of course vary from person to person though, since there are a variety of different causes of acne and everyone’s skin is different.

Another problem reported with using fresh lemon juice alone is that it may sting the skin when first applied. This sensation can be reduced by adding raw honey to this parsley face mask.

Raw honey (as opposed to the heat-treated commercial stuff) has skin moisturizing and soothing properties as well as being a powerful antibacterial agent. Many people find raw honey is especially good at healing up acne scars and reducing the inflammation of current pimples.

Manuka honey, with its especially strong antibacterial properties, is said to be the best honey for acne treatments if you can afford it. If not, a good, unfiltered raw honey is far superior to regular store-bought honey for treating acne.

How to Make a Parsley, Lemon and Honey Face Mask


  • 1 medium-sized head of fresh organic parsley, soaked in warm water then well chopped up.
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice (reduced by half if you have dry skin and perhaps exclude entirely for sensitive skin).


  1. Start by chopping up a branch of parsley into small pieces with a knife or kitchen scissors. Curly parsley with its darker green color may be a little better for this face mask, but the flat leaf variety is fine if that’s what you have.
  2. Crush the parsley in a mortar and pestle until it’s starting to become a paste. You can add a very small amount of lemon juice if this helps, but it’s best to just use the dampness from the soaking at the start.
  3. Mix in the raw honey and lemon juice and mash it all up well with the pestle. You can transfer it to a lighter bowl to use, but I kind of like making face masks like this up in my heavy marble mortar and using it straight from there.
  4. To apply this face mask, first cleanse your skin with a gentle, chemical-free cleanser like this one I use. Rinse and pat dry, then gently smooth the mask over your face, avoiding the eye area. I like to put extra on the nose to really get to work on any blackheads.
  5. It doesn’t matter that the crushed up parsley leaves and stalks will only be on parts of your face. As long as you’ve mashed up the parsley well and mixed the ingredients, it’s beneficial properties will be throughout the treatment.
  6. With a towel down on your pillow for any drips, lie down and relax for 10 to 15 minutes to let the treatment do it’s work.

You may have some mild stinging from the lemon juice in this mixture, particularly if you currently have any acne outbreaks.

This should diminish in a minute but if it gets worse or is severe from the start it would be best to wash off the face mask immediately with warm water and massage aloe vera gel into the affected area.

Most people should find this facial treatment very refreshing and revitalizing for their skin. After washing it off, follow with a high quality and chemical-free moisturizer, like this special vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum.

Or for something simple and natural try using avocado oil as a face moisturizer, especially in the evening before bed.

Making up this parsley facial mask once a week is good for general skin improvement, though twice a week would be better for treating acne, dark spots and skin discoloration.

Remember to avoid the delicate eye area when applying the mask, but if you would like to really clear up tired skin under the eyes and puffy eye bags then have a read of the next page on how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes with crushed parsley.

Please let me know what you think of this parsley face mask if you try it. I hope it can help make an improvement in their skin for many people. Remembering back to my teenage years, I wish I’d had this recipe then.

That said, skin conditions like acne usually have a deeper internal imbalance behind them. While face masks with parsley can help treat the symptoms, to really cure skin issues like this it’s important to investigate what in your diet or environment might be causing skin inflammation.

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