Parsley Juice for Kidney Cleansing and Liver Detoxification

Green juiceParsley juice is a potent and concentrated version of all the nutrition in the herb, including a rich array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll and volatile oils.

Some of the best known parsley juice benefits include kidney cleansing and liver detoxification. Ahead are 2 special recipes for using parsley as a natural kidney treatment and liver healer.

The first is a powerful parsley juice with a combination of natural ingredients for effective detox and cleansing.

The second is a great tasting parsley, cucumber and watermelon smoothie that is especially good for flushing your kidneys of toxins.

First, a couple of precautions before using the amounts of parsley recommended in these recipes.

Parsley Side Effects

Importantly, despite it’s many health benefits, parsley juice should not be used in large amounts by pregnant women or those taking blood thinning medication.

There is also conflicting advice regarding using the juice of parsley for people suffering from kidney disease. Some medical resources caution against using too much parsley as it contains substances known as oxalates, sometimes suggested to be avoided by people with kidney problems.

On the other hand, parsley has a long history as a beneficial herb for the kidneys and both the fresh plant and dried parsley tea are often recommended for kidney infections or to help dissolve kidney stones.

The page on parsley during pregnancy and other precautions has more information, but it would be best to consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional before using the larger amounts of the herb suggested in the parsley juice recipes below if you have been diagnosed with kidney disease.

Juicing Parsley with Other Detoxifying Vegetables and Fruits

Parsley juice, like most green superfood drinks, is generally considered too powerful to have on its own and is better mixed with other complementary fruits and vegetables. Some of the best of these for kidney cleansing and liver detoxification include:


Watermelon juice is great for flushing the kidneys and watermelon seeds are especially beneficial for kidney stones. If this is something you’re concerned with, then look for a watermelon with the brown seeds rather than the seedless varieties.

Organic Celery

Celery juice strengthens the liver and kidneys and helps to eliminate toxins. Unfortunately conventionally grown celery often has a high pesticide load so organic is definitely preferable or wash it with vinegar first to minimize them.


Beet or beetroot juice is an excellent cleanser and detoxifier, particularly for the liver. It is also said to purify the blood and help eliminate calcium oxalate stones.

Organic Carrot

Carrot juice is another powerful body cleanser and particularly good for the kidneys. Carrots can absorb pesticides and heavy metals from the ground they’re grown in so they really should be organic to make this recipe as healthy as possible.

Organic cucumber

Cucumber is a diuretic that can help flush uric acid out of the body and dissolve kidney stones.

The skin is full of antioxidants but conventionally grown cucumbers have a significant pesticide load and are also usually coated with wax. If you can’t find organic cucumbers to juice you’d be better off peeling them.


Lemon juice from a fresh lemon is an excellent cleanser and can help dissolve mineral deposits that lead to calcium oxalate stones. Lemon will also help delay oxidation of the other juices.

Parsley Juice with a Juicer

While you could use as standard centrifugal juicer, unless it’s a particularly good one you often won’t get much juice out of even a whole bunch of parsley.

In the past I’ve tried squeezing the parsley heads into a ball between two loads of carrots, but in the end I realized a proper masticating juicer just makes more sense.

While they cost more initially, a masticating juicer is an essential item if you want to juice green superfoods like parsley, spinach or wheatgrass effectively.

They also get far more out of regular fruit and veggies as well as keeping the heat and oxidation right down. This greatly improves both the quantity and quality of the juice they deliver.

If you are juicing greens like parsley regularly, both from a health and nutrition perspective and financially in the long run, it’s well worth looking for a good masticating juicer, like this highly recommended slow masticating juice extractor I have in my home.

Parsley Juice for Kidney and Liver Detoxification

Ingredients for 2

  • 2 large or 3 medium organic carrots.
  • 2 sticks of organic celery.
  • 1 medium beetroot.
  • 1 small or half a large organic cucumber with the peel (peel non-organic cucumbers).
  • The juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons (always discard citrus seeds).
  • 1 ounce of organic parsley (roughly half an average sized bunch) soaked in warm water and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Parsley Juicing Method

  1. Pour lemon juice into your collection container along with a couple of ice cubes. This will help lessen the degradation of the parsley juice.
  2. Push all of the ingredients through the juicer, alternating between the harder carrots and beetroot with the softer cucumber and celery.
  3. Scrunch the parsley up into a ball and feed it through between the harder vegetables. Once again, you will get much more parsley juice out of a masticating juicer than a centrifugal one.
  4. Stir to mix the juice and drink immediately. It’s best to sip this parsley detoxification juice down slowly over a couple of minutes, but unfortunately it won’t keep and should be enjoyed straight away.

Parsley in a Blender

A well-designed blender can blend up parsley heads into a refreshing smoothie, where you’re getting all of the health benefits of parsley in an easily digestible form.

Cheap ones may struggle to chop it up, but a powerful blender, like this brilliant one I’ve been using for years, will turn parsley into an extremely healthy, dark green puree.

Kidney Cleansing Parsley Smoothie Recipe

While you could chop up watermelon and juice it, it’s so high in water content that it is especially suitable for blending. The same goes for cucumber.

There are also beneficial nutrients in the seeds of both watermelon and cucumber, so if you’re not afraid of a little texture, then keep the seeds in (the better the blender the smaller these will be chopped up).

Ingredients for 2

  • Half an ounce of organic parsley (less is needed than in juicing as the whole herb is used).
  • The juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons (minus the seeds).
  • 1 large organic cucumber, diced with the peel on and seeds kept (peel first if you can’t find organic).
  • As much watermelon with the seeds as you can fit into the blender.

Parsley Smoothie Method

Blend all these ingredients up until you can see the parsley leaves finely blended and the watermelon seeds chopped up into tiny pieces.

This smoothie is extremely refreshing and very good for cleaning the kidneys in particular. Remember though that watermelon really doesn’t keep once blended, so you’d want to drink this smoothie immediately for the richest supply of antioxidants and enzymes.

Recommended Treatment Time

As previously mentioned, parsley juice is quite potent. Given this, it’s best not to make it up for too many consecutive days.

You could however make up the above recipes for up to a week long juice cleanse and add parsley on every second day. After the first week of treatment a week off is generally suggested.

If you would like to continue with using parsley juice for liver detoxification and kidney cleansing you can either make it up for longer cleanses, or alternatively just make it up a couple of times a week whenever you feel your body could use the boost.

There’s several other nutritious juices and smoothie recipes for detoxification on Superfood Profiles, including this tropical fruits smoothie with papaya seeds to eliminate intestinal parasites.

I’d appreciate hearing any feedback on how you feel after making up either the parsley juice or smoothie recipe for yourself.

For a really potent combination you could first juice carrots, celery and beetroot and then add it to the blended watermelon, cucumber, lemon juice and parsley. That’s a bit of work, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more powerful and better tasting liver and kidney cleanser.

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