How to Use Papaya Seeds for Parasites: An Anti-Parasitic Smoothie Recipe

Pawpaw parasitesIntestinal parasites are a far more common problem than most people realize. They are also notoriously difficult to diagnose due to the wide variety of symptoms that can result from a parasitic infection.

Some, but by no means all of these symptoms can include bloating and excessive gas, frequent diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme fatigue, an increasing number of allergies and poor general immunity with regular sickness.

The seeds from papaya fruit have strong anthelmintic and antiamoebic properties. This means they kill intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms in your digestive system and using papaya seeds for parasites has proven to be very effective.

Papaya Seeds and Honey Parasite Cleanse

A 2007 study of 60 Nigerian children with strong evidence of intestinal parasites showed an over 75% clearance rate of infection in just seven days. This was after the children received a 20 ml dose of crushed papaya seeds and honey as a parasite treatment.

The researchers said, “papaya seeds are efficacious in treating human intestinal parasites and without significant side effects.” (Effectiveness of dried Carica papaya seeds against human intestinal parasitosis).

Ahead is how to use papaya seeds as a natural remedy for parasitic infections in a great tasting tropical smoothie recipe.

Also find out when to take it for best results, important treatment time information and several other effective parasite cures for this debilitating, yet commonly undiagnosed condition.Papaya seeds anthelmintic

Using Papaya Seeds as a Parasite Treatment

There are three main differences between using papaya seeds for digestive health and using them for treating parasites.

The first is the amount used, which will be significantly more. The second is that they are taken on an empty stomach, rather than after a large protein meal.

And the third is that they are followed with a natural laxative to make sure that as many parasites as possible are expelled after the treatment.

Anti-Parasite Smoothie

Since chewing up a tablespoon of papaya seeds first in the morning isn’t the nicest way to start the day, even taken with honey, ahead is a papaya seed smoothie recipe for killing parasites I designed.

It contains several other powerful anti-parasitic foods to hit the nasties from many different angles. It tastes surprisingly good for such a potent treatment.

The papaya seed dosage is quite high so it’s recommended to have some experience with taking the seeds first. This page on papaya seeds benefits has a lower dose to begin with.

Additionally, the papaya enzyme side effects here are especially relevant and important with this natural parasite treatment.

If you’ve never used strong digestive enzymes like this before, please read that page before scooping out and eating half the seeds in a papaya fruit. Starting off slow and building up the dosage will be much better in the long run and result in less side effects.

Papaya for parasitic infection

Papaya seeds have proven very effective for parasites, for myself and for many other people who have commented here and in other online forums. I hope they can work as well for you, but please be patient with the treatment.

Parasites have different life cycles and while some people get results with their first papaya seed smoothie, it’s strongly recommended to continue clearing them out in the ways I’ll describe ahead.

Fortunately, this parasite smoothie tastes really good, which is something not many intestinal worm treatments could ever say.

All that covered, here’s the recipe and instructions for how to make it.

Parasite Killing Smoothie Recipe Instructions

1. Start with a full tablespoon of fresh papaya seeds. Scoop them straight out of the fruit and place them in a good blender that is capable of chopping up the seeds.

If your blender isn’t up to the task, you could crush the seeds in a mortar and pestle first, or even on a chopping board in a thick plastic bag with a heavy jar or mallet.

They don’t need to be completely ground-up, but it makes sense that crushed seeds will work better than whole ones with their outer shell.

While fresh papaya seeds are probably a bit better, in some parts of the USA and Europe buying papayas can be expensive or difficult to find.

The best alternative I’ve found is this popular powder. As the seeds are finely powdered you’d need much less and 1 slightly heaped teaspoon should do.

As to other alternatives, I highly doubt papaya seed oils or cheap Chinese seed powders would be as effective. Definitely don’t use papaya seeds for planting as they may be treated with chemicals. Use food grade papaya seed powder only or get them fresh.Papaya seeds for parasitic infection

2. Add to the blender a third of a small or around a fifth of a large papaya, chopped to fit in your blender.

Ideally you’d be looking for a fruit that is just turning from green to yellow, with green more predominant. Papaya like these should still contain useful levels of digestive enzymes, while having a sweetness to it for a good taste.

If you are using the papaya seed powder above and don’t have a fresh papaya then you could replace it with a similar amount of enzyme rich pineapple.

3. Along with the papaya seeds and fruit, add a quarter of a cup of raw organic pumpkin seeds to the blender. Pumpkin seeds paralyze worms in the lower intestine and add to the effectiveness of the papaya seed actions.

4. Desiccated coconut is another ingredient known to be good for purging parasites. Add a heaped tablespoon to the mix. If you can find fresh coconut then using the coconut water in this parasite treatment smoothie as ‘milk’ and eating as much as you can of the coconut meat straight after it would be even more effective.

5. Add a full tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil. The lauric acid in coconuts is converted to the compound monolaurin in the digestive tract, which can help rid the body of protozoa, ringworm and giardia parasites.

In fact, if you value your health and the way you look and feel there’s a lot of good reasons to use coconut oil regularly, especially as a replacement to damaging vegetable oils like corn and soy. It can even help treat candida as well as parasites in your gastrointestinal tract.

6. Add around half a dozen fresh cloves. They are most effective when they are organic and non-irradiated cloves like these one I use

Cloves are especially good at getting rid of parasite eggs and mixed in with the digestive enzymes in this smoothie they can help break down the protective coating that cover intestinal worm eggs.

They will change the flavor somewhat, but it’s more of an aftertaste rather than the potency you might get from having these on their own. As with the papaya seeds, the other ingredients really mask the strong flavor.

Clove oil capsules taken at the same time as the smoothie may also work but I think fresh cloves are better. It can also be good to pre-soak them in a small amount of your smoothie liquid, along with the papaya seeds, before you blend.

7. Pour in healthy ‘milk’ of your choice to half as high as the rest of the ingredients in your blender jug.

Ideally use coconut water or half coconut milk and half water. Coconut is good for parasites and using it for your smoothie’s milk as well increases its effectiveness.

Other reasonable options include hemp milk or almond milk. I’d recommend avoiding soy milk or conventional cow’s milk where possible.

8. Once you’ve added everything, blend up all of the ingredients on high until the consistency looks good to you. A little more coconut water or water can be added if it’s too thick.

9. Drink the whole smoothie down in one sitting if you can. The flavor of the papaya should overpower any bitterness from the seeds or cloves. It certainly tastes better than any other parasite treatment I’ve ever tried.

Papaya Seed Smoothie Treatment Timing

The best time to drink this anti-parasite smoothie would be first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before food. It’s intended to be a breakfast replacement.

Since some parasites may be paralyzed by a treatment like this rather than killed outright, it’s also beneficial to follow it with a natural laxative to expel the worms and other nasties before they can recover.

Papaya Seeds for Parasitic Infection

A Laxative to Expel Worms

Ayurvedic triphala powder, like this organic one I take, is one of the few truly beneficial laxatives for occasional use.

You can make it up at the same time as the smoothie and let it sit for a couple of hours to increase its effectiveness.

Follow the directions for the stronger dose in the page on taking triphala for digestive health and drink it around two hours after you finish the smoothie and before eating anything else.

With all of these healthy foods blended up, you’ll find this smoothie quite filling so you shouldn’t be too hungry.

Do Papaya Seeds Kill Parasites?

Without getting into too much detail, it’s sometimes possible to see evidence of the papaya seeds getting rid of parasites when you visit the bathroom. Many parasitic organisms though are either too small, or expelled compacted within the stool.

So don’t be too concerned about whether you see them or not. There’s a good chance this combination of ingredients is making life extremely difficult for your unwelcome intestinal visitors (the many comments below have some graphic proof if you’re interested).

Far more important, after the initial cleansing, is a reduction in any symptoms you’ve been experiencing and an improvement in your bowel movements. This will naturally lead to increasing energy levels and better wellness and wellbeing in general.

Be aware though that you may well experience a temporary worsening of symptoms when you first begin any kind of internal cleansing. This is commonly referred to as a healing crisis.

With this papaya seed parasite treatment you should usually feel significantly better after visiting the bathroom. Always trust what your body is telling you though and consult a healthcare professional if symptoms are prolonged and worsening.

Papaya for parasitic worms

Parasite Cleanse Repetition and Duration

Making up the smoothie three or even four mornings in a row would be a good initial treatment time. Many of us have offices to go to during the week though and triphala at the higher doses is very effective at its job.

Given this, drinking the smoothie on both Saturday and Sunday morning for two weekends in a row should be just as effective.

As a precaution, no laxatives should be taken for more than five days in a row. Triphala is fine at the lower doses for longer term use.

Repeat Parasite Cleanses

It’s also a very good idea to repeat the treatment again in around two weeks time from when you finished and then again in another two weeks after that, even if you are feeling much better.

The reason for this is to coincide with the breeding cycles of common parasites, such as tapeworms, hookworms and pinworms.

It’s possible for a cleanse to be effective at removing adult parasites and intestinal worms, but not before they have laid their eggs, which are often said by experts be even more difficult to remove.

By repeating the treatment three times over a 6 week period there’s a much better chance of interrupting this breeding cycle.

Some resources even recommend continuing treatments for up to 3 months to be completely sure that you have dealt with intestinal worms and other kinds of parasites at their various life cycles.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the taste of this smoothie and the ingredients in it are good for your digestive health in many other ways. Given that, perhaps you’d consider having it as a preventative against parasites every second or third weekend as I do.

Personally, I’ve noticed a real increase in my energy levels and overall wellness since making this smoothie up on a fairly regular basis.

Unfortunately research shows parasites are everywhere, including the ‘developed’ world. By using this papaya seed smoothie, or some of the the other anti-parasitic treatments ahead, you should be able to make your intestinal environment far from favorable for them.

Kill Parasites with Papaya Seeds

Other Effective Parasite Treatments 

There are a few other natural parasite remedies and supporting products that can be used in conjunction with this papaya seed smoothie to greatly improve its effectiveness.

Alternatively, the following can be used as a different intestinal parasite treatment if you don’t have the ingredients, equipment or time to make it.

Since it can be very difficult to diagnose specific parasites, and different cures work for different people, it’s often necessary to experiment with a variety of different treatments until you find what works for you.

Here are 5 more recommended treatments I’ve personally used and benefited from:

1. Oregano oil can be an effective treatment for parasites and especially the microscopic parasitic protozoa like blastocystis hominis. Capsules of high potency oregano oil like these can be taken with this smoothie to make it even more powerful.

As well as protozoa parasites, the active compounds in oregano may also help to control candida overgrowth, another important health issue that is said to often go hand in hand with a parasitic infection.

2. Black walnut, wormwood and cloves are a well known treatment for parasites. The strength and potency of these preparations varies considerably though, and they have be done properly to be effective.

Much more detail on this kind of treatment in black walnuts for parasites, including the best tincture I’ve found. This would be an ideal parasite cleanse to do at the same time as the papaya seed smoothie.

3. Something I use on a regular basis, even when not concerned about potential parasites, is a product called OxyPowder. Made from oxygenated magnesium and organic germanium-132, it’s very effective at keeping the colon clean and removing the compacted waste that many parasites thrive in.

Use 6 of these OxyPowder capsules the night before each anti-parasite smoothie. This can greatly improve the papaya seeds and other ingredients effectiveness by reducing the places in the lower intestine for the worms and other nasties to hide.

4. Paratrax is another powerful intestinal worm killing formula for people who are short on time. Made from organic black walnut, wormwood, American wormseed, organic cloves and several other parasite expelling herbs, it’s doctor-formulated, simple to take and very effective.Papaw seeds for tapeworm infection

Updates and Qualified Parasite Treatment Specialists

Thank you for all the helpful and insightful comments to this page. They are well worth reading, however the sheer number of them are slowing down its loading so I’ll continue the discussion at the article on papaya seed benefits.

Please see the first comment on this page for some more useful information on professional parasite treatment options and practitioners I’ve found.

I also have to state again that I am not a healthcare professional, just someone who studied the subject and found something that worked for me and wanted to share it.

From all the positive comments I’ve received, and graphic results people have messaged about, it seems to be working for many other people as well.

Despite this, some of those who have written in sound to be seriously ill and I think need to see an expert as soon as possible.

It’s not the place of online writers to be advising on this. If your current GP refuses to discuss your concerns about parasites then I’d recommend finding a specialist that will.

Here is a list of specializing physicians who offer clinical consultative service in Tropical Medicine and Medical Parasitology that I hope will be a good place to start.

I firmly believe natural treatments, like papaya seeds for parasites, can be effective for intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms. However, if you are experiencing serious symptoms then please seek out a specialist and get well.

All the best in your healing.

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Jim Dillan

I want to thank everyone who has commented and shared their experiences on this page. Unfortunately the number and detail of the comments this page has had is apparently slowing it down. That doesn’t help new people find it so I’ve decided to close comments here and continue the discussion at this page –

Please remember that, as it says at the bottom of every page on Superfood Profiles, nothing on this page should be considered direct advice. Please seek out a knowledgeable healthcare professional who has experience dealing with parasites if you believe you have a serious infection.

Unfortunately, as many commenters have found, the parasite problem is not widely understood by mainstream GPs. Here is a list of physicians who offer clinical consultative service in Tropical Medicine and Medical Parasitology –

Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners may have a better understanding of how to treat parasites but it would be worth asking them some questions on the phone to check just how knowledgeable they are on the subject. This site has a search function that may be helpful –

Wishing everyone dealing with this problem the best in their healing. I’ll continue to answer any questions to the best of my ability on the page linked above, but ultimately I’d recommend researching your options from a variety of sources, read what’s working for others and come up with a plan that fits with your own personal situation. As always, knowledge combined with action is powerful.

Brandon Trean

I just wanted to comment on your excellent posts. As a wellness consultant having read countless articles, books and academic papers I appreciate your citation of a pubmed scientific abstract to back your article. Keep up the great work ^_^.

Jim Dillan

Thank you for you’re comment Brandon. I like to highlight interesting studies but also feel that papaya seeds are something people can use and experience the positive effects of themselves. It’s important to start off slowly though for anyone who has never used them before.


When doing a parasite cleanse. Do the seeds need to be dried, or eated fresh out of the Papaya?

If they need to be dried, how are you drying them? And for how long?

When doing a parasite cleanse. I’ve read to eat 1/4 cup of Papaya seeds with 1 tablespoon of honey per day.


Jim Dillan

Hi Jason and thanks for your question.

Fresh out of the papaya would be best. If you’re eating them regularly you can keep the seeds in the fridge for several days for an ongoing supply. Though as with anything that has a strong effect like papaya seeds taking the occasional week off them completely would be a good idea.

Believe people dry them primarily for storage purposes rather than enhancing their effect. The previous page has details on how to dry them out and make a papaya seed pepper. These days I tend to just scoop out the entire center with the seeds and freeze it for future use in the smoothie above.

1/4 of a cup of papaya seeds does sound like a lot to me personally, probably too much for someone who has never had them before. I’d recommend starting off slower and working up to the higher amounts, taking into account how your body feels in the hours afterwards.

My feeling, and what seems to work well for me and others I’ve spoken to, is smaller but more regular use of anti-parasite superfoods to make the intestinal environment much more difficult for parasites over a longer period. This takes into account their breeding cycle as well. Dr Group has more on this in the last link on the page if you’re interested.

I think you’d find the combination of foods in the smoothie recipe above more effective than just honey (and certainly more palatable). Raw honey like Manuka with it’s antibacterial/antimicrobial properties would be a good addition though.

Hope this helps and I’d be interested to hear your results if you try using papaya seeds for this.


Love the information given.
One question would you be able to see the parasites coming out?

Jim Dillan

Hi Linda. Thanks for your question. Apparently worms are often visible after an effective parasite cleanse but many other forms are too small to usually be detected.

The CureZone forums have a large archive of people’s experiences with parasitic problems and treatments but I’d recommend keeping any reading of those well away from mealtimes!


Would this treatment work for pets ?


Thanks for these awesome suggestions, i tried your advice with all these seeds and everything.Let me tell you it was no joke i feel like i cleaned all the gunk out of my carbureator. The only drawback was that i spent 3 to 4 hours per day on the toilet bowl screaming bloody murder whilst the acid from the smoothie burned my tailpipe on the way out!!!! so beware!!!!

Jim Dillan

Hi Agnes.

I couldn’t really advise for pets like cats and dogs as they have a much shorter digestive system and don’t know how papaya seeds would affect them.

I have read that fresh or canned pumpkin is great for dogs with digestive problems. There’s much more on it in the vegetable superfoods section.

Jim Dillan

Hi Meech. That’s quite a strong reaction. I haven’t read of anyone experiencing that before but I’d recommend starting out with the smaller doses of papaya seeds in before using the larger amounts in this smoothie.

Unripe pineapple can be quite acidic so I wonder if this could have contributed to it as well.


I can’t thank you enough. I suspected parasites after finding something unusual. I started taking an herbal parasite cleanse 10 days ago and have done this smoothie 4 times now. The 3rd time… WOW. Something horrifying came out. 10 feet of tapeworm horrifying. I’ll be continuing this smoothie every weekend for quite awhile, along with the herbal cleanse. I am having quite a time finding an expert in the field (a parasitologist), or someone I can ask a few questions of, such as is there a method to determine how long i’ve been infected, or what specific type of tapeworm this is, and how do I ensure I truly rid myself of them throughout my body. THANK YOU!!!

Jim Dillan

Thank you for the great comment Patrice! I agree it would be horrifying to have that come out. But I’d have to think soon after also very relieving.

You were right to trust your instincts on this. Unfortunately not many doctors have experience in dealing with parasites and I’ve read of many people expressing the same thoughts about it being hard to find experts on the subject.

It seems the combination of the herbal cleanse and the ingredients in the papaya seed smoothie made your intestinal environment a place this parasite didn’t want to be any more (and possibly other smaller ones you didn’t detect as well). Considering how tenacious ones this developed are said to be this is a great result.

Could I ask a couple of questions? What was the name or the main ingredients of the herbal parasite cleanse you used in conjunction? Also, how long after drinking the papaya seed smoothie for the 3rd time did the tapeworm come out?

I really appreciate your feedback.


INCREDIBLY relieving and strangely vindicating. The cleanse i’m using is daily pills, a fiber taken in water/juice, and a tea. The pills contain: Black Walnut Hull, Pumpkin Seed, Knotweed Extract, Clove Flower Bud, Garlic Bulb, Sage Leaf, Gentian Root, Hyssop Leaf, Fenugreek Seed, Chamomile Flower Extract, Black Pepper Fruit, Peppermint Leaf, Thyme Leaf, Fennel Seed, Cholorphyll.

I’ve also just ordered the Oxy Powder and Latero Flora.

The 3rd time I took the smoothie, I upped the amount of papaya seeds, a heaping tablespoon (dried and ground) and took it around 9am. Much to my surprise, around 6pm (after i’d eaten), the worm made its appearance.

I am looking forward to completely ridding myself of this, as well as seeing what positive changes may occur, as i’ve become accustomed to living with the symptoms that I didn’t realize may have been caused by parasites.


How did u take out the 10feet tapeworm? Did u pull it out?

Jim Dillan

Thank you for sharing this information Patrice. I hope this will help other people out there as well.

Black Walnut Hull and Clove are often primary ingredients in these formulas and pumpkin seeds for parasites I’ve written about before on this site.

The Oxy Powder really works but I wouldn’t take it before going out for the day. I usually have it before bed and let it get to work overnight. Good probiotics like the Latero Flora are also really important after a cleanse like this.

I really hope you do get the results your looking for. It sounds like you’ve already come along way. Makes me think though of how many other people out there are suffering from unexplained symptoms caused by parasites that have no idea of what’s going on in their body.


Very true. I really wonder how long this has been going on inside of me. I’ve done countless other types of cleanses and a variety of diets, attempts at weight loss/energy increase. This could very well have been the missing piece of the puzzle.

As unpleasant a topic as it is, I want friends to also benefit from the information and a few of them are now starting cleanses and this smoothie as well. Thanks again, Jim.


The ingredients of the smoothie paralyzed it, it relaxed (released its grip internally) and just sort of fell most of the way out when I went to the bathroom, in the normal course of going to the bathroom. I didn’t even feel it or realize that was what had happened, I went to wipe and something was there. Realized it, started pulling, until it was completely out.


does it matters if the papaya seeds need to be the black one? i just got some papaya seeds this morning not totally the black seeds, just slightly black its from the green papaya.


I was wondering how often can you take papaya seeds smoothie and for how long
Thank you!

Jim Dillan

Hi Mina. There doesn’t seem to have been a great deal of investigation done into whether the underdeveloped seeds are as potent for parasite cleansing purposes. I believe they would still be a great source of the protein digesting enzyme papain (as is green papaya), but perhaps not as powerful against parasites. The larger black seeds from the bigger papayas do seem to have a bit of a stronger effect than the same amount of the smaller ones. Please let us know if you do decide to use them whether you find them effective. Perhaps if you keep going with the treatment look for a large papaya and use it just as it is starting to turn from green to orange.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ilzo and thanks for your question. I’ve used papaya seeds in smoothies for several days in a week for many weeks at a time and found them very beneficial and cleansing. It is recommended to not use the castor oil mentioned above as a laxative for more than seven days in a row though. I’d also suggest starting off with a smaller amount and building up to a larger doses.

Someone who was concerned about a possible parasite problem could make the smoothie recipe up for 3-4 days initially, or perhaps two weekends in a row, and then have it once or twice a week for the rest of the month. Then again, a person who was fairly sure they had parasites might want to use it more regularly. With any potentially powerful treatment like this it’s really important to listen to your body and how it is making you feel. Some initial brain fog and lethargy from parasite die off is commonly reported with successful parasite treatments but after going to the bathroom you should be feeling better. Discontinue using them if this is not the case.

If it’s your first time using papaya seeds I’d suggest trying them first as a digestive aid in the smaller amounts suggested here – If this is well tolerated you could start using them in the larger amounts in the papaya smoothie. While several days of continual use does have its benefits, overall a longer treatment time with breaks in between is likely to be the most effective.


thank you for good information about papaya seeds. how fine do they need to be ground? do you suggest to use papaya seed in the smoothy even you don’t have any concerned about possible parasite . thank you.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sunja. I don’t think they need to be too finely ground. Just crushed up so the outer shell is broken. The reason I like using them in my smoothies is because my blender chops them up well and with all the other ingredients I don’t even notice them. Having papaya seeds on their own is something many people would struggle to do regularly as the taste is pretty strong.

I don’t have any reason to believe that I have parasites anymore but still use the seeds. They are also rich in protein digesting enzymes and could be thought of as an occasional intestinal cleanser and preventative. Starting off slowly with smaller amounts and taking breaks in between using anything like this is always a good idea, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t try using them whether you believe you have parasite symptoms or not.


I am so greatful that i found this post. I was having digestive problems with excessive gas for god knows how long. i cannot wait to try this one out. I just wanted to say thank you for making this post and helping people like me

Jim Dillan

Thanks for your comment DHK. I hope papaya seeds work for you. Interestingly, I’m just sitting here drinking a version of this smoothie as I type this. Remember to start off slowly to see how well your body tolerates them.


yes, I have started with just small amount of seeds as you suggested (1/2 tsp 1st day, 1tsp 2nd day, 1/2 tbsp 3rd day, 1tbsp 4th day) and interestingly enough by the 4th day almost all my symptoms have disappeared already! irritation in my stomach and gas are GONE. evidently papaya seeds are potent enough that even that small amount is deadly for those critters. i plan to try the drink for a week just to be sure i completely get rid of them.

Jim Dillan

That’s great to hear. I agree with continuing for a week and would then suggest having a week or two off before repeating the treatment that worked for you. As long as the papaya seeds remain well tolerated, it could be worth doing another 4 days for a third time in around a month from the first time you had them. The reason for this is that I’ve been reading more about parasites breeding cycles and it seems their eggs often survive even when the adults are killed. By doing it this way you’ve got a better chance of getting rid of any that were just eggs the first time around. Hope this helps and thank you for coming back to comment. It’s much appreciated.


Jim, not sure if I have any parasites but I want to rule it out as I’ve been having irregular intestinal issues for the past month. I’m sure this wouldn’t hurt to try. Would you recommend this treatment for anyone? (apart from the side effect warnings already mentioned). I’ve been taking a good pro-biotic supplement for a couple weeks I’m wondering if this treatment would essentially also cleanse of the good bacteria in my system. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time and for this article.

Jim Dillan

Hi and thanks for your question. I think it’s worth doing a cleanse like this for anyone having intestinal issues (which is probably a fairly large percentage of the population with how we eat these days). Even when you are eating healthily, all of my research points to parasites being a far more common problem than most people, doctors and nutritionalists included, realize and all too easy to pick up unfortunately.

I’d suggest it would be worth discussing first with your health practitioner if you are being treated for digestive problems, especially issues like ulcers, IBS or leaky gut syndrome.

I’m also a big believer in starting off with a small dose and building up the amount you taking, all the while being very aware of what you’re body is telling you. With papaya seeds, someone who had never had them before would be best off starting with just a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon and seeing how their body tolerates them. If you have a blender then making up any kind of smoothie with a teaspoon of the seeds would be a good start. This page has some other suggestions on how to use them to improve digestion –

On the good bacteria question, it seems papain, the primary digestive enzyme in papaya seeds, actually helps improve your good bacteria balance. This is a quote from the Simon Clinic’s website about papain enzymes – “Papain can also normalize the intestinal balance of friendly bacteria and prevent symbiosis by maintaining proper intestinal acidity. An acid environment sustains “friendly” vitamin and antibiotic producing bacteria whilst creating a hostile environment for invading opportunistic pathogens like the yeast Candida albicans”.

If you do decide to try the treatment I’d suggest you’d get maximum benefit from your pro-biotics by taking them a couple of hours after the smoothie. Hope it all goes well for you and please let us know your results.


Hi Jim firstly thank you for putting up such a informative website. I world hace a question,

Can I use this treatment for my 4 years old boy? Can you please advice me of the right amounts or how much to start with. Really need your help, myboy is having nosebleeds and remained same weight for a whole year but does eats a lot, also he is moving so much in the night and day time he is super active.

Please help,

Thank you for your understanding,


Jim Dillan

Hi Ionela and thanks for your comment. I’d have to suggest checking this with a health care professional first, ideally one who is aware of the serious problems parasites can cause. In the pubmed study near the start of the page 60 Nigerian children with evidence of intestinal parasites were treated with papaya seed extract but it makes sense to be extra careful when treating children as their digestive systems may be more sensitive. Additionally, there are many other health problems that could be behind his symptoms, though parasites may well be a candidate.

I really think it would be a good idea to take him to a holistic practitioner, perhaps talk to them first and let them know that you suspect parasites and get their reaction. If they don’t seem to have much knowledge on it I’d keep looking for someone who does.

In the meantime the foods in the smoothie without the papaya seeds are known to help remove parasites and may help your son if you add more of them to his diet. Fresh papaya and pineapple and both good and eating large amounts of shredded coconut in particular is often recommended.

If the practitioner you see thinks it’s ok you could try the smoothie with a smaller amount of the papaya seeds, perhaps only a teaspoon rather than the suggested tablespoon, but be very aware of his reaction to it and stop if he has any problems with it beyond the likely regular bathroom trips.

Another option would be the Paratrax treatment which is gentler and may be easier for him to take –

Hope this helps.


Hello Jim,
Found this subject both interesting & horrifing. I have been having all the symptoms you describe for 20+ years. Been to various Drs. tried probiotic capsules for 90 days. No difference A couple of stool tests over the years etc. All Neg. The diarrhea/ lose stools is really everday. Sometimes not even being able to finish a meal before a trip to the toliet, but always within 20-30 minutes. A lot of bowel pain at times. It has made no sense to me that this is all food allergies. I’ve sometimes thought stress related…
I too take thyroid med.
I’m very scared now that I’m in my sixtes that I will not always be able to make the toliet in a few more years. I’m on the toliet 5-10 times a day just for my bowels. So a laxitive is completely out! I’ve even resorted to always cleansing after because it’s so often.
Exactly what specialist (Dr.) do I go to for specifically Parasites? Please I’m worried to try & do anything on my own, thinking I might worsen my health.
Thank you so much, Alta

Jim Dillan

Hi Alta and thanks for writing. It sounds like you really need to find a good holistic practitioner that is open to restoring your health with methods that may be outside of a regular doctors training. 20 years is way too long.

Good probiotics should help once you resolve the underlying problems but they’re unlikely to resolve them on their own. Also, stools tests will only pick up parasites if they are specifically testing for them (and apparently not always even then as they are very good at staying where they are unless we make the intestinal environment unsuitable for them).

I’d really suggest seeking out a good holistic practitioner to work with. This site has a search function or try searching for holistic practitioner + parasites + your area.

It’s important to talk on the phone with them before making the appointment to sound out their level of understanding and experience with the symptoms you are having and the possibility of parasites. If they rubbish the idea or quickly change the topic I’d look elsewhere. Unfortunately this serious health issue still isn’t that well understood by many.

Another option is a good traditional Chinese herbalist. Many people on forums report a lot of success with TCM treatments. Some of their methodologies may be a bit foreign to you but they’ve been healing people for a few thousand years longer than ‘conventional’ medicine and most will understand the parasite problem.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for all of this great info Jim and Patrice! I have been suffering from IBS, major fatigue, insomnia, and depression for a couple of years now. Back in ’07 I had a colonoscopy, which was clear, but all of my IBS symptoms have been progressively getting worse. I had attributed my symptoms from my body changing after having babies, but I’m starting to wonder if parasites are the real cause.

My two year old daughter has had a bout of yellowish diarrhea for a few days now- almost every time she eats, up to 4 times in a day. She likes to play outside in the dirt near a drainage ditch, and she loves picking up snails. She also sucks on her fingers. One other thing we have been doing lately is playing in our kiddie pool in the backyard, and she drinks the water. I was really trying not to be a germaphobe, and thought I was doing well to let her play in the dirt, etc. But now I think I have been foolish and negligent! I am going to take her to the pediatrician today and see what he thinks.

In the meantime, I bought a papaya yesterday and tried some of the seeds. Pretty potent little things! It was almost like eating a little scoop of wasabi! Needless to say, I couldn’t get my daughter to eat any. So I am THRILLED to see your smoothie recipe! I will definitely ask her doctor about that today.

I am pretty bummed though that I am still breastfeeding my youngest, and will have to wait on the papaya seeds for myself. I will try the pumpkin seeds I guess. Any other suggestions for a breastfeeding mom?

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for your info Jim.


What do you think about Woodworm tea shown on Dr. OZ? Is this a safer method?
Thanks again

Jim Dillan

Hi Alta. Interestingly Dr Oz mentions using papaya seeds along with wormwood and garlic. The tinctures are usually much stronger than the teas and can contain other ingredients like clove. Often different herbs and work in different ways so it can be good to hit the nasties from various sides. Wormwood is said to paralyze worms whereas compounds in papaya seeds can break down their protective membranes.

Since you’ve been dealing with this for so long though I really think it’s worth seeing a good holistic practitioner or Chinese herbalist and coming up with a plan based on a proper assessment of what you’re going through. It may be that you need to start off a bit slower and build up your strength before bringing out the big guns like this papaya seed smoothie. I really hope you can get this cleared up. All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Jen and thanks for your comments.

Yes papaya seeds are potent. I used to eat them by the teaspoon but am much happier with them in the smoothie with all the other complementary ingredients.

It’s natural for kids to play and pick up things so don’t blame yourself for that. It generally helps build their immunity but it sounds like it’s worth getting it checked out.

I’d like to be able to recommend the papaya seeds or some of the other intestinal parasite clearing herbs but am hesitant when it comes to younger children and especially children breast feeding and feel it’s important to see a specialist that understands the parasite problem in these cases. If they think it’s ok, and you could show them the Nigerian children study at the top of the page, I’d start with a much smaller amount, perhaps just half a teaspoon to see the reaction and possibly build up from there. Again, I can’t recommend it myself without getting a children’s specialists opinion. Adults that are generally in good health can usually do well from these type of stronger treatments but it’s harder to predict with children.

Some foods that could be helpful along with the pumpkin seeds you already mentioned are pineapple and the papaya fruit, garlic (if you can get kids to eat it) and both shredded coconut and coconut oil. The pumpkin seeds tend to work best blended up like the recipe on this page on an empty stomach for breakfast so this could be a good alternative –

Hope this helps.


Not to be funny, but does this effect the color of your BM’s? Is a pale yellowish color evidence of anything? Thank you!

Jim Dillan

Hi Jen. I think it helps to get the crap out and movements will probably be a bit different for a day or two after. A lady above had black so pale yellowish, as long as it goes back to normal in a few days.

That said, and not wanting to worry you, yellow stools are said to sometimes indicate the presence of Giardia parasites. Ideally you’d want them to return to normal after making up this treatment. The Global Healing Center website that I’ve linked to at the end of the article has lots of information about maintaining a healthy digestive system, including what different colored stools mean.

Hope this helps.


I have been suffering with pinworms problem for almost 4 years. I take mebendazole when the symptoms of pinworm start. Then the worms disappear for few days and come again. I am taking mebendazole every 14 days. I have also convinced other members in my family to takes it as the doctors recommended to treat all the family members at the same time. But the result is not effective. I am also following all sorts of hygienic life style- Washing my clothes in hot water, cutting my nails regularly, and all sorts of cleaning. But still i can’t get rid of the worms. I am really depressed with this parasites. Will i be able to eradicate the eggs and worms from my intestine by following your papaya smoothie recipe. Please give your valuable reply.

Jim Dillan

Hi Shafiq and sorry to hear you have been dealing with this for so long. It would be wise to discuss taking the smoothie with your doctor and if you do decide to use it to have it well away from any other medications. First thing in the morning is most effective followed by the castor oil above.

Pumpkin seeds, pineapple and especially papaya seeds are all recommended for pinworms so I would think this smoothie should help your situation. Due to the length of the problem I’d suggest the repeated treatments near the end of the article would be important.

You’d also benefit from limiting processed sugar and carbohydrates which they are said to thrive on. Raw garlic is also very good to add to more of your meals as apparently pinworms particularly dislike it.

It sounds like you already know about the recommended precautions to prevent reinfection which is good. However, since they keep coming back you might want to consider if you could find a good supply of papaya and take the seeds in smaller doses on a regular basis as a digestive aid and internal cleanser as suggested here –

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi John and thanks for your comments. Papaya seeds have been used effectively against entamoeba histolytica from what I’ve read in the study at the start of the page and this one – In vitro study of antiamoebic effect of methanol extract of mature seeds of Carica papaya on trophozoites of Entamoeba histolytica – so I’d hope they would help. It sounds like you are already winning the battle.


hello sir,
I have h.pylori can papaya seed be used to cure hp

Jim Dillan

Hi Mark. While papaya seeds are very beneficial for digestion, I haven’t read much on them specifically being good for H.Pylori. In fact, if you have ulcers it would be best to consult your doctor before using them.

The Ayurvedic herb Amla has shown very promising results in dealing with H.Pylori and has been recommended as an effective natural treatment. I’d look into first –


Hi Jim,

I’ve never had Papaya/Papaya Seeds before so I’m going to take it slowly for now and see how my system likes it. In the meantime, is it okay to drink Aloe Vera Juice with Papaya Seeds?

I love everything that you’re saying and hope to move up to the smoothie phase soon!



Hey hey!! Okay last question. I came across your site because I have a papaya hear with me (literally next to me right now, Ate a little baby seed, thinking how hard can this be! OMG, the taste is so strong!) Anyway, since I’m interested in eating largely alkaline based foods I was also wondering if it’s okay to replace the pineapple part of the recipe with prickly pear (since prickly pear is anti-inflammatory and gives a sweet juice of its own, especially when blended) and whether prickly pear and papaya seeds go well together?

Also, just a side note, in light of my lack of ingredients at the moment, I’ve noticed that simply eating the papaya seeds with the papaya fruit (like when eating a cantaloupe) masks the taste of the seeds pretty well. And the papaya fruit actually tastes good! How come I never knew of this before!! I love this site!

Thanks again!!

Jim Dillan

Hi Maria.

It’s a good idea to start off slowly with papaya seeds, though you can have as much papaya as you like. It’s a very healthy fruit. You can read about just how healthy here – Pure aloe juice is fine and should be helpful to your digestive system.

The seeds of papaya plants do have a pretty strong flavor and that’s part of the reason why I came up with the smoothie as blended up you won’t taste them. That said, it would be beneficial to chew up a small amount first thing in the morning for a few days. You could start with a quarter of a teaspoon and work up to a teaspoon. I used to wash them down with fresh lemon juice in water so the taste doesn’t linger.

The prickly pear is a healthy food so I see no problem with adding it if you like. Pineapple was chosen for its digestive enzymes like bromelain that can have an anti-parasitic effect themselves (though probably not as strong as the compounds in papaya seeds). I think the pumpkin seeds are definitely worth adding though. They work in a different way but I suspect the effect is synergistic.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information, the links were very helpful.


Dear Jim,
many thanks. I am to try your recipe as i have been looking for a natural way to get
rid of those parasites: my question is do you know whether your recipe can affect those that have
already reached other parts of the body (outside the bowels…), particularly the skin?
thank you so much again and thank you to those who tried and their testimony.

Jim Dillan

Hi Aya. It’s possible that ground papaya seeds may have an effect but I haven’t read anything specifically about them being used for skin parasites. The Manuka honey mentioned above is often used for skin infections and some people say they have used it to clear up skin parasites as well.


ok. thank you. once i have tried i will send feed back in here. thank you again.


Hi Jim,

I’m so glad to find this awesome smoothie. I will try over the weekend. Is there a special diet I will need to follow along with the smoothie? Or may I eat everything? I have heard that the low sugar and carb diet will help, but I feel so weak and low in energy. Thank so much for your recommendation.

Jim Dillan

Hi Mariely. Ideally you’d want to cut down on refined sugar and simple carbohydrates as many parasites thrive on these. The ingredients in this smoothie are designed to drive them out and make your intestinal environment a more difficult place for them to live. But if your diet is high in sugar then it may make it more difficult to get rid of them and more likely for them to return. Alongside this, a high carb diet promotes candida overgrowth which can really drain your energy and cause many other health problems.

I’d suggest having meals based around vegetables, high quality protein and healthy fats like coconut oil while you are clearing out parasites. Any of the superfoods on this site will help support your bodies recovery. Eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours will also provide a more consistent energy.

Hope this helps.

Grushenka Stapleton

Hi Jim
My son who is 12 now has been having gut problems for about 5 years now, everytime he got worms he would be sick for a week or two with cramps, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. He has had every test under the sun but nothing shows up specific.He is taking various supplements now, but I think he has parasites, that his body cant get rid of. Do you think I could start him on the papaya smoothie but in small amounts?

Jim Dillan

Hi Grushenka,

Sorry to hear about the problems affecting your son. I would say your intuition on this is likely to be right. Unfortunately not many tests seem to be able to detect parasites, even when people subsequently expel large numbers of them with anti-parasitics like this papaya seed smoothie. As long as you inform his practitioner if he is taking any treatments that could be impacted by the papaya seeds, I would think you could start him on the smoothie at a smaller dose initially, perhaps half a teaspoon to start. Check how he is feeling a few hours after that and if this is well tolerated then you could slowly increase it by small amounts to around a two teaspoons over time.

It looks like you live in Australia from your email so hopefully papaya should be more readily available. If you could make the smoothie up at a lower strength for a longer time, say a week on and a week off for 6 weeks I would think it would be more beneficial for a child than the larger doses in shorter periods.

I’ve also been reading more about the beneficial properties of coconut oil on parasites so I’d suggest switching your families cooking oil to that and adding it to as many meals as possible.

Hope this helps him.


Hi Jim – thank you so much for this smoothie recipe, and all the others who have contributed. I have been eating clean now for about a month, and working out. I have lost 10lbs, and on the way to loosing more. With the change in eating, it has almost eliminated sinus infections, which I suffered from.
For some reason, when I woke up this morning, I had a taste for a papaya. (My dad grows papayas and pineapples) I already knew that papaya calms the stomach, and is great for digestion. I took a papaya, and made a smoothie this morning after my workout. I was curious about other health benefits, and stumbled upon your site. I had no idea the seeds were so powerful. For lunch, I made your smoothie, and will be taking some castor oil in about 15 minutes. I did use a lot of seeds, probably about 2 tablespoon fulls, because my system/tastebuds can tolerate a lot. I hope I get the ‘Patricia’ experience! I think due to the clean eating, it will work fast. Thank you, and God bless!

Jim Dillan

Hi Moniluv and thanks a lot for your comments. I would also like to thank again everyone who has contributed with their comments to this page. It has become a lot more than the original work with people sharing their experiences.

You are very lucky to have fresh papaya and pineapple so readily available with your dad growing them. I think I’d eat them pretty much every day. 2 tablespoons does seem high for your first go, though I’ve had this much before myself without negative effects (though I had built up to it). If you did find it a bit much you could try it at half a tablespoon of papaya seeds and increase it up to the higher amounts.

I hope it goes well for you and would appreciate hearing how you feel after a few treatments. Not all parasite cleanses are as dramatic as Patricia’s but that doesn’t mean you didn’t get rid of the more common smaller parasites.


Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. I have been taking papaya seeds internally for a week now. Though I don’t see any change in my BMs, the gurgling and rumbling noises in my stomach have reduced considerably. I am planning to continue using them. I have started looking for a good ayurvedic practitioner who can hopefully help me heal my gut.
In the meantime, I have also started taking Virgin coconut oil. I cannot have pineapple as I have become fructose intolerant. Also i have fresh amla juice everyday to increase my immunity. This natural remedy seem to be working, but it looks like it’s going to take a long time. Thanks for your support.

Jim Dillan

Hi Swara. These all sound like positive steps forward to me. Particularly finding a good good ayurvedic practitioner and the fresh amla juice. I wish had access to this. It might be worth discussing triphala with your practitioner as well. Really hope things improve for you. I sounds like you’re heading in the right direction.

Jim Dillan

Hi Dave and thanks for sharing your experience in such detail. I do believe it will help other people out there but I’m sorry you had to go through all this and I wonder how many other people are being misdiagnosed and suffering because of it.

It is very frustrating that so many doctors won’t even consider parasites as having an impact on the human body and seem to have little understanding of how to diagnose or treat them. It seems our pets get treated better than people when it comes to intestinal worms. That you even had a stool sample for testing and they wouldn’t even consider is really disappointing.

I think it’s important for online writers such as myself to advise people with serious health conditions like this to seek the help of a knowledgeable health care professional that specializes in the area you are experiencing problems in. Unfortunately I’m not sure many doctors fit this description and I’ve personally heard of far better results with experienced holistic practitioners.

It sounds like the smoothie is working for you. As long as you are not experiencing negative effects I’d suggest making it up for a similar period of time every 2 weeks for at least 2 months to make sure you deal with the breeding cycle.

The Global Healing Center linked to in the article is a good resource for information about parasites. There are a lot of other articles if you do a search for parasites there. I also think their Oxy-powder is a good way to clear out the large intestine of compacted waste and help with parasite cleansing.

Thanks again for writing and I’d really appreciate hearing your about progress.


I am currently doing a parasite cleanse with paragone and it says no fructose,( which rules out all fruit accept cranberries, lemons and limes) or any other sugars honey or sugar substitutes. They do not list papaya as a recommended food but I would like to try the smoothie. Is there something in the pargone that could react badly with papaya?

Jim Dillan

Hi Donna. Black Walnut looks to be one of the main ingredients here. It is powerful and I will be putting up articles about it on the site soon. As far as I’m aware there’s nothing in the papaya seed smoothie that should react badly with the paragone but I’d suggest following their directions and trying this recipe after the suggested 15 day course.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed, the poor service and the lack of education/awareness on parasites that I experienced in the French community is more than shocking.

Anyhow, the saga continues. I’ve realised that I’m not going to get far without knowing my enemy so I’ve taken to examining my stools after every bowel movement…not something I thought I’d ever find myself doing!

Lo and behold, 8 days from the end of my course, my feces are full of…hook worms
(for those who do (or don’t) examine stools please note that the worms were not evident without getting them out of the toilet, breaking them up and looking inside…yuch).

This was bewildering to me at first because I thought that hook worms could only be caught by walking barefoot in tropical zones but it would seem (from internet) that A. duodenal hookworks can be ingested in food. Anyhow….I got ’em and there’s a lot.

The good news is that they are coming out, so the smoothie seems to be working!

What concerns me now is whether the smoothie is just killing the adults or whether it attacks the larvae and eggs too?

Elsewhere on internet it’s suggested that an alternative herbal cocktail is a good idea…

I’m also concerned about tapeworms. After getting all this gunk out I’m starting to suspect that it would be weird if I didn’t have them. There has been no sign up til now, however. Do you know if the smoothie gets them or not?



Jim Dillan

Hi Dave. Thanks for writing back and I’m glad the parasite smoothie is working. Unfortunately I think the French system is far from alone in it’s lack of awareness on parasites.

On the larvae and eggs, from my research, yes the larvae would be just as if not more vulnerable to the ingredients in this recipe. Hence the reason for making it up in a course every two weeks to deal with the breeding cycle.

Intestinal worm’s eggs are said to be the most difficult to get rid of so ideally we kill any new ones with regular treatments before they get a chance to lay eggs. Ingredients like papain and bromelain in this smoothie break down undigested proteins so may well help to destroy their protective coverings. Additionally, the MCTs in coconut oil makes the intestinal environment less suitable for parasites to breed in. It would be worth getting coconut oil into your diet where ever you can as it has a lot of other health benefits.

Ground clove is noted as effective against many kinds of parasite eggs. A couple of organic cloves could be added to your smoothie but I’d blend them up with the papaya seeds and a small amount of liquid or the yogurt first, then add all the other ingredients and blend again. Large pieces of clove can irritate the stomach as it’s very potent so you’d want them fine. I haven’t tried this but imagine it would also taste quite strong as well.

Alternatively, the Paratrax mentioned in the article contains clove along with other ingredients like wormwood, black walnut and diatomaceous earth which should be effective at dealing with the breeding cycle. For a serious parasite problem rather than just a general cleansing it might be best to alternate the papaya seed smoothie with a treatment like this. This should also affect a broader range of parasites.

On the tapeworms, Patrice in the earlier comments had good success with using this for tapeworms and papaya seeds are a known treatment for them so I believe it can be effective. Still, everyone is different so the best way to approach this (which is what you are doing from what I can see) is to research the best treatments and monitor the results you are getting until you find what works for you personally.

Curezone has a lot of people discussing different parasite treatments and some (but not all) posters are quite knowledgeable so it might be worth reading a few posts on hookworms and tapeworms etc there. Glad to hear you’re improving.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the info and advice.

In case it is of any use to other readers, the latest installment is that the battle was indeed, far from over.

I passed a 20cm (decaying) worm and 7 black stones. At first I thought that it was some kind of worm egg but they were far too big (about 6/7mm across) and rock solid. My research on internet leads me to believe that these are “gall” stones. I guess that some ascaris had blocked the bile cavity…

The second thing that occurred to me was that the arrival of hookworm-like worms 10 days after taking the fluvermal might not actually be hookworms (I thought that they were because they were too long to be pin worms and not tapered like whip worms…). My suspicion is that these are baby ascaris that have recently come into my intestines and been killed by the smoothie…

The third (and worst) thing is that I took the follow-up dose of fluvermal 15 days after the first one and I was hit again by the pains (resembling renal colic in the abdomen (with constipation again) and in my back – upper right (between shoulder blades). I really didn’t expect this. I thought that I was through this and that I had understood what was going on but it seems that something the fluvermal does to the worms is still causing me big problems – maybe a lot of larvae or baby worms?

Finally, I think I located when I got infected. I visited rural southern China in 1997 and got sick shortly after coming back (diarrhea, nausea and yellow feces) with no explanation ever emerging. I now understand that Vietnam and Southern China have a culture of using human fertiliser and that the infection with ascaris is over 50% due to eating local vegetables and fruits (which I did).

I’m just hoping that there is no serious damage being done to my intestines right now…I see a parasite specialist in 2 days time…


Jim Dillan

Hi Dave,

I think seeing a parasite specialist is a very good idea. It sounds like there’s a lot to clear out and, while you’re having some good results, it would be really helpful if you could get some definitive tests on what you’re dealing with.

I’d like to be able to give more advice but you really need to know what you are dealing with to have the best treatment plan moving forward. Focusing on healthy meals to help heal your digestive system would be important too and perhaps some strong probiotics following each treatment as well to improve the intestinal environment and make it less habitable for these parasites.

Really hope you can get this resolved soon.

Jim Dillan

Hi there and I really hope the papaya seed smoothie can help improve these health issues for you. I would say it’s important to start off relatively slowly with your dosages if you’ve been very sick. The bodies ability to heal itself is still there, but giving it too much to deal with too early may cause problems. So please try the smaller doses of the papaya seeds to start with and work up to the larger ones over a couple of weeks if your results are good and as you are feeling stronger.

The coconut oil is a good thing to add but not absolutely essential so you can add it when you get it. A teaspoon of real raw honey is beneficial and getting harder to find these days. If you have a real coconut then the water from it and the coconut meat carefully cut out with a butter knife and added in smaller slices to your blender is a great addition.

You may find a holistic practitioner who has experience dealing with parasites or a physician who specializes in infectious diseases better equipped to deal with the parasite problem.

I also found this link to a list of physicians who offer clinical consultative service in Tropical Medicine and Medical Parasitology –

Hope this helps.


I am confused on what to expect, yesterday was day 1 and i took a natural tea laxative and nothing happened. Today is day 2 and I drank my shake, drinking water to assist inhydrating and bowl movement. ready to attempt another round of tea because i feel full inside and in need to release but no real cigar expect for to light bowl movements. What am I missing , I can say i have had yesterday and today off for me to do this so I have been inactive which i know that is not helping. Is the shake suppose to be like a laxative within itself..
P.s. I have no clue how to open that coconut open I think I may need a chizzle and hammer.. haha.. this is great though I am excited to see what end results.

Sienna Matthews


I was wondering if you need to eat the seeds before every meal like you said you did? Or is this just something you do as an ongoing routine for keeping parasites at bay?

I just used a red papaya is that going to have the same benefits? Also would you still eat the seeds of a non organic papaya? As they are harder to come by and also very expensive.

How long can you keep the seeds in the fridge for them to still have the benefits for parasites?

I just made up a smoothie using 1/4 tsp of water, 1/4 tsp peptias, 1/2 flesh of a young thai coconut, 2tsp of the fresh seeds, 1/2 small pineapple. 1/2 small papaya and a tsp of dried coconut on top. It was delicious so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong?? I thought it was going to taste sooooo bad I would not be able to eat it.
I blended it all in my vitamix so it did a great job. Will the seeds be the same benefit ground by a machine or would it be better to eat them myself?

Drinking this everyday for a few days and hope to see some things happen.

Sienna Matthews

Hi again,

Since posting the above update I went and did a coffee enema which I have done many times before. After doing this I almost immediately starting having the most awful nauseous feeling.

Anyway it was about 30minutes – 1hour since I had drunk the papaya drink.

This nauseous feeling had me lying on my bed for nearly 2 hours. So awful and felt like I needed to be sick but wasn’t and then it just passed.

I am pretty convinced it was the papaya drink not agreeing with me. I did then take 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil which I have every day.
I know I know you warned us to start off small. But after tasting the seeds I thought they weren’t that bad so decided to add 1.5 teaspoon – 2 teaspoons to the drink ( which my husband got half of) So I actually did not consume that many.

Next time I will make it with just .5 teaspoon to begin with. Will this small amount once a day even do anything?????? And how long do you recommend before uping the amount of seeds?

Jim Dillan

Hi Sienna and thanks for your comments.

I’m glad the papaya smoothie tasted good. I designed it that way so I could have it regularly as a preventative at the lower doses. I used to chew the seeds straight from the papaya and knew I was unlikely to continue doing that long term. All of the other ingredients in it can help to clear out parasites and improve the digestive environment in their own way as well.

You are lucky to have access to fresh coconuts. These are particularly beneficial.

It’s possible that it was a little too many papaya seeds for your first time. But I think there’s a good chance combining the coffee enema at the same time was probably too much cleansing all at once. These are particularly effective at releasing toxins and the smoothie would likely have been doing the same thing by then. While you’ve done them before, the combination right at the time when the papaya seeds and other ingredients were working may well have overwhelmed your system and manifested as the healing crisis mentioned in the post above.

I would suggest if you were to do the two together again, the coffee enema should be done first, either early in the morning or the day before. If done in the morning, wait at least an hour before having the smoothie, still on an empty stomach and perhaps at half the dose of papaya seeds you had previously.

Done in this sequence, you’d be doing a colon cleanse first and clearing away the areas that parasites usually hide. I do this in my own way with having the Oxypowder at the end of the article the night before. If you have the smoothie an hour or so later it should be more effective at its job.

The hour between should let your body deal with some of the releasing toxins but I would still advise not having it if you are feeling brain fog, tiredness or any other ‘cleansing symptoms’. This can manifest whenever we cleanse a little too fast but the important thing with the smoothie is that you should feel better after the next time you go to the bathroom when you have it. If you feel worse, try to drink as much clean water, perhaps with fresh lemon juice in it, as you can and leave it for a day or two.

If you decide to make it again, try it at a half dose from what you had previously and only increase this amount slowly, perhaps by a quarter of a teaspoon over time. Anyone who feels they are still having a negative reaction the following day should consult a good care professional.

Hope this helps.

Sienna Matthews

Jim I so appreciate your great reply. Thanks for giving your time to help me out.

1. Is red papaya ok and not organic?

2. Will the seeds still be powerful if kept in the fridge for a few days? Since I am not using as many Im going to have heaps left over!

3. Is this smoothie only good on an empty stomach?

4. I think you mention that the smoothie can just stun the parasites then its important to get them out. That is why I decided to do the enema then. Have i misunderstood or do we need to get the paralysed parasites out soon after drinking the smoothie? If so how long after? An hour, a day??? How fast does the smoothie work in effecting them?

5. Should I use castor oil to help get them out? I hate the thought of the things still sitting there and rotting and creating more toxins.

Thanks again in advance.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sienna,

Red is fine. The bigger the seeds the more powerful they tend to be so I usually go for the larger Mexican/South American sourced papayas over the Hawaiian.

While I always prefer organic when it’s affordable, papayas are considered a low pesticide crop as the skin protects them. The only exception where I’d say you really should have organic is if you intend to add a portion of the skin. But this is most effective which papayas that are just turning from green anyway so I wouldn’t worry about it with these.

The seeds are fine in the fridge for two or three days. After that I would freeze them. I often by papayas in bulk and scoop out the seeds with the pulp, divide them into appropriate sizes so I get the dose I want and then freeze them and use them separately in my blender. Your vitamix would have no problem with them still frozen and it’s a good way to maintain an easy supply.

It’s best on an empty stomach as it can get down to where it needs to without obstruction. A little watery fruit like a melon would be ok before it but I definitely wouldn’t have it after a big dinner or lunch.

Pumpkin seeds are known to primarily stun intestinal worms rather than kill them outright. My understanding is that the seeds of papaya are more powerful and may well kill them. Either way I still think it’s best to get them out with a laxative.

An enema is very effective, but for the natural laxative after the smoothie I’d think something ‘coming from above’ (if that makes sense), rather than ‘added from below’ would be better. Castor oil is the powerful option and a larger dose of triphala the gentler –

It sounds to me like your digestive system is already more ‘cleaned out’ than most and you’d probably be fine with the triphala. That said, the castor oil would definitely work. Though it is also a bit more likely to provoke a healing crisis, possibly not quite as much as the coffee enema.

What I think actually happened for you last time was the whole process worked too well. When parasites die or even are threatened they can apparently release toxic compounds. You mentioned that you’ve done coffee enemas before without problem so it’s likely your system isn’t too toxic and can handle a reasonable level of cleansing. Adding the cleansing from the smoothie on top of that though was really increasing the amount of work your body had to do to get rid of all the toxins being released and it’s not surprising it was overwhelmed. I think mine would be too.

The enemas are still a great addition to the whole treatment, I just think they’d be far better the day before or even in the morning with at least an hour break before making up the smoothie.

If you go to the bathroom within two to two and a half hours of drinking the smoothie then you don’t need the laxative. If not, it’s helpful to make sure you clear things out. One thing I think that helps with that is having quite a big glass of it so really fill you up. I don’t use the laxative myself these days as I always visit the bathroom within two hours of having it.

That said, I’m more in preventative mode than treatment mode. If I suspected parasites again after travelling, I’d probably use the castor oil or triphala at least for the first few to make sure.

Hope this helps and best of luck with your cleansing.


Hi, I wanted to know if I could take the seeds whole and then chase it down with the rest of the smoothie? I cannot get it down when i crush the papaya seeds up in the smoothie. I have no problem taking spoonfuls of the whole seeds? thank you for your help.

Sienna Matthews


I cant thank you enough for all your help.

feel really bad because I keep thinkning of new things to ask you. I dont want to be a pest to you.

My morning routine 5 days a week is wake up and go straight out for a 10.5 k run. Then I come home really thirsty and drink about 1 litre of water before I make a green juice or green smoothie. Now I will replace the juice with your papaya smoothie.

My questions are these.

1. You say consume the smoothie on an empty stomach can I have water in my tummy though? Once I get home from a run I am dying for water and dont really want to wait till I have had my smoothie to drink some water.

2. What do I look for when buying a papaya for the best parasite cleanser? Should the skin be half green and half yellow. I know the full green ones usually still have small white seeds.

3. So you think that if you have not gone to the toilet after 2 hours of consuming a smoothie then use a laxative?
4. Should I be consuming this smoothie 3-4 times a week?

You are so helpful and thanks again for all your input. Its really appreciated.

BTW – I added 3 cloves in the smoothie this morning and only .5 tsp of papaya seeds. No point doing all this if I can’t kill the eggs as well. So far so good. I wont be doing an enema. I learnt the hard way.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sienna,

That’s fine. I appreciate the positive comments.

Sounds like a pretty healthy routine. Can’t say I’m always that active first thing.

On your questions:

1. Definitely have your water before the smoothie and drink as much as you like after as well as it will only help. The empty stomach is just so there isn’t a large amount of heavy food slowing down the smoothies digestion.

2. I personally like the larger papayas when I can find them and ideally with just a little green still to the skin without being obviously unripe. These may contain more papain enzyme and the seeds still seem quite potent. That said I’ve used both smaller and very ripe papayas successfully so I don’t think it makes that much difference.

3. This would be ideal but if you’ve been for a run you may well have already visited the bathroom. In this case as long as you went again some time that morning you may not need the laxative. The enzymes in the papaya seeds can have a bit of this effect anyway. I think the advice is more aimed at people who don’t have regular bowel movements. If you already visit the bathroom more than once a day you probably don’t need it.

4. 3-4 times on your first week, then again in 2 weeks time for 3-4 days and again another 2 weeks after that is a good initial treatment time. After that you could perhaps have it as a morning smoothie once every week or two as a preventative as I do.

Thanks for mentioning the cloves. I considered adding them but was a little worried the taste would be too overpowering. I think I will edit the article and put them in as an optional extra.

Hope it all goes well for you.

Sienna Matthews

Thanks Jim,

I actually only go to the bathroom once a day and its not normally before my run.

With all the raw food I eat I would think I would go more than once.

Today I added 1 Tsp of cloves to the smoothie and it still tasted fine to me. You could taste the slight clove taste but it was not strong.

I was told though they you need un irradiated cloves as the normal ones in the shops are not as effective so not sure if it is actually doning anything by taking normal store bought cloves. Its hard to find un irradiated cloves.

But at least I am trying. I should get my results back soon from a stool sample what type of parasite I have then I can look at adding other things like wormwood and black hull to really help. Did you do this mix also? And if so did you use a tincture or the actual leaves and drink it as a tea?

Jim Dillan

Hi Sienna,

I’ll definitely have to give the cloves a try in the smoothie. I agree that they shouldn’t be irradiated. Frontier herbs say on their website that they do not irradiate their products and they have a bulk bag of cloves for sale on Amazon.

I’ve tried black walnut hull, wormwood and cloves preparations before but found this papaya seed recipe far more effective personally. That said, I am researching black walnut hull for parasites at the moment and should have an article about it out soon.

I feel a strong tincture of the green black walnut hulls and wormwood is better than the tea. Perhaps adding these to the smoothie would make it even more powerful.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi Debra,

I think the seeds need to be crushed to be effective as the compounds are inside the hard shell. Another option could be to crush them in a mortar and pestle, or even the bottom of a clean jar, and swallow them with a large glass of water so you don’t taste them. I personally have never tasted them in the smoothie, even at quite large amounts.

Sienna Matthews

Yes thanks Jim,

I just found out last night from my Dr that my stool sample came back that I have blastocystis hominis which has me stumped as I have never heard of it.
They say its not that harmful. But I dont care if it’s living inside me I want it out. Not heaps of research on it but all the websites I have been looking at say its a really hard one to get rid of and lots of people try and try with no success. They say rotate your herbs as this parasite builds up resistance and is in for a fight.

So I feel a little discouraged today. But still chewed on some papaya seeds as it is supposed to help with digestion, its good just to have anyway.

I live in Australia so not sure about Frontier herbs will have to look them up. Not sure if that sort of things can be sent OS.

Bye the way have you heard of blastocystis hominis?

Thanks again.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sienna,

The papaya seed smoothie is aimed a bit more at intestinal worms but may still be useful for blastocystis hominis as the digestive enzymes in the papaya seed and pineapple could help to break down their protective coating. With this organism it is said to be especially important to clean out any compacted waste in the lower intestine. While the coffee enemas should help with this the Oxypowder mentioned at the end of the article may also be useful, especially the evening before a treatment.

Oil of oregano has been used with success as well so some enteric coated capsules of these with the smoothie on an empty stomach might be worth investigating.

These and the Frontier herbs cloves can be found on and I believe there’s a $5 or $10 discount if you use the code DIL799 at the checkout. They are based in the US but ship internationally for $4.

Hope this helps.

Sienna Matthews

Thanks again Jim. So helpful.

I have booked into see a naturopath. Hopefully she can help me naturally rather than pumping me full of drugs.
I am still going to take the smoothie though as I am convinced I have another parasite besides this. I physically have seen it and gave it to the pathologists but my results came back with Blasto. So if I can afford it I think paying to have a more in depth stool sample done with the Naturopath would be the best option.

Great to know that iHerb send to Australia and so reasonable.

Peter de Ruyter

Hi Jim,

Came across your site and just want to say how impressed I am with your information, but even more impressed with the way you answer each and every query – (even when so often people ask for info you have already posted!) – with such warmth, caring and patience. Your Soul sure Shines through!

I am also impressed with the way you encourage people to seek medical back-up where necessary, and that you always suggest they start any treatments slowly and build up over a period of time, ‘listening’ to their bodies – something that so many therapists manufacturers of natural remedies don’t do, thinking that ‘more is better’.

Bravo! Great site; great info, and a great service to humanity.



I did the smoothie just like the recipe in your blog. I first tried papaya seeds for more than a week before starting the treatment. Now, on my very third day of the smoothie, I can’ t get past half the glass. It’s just sooo much! Yesterday, when I was drinking the triphala concoction, I threw up; not sure if it was from the thiphala’s taste or some reaction. I don’t know I’m getting sick of it because of the cloves, or something else. But I just wanted to finish the treatment. What should I do?


this is Jan 15 2014…. I tried the papaya seeds and honey dr. oz suggested, but had no luck…I don’t think I can do the caster oil can I do s/t else. I’m planning on tryin this over the weekend. any good advice on where to start? I diffently know a lot of people who have them and have no idea. thanks any answers are appreaciated.


I had that experience once myself! I was taking a popular, pyramid supplement and they hadn’t covered parasites yet. I had no idea!! Actually thought I had lost part of my intestine or something. The next week they taught us about parasites – what a relief. Excited to try this papaya cleanse. Thank you.


Jim, first i want to thank you for pointing out an essential matter : everything to heal us is in nature, around us but we are only starting to accept the idea that a pill can be more harmful than what you are trying to fight against. I just popped a tablespoon straight to my mouth and finished chewing it up. I am curious by nature and this tatses similar to clove. I will let you know the results.

Also, there are various statements on the prodigy of grapefruit in healing many diseases and viruses and i have a hard time finding a report so complete as yours. Any chance of you sharing your knowledge on the subject?

Great blog which i will recommend around me !

Best regards,



Hi Jim,

Its Jan. 25 2014, and I just took the smoothie described by this post, never in my life have had pay attention to this issue with parasites until I read this post, having lived in mexico for 13 years and never paid attention to my diet until recently I can wait for the results in this powerful smoothie.

It has been 45 mins. that I took this smoothie, and as I write this post its a battle zone in my stomach.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,looking forward living a healthy and better life.


Marina Pimentel

Hello Jim,

I am amazed with this antiworm papaya recipe! Thanks so much for all the help you are giving to humanity in this your website. Here in México we have tons of papaya. Wish I could send some to you guys, especially to those who are having hard time to find them. I have in my garden a lovely Papaya Tree and give medium papayas. But if you go to the “mercado” market there are huge papayas and we have 2 kinds “Maradol” this one is “orangeish” and the real one, which is yellow. Both sweet as honey. Enough said I am going to try your awesome recipe and I will be letting you know guys what happened to me… augh! Wish me good luck! Thanks a many blessings to you all. Awesome site!

Marina Pimentel

Hey Jim, My first day and so far I am feeling better and better. I am not the common or usual type of person. I say this in a humble way. I have been training my self to be intuitive and I follow my gut as I respect my spirit. Anyway the reason I said this is because… I have the papaya seeds smoothie as a first meal with a full spoon of seeds and did the récipe as you said but slightly different I ask my inntuition, what about 2 table spoons of castor oil and said yes. Went to bathroom service easy and not at all diarreic stuff. No pain and that was all! Kind of surprise! Then I have a simple veggie soup as a luch. I was feeling less uneasy, less anxiety and feeling really good. At 4 pm I ask myself what about another papaya seeds smoothie and my body said BRING IT ON! bit hesitant but I followed my instinct and again 2 castor oil spoons and 2 full papaya seeds!. Another deposition just slightly cramp in my intestine and its 5:22 and feeling good. Just for the record that we human being, we are all different. I should just say, its important to follow your intuition. If not sure follow instructions. Please in order to be understood if you see any mistake feel free to change the paragraph. English is not my principal language and I am aware that is imperfect. Thanks so much again.

Jim Dillan

Thanks for the positive comments Peter. I really appreciate it.

Jim Dillan

Hi Karim and thanks for your positive comments.

Grapefruit seed extract is another powerful superfood and I hope to post a series about it in the not too distant future.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Carlos and thanks for your comments.

The papaya seed smoothie at full strength can have a strong effect if you haven’t tried the seeds of papaya first. As in the post, I recommend having a few papaya seeds for the first week to build up your tolerance –

I hope it’s working for you. I find regular smoothies the most effective over the timeframe detailed in the post.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Marina and thanks for your postive comments.

I agree with using your intuition and listening to your body. I’d recommend for anyone starting this treatment to begin slowly and then once you feel the papaya seed smoothie agrees with you can try a bit larger dosage, always keeping in mind the effect it’s having on you, particularly several hours after.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Thanks Marina,

I’m sure many people in the USA wish they had such easy access to nutritious papayas. I’ve heard from someone in a northern state who said they were over $5 and hard to find.

Papayas are great for general good health as well –

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Cheryl,

Triphala is a fine substitute for the castor oil. I personally think this papaya seed smoothie is a lot more likely to be effective than the Doctor Oz papaya seed recipe. Following the details in the article step by step is the best way to do it.

All the best

Jim Dillan

Hi Alex,

It sounds like it is too much for your system at the moment. I’d suggest leaving it for a day or two and then trying around half of the amounts suggested in the smoothie for half the treatment amount. See if you naturally make it to the bathroom within the next few hours. If so you may not need the triphala initially. Though I would recommend trying to ‘shot’ it with less liquid so you don’t have to taste it too much.

If this is tolerated you could add slowly add some extra papaya seeds and a bit more of the other anti parasite ingredients like pumpkin seeds without too much more liquid. Cloves are one the most likely ingredients to cause this reaction so perhaps leave them out for the first week and try introducing them slowly. Alternatively, enteric coated clove oil capsules are available.

Hope this helps.


I just made a shake from the ingrediants I already had at home, which happened to be:
Natural yogurt
Coconut oil
Pumpkin seeds
(All organic)

And for me, it was hard to stomach, it wasn’t bad, it just tasted like papaya, but I don’t like papaya, rock melon, or any of those sorts if fruits..
I’m into plums pears, grapes, apples, basically anything but those melony tasting fruits..
I think I’d be better off just eating a spoonful of seeds by themselves, as it’s just 1 swallow and it’s done, as opposed to an entire drink of feeling sick..
Maybe if pineapple was added it’d be better.. But sadly I used the last of the pineapple the other day in a fruit salad before I discovered this wonderful website!
I had to eat a grape between each gulp to clear my pallete..

So I’m just wondering, woukd it be as beneficial to just eat the seeds alone? I considered just swallowing them whole, but I know you said it’s better to break the shell, but surely swallowing them while would help atleast a little bit?
I could also take a spoonful of coconut oil straight after, as is take a spoonful each day anyway.
Unfortunately the castor oil in my cupboard is a decade old so I’m iffy about taking it. I just hope the fecal gods will bless me with a BM, despite the fact I’m usually very constipated.. I’ve ordered an end a kit online, waiting for that to arrive so I can also cleanse my colon, I bought some organic arabica medium grounded coffee beans to use for enemas, as I don’t drink coffee, so hopefully that is the right kind, I have no knowledge of this stuff.. Only started eating organic since New Years, and want to get my body in order and feel well again, I haven’t felt well in quite some time, and I’m relatively young (24)

Thank you so much for your help, for posting such informative articles, and recipes, and indiviually replying to many comments, that must take a lot of time and effort, that is so kind of you, and I’m sure many people are now healthier because of it, and have possibly ridded themselves of disease. You’re doing a frets thing, you have an abundance of knowledge and wisdom. You must be a health guru!

This is definitely my new favourite health related website.
I’ll continue to update my progress on here, in case others in the future are curious, I read all the comments and was absolutely fascinated with other people’s journey, so perhaps someday it’ll be of use to somebody.

Since eating organic for 6 weeks, I have been noticing changes in my stool.. It contains small light brown spots inside, and sometimes bits of brown almost bark-like material around the toilet bowl.
Haven’t had the strength to actually break up my feces just yet, I’d probably be traumatised if I did see a giant worm, though I’m sure they are inside of me due to my symptoms.

My mother has an extremely bloated stomach, she looks pregnant, but she’s quite slim, she had an ultrasound and it showed nothing, she’s undergoing more tests, but I’m certain she has parasites, I saw a video on YouTube of a body builder who was on a high protein diet for years and he had an insane parasite infestation in his gut, the video is graphic, not sure if it’s authentic, but my mother used to be on “Bill Phillips” diet for many years and work out a lot, so it does concern me, especially since apparently people on high protein diets are more prone to giant parasite infestations.

Anywho, apologies for going on, I’ll see how my next stool is. Thanks again for all your wisdom! Sorry for TMI.

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thanks for your positive comments.

You can take the papaya seeds directly if you prefer them but the do need to be crushed up. They’re unlikely to be effective with the hard shell intact. One option would be to crush them in a pestle and mortar and then shot them down with some coconut water.

Stool changes are likely when you move to a healthier diet, including the occasional ‘evacuations’ but obviously it’s better out than in. Many parasites are simply too small to be easily detectable and certainly won’t show on ultrasounds. I personally think the best practice is to have more of the type of foods in this smoothie recipe that make your intestinal environment unfavorable to worms and the like and much less of the sugar and refined wheat that feeds parasites.

Hope this helps.


what happens if you just swallow down raw papaya seeds , how effective would this be ? also is it only
raw pumpkin seeds that can be used , would any other squash seeds that are more available in the winter months work ?


We came home from Mexico almost 3 weeks ago and enjoyed our 8 days abroad. The day after returning home my fiancé and I suffered several days of exhaustion and diarrhea ever since arriving in the U.S. I tried the 500 million probiotic twice with no help. We are still going 10x’s a day. Should I be looking into this parasite idea? If so, what is your take on organic papain/papaya supplements?

Jim Dillan

Hi Angela,

It’s always difficult to tell for sure with parasites but I always do a couple of weeks of treatment personally whenever I come back from holidays where this sort of thing is a possibility. If it’s more that a few days and symptoms are ongoing then it’s less likely to be food poisoning and could make sense to consider. Obviously consult a healthcare professional too if the problems are ongoing.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi Richard,

Papaya seeds need to be crushed to be effective. Other squash seeds could be used but they should be raw, not roasted.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Clarissa,

It’s possible as parasites can attach themselves to the intestinal wall or Blastocystis hominis is sometimes noted as causing these kind of symptoms but this would need to be diagnosed by a professional. Unfortunately regular doctors aren’t often great at diagnosing parasites so a parasitologist or holistic healer with parasite experience would have a better chance of finding the cause. This form might help with the former and the later should be interviewed over the phone as to their parasite experience level.

Hope this helps and all the best with your healing.

Julie Srhoy

I would like to use this for my children. My 8 year old said he saw a white worm in his stool.
My 10 year old had red worms couple years ago. Can you let me know how much of the smoothie the children can have? Thanks Julie


Hi Jim,

I am so greatful for your research work in this area. I have had stomach related problem for over 15 years. Sometimes I stay very well without any pain but sometimes it is terrible. The pain is accompanied by gaseous activity and constipation. My stool was once tested and found to be having amoeba worm and given treatment. But got just little change after treatment. I have strong feeling the worm was not fully treated. I am considering taking your advice but I do not have where to find castor oil. What I have is wal nut oil. I am wondering whether this can work as laxative. Another kind of oil I have is coconut oil but it is in a solid form. Just wondering whether it can serve when it is warm but fear that it might solidifies when taken and turns into fat. Advice me please. Thanks.

Jim Dillan

Hi Julie,

The study near the start of the page found papaya seed extract effective for Nigerian children with evidence of intestinal parasites but it makes sense to be extra careful when treating children as their digestive systems may be more sensitive.

I’d suggest if you did decide to make it up then it would be best to start with a much smaller dosage, perhaps 1/4 of the amount suggested here and build up to half if needed. Unfortunately it’s difficult to avoid transmission within the same family, regardless of whether you have obvious symptoms, so perhaps you could make it up for yourself for the first day, make sure you don’t have any discomfort after several hours and then consider giving them the smaller amount.

If you’re unsure on any of this please consult a knowledgeable health care professional.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Flora and thanks for your positive comments.

Walnut or coconut oil wouldn’t really work unfortunately. Castor oil is a very different type of oil. For some people just having a large smoothie is enough to result in a bathroom break a few hours after. If not then triphala is the healthiest and best replacement –

Hope this helps.


Can this be used for children? If so, what modifications to the recipe are needed?

Jim Dillan

Hi Angela,

The study cited at the start of the article was on children and the authors said the treatment was well tolerated. That said, I’d recommend making up the smoothie and having it yourself first. If you feel it is ok older children could have a quarter dose and have a little more each day if it is well tolerated. It’s difficult to recommend it for young children as they may be more sensitive and a healthcare professional should be consulted in this case.

All the best.


I have Triphala tablets. Can I use those instead of the Triphala powder and if so, do I still wait two hours after drinking the smoothie to take the tablets or is the timing different for the tablet form? Thanks so much for all of this amazing info!

Erudite Birdy

Hi Patrice,

I am a Technologist who ran parasite tests, along with other kinds, in the hospitals where I worked.

When you said, ” I’ve done countless other types of cleanses and a variety of diets, attempts at weight loss/energy increase.” a red flag went up.

Years ago tapeworms were swallowed by women to lose weight. Yes, they really swallowed them. You might have eaten some eggs while trying to lose weight, especially if it came from another country.

Here in the US, parasites can still be found in wild game. Many people eat wild game that isn’t cooked to the well-done state and get infected. Bear meat is really bad, as are wild pigs, hogs, and boars.

There is sushi too. Today many people eat it without realizing that they ARE eating parasite eggs, worms, etc. I hear, “It’s not clean. They didn’t handle the fish correctly? NO. They DID do everything correctly.

Fish and other marine life aren’t bacteria free, parasite free, etc. Natural fish get problems too. Wild birds are often infected by eating wild game and drinking untreated water from rivers, lakes, and even the ocean.

Just some thoughts.


How long should I wait before eating after ingesting the seeds?

Jim Dillan

Hi Daniel,

If you are making the smoothie it’s best as a breakfast replacement.

If you are having the seeds on their own they are best at least 1/2hr before food on an empty stomach followed by a big glass of water.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Em,

The timing would be similar. 1 1/2 to 2 hours afterwards would be best with a big glass of water.

All the best,



This is very very informative indeed. I plan on doing some research on papaya seeds as a possible solution to intestinal worms in Afican children


Thank you for all the great information. I was wondering if the smoothie could be made ahead so to speak. Like measure out a couple of days worth, then take one serving one day and refrigerate the remaining and then take it the next morning. Thank for any advice in advance.


Hello Jim,
What an amazing article you’ve written, and with such care you’ve answered each question! I know my family is dealing with pinworms for sure, as we have seen them in the toilet… I’m excited about trying your smoothie recipe- hoping our young ones can handle a little. Wanted to mention also, for those of you who have not researched much on parasites, it is very important, definitely with pinworms and perhaps with others as well, to wash your night clothes and bedding daily, wash hands OFTEN, and even wash toilet seat after EACH use since the worms come out at night to lay their eggs, and the eggs stick to everything, and are very microscopic. I also wanted to mention to those of you who have had loss of hope of ever getting COMPLETELY rid of parasites, I know of a parasite cleanse called PARAFREE by YOUNG LIVING, gel caps with Essential oils. It’s more expensive, but it is absolutely guaranteed to COMPLETELY get rid of EVERY kind of parasite, NO MATTER where in the body they have migrated. I have heard the testimonies!! Doing it for 3 months is best; 21 days on, 7 days off, 21 on, 7 off, 21 on. That’s because of the egg laying cycles as Jim explained. Again, I am excited to do the smoothie you’ve recommended and made- we’re going to try our best to kick them with some herbs and other natural remedies, such as your smoothie, especially with some very young ones in our family that cannot swallow capsules yet, and a family of 7 would be extremely pricey doing the PARAFREE for 3 months. Thank you. Jim, for all of your amazing research and caring, helpful heart. You’re a BLESSING!!!

Jim Dillan

Hi CK,

Unfortunately the high enzyme ingredients would likely make the smoothie unpalatable after a few days and may alter the beneficial compounds. Made and taken in the evening and used the next morning might be ok but I wouldn’t have in 2 days later for instance.

Would could potentially freeze some of the smoothie and use it later. I often do this with other smoothie recipes to have in the evening, but as this one is best first thing in the morning I’d suggest making it fresh if possible.

All the best,



Hello Jim,

To my understanding: the risk for pregnant woman to ingest the papaya seeds is only if you have a green papaya. Am I correct? I read your other article and I am hoping I understood correctly.

If the papaya is red/orange it no longer has the risk to pregnant woman but is actually beneficial? The seeds as well?



Hello Jim,

I would like to get some help from you since Im just about to start the parasite protocol.
I have several questions, if you don’t mind.

1. Since papaya is not available in my country, I have ordered the powder you have suggested. What is the maximum dose from it I should take? Do I have to take all amount at the same time on empty stomach or can it be taken seperately? (etc: 1/2 tsp/2x/day)
2. Can I just take the powder or is it necessary to take the smoothie for its full effect? ( Im asking it since I have problems with gallbladder so Im not sure how I Will be able to tolerate all the fat in the smoothie)
3. What can you suggest to include in the smoothie instead of pineapple?
4. Can I just drop the 6 cloves in the smoothie and swallow them as whole or do I have to smash them? ( I believe blender can’t smash them).
5. What is the best protocol with the powder? For how many days can I go with it in a row? Can I use it for 2 weeks straight and 2 weeks off or the best is to use it for 4 days in a row as you mentioned it and then take 2 weeks off? I am pretty confused for how long I can take it in a row and how long are the off days.
Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Jim Dillan

Hi Nathalie and sorry for the late reply.

Papaya fruit is fine for pregnant women when red/orange ripe.

The seeds do contain the papain enzyme at all times so are not recommended in large amounts or taken regularly for women who are pregnant.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Henrietta,

The heaped teaspoon dosage of the papaya seed powder is specifically for treating parasites. It’s better in the full dose in the morning.

I think the smoothie delivery system and the extra ingredients improve the effects of the papaya seeds for parasite cleansing, so if you can make up a smoothie, even with some of the ingredients listed it would be better.

The papaya and pineapple are added for their digestive enzymes. While they don’t have these, blueberries or similar organic berries will improve the taste.

Coconut water or a healthy nut milk could be used instead of coconut milk if the fat is an issue. I wouldn’t recommend cow’s milk or soy milk as these aren’t good for treating parasites.

The cloves will work better crushed up a bit so if your blender isn’t up to the task you can crush them with the bottom of a clean jar on a plate. They’re strong so after or with the smoothie is gentler on the digestive system.

4 mornings in a row or 2 consecutive weekend is a good initial treatment time. Then again like this another two weeks later and another 2 weeks after that to deal with the parasite breeding cycle. There’s more detailed description of this in the ‘Papaya Seeds Treatment Timing and Duration’ section in

All the best,


Delanie Aguilar

Is there any reason not to use the Black Walnut and Wormwood tinctures, while doing the daily papaya/pumpkin seed smoothie? Just trying to cover as many bases as possible. Do you have any idea which methods to try first for possible gallbladder/liver parasites? Do intestinal cleanses reach/effect those organs as well? Thanks!


Also, any reason not to presoak the whole cloves? I’m wondering if that would make them easier to blend?

Jim Dillan

Hi Delanie,

There’s no reason I can see not to do them at the same time and adding the black walnut and wormwood tinctures to the smoothie or taking them in a big glass of pure water just before would likely be even more effective for hitting parasites with many different compounds. The cloves are already included as an extra in this recipe and I think they are quite important for disrupting the breeding cycle.

As per the article instructions, first thing in the morning before breakfast is the best time and ongoing treatments are recommended.

Be aware though that taking all of these together does increase the chance of a detox/die off reaction which could leave you feeling quite tired the first couple of times you take it. Probably best to initially have it on a weekend and if it’s too much then half the dosage until tolerable and slowly increase for future treatments.

It’s difficult to find specific information on papaya seeds for liver parasites and flukes but the alkaloids in it are recommended for liver cleanses and even treating liver cirrhosis so I’d expect it to be beneficial.

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

That is a good idea, though I’d add the soaking water to the smoothie as well.

I’ll update the article with this suggestion. There was a lot to cover in there but this is something that should have been added.

All the best,



Hi Jim,
Thank you for your amazing article! I got so much out of it!! I have read several articles, went to a health store to buy a anti-parasite cleanse (in a box), and am getting ready to by aquiring all of the ingredients to do this. I was told 2-weeks on. 5 days off. Then another 2-weeks.

I read from Dr. Axe to avoid all sugars including fresh fruit. He has a similar smoothy, but using chai seeds for bowel movements (instead of castor oil). Even though he says no fruits (as it may breed parasites, candida, mold, fungus in the body). At the end notes… he says to use some papaya. Other sites have mentioned pineapple.

I find this rather confusing. I wasn’t even going to eat a lime for 5-weeks… and am trepidatious around eating papaya and pineapple (re: breakfast health smoothy)

Please explain the logic/science. Thanks kindly for your time!


Hi Jim!
Thank you for putting this info out there to review
I have been dealing with pinworms and haven’t been able to completely eradicate them. After taking some papaya seeds (I crushed them as you recommended) I passed about 4 worms in a
few hours! Yeah! I started to feel alot better. So I thought I would try the smoothie…it was too strong with all items added, it caused me to throw up (sorry) and felt very sick. So I will try again with less amount. For me the pumpkin seeds in the smoothie were too much. It was just too much volume and thickness. I plan on eating them separately after to see if that helps. Do you think going 7- 10 days is too much before a break? Also I have just been crushing the seeds and chasing with water, but doing it 2 X day. I like the idea of coconut water for chasing. I thought about doing the shake in the morning and just the crushed seeds at night. Looking forward to a good testimony!



I am very much interested in a parasite cleanse. Can I do this while breastfeeding?

Jim Dillan

Hi Mimi and sorry for the slow reply.

There’s a difference in approaches with the no fruits to avoid all sugars method an attempt to starve both parasites and fungus out. The problem is few people have the ability to last on a no-carb diet unless they manage strict keto. All grain based products would be more of an issue than healthy fruits like papaya, especially the half green one recommended in the smoothie recipe.

This parasite killing smoothie is a combination of a whole host of anti-parasitic ingredients that takes a more direct approach. Believe mine was the first papaya seed smoothie recipe back in 2011 and based on the papaya seed study I cite at the beginning of the article. It’s been copied many times and may well have been the basis for one of Dr Axe’s writers or perhaps they just read about it in forums.

Think cutting right back on sugars is a good idea but I’d use the half green papaya at least. Bromalain capsules could replace pineapple.

I’d also use at least the triphala mentioned in the article or something of that strength if not the castor oil. Chai seeds are healthy but a poor laxative for most.

The cloves or clove oil capsules are also very important for their action on the eggs.

The comments have some pretty graphic examples of how well this papaya seed smoothie can work.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Jennifer,

It seems the papaya seeds work well for you for parasites. Maybe a slimmed down version of the parasite smoothie would work for you with less ingredients. It is supposed to be very filling to make you go to the toilet afterwards but you could probably get the same effect with a smaller one and drinking a lot of water in the hour or two after.

If this doesn’t send you to the bathroom then triphala or another strong natural laxative would be helpful.

Every weekend would be better than a 7-10 day break but if this is all you can do then extend the period you take it for a month or so.

You can take seeds at the night as well if it doesn’t affect your sleep. Parasites won’t like them and may let you know.

I’d expect in the morning on an empty stomach to be the best time and if you build up your tolerance with a little more seeds each time it would be better to take the same amount all in one go in the morning.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Amoya,

The parasite cleanse with papaya seeds should not be used when pregnant and the warning on papaya enzymes does extend to breastfeeding. More details here

All the best,


Gina B

I really like the taste of this. Kind of like tropical pumpkin pie lol. Here’s hoping it works! 🤞


I have heard that taking raw garlic cloves on an empty stomach is also a good treatment against parasites. If you’re taking a daily garlic regimn, should the smoothie be taken after or before?

Jim Dillan

Hi Candence and thanks for your message.

Raw garlic cloves have strong anti-microbal and likely anti-parasitic properties.

I’ve taken them before and they can be a bit irritating on an empty stomach in large doses. Always drink a lot of water with them.

If you were combining the two treatments I would either take them a bit before with the cloves and several glasses of water. Or at the same time as the smoothie. Either way, you want enough liquid to move them on from the stomach and into the small intestine as soon as possible.

Eating parsley is very good for neutralizing garlic odors and very beneficial in its own right

All the best,


Ira Estaban

I’m not sure the place you’re getting your information, but good topic. I must spend a while studying much more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be on the lookout for this information for my mission.


Do I use the papaya skin in the smoothie? I was not able to find organic papaya, however it is fair trade from Mexico. Please advise.
Thank you for this info, I am trying this for the first time today.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ananda and sorry for the slow reply. Fairtrade papayas may or may not be affected by sprays. If unsure it’s best to rub the papaya skin (or any other fruit or vegetable) with vinegar first as the removes any residues.

All the best,


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