How to Use Papaya Seeds for Parasites: An Anti-Parasitic Smoothie Recipe

Pawpaw parasitesIntestinal parasites are a far more common problem than most people realize. They are also notoriously difficult to diagnose due to the wide variety of symptoms that can result from a parasitic infection.

Some, but by no means all of these symptoms can include bloating and excessive gas, frequent diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme fatigue, an increasing number of allergies and poor general immunity with regular sickness.

The seeds from papaya fruit have strong anthelmintic and antiamoebic properties. This means they kill intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms in your digestive system and using papaya seeds for parasites has proven to be very effective.

Papaya Seeds and Honey Parasite Cleanse

A 2007 study of 60 Nigerian children with strong evidence of intestinal parasites showed an over 75% clearance rate of infection in just seven days. This was after the children received a 20 ml dose of crushed papaya seeds and honey as a parasite treatment.

The researchers said, “papaya seeds are efficacious in treating human intestinal parasites and without significant side effects.” (Effectiveness of dried Carica papaya seeds against human intestinal parasitosis).

Ahead is how to use papaya seeds as a natural remedy for parasitic infections in a great tasting tropical smoothie recipe.

Also find out when to take it for best results, important treatment time information and several other effective parasite cures for this debilitating, yet commonly undiagnosed condition.Papaya seeds anthelmintic

Using Papaya Seeds as a Parasite Treatment

There are three main differences between using papaya seeds for digestive health and using them for treating parasites.

The first is the amount used, which will be significantly more. The second is that they are taken on an empty stomach, rather than after a large protein meal.

And the third is that they are followed with a natural laxative to make sure that as many parasites as possible are expelled after the treatment.

Anti-Parasite Smoothie

Since chewing up a tablespoon of papaya seeds first in the morning isn’t the nicest way to start the day, even taken with honey, ahead is a papaya seed smoothie recipe for killing parasites I designed.

It contains several other powerful anti-parasitic foods to hit the nasties from many different angles. It tastes surprisingly good for such a potent treatment.

The papaya seed dosage is quite high so it’s recommended to have some experience with taking the seeds first. This page on papaya seeds benefits has a lower dose to begin with.

Additionally, the papaya enzyme side effects here are especially relevant and important with this natural parasite treatment.

If you’ve never used strong digestive enzymes like this before, please read that page before scooping out and eating half the seeds in a papaya fruit. Starting off slow and building up the dosage will be much better in the long run and result in less side effects.

Papaya for parasitic infection

Papaya seeds have proven very effective for parasites, for myself and for many other people who have commented here and in other online forums. I hope they can work as well for you, but please be patient with the treatment.

Parasites have different life cycles and while some people get results with their first papaya seed smoothie, it’s strongly recommended to continue clearing them out in the ways I’ll describe ahead.

Fortunately, this parasite smoothie tastes really good, which is something not many intestinal worm treatments could ever say.

All that covered, here’s the recipe and instructions for how to make it.

Parasite Killing Smoothie Recipe Instructions

1. Start with a full tablespoon of fresh papaya seeds. Scoop them straight out of the fruit and place them in a good blender that is capable of chopping up the seeds.

If your blender isn’t up to the task, you could crush the seeds in a mortar and pestle first, or even on a chopping board in a thick plastic bag with a heavy jar or mallet.

They don’t need to be completely ground-up, but it makes sense that crushed seeds will work better than whole ones with their outer shell.

While fresh papaya seeds are probably a bit better, in some parts of the USA and Europe buying papayas can be expensive or difficult to find.

The best alternative I’ve found is this popular powder. As the seeds are finely powdered you’d need much less and 1 slightly heaped teaspoon should do.

As to other alternatives, I highly doubt papaya seed oils or cheap Chinese seed powders would be as effective. Definitely don’t use papaya seeds for planting as they may be treated with chemicals. Use food grade papaya seed powder only or get them fresh.Papaya seeds for parasitic infection

2. Add to the blender a third of a small or around a fifth of a large papaya, chopped to fit in your blender.

Ideally you’d be looking for a fruit that is just turning from green to yellow, with green more predominant. Papaya like these should still contain useful levels of digestive enzymes, while having a sweetness to it for a good taste.

If you are using the papaya seed powder above and don’t have a fresh papaya then you could replace it with a similar amount of enzyme rich pineapple.

3. Along with the papaya seeds and fruit, add a quarter of a cup of raw organic pumpkin seeds to the blender. Pumpkin seeds paralyze worms in the lower intestine and add to the effectiveness of the papaya seed actions.

4. Desiccated coconut is another ingredient known to be good for purging parasites. Add a heaped tablespoon to the mix. If you can find fresh coconut then using the coconut water in this parasite treatment smoothie as ‘milk’ and eating as much as you can of the coconut meat straight after it would be even more effective.

5. Add a full tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil. The lauric acid in coconuts is converted to the compound monolaurin in the digestive tract, which can help rid the body of protozoa, ringworm and giardia parasites.

In fact, if you value your health and the way you look and feel there’s a lot of good reasons to use coconut oil regularly, especially as a replacement to damaging vegetable oils like corn and soy. It can even help treat candida as well as parasites in your gastrointestinal tract.

6. Add around half a dozen fresh cloves. They are most effective when they are organic and non-irradiated cloves like these one I use

Cloves are especially good at getting rid of parasite eggs and mixed in with the digestive enzymes in this smoothie they can help break down the protective coating that cover intestinal worm eggs.

They will change the flavor somewhat, but it’s more of an aftertaste rather than the potency you might get from having these on their own. As with the papaya seeds, the other ingredients really mask the strong flavor.

Clove oil capsules taken at the same time as the smoothie may also work but I think fresh cloves are better. It can also be good to pre-soak them in a small amount of your smoothie liquid, along with the papaya seeds, before you blend.

7. Pour in healthy ‘milk’ of your choice to half as high as the rest of the ingredients in your blender jug.

Ideally use coconut water or half coconut milk and half water. Coconut is good for parasites and using it for your smoothie’s milk as well increases its effectiveness.

Other reasonable options include hemp milk or almond milk. I’d recommend avoiding soy milk or conventional cow’s milk where possible.

8. Once you’ve added everything, blend up all of the ingredients on high until the consistency looks good to you. A little more coconut water or water can be added if it’s too thick.

9. Drink the whole smoothie down in one sitting if you can. The flavor of the papaya should overpower any bitterness from the seeds or cloves. It certainly tastes better than any other parasite treatment I’ve ever tried.Papaya Seeds for Parasitic Infection

Papaya Seed Smoothie Treatment Timing

The best time to drink this anti-parasite smoothie would be first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before food. It’s intended to be a breakfast replacement.

Since some parasites may be paralyzed by a treatment like this rather than killed outright, it’s also beneficial to follow it with a natural laxative to expel the worms and other nasties before they can recover.

A Laxative to Expel Worms

Ayurvedic triphala powder, like this organic one I take, is one of the few truly beneficial laxatives for occasional use.

You can make it up at the same time as the smoothie and let it sit for a couple of hours to increase its effectiveness.

Follow the directions for the stronger dose in the page on taking triphala for digestive health and drink it around two hours after you finish the smoothie and before eating anything else.

With all of these healthy foods blended up, you’ll find this smoothie quite filling so you shouldn’t be too hungry.

Do Papaya Seeds Kill Parasites?

Without getting into too much detail, it’s sometimes possible to see evidence of the papaya seeds getting rid of parasites when you visit the bathroom. Many parasitic organisms though are either too small, or expelled compacted within the stool.

So don’t be too concerned about whether you see them or not. There’s a good chance this combination of ingredients is making life extremely difficult for your unwelcome intestinal visitors (the many comments below have some graphic proof if you’re interested).

Far more important, after the initial cleansing, is a reduction in any symptoms you’ve been experiencing and an improvement in your bowel movements. This will naturally lead to increasing energy levels and better wellness and wellbeing in general.

Be aware though that you may well experience a temporary worsening of symptoms when you first begin any kind of internal cleansing. This is commonly referred to as a healing crisis.

With this papaya seed parasite treatment you should usually feel significantly better after visiting the bathroom. Always trust what your body is telling you though and consult a healthcare professional if symptoms are prolonged and worsening.

Parasite Cleanse Repetition and Duration

Making up the smoothie three or even four mornings in a row would be a good initial treatment time. Many of us have offices to go to during the week though and triphala at the higher doses is very effective at its job.

Given this, drinking the smoothie on both Saturday and Sunday morning for two weekends in a row should be just as effective.

As a precaution, no laxatives should be taken for more than five days in a row. Triphala is fine at the lower doses for longer term use.Papaya for parasitic worms

Repeat Parasite Cleanses

It’s also a very good idea to repeat the treatment again in around two weeks time from when you finished and then again in another two weeks after that, even if you are feeling much better.

The reason for this is to coincide with the breeding cycles of common parasites, such as tapeworms, hookworms and pinworms.

It’s possible for a cleanse to be effective at removing adult parasites and intestinal worms, but not before they have laid their eggs, which are often said by experts be even more difficult to remove.

By repeating the treatment three times over a 6 week period there’s a much better chance of interrupting this breeding cycle.

Some resources even recommend continuing treatments for up to 3 months to be completely sure that you have dealt with intestinal worms and other kinds of parasites at their various life cycles.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the taste of this smoothie and the ingredients in it are good for your digestive health in many other ways. Given that, perhaps you’d consider having it as a preventative against parasites every second or third weekend as I do.

Personally, I’ve noticed a real increase in my energy levels and overall wellness since making this smoothie up on a fairly regular basis.

Unfortunately research shows parasites are everywhere, including the ‘developed’ world. By using this papaya seed smoothie, or some of the the other anti-parasitic treatments ahead, you should be able to make your intestinal environment far from favorable for them.

Other Effective Parasite Treatments 

There are a few other natural parasite remedies and supporting products that can be used in conjunction with this papaya seed smoothie to greatly improve its effectiveness.

Alternatively, the following can be used as a different intestinal parasite treatment if you don’t have the ingredients, equipment or time to make it.

Since it can be very difficult to diagnose specific parasites, and different cures work for different people, it’s often necessary to experiment with a variety of different treatments until you find what works for you.

Here are 5 more recommended treatments I’ve personally used and benefited from:

1. Oregano oil can be an effective treatment for parasites and especially the microscopic parasitic protozoa like blastocystis hominis. Capsules of high potency oregano oil like these can be taken with this smoothie to make it even more powerful.

As well as protozoa parasites, the active compounds in oregano may also help to control candida overgrowth, another important health issue that is said to often go hand in hand with a parasitic infection.

2. Black walnut, wormwood and cloves are a well known treatment for parasites. The strength and potency of these preparations varies considerably though, and they have be done properly to be effective.

Much more detail on this kind of treatment in black walnuts for parasites, including the best tincture I’ve found. This would be an ideal parasite cleanse to do at the same time as the papaya seed smoothie.

3. Something I use on a regular basis, even when not concerned about potential parasites, is a product called OxyPowder. Made from oxygenated magnesium and organic germanium-132, it’s very effective at keeping the colon clean and removing the compacted waste that many parasites thrive in.

Use 6 of these OxyPowder capsules the night before each anti-parasite smoothie. This can greatly improve the papaya seeds and other ingredients effectiveness by reducing the places in the lower intestine for the worms and other nasties to hide.

4. Paratrax is another powerful intestinal worm killing formula for people who are short on time. Made from organic black walnut, wormwood, American wormseed, organic cloves and several other parasite expelling herbs, it’s doctor-formulated, simple to take and very effective.Papaw seeds for tapeworm infection

Updates and Qualified Parasite Treatment Specialists

Thank you for all the helpful and insightful comments to this page. They are well worth reading, however the sheer number of them are slowing down its loading so I’ll continue the discussion at the article on papaya seed benefits.

Please see the first comment on this page for some more useful information on professional parasite treatment options and practitioners I’ve found.

I also have to state again that I am not a healthcare professional, just someone who studied the subject and found something that worked for me and wanted to share it.

From all the positive comments I’ve received, and graphic results people have messaged about, it seems to be working for many other people as well.

Despite this, some of those who have written in sound to be seriously ill and I think need to see an expert as soon as possible.

It’s not the place of online writers to be advising on this. If your current GP refuses to discuss your concerns about parasites then I’d recommend finding a specialist that will.

Here is a list of specializing physicians who offer clinical consultative service in Tropical Medicine and Medical Parasitology that I hope will be a good place to start.

I firmly believe natural treatments, like papaya seeds for parasites, can be effective for intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms. However, if you are experiencing serious symptoms then please seek out a specialist and get well.

All the best in your healing.

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