Gundry MD Vital Reds Review — Pros & Cons, Ingredients & Side Effects

Powdered Polyphenol SupplementVital Reds is a popular powdered reds supplement made by Dr. Steven Gundry.

In this honest review of Gundry MD polyphenol blend, I’ll examine the ingredients, pros and cons, possible side effects, cost per serving, and 2 better value alternatives.

Also ahead, customer feedback, company reviews and complaints, if Vital Reds is a scam, and a comparison with Miracle Reds by MacroLife Naturals.

2 Better Alternatives if You’re Short on Time

Vital Reds by Gundry MD is a specialized polyphenol blend and has many high antioxidant additions. It’s not cheap though, particularly for the small 4 ounce tub. Here are 2 better products for less.

1. Red Juice

Organifi Red Juice is another premium reds blend with an even better ingredient list, rich in adaptogenic herbs and immune-boosting superfoods.

This formula has pomegranate, blueberry, reishi, acai, cordyceps, rhodiola, cranberry, beets, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry and Siberian ginseng.

The focus here is more on anti-aging, detoxification, and increasing metabolism for extra energy and natural weight management.

It comes in an 10 oz tub, so is a full 2 ½ times bigger than Vital Reds. Yet it costs less with this special discount link. Clearly better value for a superior product.

2. Miracle Reds

MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds has similar high antioxidant additions to Vital Reds. Both have acai, blueberry, acerola, pomegranate, beet, turmeric, ginger, green tea extract and grape seed extract.

Each formula also includes probiotics and prebiotics. Miracle Reds contains more herbs and berries overall though. As well as extras like milk thistle for liver detox and elderberry for immunity.

Despite this, it’s much cheaper for a much bigger 10 ounce container. You can also get a 30% discount here with the code MLNA30 and free USA delivery.

See Vital Reds powder here on Amazon for a current price comparison. Head to head with Organifi Red Juice and Miracle Reds though, both look like better choices for less money.Glass of Miracle Reds with berries by MacroLife Naturals

What Is Vital Reds?

Powdered whole food supplements made primarily from red fruits, berries and veggies like beet, have become very popular in recent years.

These ‘reds’ are rich in polyphenols, potent nutritional compounds with beneficial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular effects.

Vital Reds was one of the first supplements on the market specifically focused on polyphenols. It has a sweet berry flavor and is free of soy, lectins, gluten, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

This reds formula was created by Dr. Steven Gundry, a former cardiac surgeon, who has written several best-selling books on dietary topics.

His website claims taking this “polyphenol blend with 34 unique superfruits” will “help boost energy… support your heart… and maintain your health as you age.”

The Gundry MD website says their products are made in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility in the USA and 100% natural and safe ingredients. There’s also a 90 day money-back guarantee from the company.

What’s in this red superfruit powder though and does a detailed investigation support the claims on Dr. Gundry’s site?

Ingredient List

  • Reds Blend – 1,760 mg.
    Carrot, organic apple peel, grape skin extract, aronia berry extract, organic flaxseed, grape seed extract, acai fruit extract, acerola fruit extract, apple, apple pectin, organic beetroot, blackberry, European black currant fruit extract, blueberry fruit concentrate, cranberry fruit extract, mango, mulberry fruit, papaya, pomegranate, red raspberry, strawberry, cantaloupe, cherry, grape, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, plum, watermelon, berberine hydrochloride.
  • Metabolic Enhancing Blend – 365 mg.
    Cinnamon bark 5:1 extract, green tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, ginger root, turmeric root extract, bitter melon fruit extract, black pepper fruit.
  • Digestive Support Probiotic Blend – 3 billion CFU.
    Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus reuteri.
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – 250 mg.VitalReds Ingredient Label

Supplement Facts

  • Calories – 10, Total Carbohydrates – 2 g, Dietary Fiber – <1 g.
  • Thiamin – 1.5 mg, Riboflavin – 1.7 mg, Niacin – 20 mg, Vitamin B6 – 2 g, Folate – 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 – 6 mcg, Biotin – 300 mcg, Pantothenic Acid – 10 mcg, Selenium – 70 mcg, Chromium – 200 mcg.
  • Other Ingredients – citric acid, natural flavors, guar gum, rebaudioside A (stevia), silica, D-calcium pantothenate, sodium selenite, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, chromium dinicocysteinate, thiamin hydrochloride and methylcobalamin.

It’s an impressive ingredient list overall, with a few reservations, and potential side effects and precautions that are covered ahead.

What I Like About Gundrys Reds

1. High Antioxidant Polyphenol Powder

The ingredients in proprietary whole food blends like this are usually listed with the highest content in the formula first.

The first 8 in this red powder are: carrot, organic apple peel, grape skin extract, grape seed extract, aronia berry, organic flax, mulberry and blackcurrant. These are all high antioxidant superfoods.

2. Metabolic Blend for Weight Management and Extra Energy

Ceylon cinnamon and bitter melon moderate levels of glucose in the blood. This helps control hunger and benefits natural weight control.

White and green tea contain the powerful antioxidant EGCG and a very small amount of caffeine. While ginger, turmeric and black pepper are all strong inflammation fighters.

3. Probiotics and Prebiotic FOS for Digestive Health

The 4 strains of probiotics in polyphenol blend – B. coagulans, L. acidophilus, B. lactis and L. reuteri – are all considered highly beneficial for improving intestinal flora.

Prebiotic FOS can also boost gut health, though some people do experience side effects like gas and bloating when they first take it.Red berries

What I Don’t Like

1. Synthetic B Vitamins and Minerals

Dr. Gundry’s red powder contains synthetic B vitamins, such as D-calcium pantothenate, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamin hydrochloride and methylcobalamin. It also has lab-engineered forms of the minerals selenium and chromium.

It’s true that B vitamins are necessary for energy production and many people are deficient in them. Chromium and selenium are also often lacking and affect the amount of glucose in the blood control and cellular detoxification.

That said, many customers like myself choose whole food powders to avoid synthetic vitamins and minerals. Some research shows they are poorly absorbed and may have negative effects in unnatural doses.

Having these synthetic additions also seems to conflict with Gundry MD statements that their reds supplement contains only 100% natural ingredients.

2. Too Many Additions

A common issue with superfood supplements is a long ingredient list with very small amounts of each added.

It looks impressive on the label, but how much of each superfruit, herb or spice does the formula actually contain?

In my opinion, apple and grape at a minimum should be removed. Apple peel and pectin, along with grape seed and skin, are already included and are far more potent than the fruits.

Orange, pear and peach, while low down on the label, would also be better replaced with more of any of the other red fruits and vegetables above them.

3. Small Serving Size

Polyphenol blend does provide a better dosage than capsules supplements, such as JuiceFestiv or Juice Plus. Its 30 servings of 3.765 grams per 4 oz container is much smaller than other superfood powders I’ve reviewed though.

This low product weight, combined with a high price point, makes Vital Reds one of the more expensive powdered whole food supplements on the market.

Dr. Gundry could make the argument that his reds formula has highly concentrated ingredients and you don’t need to take so much. I’d still like to see this product offered in a bigger tub or at a lower price for better value.

Directions for Use

Gundry MD recommend taking a scoop of their reds powder in water on a consistent daily basis for best results. They say the formula digests quickly and can be taken with or without a meal.

For maximum benefit though, polyphenol-rich supplements should always be taken near a meal with good fats to improve intestinal absorption.

Given this, and the energizing effect of the product, it’s best to take it before or with a breakfast that contains fats, like avocado, eggs or in a smoothie.

Where to Buy

You can get Gundry MD Vital Reds powder on the company website or on this Amazon listing where it may currently be better value.

The sales page for this product lists the following retail prices on

  • 1 Jar: $69.95 (30-day supply)
  • 3 Jars: $199.36 (90-day supply)
  • 6 Jars: $377.73 (180-day supply)

It also comes with free shipping within the USA and a 90 day money-back guarantee. Though you would need to pay to ship it back to the company for a refund.

Some people ask if you can buy Vital Reds at CVS, GNC, Costco, Walmart or Walgreens, but I couldn’t find it listed for sale in any of these places.

Cost per Serving

Using the current retail price of $69.95 for a 4-ounce tub on Gundry MD, 30 servings works out at $2.33 per daily dose.

Compare that with the superior Organifi Red Juice, available here with an extra discount and in a much larger 10-ounce tub. The 3 and 6 tub reductions bring the cost per serve down even further if you plan to take it regularly.Glass of Red Juice by Organifi

Side Effects and Precautions

Dr. Gundry states that his red polyphenol supplement contains only natural and safe ingredients. There is no mention of any specific side effects that I could find on his website.

Looking at what’s in this polyphenol formula though, here are some precautions and potential side effects to be aware of:

  • The prebiotic FOS can cause digestive upsets, particularly when first introduced into your diet.
  • Both green tea and white tea contain caffeine. While the amounts the formula like this will be very small, some people are allergic to caffeine and this should be listed on the labeling.
  • The metabolic blend with ginger, bitter melon, cinnamon and black pepper could have an over-stimulatory effect for certain customers.
  • People with a rare latex allergy should avoid this red polyphenol powder due to the mango, papaya and pineapple additions.
  • Some research suggests high levels of certain polyphenols may inhibit iron absorption, affect thyroid function or even have a pro-oxidative effect. Cited studies generally involved very high synthetic doses though, rather than natural polyphenols from extracts. Consult your GP if you have any concerns before using this product.
  • Like all nutritional supplements, Reds should be taken well away from important medicines as they may affect their function. Perhaps the good doctor’s website or packaging could list this precaution.

Customer Reviews and Consumer Ratings

Feedback on Amazon from Gundry polyphenol blend customers is mainly positive, though there does seem to be more negative reviews than with Miracle Reds.

For positive ratings the main customer themes seem to be:

  • More energy throughout the day and better concentration.
  • Less digestive problems, such as gas and bloating.
  • A reduction in inflammatory conditions, like joint pain and skin problems.
  • The taste is very good and most people enjoy drinking this red superfruit blend.

For negative reviews, the common themes included:

  • That the product was too expensive, a waste of money, a ‘scam’ or ‘rip off’.
  • An increase in bloating, gas and other digestive upsets.
  • Feeling jittery and raised pulse.
  • Some customers experienced tiredness, headaches and nausea.Nutrients in berries

Perhaps more than any other superfood supplement I’ve researched, this reds blend attracts polarized opinions.

Some people love it and say the results they get make it worth the high price point. Others call it a fraud or scam and say it doesn’t work.

In my personal opinion, Vital Reds is more of a specialized product, best suited for older customers concerned about cardiovascular health and inflammation conditions.

Here its high polyphenol content and antioxidants may provide noticeable effects and justify the cost.

For a reds powder with more wide-ranging benefits though, Organifi Red Juice is a better and cheaper choice.

It has all USDA organic ingredients and is available here with an extra 15% off in a tub 2 ½ times bigger than Dr. Gundry’s offering.

Customer Complaints

The biggest reason why customers complain about Vital Reds online appears to be problems with canceling an order or receiving a refund.

On Better Business Bureau, consumer reviews mention “poor customer service”, “unable to cancel auto shipping” and the ordering process being “a scam to get you to sign up for extra deliveries”.

To their credit, a company representative responded to each of these customer complaints on BBB and said they would organize a refund.

But by then the damage was already done, with former customers accusing Gundry MD products of being a ripoff or scam.

Any nutritional supplement business would be expected to get some complaints. There are enough negative reviews of polyphenol blend though to think there’s a problem with the ordering process and customer service when dealing with refunds.

If Gundry MD promotes its 90 day money-back guarantee, yet customers are given the runaround when trying to get a refund, then it’s not surprising when they call Vital Reds a scam.Fruits and berries high in antioxidants

Pros and Cons of Vital Reds


At the start of writing this review of Vital Reds I really liked its polyphenol potency and the fact that it was formulated by a highly respected doctor.

I still think the ingredients are very good and it would be especially helpful for people looking to boost their intake of polyphenols.

According to scientific research, the beneficial effects of these nutrients can include reducing your risk of common diseases and combating obesity.

Other potential benefits from taking this red polyphenol powder include improved energy, better digestion, less joint pain, and healthier skin and eyes, due to its high antioxidant content.

Indeed, many reviewers mentioned these positive effects and a good proportion of customers seem very happy with the product.

If you’d like to give it a try yourself you can find it on the official company listing here on Amazon. Other listings there may not be genuine, with consumer warnings of incorrect ingredient labels.


Many customers, beyond what you would expect from a really stand out superfood supplement, complain of no noticeable results from taking Gundry MD polyphenol blend.

Some side effects are also noted, but I think these can be explained by a reaction to FOS or probiotics and usually mitigated with a lower initial dosage.

Of more concern are numerous customer complaints about the ordering process, difficulty getting a refund and people calling Gundry MD a scam.

Ultimately though, despite the nutritional pros of this red polyphenol product, the biggest con I can see here is the high price.

At $69.95 retail for a small 4-ounce tub, or $2.33 per 3.765 g serve, this red powder is right up there with the most expensive of all superfood powders.Vita reds berry mix

Miracle Reds Vs Vital Reds

Customers looking for a red superfood powder to buy often compare Vital Reds with Miracle Reds by MacroLife Naturals.

Both are popular red supplements but how does Miracle Reds stack up compared to Gundry MD polyphenol blend?

Ingredients Comparison

Many of the same superfruits and berries found in Vital Reds can also be found in Miracle Reds. These include blueberry, pomegranate, acerola, raspberry, cherry, cranberry, papaya and acai. Though amounts would vary.

It also contains ginger, turmeric, green tea extract, grape seed extract, beet, FOS and some probiotics, as well as a few standouts of its own, such as goji berry, mangosteen, persimmon, elderberry, plant sterols and beta-glucan.

You can see the full ingredients list here to compare for yourself under the Supplement Facts tab. The retail price is also less for a much bigger 10 oz container.

Miracle Reds does lack added selenium, chromium and B vitamins (apart from B12). Some of the other beneficial additions in Gundry’s polyphenol blend, like cinnamon, bitter melon, aronia berry and blackcurrant are also missing.

Overall, the focus of this formula is more on anti-aging, immunity and general wellness. While many ingredients are high in polyphenols, it may not have the same concentration of them per gram as Vital Reds.

Cost per Serving

With the discount below applied, you can get Miracle Reds for $38.50 for a 10-ounce jar of 30 servings. That works out at just $1.28 per serving, versus Vital Reds at $2.33 per dose, or $69.95 per month.

The dosage is also more than double at 9.5 g per serve. Miracle Reds does look like much better value if you receive similar benefits from taking it.

Although they have a different focus in their individual formulas, there are enough similarities between Vital Reds and Miracle Reds to see it as a good, lower-priced alternative.

If you’d like to give Miracle Reds a try it’s currently great value using the 30% off code MLNA30 with free shipping here.Miracle Reds powdered superfoods


Is Vital Reds sold by CVS pharmacy?

No. Vital Reds is not available at It is sold at Walmart but at a higher retail price. The cheapest place to get it is here on Amazon.

Does Vital Reds have caffeine?

Yes, though the amount is very small. White and green tea are in this formula and contribute trace amounts of caffeine.

Is Vital Reds legit?

Gundry MD Vital Reds is a legitimate product formulated by Dr. Steven Gundry, a former cardiac surgeon. Its main focus is on polyphenols, which have proven effects in scientific research. Criticism of this red powder mainly stems from its high price point and potential side effects.

Final Verdict

Nothing in this Vital Reds review should be considered medical advice or criticism of any individual or company.

Statements made about a business, and the effectiveness or otherwise of a supplement, are my personal opinion formed from detailed research and comparison.

Based just on its ingredients, this reds powder by Gundry MD is a high quality polyphenol supplement. Taken regularly, it may boost your energy, improve digestion, benefit your skin and eyes, and assist with weight management.

If you’d like to give Vital Reds a try and see if it works for you, the simplest way to get it is with a once off delivery from Amazon here.

Unfortunately, unless you are quite well off, or are specifically looking for a polyphenol-focused powder, its high price for a small 4-ounce tub make it hard to recommend for daily use.

Gundry MD’s polyphenol blend is far from a bad product, but it’s likely too expensive for many people.

Customer’s negative feedback, complaints and refund issues regarding the Gundry MD company are also a concern.

Were you to take Vital Reds daily for several months you should notice positive changes. In fact, if it’s a particularly good fit for your nutritional needs you may find it well worth the cost.

Personally through, I’d try the much better Organifi Red Juice formula, on special discount here, before this specialized polyphenol supplement from Gundry MD.

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