Using Black Walnut for Parasites and Intestinal Worms

Human parasitic wormsBlack walnuts are best known as a parasite treatment, but they have many other potential health benefits. Special compounds in these powerful nuts, and particularly green black walnut hulls, make them not only an effective anti-parasitic, but also a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, fungicide and intestinal cleanser.

This page though will focus on using black walnuts, and two other special herbs, to get rid of intestinal worms and other parasites in your body.

The Parasite Problem

Parasites like tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms and many others are a serious, if often neglected and undiagnosed health problem. Even in developed countries like the United States, millions of people have some form of parasitic infection.

These harmful organisms may enter our bodies through contaminated water or food (particularly under cooked pork, beef and fish), mosquito bites, touching pets and other animals or any infected surface and then touching your nose or mouth.

Once they find a suitable environment, they start to breed and through various lifecycles can survive in our intestinal tract for many years. Common parasitic worms like pinworms, hookworms and tapeworms are found in the intestines, though other kinds of parasites have been detected in just about all parts of the human body, including the liver, blood and even the brain.

It is often difficult for doctors to diagnose a parasite problem due to the wide variety of them, poor testing methods, lack of knowledge and especially the many and often confusing symptoms. These can include, but are not limited to, intestinal pain, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, bloating, excessive flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome, constant tiredness and fatigue, increasing allergies and a general decrease in immunity.

Black walnut is recognized as a powerful vermifuge (kills parasites). It contains high concentrations of astringent tannins, natural iodine (one of the best land-based sources) and compounds like juglone that are believed to have anthelmintic (worm killing) properties.

Coming up ahead is a black walnut pesto recipe that I like to make up with other anti-parasitic ingredients like garlic, papaya seeds and pumpkin seeds. It tastes great as well as being designed to help clear out your digestive tract, remove parasites and improve intestinal health.

There is however a combination of two other herbs, taken with green black walnut hulls, that are considered especially effective against a range of human parasites and intestinal worms.

Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove Parasite Treatment

Dr. Hulda Clark popularized the protocol of using wormwood, green black walnut hulls and cloves together as a powerful anti-parasitic treatment.

Human Parasite CureWhile there are many positive reports of using this combination for parasites, there is some question as to the potency of a lot of the products out there. Despite having the Clark name on many of these preparations, as far as I can find, Dr. Clark herself didn’t personally supervise the formulation of any of them and the strengths can vary greatly.

Of course no one treatment can be guaranteed to work for everyone. Additionally, it can be difficult to always tell when parasites are being expelled, without the type of detailed examination most people would not be interested in doing.

Dr Clark was very clear though that predominantly green black walnut hulls were more effective than hulls that were darker in color. The best black walnut tincture I’ve found that is guaranteed to be made from fresh green hulls is this one. They are inexpensive but at least two, probably more would be best for a proper parasite cleanse. There are also freeze dried capsules available with good potency and without the usual fillers.

Wormwood is a bitter herb with a long history of medicinal use. It contains many powerful active compounds including sesquiterpene lacrones, tannins and thujone and, as the name suggests, is particularly good for treating intestinal worms.

Herb Pharm make this certified organic extract with hand harvested wormwood from their farm. Potent wormwood capsules are difficult to find but these wormwood, black walnut and clove capsules with quassia and male fern root are highly rated and could replace individual tinctures. I’d recommend getting a good supply and taking a higher dose if you suspect a parasite problem.

Cloves are a tricky one as they can’t be irradiated or they lose their potency and they should also be organic and ideally as fresh as possible.

One option is to get a bag of these fresh, non-irradiated organic cloves and grind them up in a spice mill or pestle and mortar just before using them. This would be best but if you know you’re unlikely to go to that much trouble each morning then this organic clove extract is non-irradiated and still potent.

Dosage and Treatment

The suggested dosage and treatment for using these three preparations for parasites would be to start with the cloves first in the morning. Compounds in the clove like eugenol, caryophyllene and tannins attack parasite eggs, making them more vulnerable to the black walnut hull and wormwood to come.

If you were using the fresh cloves you could grind half a dozen of them up, stir them into a small glass of water and then quickly drink them down. Follow this with another glass of water or two as we want them out of the stomach and into the small intestine as soon as possible. Perhaps try half this amount for the first day if you have a sensitive stomach.

For the clove extract add double the suggested dose as larger amounts are generally needed for intestinal worm treatment. You’ll go through the smaller bottles fairly quickly at this rate but the extracts listed above are quite inexpensive so it’s worth getting a few.

Black walnut and wormwood extracts or capsules would then be taken half an hour afterwards, also with a large glass of water and well before any food. You can start at the suggested dose on the bottle but to be most effective it can be worth building up to double the lower suggested dose over the course of a weeks treatment as long as it remains well tolerated.

You should be prepared for a temporary worsening of any symptoms, usually referred to as a healing crisis, when you first begin a parasite cleanse. The signs of this can include feeling tired and rundown and even a little nauseous as toxins are expelled from your body.

Usually you’ll feel better after visiting the bathroom and reducing the dosage by half the next day can lessen these kind of problems. Regardless, trust what your body is telling you and consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional if these kind of symptoms are prolonged and worsening.

Black Walnut Parasite Treatment Timing

First thing in the morning is the best time for parasite killing treatments as there’s less digesting food to interrupt their passage through the gastrointestinal system.

Parasite remediesYou can also improve the effectiveness of any antiparasitic by cleaning out your colon of the old compacted waste that intestinal worms thrive in for a few nights before starting a treatment. The two best preparations I’ve found for this are Triphala, which is an ayurvedic combination of herbs for intestinal cleansing, and Oxypowder which is an oxygenated magnesium-based cleanser.

By using one of these you will be very likely to visit the bathroom when you first wake up to properly clean out your colon. The cloves taken first thing in the morning will then weaken the worm’s eggs protective coating and the black walnut hull and wormwood will follow to kill as many parasites and eggs as possible. Black Walnut itself has a mild laxative effect which can help to evacuate the affected parasites as well.

Ideally, this treatment would be repeated again in the evening before bed. It would be better to have an early and lighter dinner if possible and wait till several hours after eating before using the extracts or capsules.

While the evening treatment is recommended, if you are using the black walnut, wormwood and cloves more as a preventative or have a limited supply of the herbs then the morning parasite cleanse is the more important one.

It’s also advisable to repeat this treatment for a week, at least every morning. You can then take a fortnight off from the last day you used it and repeat it again for another week.

Intestinal worms and other human parasites are tenacious little critters. While I’d like to be able to tell you that one or two treatments will clear them out completely, it’s recommended to do a weekly treatment every fortnight for two months to deal with the breeding cycle. Once again, using the colon cleansing Oxypowder or Triphala the night before each treatment will greatly assist with this.

Other Parasite Treatments

The Paratrax parasite treatment made by Dr. Group contains black walnut hulls, wormwood and clove along with diatomaceous earth, bromelain, American wormseed, male fern root and several other organic or wildcrafted herbs.

Another treatment that I and many other people have had success with is this parasite killing papaya seed smoothie.

If I ever suspected parasites again (I travel regularly and it does happen, even when you’re careful), I’d use both the Paratrax and the green black walnut hull, wormwood and organic cloves treatment mentioned above and alternate it weekly with the papaya seed smoothie.

There are many positive comments about the effectiveness of this recipe, so if you haven’t yet I’d recommend reading about it in the link above and people’s (sometimes graphic but ultimately relieving) results with using it.

Hopefully this page is provided some insights into using black walnut for parasites and intestinal worms. Please share this information with your friends. It’s almost guaranteed that some of them are affected by parasites, whether they know it or not.

This is an important health issue worth the time to look into. The Global Healing Center has a lot of articles on harmful organisms and their effect on your body and would be a good place to start for further reading. There’s also more on the unusual health benefits of black walnuts here.

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  1. Cathy Catherine says:

    Thank you very much for your Good Effort for publishing your Column that will help millions of People to become aware about Health matter… This is very important & really very scary to ignore bcoz this is absolutely very True & people need to know all about this… Thank you for Sharing…. God Bless & more Power !

  2. odziez Lis says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different
    page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i am
    following you. Look forward to looking at your web page repeatedly.

  3. ANDREW CHIN says:

    Hello Superfood Profiles,
    In the text above, it states you should take a fortnight off after one week’s treatment. In the next paragraph, it states you should do one treatment every fortnight. So should you take one week or a fortnight off between treatments? Please advise.


    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Andrew and thanks for your question. I’ll look at the wording there.

      The suggested frequency is a week of treatment, a fortnight off then another week of treatment and so on. This is to deal with parasites breeding cycle as a treatment can often kill parasites but not get their unhatched eggs. Some resources recommended repeating this for up to three months.

      Hope this helps

  4. Julia says:

    Can I use these substance with a network pot first pinwoms in nasal passages and nasal sinuses? (And no I am not delusional.. I should be so lucky as to be imagining this!!!)

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Julia,

      The black walnut tincture might temporarily stain the nasal passage. There may also be some stinging with both it and the clove tincture. I’d suggest starting with quite a small amount of both if you want to give this a try and work up to larger amounts if this isn’t a problem.

      All the best.

  5. Kurt Tee says:

    Thank you for putting a concise and informative page up on the worm killers.
    Many may want to know that fortnight means 14 days or two weeks, since that is old English and rarely used by our younger generation. I have seen a company (starts with a K) sell capsules containing all 3 items (Walnut, Wormwood and Cloves) and recommending such a small dose daily. What is your recommendation regarding this supplement?

  6. Kurt Tee says:

    Another question I have is how long should we wait to eat, if we take the the 3 items first thing in the morning? Also what foods actually feed the worms that we should avoid?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Kurt,

      I think that supplement could be effective but I prefer to use the stronger strength treatments in the article.

      Half an hour or so wait should be fine but it is a bit better on an empty stomach if possible.

      Sugar and simple carbohydrates like white bread are parasite favorites and well worth minimizing in your diet for a whole host of health reasons including parasites.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Paulien Brierley says:

    Hello Jim,

    I know I have got parasites and I think it might have been caused by eating undercooked meat. I have done the papaya smoothie for 4days in a row and unfortunately all the symptoms returned after that. Could it be caused by the fact I did not actually open my bowels till the next day? I have decided now to go back to having the smoothie as well as wormwood and black wallnut hull and taking some more laxatives. I was successfull this morning. My problem is that I have taken triphala for years. Every time I go off it I start to have health problems again. Do you think my body is perhaps immune to taking the triphala? Could you explain to me why my tongue is black and I have this unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth? Can you suggest what I should do about it?
    Last but not least, judging by what my parasite infestation has been caused by is there a chance that my children and the people I live with are infected as well? They did not eat the meat that I was eating by the way.
    Thank you so much for your down to earth advice.

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Paulien,

      You do want to have a bowel movement within a couple of hours of having the papaya seed smoothie if possible. Higher dosage triphala should promote this as described here: I don’t think you are immune to it but perhaps the effects aren’t as obvious if you’ve been taking it for a while.

      The black tongue is likely yeast overgrowth. Parasites and candida often go together unfortunately. The black walnut hull extract held in the mouth may help with this and Curezone discusses other potential treatments but it does sound like you would really benefit from seeing a good practitioner that understands and can treat parasites and candida.

      It depends a lot on their immune systems and the parasite itself so it’s difficult to say. If they don’t have symptoms they may be fine but if they’re interested in doing the papaya seed smoothie it is quite healthy in its own right.

      Hope this helps,


  8. Geraldine Napier says:

    can these parasites cause weight gain

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Geraldine,

      Parasites tend to increase cravings for sugar and simple carbohydrates which can definitely cause weight gain. Bloating and gas can be another symptom though of course there can be many other causes of this.

      All the best,


  9. Chris says:

    Would you recommend taking the papaya smoothie along with the black walnut, wormwood and clove the same day as a double punch to the parasites?

    Thank you,


    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Chris,

      I think you could and it would likely be even more effective at hitting parasites in different ways, though you may increase the risk of die off symptoms. If this happened you could half the dosage of the last treatment before negative effects and slowly build up if this is well tolerated.

      If you were using both I’d say have the papaya seed smoothie in the morning and black walnut combination before dinner on a relatively empty stomach.

      Hope this helps,


  10. phyllis cook says:

    Hi, my whole family, that is my father, my siblings, my children, nieces, nephew (health issues contained within the family are all similar) when we were children we all drank water from a private well. My father still lives in the same house, so I decided to have the well water tested…it came back contaminated. I have always thought that we had some kind of parasite/worms. Thank goodness that I stumpled across your website. My question is:- how can I find out where I can get diagnosic testing, for whatever specific parasite is contained within our bodies ?? I have had a OVA private test, but came back negative (which I found unbelievable!) All doctors that I’ve asked do not want to know, and I feel that they think that I’m a hypercondricate, but I know my body…
    I would like to be able to help all my family members get rid of this health problem. I have had a Colonic Therapy, also just started on the Black Walnut Wormwood treatment, and it is truly working, as I no longer have food allergies with sugar and carbs. Could you kindly help me please ??

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Phyllis,

      Unfortunately few Western doctors have had much experience with parasites and tend to discount them. The standard testing is also said to be quite ineffective for certain parasites.

      At the end of this article there is a list of tropical medicine specialists or parasitologists where proper testing and diagnosis can be done. For other countries like the UK I’d recommend searching for those terms and the nearest city to you. I’d imagine London at least would have some centers for this.

      Glad to hear the black walnut is working for you and wish you all the best with getting the health issues resolved for you and your family.

      All the best,


  11. kerry says:

    Hi, can i give black walnut and wormwood drops to my 5 year old to treat parasites?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi there,

      You’d have to check with a healthcare professional regarding children I’m sorry. They often have more sensitive systems and it’s not appropriate to give individual advice, especially for younger children.

      All the best,


    • Lucyna says:

      Yes you can. I asked the pharmacist. My daughter is just under 4 and she has pinworms. I give her half of dose of black walnut and it does work prefect! Good luck

  12. Casey Anderson says:

    How could you tell if you have any parasites, and what are the differences between pinworms, tapeworms,roundworms ,ringworms and candida? Which of these is the most dangerous and how to tell the difference if you don’t know which one you might have, do all of the parasites cause the same symptoms or is there a difference between candida and the rest i mentioned?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Casey,

      That would be a 2000+ word article to even begin to answer. Until I have time to write it I’d recommend looking into the parasite forum for these specific terms + symptoms and treatments.

      All the best,


  13. Shazea Ishaq says:

    i have been doing some research about parasite treatment and luckily this information has been of great help.

  14. Rene Castillo says:

    This product is great. I take 20 drops in the morning.
    I take OXY-CLEANSE COLON CLEANSER. I take 4 pills in the evening on the 1st dat and I increase 1 pill per day for 7 days.
    WOW. Both product combine are amazing.

  15. Alexa says:

    Thank you for this very informative article. I really would want to start taking parasites cleanse asap . I’m freaking out now after watching some videos on youtube about all this parasites. Can you tell me how to start, when and how long should I take black Walnut please. Thank you

  16. Bobby says:

    Hi Jim!
    I just ordered Potters Garden Botanicals, which is a strong tincture/extract. This tincture extract, by Potters Garden Botanicals, contains a combination of green black walnut hull, wormwood, and cloves. The description of this item recommends that the only way to effectively rid yourself properly of parasites, is to take this herbal medicinal combination. I have not tried this before and cannot wait to put this tincture to those nasty little buggers. I have read that taking the tincture under the tongue, it is absorbed in the blood. When the tincture is absorbed in the blood, the blood is oxygenated, killing any parasites that may be in the blood. What is your opinion on how well tinctures like this obtain such authoritative access to effectively klilling parasites that may reside in the blood? Are tinctures absorbed in the blood under the tongue? The description states that the user is to place the drops under the tongue, and by doing so, is distributed throughout the body. I also purchased a colon detox that kills parasites and flushes the lower intestines and colon of parasites. Do you think this is a good regime to include with the tincture, as it would aid in a flushing affect of the colon for a better elimination process?


    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Bobby,

      Sublingual administration of medicines can be effective, but it’s difficult to test conclusively. It would be best to take the tincture both under the tongue and at the recommended dosage for the digestive tract which is where many parasites reside.

      Taking the colon detox first followed by the tincture would be a good way to use these treatments.

      Hope this helps,


  17. riki davila says:

    Hi. Just started the parasite regimen ( blackwalnut tincture made my own bought the powdered cloves and the wormwood tincture ) am having a hard time drinking it . It’s aweful . What can I do to make it much more tolerable as I know I need to do this a couple times a year for parasites ?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Riki,

      I’d just hold my nose a shot it down like the medicine it is. I suppose you could add drops of stevia but definitely no sugar as you’ll only be feeding the parasites.

      Hope this helps,


  18. Katherine says:

    Thank you for this article, it’s very helpful. I’ve been taking a wormwood & black/green walnut I’m liquid form for the past 3 days. It’s making me extremely drowsy, I feel like I’m on Tylenol PM all day. Will this go away? Is it normal?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Katherine,

      This is likely a detox reaction as your body processes out toxins. It should improve but if it gets too much try halving the dose and building up in smaller amounts every few days.

      Hope this helps,


  19. Mary crawley says:

    Hi on my health records it states that I have a heavy growth of upper respiratory tract organisms could This be parasites do you know how I can get rid of this? Mary

  20. riki davila says:

    No Jim I can’t I almost threw up and was sick for days afterward . Please help need another solution. I have rhematiod arthritis and I need to do this cleanse

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Riki,

      Adding sugar to this would be completely defeating the purpose. Capsules are available so they may be the best option if you really can’t drink the tincture diluted in water. Alternatively try a much smaller amount in larger glasses of water and drink it over a longer period. Heavily diluted there shouldn’t be much taste.

      If you felt sick for longer than any initial reaction then the dosage may be too high for you. I’d suggest trying half the amount and working up slowly to a higher dosage.

      All the best,


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