Pumpkin Seeds for Parasites: A Natural Intestinal Worms Cleanse

Pepita worm remedyIntestinal human parasites are a far more common problem than most people realize.

Here’s how they can enter your body and some of the main symptoms of parasitic infections.

Also ahead is a natural remedy for intestinal worms, based on a traditional German treatment using raw pumpkin seeds.

These seeds contain high levels of a substance called cucurbitin that paralyzes tapeworms, hookworms, ascariasis, pinworms and other parasites so they can be expelled from your body.

Using Raw Pumpkin Seeds to Get Rid of Parasitic Worms

Pumpkin seeds have been traditionally used as an anthelmintic (a substance that helps expel intestinal parasites). Here’s a recipe for how to make them up for this purpose and use them yourself.

Importantly, this pumpkin seed treatment does not kill the parasites outright. Instead, compounds known as cucurbitacins in the seeds temporarily paralyze the worms.

This stops them from attaching to the intestinal wall to prevent excretion, as they usually do during a bowel movement. 

The parasite recipe ahead contains quite a large amount of raw pumpkin seeds. This is deliberate, both for the high levels of cucurbitacins and to help you go to the toilet afterwards.

Pumpkin seeds are very filling so if you make up this natural remedy then time it as a meal replacement. Early in the morning for breakfast on an empty stomach is best.

It’s also strongly recommended to follow this pumpkin seed treatment with a natural laxative. This ensures as many worms as possible are expelled before they recover.

Pumpkin Seed Parasite Cleanse Instructions

  1. Blend 1 full cup of high quality raw pumpkin seeds, like these organic USA grown ones, in a blender with half a cup of coconut milk and half a cup or more of water. Coconut milk is good for intestinal health and recommended. Unsweetened nut milks or coconut water could also be used. Don’t use dairy or sweetened liquids as they both feed parasites.
  2. Ideally you want the consistency to be like a smooth paste. Start by adding the coconut milk and then add the water in smaller amounts until the mixture is well blended. Getting the pumpkin seed paste out of the blender and into a bowl can be tricky. I find a rubber spatula good for these kind of jobs.Pepitas in bowl for antiparasite recipe
  3. Eat this pepita treatment for parasites as you would a porridge breakfast, on an empty stomach in the morning. It tastes quite good but is very filling and you may struggle to finish it. You can mix in a few drops of stevia to sweeten it if you like. Avoid honey and especially sugar as these are favorite foods of intestinal worms.
  4. Within the hour make sure you drink a large glass of water. Several over the next hour would be even better. This is important to keep the treatment moving along your gastrointestinal tract and doing its work.
  5. Ayurvedic triphala is one of the few beneficial laxatives for occasional use (I use this organic powder). Make it up around the same time as the pumpkin seed treatment and let it sit to increase its effectiveness. Use the directions for the stronger dose from the page on how to make triphala. Drink it around 2 hours after you finish the pepita paste and before you eat any other solid food.
  6. Triphala at the higher dosage should send you to the bathroom before too long for the paralyzed worms to be expelled. If you don’t need to go to the toilet after having this worm treatment, several glasses of water and the triphala, then you are probably constipated. Use a good colon cleanser like this before you make up the remedy again.

Multiple Treatments to Increase Effectiveness

While some people get good results with just one treatment, intestinal parasites like tapeworms, hookworms and ascariasis are tenacious. Taking the mixture multiple times will be much more effective.

For best results make up this parasite cleanse for breakfast for 2 or 3 days in a row (though no longer than a week).

Have a week off and then repeat the cycle the following week. Ideally follow this routine for up to a month to deal with the breeding cycles of different parasitic worms.

The Human Intestinal Parasite Problem

Parasites can enter your body through contaminated water or food (particularly meat like pork or uncooked fish), mosquito bites, intimate contact, and through the nose or mouth after touching an infected animal or contaminated surface.

A healthy person’s system should deal with protozoa, flukes, nematodes and other parasitic organisms and prevent them taking a hold in the intestinal tract or other areas of the body.

However, when your body’s defenses are low, your digestive system is functioning poorly, or your gut flora is out of balance, then parasites can take hold and become a big problem, manifesting in a variety of sometimes baffling symptoms.

Diagnosis by the average GP can be difficult as symptoms often mimic other health problems. The CDC notes that parasitic infections commonly go undiagnosed in America.

Common Signs of Parasitic Infection

Having one of the 9 symptoms listed below does not necessarily mean you have intestinal worms. If you have several of them combined though, it could be worth seeking advice from a healthcare professional who knows how to treat parasites properly.Using pepitas for tapeworm

1. Regular Intestinal Pain

Parasitic infection of the gut can be responsible for regular abdominal pain and belly cramps.

This is due to the blockages tapeworms, ascariasis and other parasites can cause and the changes they make to the intestinal environment. Severe cases are known as parasitic colitis and require attention from a specialist.

2. Frequent Diarrhea

Some human parasite infestations, like a protozoan infection, produce a substance that leeches sodium and chloride from your body, leading to frequent diarrhea.

3. Regular Constipation

Conversely, parasitic worms can block the passage of digesting food or waste being eliminated, resulting in regular constipation and difficulty going to the toilet.

4. Itching of the Anal, Perianal or Vaginal Areas

Pinworm infection causes painful itching in intimate areas, particularly in the evening as the come out to lay their eggs. This is one of the more obvious parasite symptoms.

Pumpkin seeds may work for pinworms but green black walnut hulls or this papaya seed parasite smoothie can be even more effective for these highly infectious nematodes.

Crushed garlic is another natural remedy and can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to itch prone areas to stop pinworms laying their eggs.

5. Restlessness and Difficulty Sleeping

Intestinal worms are most active at night. They release harmful substances like ammonia and raise stress levels. This can make you restless, disturb your sleep and even lead to insomnia.

Pinworms come out to lay their eggs several hours after you go to bed, waking you with the itching they cause. These annoying little parasites are especially problematic for children but adults can also be infected.

6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Worms attach themselves to your intestinal walls, causing irritation and inflammation that can lead to intestinal spasms and contractions, bloating, gas and poor nutrient absorption.

All of these are common symptoms of IBS, though there can be many other potential causes of this debilitating condition.

7. Ongoing Fatigue

Changes in your gut due to parasite activity, along with malabsorption of nutrients in your food, can lead to constant tiredness, low energy and fatigue.

This is obviously very difficult for the average GP to diagnose and low level parasitic infections often go undiscovered for long periods, if at all.

8. Food Allergies

Parasites like tapeworms and roundworms can cause intestinal wall damage, making proper digestion difficult and leading to allergic reactions to certain foods.

9. Lowered Immunity

Parasites steal energy sources and nutrients from your gastrointestinal tract during digestion. Immune system impairment can result from this lack of nutrition, even if you are eating a healthy food diet.

A parasitic organism infection can also stimulate an ongoing immune response. Over time this can lead to lowered defenses, making you vulnerable to other intestinal invaders like the candida fungus.Antiparasitic pepitas for nematodes and flukes

Treating Intestinal Worms

Human parasites are a serious problem and many people suffer their negative effects without knowing they are infected with them. This is likely due to the symptoms being explained away as something much easier to diagnose.

If you’re having multiple issues, similar to those listed above, then consult a specialist who understands the parasite problem and knows what treatments are available.

Parasite Specialists and Other Treatments

I hope using pumpkin seeds for parasites works for you if you give it a try. I’ve answered many questions about the recipe and how to do the treatment in the comments below.

I must state though that I cannot give specific advice for individuals. If you suspect parasites but can’t get help from a regular GP then I’d recommend seeking out a parasite specialist.

This page has a list of physicians who specialize in medical parasitology and can be searched by state or country.

Since writing this article I’ve also investigated and written about using other traditional treatments for parasitic infections, such as black walnut, wormwood and clove and a papaya seed smoothie.

Getting rid of parasites isn’t easy but I hope this pumpkin seed remedy for intestinal worms can be an effective tool in your arsenal against them. All the best in your healing.

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Brilliant advice, however is it safe to use for infants and toddlers.

Also with respect to deworming is it advicable to have just the suspected person dewormed or does the entire family need to be included within the immediate household. Taking into respect we all share bathrooms.


Jim Dillan

Hi Nafisa and thank you for your comment. I’d have to suggest checking this with a health care professional first. There’s nothing specifically in pumpkin seeds that should be a problem but it makes sense to be extra careful with toddlers and infants.

For adults, I’d also suggest reading this page for another powerful complementary treatment – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

There is a bit of an extra risk living in the same household but it would depend a lot on the digestive health of each individual. Parasites usually get a hold when digestion is impaired and the body’s defenses are low. That said, there’s no reason to not all have the treatment if you like. Pumpkin seeds are very good for you regardless of their effectiveness against parasites.

Hope this helps.


Eating pumpkin seeds and going to order paratrax in a few days …not happy with the health care system that makes it hard to get medications for embarassing problems. The meds should be over the counter to treat worms. My dog is free of worms why shouldn’t I be. Thanks for the information.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sue. I agree but many people find natural products like pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds work better than pharmaceuticals.


Do you know if it is as effective to use other type of oil like flaxseed oil?

Thank you! I’m eager to try this!


Jim Dillan

Hi Qanta. Flaxseed oil can be beneficial for the digestive system and general health but I’m not aware of any specific effects against intestinal worms and other parasites.


I sprinkle the pumpkin seed in my oatmeal. I do tjis with a parasite cleanse. I’ve cleaned house with the pumpkin seeds.

Jim Dillan

Hi Yvonne,

I like pumpkin seeds in my homemade muesli as well. Can’t say I’ve ever used them for cleaning though.


Excited to try this. Just did a pinworm treatment and I feel loads better. I would rather try a treatment that will murder the tapeworm instead of temporary paralysis… Laxitives are in my experiences are so painful. But if I can’t find any over the counter tapeworm murdering substance, this will have to do.

Jim Dillan

Hi Lavina,

This papaya seed parasite killing smoothie is powerful for pinworms and tapeworms – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites


Though I dont have symptoms.. ive used the bathroom and 3 times in a row ive seen a clear looking thing that I thought was a parasite. Its freaking me out. What do I do?

Jim Dillan

Hi Sharla,

It’s good that you don’t have any symptoms. Unfortunately parasites can be difficult to diagnose or detect but many experts believe they are common, even in Western countries like the United States. If you want to do a parasite cleanse as a preventative then alongside this page these two links have some more detailed information – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites and https://superfoodprofiles.com/black-walnut-parasites-intestinal-worms

Hope this helps.


I think a friend of mine may have intestinal parasites. He describes what he’s going through as a “spray,” which I find perplexing. He says he feels like dust or dander coming out of him and making It hard to breathe. He says they come out and get inhaled back in. He also bloats up a lot when this takes place, and it makes him itch all over. He even says the spray acts like its on a cycle and tries to irritate him every few hours, especially depending on what he eats. Does this sound like an issue to parasites to anyone?

He has had this for many years, and now he’s changed his eating habits eliminating all sugars and carbs. Yet, he still has the problem, although sometimes it’s less irritating. Just would like to know if anyone thinks this is an issue with parasites and if you think pumpkin seeds can help.

Jim Dillan

Hi Tracey. That’s an unusual description. I’d think it would be worth him visiting a good holistic practitioner who can really investigate his condition properly.

The papaya seed smoothie for parasites on this page – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites – contains pumpkin seeds as well as is a bit more powerful than than this treatment. It can help with other digestive issues as well so it might be worth seeing whether he’d be interested in trying it.


Thanks for this post . i have been dealing with SIBO symptoms for years . I recently just know what it was. My doctor could not figure what was wrong her self. Im supposed to have and endosscope for april 2014 .However, i do fell itchy every time i eat hot(temperature) food and i feel as if my body wants to release certain sweat but cannot ( though i’m not sure if that’s a symptom of SIBO too ). My question is however, how do you make the Ayurvedic triphala powder or can you just any laxative for the relieve. Thanks in anticipation for response

Jim Dillan

Hi David and thanks for your comments. This makes sense, though I think natural fruit sugars or unprocessed honey would still do the job without needing the soft drink or sugar.

Really appreciate you writing in on this and hope you enjoy your pumpkin seeds. They’re full of nutrition and great for men’s health as well – https://superfoodprofiles.com/pumpkin-seeds-prostate-problems-preventing-hair-loss


Do I grind up the raw pumpkin seeds with the shell on? Or do I use just the greed pumpkin seed?

Jim Dillan

Hi Halley,

It’s best to use hull-less pumpkin seeds for this parasite recipe like Styrian or buy them already hulled. The link in the article is the ones I use.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi Femi,

Triphala is a combination of three dried herbs and it’s best to get it prepared in powdered form. The one I use is linked to in the article and it’s one of the few laxatives that could be considered beneficial.

For parasites I’d recommend reading this article as well – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

Hope this helps.


Here’s a List of Natural Anti-Parasitic Food:
1) Diatomaceous earth
2) Black walnut hulls
3) Wormwood
4) Cloves
5) Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil capsules
6) Garlic
7) Neem
8) Thyme
9) Marshmallow root
10) Pineapple
11) Coconut milk and water
12) Carrots
13) Onions

(You should use this kind of food from time to time even if you’re not infected to prevent infection) (And you can as well take anti parasitic medication every couple of months – It won’t be that harmful for you trust me)
Also it’s better to check a doctor if possible.. Have a good diet with high fiber food generally such as vegetables and fruits has a great benefits as well!

Jim Dillan

Hi Mekano and thank you for your list. I agree with these and would add papaya seeds right up with the top ones – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

It’s also true that a good diet is one of the best defenses against intestinal parasites.

All the best.


Hello Jim,

Thank you for your informative articles. I have been been heavily relying on your website as I try to kick out some pin worms. I confirmed sighting a large mass of dead worms ~March 7, but it is hard for me to tell when they started, because I have been having the nightmares I would associate with them for many months. It wasn’t until I saw the bodies that it all clicked what was going on. I had read in David Wolfe’s book Eating for Beauty that papaya seeds are effective at parasite removal. Wanting to learn more led me to your website.

March 10, 11 & 12 I drank your papaya smoothie. I also added ~10-12 cloves. The best laxative I could find where I am in Germany was Senna tea. March 13 I tried a variation on this pumpkin seed remedy. The shake included – 150 g raw pumpkin seeds, ~12 cloves, ~2 tbsp papaya seeds, 1 tbsp coconut oil, and some chunks of pineapple.

It is really hard for me to eat this,something with the consistency and harsh flavors, but I managed!

It was hard to get down, but a few hours later there was what I would describe as 3 distinct, gelatinous sacs that came out. I felt good after this 4-day course, especially after the pumpkin remedy. Never sighted any adults again.

Two days ago I started to have symptoms which could make me think they are active again. I am starting another 3 days with the pumpkin smoothie today. Choking it down as I write this. (I hope I am not too late, that I didn’t get to start right away on Monday). When I get back to the states I will also take a course of pharm-meds, but this seems to be doing it’s job so far…

I just want to share my story here, to document it, in case it helps anyone else.

Has anyone else seen these gelatinous sacs? I only found mention on this UK thread by a diligent mother who is trying to win the war with her family… http://www.patient.co.uk/forums/discuss/if-you-have-threadworms-please-read–29261?page=12

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thank you for sharing this with people.

I think the reason the mix is so hard to get down is the number of cloves, which at this level do tend to overpower everything. I’d suggest mixing up the smoothie without them first, pouring out 90% of the smoothie and leaving just enough in the blender to cover the blades. Add the cloves and blend them up. You could then shot down this small amount without tasting it too much and follow it with the much better tasting main smoothie. I actually enjoy having it and think this is important for following through with it.

As I said in the (admittedly very long) post, with parasites it’s worth repeating the treatment multiple times to take care of the breeding cycle. If you can do this treatment for 3 – 4 days every fortnight for 2 months it should be very effective, especially since you’ve already seen results with it.

Thank you as well for the link. That looks like a very detailed thread. I’ve saved it and will have a read when I get the chance.

All the best.


I am a very active person, I bike to school and back(2mi each) and workout almost every day at high intervals. I eat very healthy too, I don’t drink, smoke, do any illicit drugs..and I rarely even take say an aspirin. I don’t eat aspartame products such as soda either. My problem is,..the past 4 years I would say…my stomach has been very distended similar to those with Korsakoffs syndrome. I am about 5 ft tall, and built like a gymnast. But my stomach looks distended from when I wake up to when I go to bed.I don’t snack at night either. I want to know how to stop my stomach from being distended. Is there breathing exercises I can do..that will permanently help get it flat again? Its very frustrating, bc I look pregnant(I am not),eat very healthy(bread, veggies, fruit, drink lots of water, apple juice, grape juice, meat, soy milk..that kind of thing) and I workout all the time, and Its very frustrating. Does anyone know of this..if so can you please help me? Also, I am not gassy often. I was told that PUMPKIN seeds could do the trick, because that person thinks I might have parasites internally. How do I know? I’ve seen little grey clearish tiny worm things come out..but i didn’t know if thats a worm..or a parasite. Can you please help?

thank you so much,


Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Parasites are a possibility but they’re very difficult to diagnose, even for a doctor diagnosing a patient so there’s no way to be sure. Some people, myself included, prefer to treat themselves for parasites knowing that they are a common, if often undiagnosed health problem. If you’re interested you could consider making up this pumpkin seed treatment and/or the papaya seed smoothie on this page – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

Hope this helps.


Hi, I am constantly feeling something touching me, like something moving up my back or stomach, tickling me, or poking me. I feel this thing I call an invisible worm going in my ears, nose and mouth. I even feel this thing moving my hair, moving up the nape of my neck over my scalp to my forehead and into my eyes or nose or wherever it goes. Ha I made a rhyme, all joking aside its affecting my quality of life not to mention the strain its putting on my marriage. I’ve been tested for parasites, but nothing was found, I did take pinworm medicine and was eating garlic pills like nobody’s business. I don’t know if this affected the results but I think my doctor thinks I’m on drugs or just crazy. This has been going on for over a year, although at first the symptoms were different, but for the past 3 to 4 months they have been as I have described. I do believe I have pin worms, but I think I may have another parasite. I will try your recipes above, but how do I rid my home and clothing of these monsters. I wash in hot water but they are still alive. I am at my wits end and I am getting more depressed to the point of I am scaring myself with horrible thoughts. Please tell me how to rid my clothing and home of them. Thank you

Jim Dillan

Hi Loni,

I’d recommend having a read of this article on using papaya seeds for parasites as I now consider them more potent: https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites This recipe uses pumpkin seeds as well. There’s also additional information at the end of the article on finding a specialist as most GPs don’t have a great deal of experience with testing for or treating parasites. Many people have found the papaya seed smoothie in that link effective but parasite cleansing can take some time to do properly.

The Curezone forum is also a good source of information, including on how to clean the home, clothing and bedding and the various other treatment options.

Hope this helps.

Bryan Hardy

You might find that if follow an elimination style diet and remove potential allergens like gluten, grains, soy and those high sugar fruits / juices that may be feeding parasites that your tummy will flatten down. I tend towards a cyclical ketogenic paleo diet and find it to be beneficial for digestive issues especially ones where you want to limit sugars (especially simple sugars) as they can feed the bad guys.


Hi! Wondering if i cud replace the products suggested to a diff type…for example, cud i use triphlax capsules rather than triphala powder? And get the same results? also, cud i replace paratrax with Sun Force ParaRx? Latero-Flora with probiotics capsule from innovative health?

Jim Dillan

Hi Nancy,

I haven’t tried those products so can’t speak to their effectiveness. I would say you need a significant number of triphala capsules to match the powder. At least 5 grams or more for the desired effect.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

An earlier commenter had an interesting theory on the honey which is part of the traditional parasite therapy. Since worms are attracted to it they also come in contact with the compounds in pumpkin seeds which paralyze them. Perhaps salt would have the opposite effect.

Garlic is a known parasite killer so this could be helpful, but obviously not to everyone’s taste for breakfast.


I do a lot of backpacking, hence, I poop frequently in the woods. I thought I noticed something “odd” in November, but discounted it as undigested food and didn’t give it another thought. I have had some itermittent itching back there, but figure it was related to exposure to rivers I had been swimming in… A few days ago, I was hiking alone, and as I was burying my poop, noticed it was full of little white rice grains. I had eaten a fair amount of pineapple the day before…

Now that I am home, I’m gnoshing on 16oz of organic raw pumpkin seeds right now (from Costco), I will toss down some garlic cloves with honey for good measure. Then I am following up with doses of a different natural laxative… Don’t know the benefit of the paste vs just chewing them up well like I am doing. I hate to go the pharmaceutical route, but, based on the amount I saw, may be prudent if this doesn’t work.

Will keep ya posted.

Jim Dillan

Hi Becca,

Chewing up the pumpkin seeds is fine. I just found blending up the paste a little easier as it comes out like a porridge for breakfast – the best time to have a parasite treatment.

I’d also suggest checking out this papaya seed smoothie treatment which many people have found very effective – https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

Hope this helps


If this method were to be used on a tapeworm, like 5 feet, what would happen? You said they get paralyzed making them unlatch, but if the worm is very long how will you expel of it’s paralyzed body. Would it hurt? Would it be a bad idea to try this on a tapeworm?

Jim Dillan

Hi Jake,

In this post https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites a lady named Patrice commented that she had a ten foot long tapeworm come out after making up the recipe there. Without the ability to latch on even larger parasites will be expelled with a bowel movement. There shouldn’t be any pain with this.

Hope this helps.


can we use this pumpkin seeds paste recipe with a child who is just 2 years old and if so how many tablespoons. need a reply

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Papaya seeds wouldn’t be unhealthy for children but I’m hesitant to recommend treatments for young children as they are not able to explain any reaction they may be having. I’d recommend discussing this with a knowledgeable health care professional.

All the best.


Yes, I’ve used salted and roasted variety… they worked for me. But they too salty to consume forever. I wash mine in a colander to dislodge some salt. But I agree, the raw variety are a better option and probably more available than the salted variety.
I just took a large handful with each meal for a few days. Tried to keep the house clean too and wash things more often than usual.
But I like the related suggestions about pineapple and papaya… I think a combined approach makes the most sense.

Jim Dillan

Hi Patrick,

The commercial salted pumpkin seeds are way too salty for me. Raw are much healthier and you could still add a little olive or avocado oil and sprinkle them with a small amount of real salt if you want to occasionally.


Doe this work for eye parasites??


This really works. I was having this problem of parasite since 2 years. I mixed pumpkin seeds with GUR it is same like sugar. You can blend them and eat 1 tp daily. I was having IBS vibration on daily basis before or after food. Within 3 days of eating. It all finished. IBS was gone. I am taking it regularly. Apart from it, it has improved my digestion, immune system. No flu or cold. It has regulated my body temperature. You can eat them raw too 100-200 grams daily.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ali and thanks for your comments. I’m glad you’ve had such good results with pumpkin seeds, particularly for IBS.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

It’s an area I’ll have to look into in the future but I’d expect high potency green black walnut hull extract would have a better chance for eye parasites as pumpkin seeds seem quite specific for intestinal worms.

All the best,



I am infected with some kind of worm, I had a test done. Does the pumpkin seeds will kill any worm/ parasite ? Doctor gave me some medicine but it did not work. Thanks,


Can i apply this on my 4 month old son?

Jim Dillan

Hi Eva,

This pumpkin seed recipe can help with tapeworm in particular but the papaya seed smoothie on this page with pumpkin seeds seems to work better for most people https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites You can read the comments to see the results people are getting.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Monika,

There’s nothing in particular in pumpkin seeds that I’m aware of that children shouldn’t have but I always recommend checking with a healthcare professional with children that young.

All the best,


Marie kelley

Hello Jim

How long does one need to do the pumpkinseeds?. Also I just ground 120 mg and swolling with water

Do you think one could just fast on pumkin seeds for three days and that would deworm the body?

Jim Dillan

Hi Marie,

The difficulty with parasites is interrupting the breeding cycle. Even when a treatment is successful eggs laid can hatch so usually repeat treatments are recommended for at least a month.

There’s been a lot of success with the papaya seed treatment that also contains pumpkin seeds and it has dosage and timing recommendations in the article as well https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

All the best,



Apart from examining BMs are there any over-the-counter tests you can take to check for parasites ?


I’m going to try this w/e. How many cups is 200g
I’m in the U.S.


What about doing pumpkin seed oil capsules. Do you think that will work as effective as the recepi?

Jim Dillan

Hi Joyce,

I don’t think pumpkin seed oil capsules would be as effective as you are only getting the oil extract which isn’t known to be high in cucurbitins to paralyze the worms.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Sandy,

Around 7 ounces.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Gordon,

I’m not aware of any and several commenters in this article have noted that doctors tests showed them as negative for parasites yet they passed obvious intestinal worms regardless https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

All the best,



Hi! Thanks so much for your informative article! My question is, once I ingest the pumpkin seed mixture, how long are the worms paralyzed? If I eat it today but don’t pass them until tomorrow morning, will they “wake up”? Please help! I’m so grossed out!

Jim Dillan

Hi Gianna,

It appears it might not be for more than a few hours, possibly longer but I don’t think overnight.

This is why the recipe is actually quite a large amount of pumpkin seeds and it’s recommended to take triphala https://superfoodprofiles.com/how-to-take-triphala-churna afterwards to stimulate a bowel movement afterwards.

Obviously it takes a while for the pumpkin seeds to get through the digestive tract but in my experience this method helps gets them through quite quickly.

All the best,



Hello everybody!

Here is the story: you have to go to doctor and get tested. I am reading on this site, that almost everybody is guessing about the parasites. Of course, in some countries, testing is not available. My test result was showing that I have 3 different parasites: Dientamoeba Fragilis, Trophozoites and Blastocystis Hominis. There are more than 300 different parasites, so its very difficult to find the right treatment for these 3 parasites. My doctor prescribed antibiotics. There is about 50% success rate with most antibiotics, so I will not take them. If you are not cured by the antibiotics, you will be much worse off, because it will kill all the good bacteria in your system. I have done 3 weeks with pumpkin seeds, 3 weeks with diamacious earth and one week with wormwood. No help for me. To be exact, it helps first day or two and then these bastards will return and live like nothing happened. I hope this helps others.

JIM, question for you: are you familiar with these 3 parasites and anything you could recommend?

Jim Dillan

Hi Miquel,

These parasites seem more difficult to treat than intestinal worms, though I’ve read on forums like curezone.org of people having success with high strength oregano oil enteric capsules.

On the subject of parasites I’ve also written about papaya seeds https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites and green black walnut hulls https://superfoodprofiles.com/black-walnut-parasites-intestinal-worms both of which I consider to be more powerful than pumpkin seeds alone, though they are included in the first treatment.

All the best,



Do squash seeds (butternut or acorn) work like pumpkin seeds on parasites? The reason I ask as these squash are available throughout the year and I can almost avoid buying pumpkin seeds if these work.



Honey and milk are both wonderful if they are raw and unpasteurized which is most likely the kind prescribed in the anti parasitic mix!

The belief that sugar feeds parasites is only half true. Refined sugar from baked goods, processed foods, etc feed parasites because they are acidifying, take longer to digest and sit in the gut. Fruit sugars are digested and absorbed easily and raise the body’s alkalinity, which make the body environment less favorable for the parasites.

Parasites are low frequency beings, therefore to get rid of them, we need to raise our frequency by eating live foods, thinking positive thoughts, letting go of our emotions and creating an environment where we thrive, not our parasites.

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Hi Shachi,

I believe they have similar properties, though raw pumpkin seeds are also available https://superfoodprofiles.com/buy-raw-pumpkin-seeds-online

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Jim Dillan

Hi Jaymie,

There aren’t any commonly reported side effects from eating raw pumpkin seeds without the hulls as suggested in this recipe. It is very filling though.

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Thank you for sharing this useful information. I live in Kenya( East Africa). People here know very little about natural alternatives. Am hoping to spearhead the awareness.
How effective are spices like Cardamom, Fennel, Ginger, Nutmeg, Oregano, Cayenne, Bay leaf, Mint, Thyme and Apple Cider Vinegar. Unripe paw paw is said to kill round worms. Pomegranate juice and bark are also said to be good. Has anyone tried them?

Jim Dillan

Hi Grace,

Paw paw seeds are even better for parasites than unripe paw paw. There’s details on how to use them for worms here https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

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I made the recepie, it was a pale grey-green.
Unfortunately, in couldn’t finish. I’m eating pumpkin seeds everyday. I have blastocystis hominis and have to get rid of it I a month cause I have trip and will be very hard to keep with my diet, ofcourse if I would eat something that is out the diet it will grow the parasite.

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Jim Dillan

Hi there,

I agree the recipe is filling.

If you have access to papaya with the seeds then this treatment may be even more effective for blastocystis hominis https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

There are also links to other parasite protocols in there.

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Not sure how old this post is but you don’t want to kill inside of you but rather paralyze because parasites naturally thrive in a sick body generally because a lot of toxin has accumulated and it’s their food. When you kill them, it expels all the molds, mycotoxins, heavy metals, ammonia etc. it’s been eating in your system. You will feel like it’s killing you in the process….


I’m struggling finishing it right now:(
Taste good btw

Jim Dillan

Hi Sara,

Yes the pumpkin seed parasite recipe is very filling.

Hope it helps.



Can you just eat raw pumpkin seeds to get rid of parasites? How much pumpkin seeds do you need to eat daily to get rid of parasites?

Jim Dillan

Hi Mary,

Raw pumpkin seed consumption would be beneficial over the longer term if eaten regularly. Though for a tapeworm infection, a large dose, as described in the article, would be more effective.

This papaya seed smoothie recipe is also very potent against parasites https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

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Jim Dillan

Hi Ana.

If you can get papaya seeds then this parasite killing smoothie recipe is very effective https://superfoodprofiles.com/papaya-seeds-parasites

This black walnut, wormwood and clove parasite treatment also works well for a variety of parasites and the ingredients could be easier to get https://superfoodprofiles.com/black-walnut-parasites-intestinal-worms

It is hard to completely eliminate grains on a vegan diet but wherever you can replace them with mixed veggies it’s beneficial. Quinoa over wheat pasta would also be recommended, both for parasites and better health in general.

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I’ve already commented but adding some background experience. Over the 6 years with whatever this parasite is….I’ve passed 3 inch dark ones….passed a 2 footer once. They come out seems monthly. I’ve self treated with papaya seeds, diatomaceous earth, oregano oil, coffee enemas, castor oil, and I’ve done this pumpkin seed remedy. This pumpkin seed remedy was the most effective yet made me so sick I couldn’t repeat it….about to go try now. So anyway, I just snacked on a cup of pumpkin seeds…drank lots of water….followed it with laxative. Got more nauseated as time ticked….within 4 hours I threw up all the pumpkin seeds….next day the laxative finally worked and the toilet looked almost like what it looked like when I took Albendazole. I felt like I had flu for 2 days bedridden. Hopefully since Albendazole already cleared me pretty good, hopefully this round of pumpkin seed won’t make me sick. I think the amount of paralised worms made me sick….I’m just knocking out straggler babies this time. So here goes.

Jim Dillan

Hi Michelle and sorry to hear parasites have been giving you so much trouble.

This is certainly a strong reaction to the pumpkin seed treatment. Though from your description it does sound like it’s working to clear them out.

You are right that one parasite treatment alone is rarely enough to clear them due to the breeding cycle. The section “Treatment Time and Other Natural Parasite Remedies” in https://superfoodprofiles.com/pumpkin-seeds-parasites-intestinal-worms has details about repeat treatments.

Though you could perhaps lower the dosage to half next time and work up to a level that is still effective but doesn’t give you such a strong negative reaction.

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We tried all drugs ever created to remove self infecting tapeworm H. nana dwarf tapeworm from a woodpigeon. None worked after 3 shots with prazanqual. Only thing that stopped the copious proglottids was crushed blended pumpkin seeds straight to crop.

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