Where to Buy Raw Pumpkin Seeds: Organic, Styrian, Bulk and Sprouted

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This page has the best American grown organic pumpkin seed brands (not from China), special extra large heirloom Styrian seeds, bulk raw pepitas for snacking, and high nutrition sprouted options.

Save time and money with the best raw pumpkin seed buying options in 2023.

USA Grown Organic Pumpkin Seeds

The vast majority of the cheap pumpkin seeds for sale online are grown in China. Even organic pepitas are primarily Chinese sourced.

Many customers would much prefer to have their pumpkin seeds grown in America though.

Finding raw and organic pumpkin seeds that are USA grown can be difficult. But these highly rated organic seeds are grown in Oregon, raw, unpasteurized, gluten free and taste great. Highly recommended.

Premium Styrian Seeds

For connoisseurs, Schlacher & Söhne have these giant heirloom seeds in an 8 oz resealable bag. Also available in bulk packs, they are grown in the Styrian region of Austria, organic, raw and guaranteed non-GMO.

While they do cost a bit more, I have to say that they taste amazing and are well worth buying if you enjoy eating the best quality Styrian pumpkin seeds.

Where to Buy Mexican Pepitas

Most low priced pumpkin seeds available at Amazon, Walmart and other supermarkets come from China, which many people understandably want to avoid.

These delicious raw pepitas from Gerbs are farm sourced in Mexico and packed allergen and gluten free in the USA. They are a great value alternative to Chinese seeds with many positive reviews.

Organic pepitas not Chinese sourced

Gerbs brand also sell lightly roasted seeds, with both salted and onion and garlic options to buy.

At such a low price it’s very affordable to use the seeds to add flavor and nutrition to a variety of different meals, or just snack on them by the handful.

Eating pepitas regularly provides many benefits for preventing hair loss and male prostate health as well.

High Nutrition Sprouted Seeds

By sprouting pumpkin seeds you increase their nutritional value as the germinating seed is full of newly formed enzymes and nutrients. It is possible to do this at home yourself with raw seeds (roasted ones won’t work).

For convenience, and a really great flavor, Lark Ellen Farm have these organic sprouted seeds that are full to bursting with nutrition.

Their sprouted organic pepitas are grown in Bulgaria (not China) on family-owned orchards using sustainable farming techniques.

The Benefits of Organic

Pumpkin seeds are obviously grown inside the pumpkin and therefore not going to be directly sprayed with pesticides like a lot of produce.

Still, toxic compounds and heavy metals can be absorbed from the ground they are grown in and many people prefer organic.

Aside from pesticide concerns, organic crops are usually grown in superior soils than conventional intensive farming. This higher quality of soil can lead to increased mineral and nutritional content for organic produce.

Since one of the main benefits of buying pumpkin seeds is their high magnesium, iron and zinc content, it makes sense to look for the best organic seeds to buy.

Pepitas to eat

Why Raw Pepitas are Better Than Roasted

While the pumpkin seeds you can pull out of your pumpkins at home to eat have hulls, the ones you get online will be from hull-less varieties like Lady Godiva or the much prized Styrian pumpkins.

These kind of ‘naked’ seeds are much better eaten raw, especially as they don’t have hulls to protect them from damaging heat during roasting.

Eating them raw ensures that the valuable essential fatty acids, that provide many of their beneficial effects, remain intact and undamaged.

Pepitas keep for many months in a cool, dark cupboard, or even better in the fridge so it makes sense to get several packs while they’re on sale. You’ll usually save a lot this way and be less likely to run out.

In Summary

I hope you now know where to find the best organic pumpkin seeds grown in the USA and enjoy eating them as much as I do.

Buying raw pepitas in bulk packs like this makes sense as they are a very healthy replacement for high carb junk food snacks.

They really fill you up with all their protein and fiber and, eaten regularly, they can even help you lose weight by controlling hunger.

If you’d like to know more about just why they are so healthy, the page on pumpkin seed nutrition has a detailed look at all the good stuff in this little green superfood.

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i would like to buy raw pumpkin seeds online, to be delivered in India

Jim Dillan

Hi Venugopal and thanks for your question. IHerb are good snd are very inexpensive for delivering internationally and there is also $5 off your first order with the code DIL799 if it’s the first time you’ve shopped there. Hope this helps.


I was wondering if you know of any other places besides Bob’s Red Mill to buy American pumpkin seeds year round in bulk?

Jim Dillan

Hi Mark and thank for your question. Bob’s do seem to be the best guaranteed American grown pumpkin seeds.

nene anne zee

I need pumpkin seed delivered to me in Nigeria,what re the requirements?

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

I’d recommend trying iHerb. They deliver internationally and there’s a link on the homepage sidebar.

All the best.

Margaret Ubong Okon

Please where can I gent Pumpkin Seed in Nigeria or do you a branch here in Nigeria?


Margaret Okon (Mrs.)

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

This is the best site I’ve found for international deliveries https://superfoodprofiles.com/go/iherb/

All the best,



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your great articles. by seeing your website only, i have ordered for black currant oil, pumpkin seed oil and dopa mucuna, etc.. just arrived.

I have a question… can i combine Black currant seed oil and raw pumpkin seed oil together? is it safe?

Please reply.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ravikumar,

Yes there’s no problem with combining pumpkin seed oil and black currant oil if it’s easier for you, though there may be a little more benefit in getting their essential fatty acids once at breakfast and once at dinner.

All the best,



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