Eating Papaya Seeds for Digestive Health

eat pawpaw seedsYou can eat papaya seeds and they have some interesting benefits, particularly for your digestive system. For a more detailed look at the many other reasons you might want to use them, as well as some potential precautions, see the page on papaya seed health treatments.

This page will focus on what to do with papaya seeds and how many to take as a time. Also, where to get them and preparation suggestions for using the seeds from papaya fruit.

Where to Get Papaya Seeds and How to Store Them

The easiest way to add papaya seeds to your diet is to simply buy a fresh papaya and keep the ones you scrape out separately in a container in the fridge or freezer. This works best if you use them regularly as I do for a consistent supply. Even a small papaya fruit yields many seeds and should keep you going for several days.

That said, I do recommend getting the larger South American or Mexican papayas if you can as these are not affected by GMO issues. Many sources online are negatively portraying all papaya fruit as genetically modified. This is simply not true and a real shame when papayas are so good for you.

Only the smaller Hawaiian papayas have GMO concerns, with around 50% – 80% believed to be affected. Obviously labeling would make this clearer and not negatively portray an entire fruit over one isolated source. Until the wider American population sees past Monsanto’s marketing drive, please spread the word that most papayas are not genetically modified.

If you’re just starting out with papaya seeds, or using them less regularly, it would be better to keep them in a sealed container in the freezer. They can be kept in this way for many months, though they should be defrosted before use, or soaked in hot water for a few minutes to warm and soften them. Alternatively, you could transfer any you intend to use for the next day into a container in the fridge the night before.

How to Eat Papaya Seeds and What Do They Taste Like

It’s recommended to read about some potential side effects and warnings on papaya seed enzymes, particularly if you are pregnant, have a stomach ulcer or are on blood thinning medications before using papaya seeds.

Men wishing to get a partner pregnant would also want to avoid eating the seeds as studies show they can temporarily but drastically reduce a man’s fertility. If, on the other hand, a man wanted to lower the chances of unplanned pregnancy, this page looks at papaya seeds potential as a natural form of male birth control.

If you do decide to use them then start slowly with papaya seeds at the beginning as, while they are safe to eat in small doses, they are quite powerful. For someone who has never used them before, perhaps just a few the first time would be a good start.

If these are well-tolerated, you can slowly work up over a week or two to a quarter of a teaspoon, followed by half a teaspoon, then eventually a full teaspoon of fresh seeds. Taken with each protein heavy meal, this should be a good amount to get the full benefits of their proteolytic enzymes for your digestion.

Personally, I generally just chew around a teaspoon of papaya seeds, both straight from the fruit whenever I’m eating papaya itself, and from the fridge before a big protein meal. The flavor is definitely strong, with a peppery/mustard/wasabi taste, but not too unpleasant to my taste buds.

I’ve noticed the pips from the larger papaya are generally sharper, whereas the smaller fruit have seeds that are comparatively mild. If you’re worried about the taste, it might be best to start with a small papaya until you get accustomed to them (smaller sized Non-GMO papayas are available as well).

They definitely do need to be chewed though, or crushed up in some way to be effective. The shells of papaya seeds are tough and unlikely to be broken down during digestion. Swallowing them whole probably won’t have much of an effect.

Raw Honey and Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds digestionThose who like sweeter tastes may not find the flavor of the seeds their favorite thing in the world. If you’re having problems getting them down, taking papaya seeds with a small teaspoon of raw honey is perfectly acceptable, as long as you still chew them up a few times.

In fact, honey is often recommended for use with papaya seeds parasite treatments, so maybe it’s not just to mask the taste. Manuka honey with its strong antibacterial properties would be particularly good for this.

Unfortunately the majority of supermarket heat treated honey is a very different product to raw honey, without the same benefits. Some has even been found to be mixed with high fructose corn syrup. Definitely something worth avoiding if you value your health.

There’s more on how healthy raw honey is here and I’d recommend using locally sourced raw or Manuka honey with papaya seeds, particularly if you’re concerned about treating the candida fungus. True raw honey is antibacterial and antifungal and likely to be beneficial to your digestive health. Sadly the same can’t be said for adulterated and heated honey and you’d be better off having your papaya seeds on their own than with this.

Papaya Seed Pepper

Another option to consider for eating papaya seeds is to crush them up with a pestle and mortar and add them to recipes where you’d usually use a strong peppery flavor.

Papaya seed pepper steak from grass fed beef is particularly good. Start by crushing up half a teaspoon of the seeds and rub them into the steak on both sides.

Leave it for about an hour before pan frying. The papain will tenderize the meat, while the seeds add a mustard and pepper flavor and really help with digesting the steak once it reaches your stomach.

For another way to use them regularly, try replacing the black peppercorns in your pepper grinder with papaya seeds. To do this, remove the seeds from the fruit and spread them out between a tea towel you don’t mind washing (paper towels will only stick so don’t try using those).

Rub them quickly between the tea towel to remove any attached pieces of fruit. Wash them and spread out flat to dry on a windowsill in the sunlight for several days.

If, like myself, you don’t live in the warmest of climates, particularly in winter, a dehydrator is great for these type of jobs and will cut the drying time down to hours. Dehydrators are also very useful for soaking and drying nuts and seeds for delicious homemade snacks.

Once the papaya seeds are dry, they actually look quite similar to peppercorns and can be used in just the same way. Grinding a couple over a meal, especially protein rich meals, is a simple way to add extra enzymes to your diet and improve your digestive health.

Next is a look at a more unusual but extremely important use for the little black nutritional powerhouses – as a parasite treatment. The next page also contains a smoothie recipe that is now my preferred way of eating papaya seeds. If you’re worried about the taste of them, but would still like to get the seed’s digestive benefits, then I’d recommend giving this a try.

Photo 1 credit with thanks: Tatters:) / Photo 2: Public Domain / Photo 3 credit with thanks: Anne Roberts

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  1. Annemarie Russell says:

    Were can i buy papaya seeds for parasites..could you let me know thankyou

    • Jim says:

      Hi Annemarie,

      A few people have asked me about getting the seeds used to grow papaya plants but I don’t recommend this as they may have been treated with something.

      The best way to get the papaya seeds is to buy a fresh papaya. Somewhere like wholefoods or any big fruit market should have these. The bigger ones usually have more seeds and are a little more potent. There should be enough for four to five treatments in a big papaya. You can store the extra seeds in the fridge for a few days or freeze them for longer storage.

      Hope this helps.

      • Gene Riddell says:

        Not to intrude, nor to judge, but I feel a mite bewildered as to why people would buy papaya seeds marketed for the purpose of planting papaya trees, even for growing a tree. It seems to me they could buy two papaya (or however many) and use the seeds of one for planting a tree and the seeds of the other for food/medicine.
        As I write this, even other questions come to mind, but I’ll leave this where it is.
        I for one, would just buy papaya from the market, put some seeds away fro eating and others aside for planting. As far as dealing with the taste, one could get creative and grind them into a seasoning for immediate use. You don’t want to crush them and leave them around or their properties fade.

        • Jim says:

          Hi Gene,

          I agree that it’s much better to enjoy the papaya and keep the seeds. I like them best blended up in a smoothie these days where you don’t even taste them.

  2. Sebagala Kawesa says:

    This is a fruit found every where in my country with in the great lakes region. Frankly we are all ignorant about this specious precious fruit. We eat the fruits we can and leave the others for the birds and wild animals. Who ever cares to eat the leaves when goats don’t care for them either??? The seeds??? We throw them away to grow again by themselves, and yet we are dying of the diseases we wouldn’t be dying from. Thanks a lot for opening my mind,and I am going to try them on myself. As a question can papaya also be good for the treatment of kidney, bladder, and urinary traction infections?? How about kidney/ bladder stones???
    Sebagala Mawesa

    • Jim says:

      Hi Sebagala and thanks for your positive comments. Perhaps you can spread the word of just how good papaya is for you. There’s much more on the health benefits of the fruit itself here –

      On the papaya seeds, they definitely have antibacterial properties and there are recommendations as to their value in treating liver and kidney problems, including kidney infections and kidney stones. I haven’t seen anything specific on urinary tract infections, though these are sometimes associated with pinworms, and papaya seeds are particularly good at getting rid of those.

      If you try them, they work best if you start slow, perhaps half a teaspoon or so, then work up to the larger amounts described in the papaya smoothie on the next page.

      All the best.

  3. Sebagala Kawesa says:

    Thanks Jim for the responsible comment in regard to my contribution. However still to my ignorance, what would be the best way to eat papaya seeds? When raw or dried? I tried them raw for the first time, and Jim, the taste was un pleasant.
    Sebagala Kawesa

    • Jim says:

      Hi Sebagala. You can dry them if you like but I feel this is only for storage purposes. I doesn’t make them more effective and may diminish some of their potency.

      Yes papaya seeds aren’t the sweetest tasting thing you’ll ever try. You could crush them up and swallow them down with a big glass of water so you don’t taste them but these days I generally prefer my papaya seed smoothie. The recipe is on this page and it’s really good for cleaning out your digestive system –

  4. aimee says:

    is there any other way to eat the papya seeds other than raw or with honey. i dont keep honey on hand because the kids dont like it. they had their first papya and love it, we like to use all of the fruits when available. thank you

  5. pablo says:

    Is swallowing a half teaspoonful helpful or do you have to chew them? I am trying to eliminate the last traces of a parasite I have had. I just swallowed them and then looked up your website– I know, reverse order.

  6. mimi says:


    I noticed you said the smoothie shouldn’t be taken if breastfeeding. Would you reccomend a smaller dose of the papaya seeds or do you just suggest not taking them at all. I ask because I found a recipe for salad dressing using the seeds. Would you advise against that as well? Thanks in advance.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Mimi,

      I can’t recommend the large amounts in this smoothie but if we are only talking about a couple of seeds that you only have occasionally in a dressing I don’t think the dosage would be high enough to worry about.

  7. helen godolley says:

    Can you swallow a few seeds in whole, instead of chewing or grinding?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Helen. Unfortunately I don’t think swallowing papaya seeds would have the same effect as chewing them since your digestive tract is unlikely to break down the outer shell and release the enzymes and other compounds like carpain. My favorite way to have them now is blended up in a smoothie like this where you don’t taste them at all –

  8. lizzyenpeter says:

    Hello, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  9. Jenny says:

    Hi can I check if it still works should I not have the triphala or castor oil?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Jenny,

      The triphala or castor oil are recommended for after the parasite killing papaya seed smoothie. You wouldn’t need them having a small amount of the seeds for improved protein digestion.

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks I think I have parasite infection hence wanted to try out the smoothie. However am not sure where and how I can get the castor oil or triphala. I live in singapore.. Any ideas or suggestions? :) thanks!

  10. Rick says:

    Hi Jim,
    I have a question as after reading this I bought my first papaya. I have removed and cleaned the pulp of the fruit off the seeds but I haven’t removed the membrane that is around each seed. Do I need to ‘pop” the seeds out of the membranes and rewash them before I put them in my dehydrator? Also, once I’ve dehydrated them, do I still need to store them in the fridge or can they go into my pantry? Thanks much..

    • Jim says:

      Hi Rick,

      I don’t think it’s necessary to clean the membranes. They’d probably come off easier after being dehydrated anyway but there’s nothing wrong with leaving them on.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Aaron says:

    HI JIm,
    Thanks for such an amazing blog.
    I think might have a problem with parasites, I have been dealing with mucus in feces, constipation and sometimes loose feces or diarrhea and I experience every time I have a meal a sensation of mucus in my throat, also for more than one year I am dealing with some stubborn acne in my forehead and around my mouth. I’ve noticed that when I sam on a cleanse program with herbs and fiber , acne seems to diminish considerably.
    I just started this amazing smoothie , I was wondering if you could provide some recommendations or suggestions.


    • Jim says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Those are some varied symptoms. I think it would be best to visit a knowledgeable holistic practitioner that has experience dealing with parasites (interview them on the phone) to get a proper diagnosis.

      Acne is often a sign of the body trying to eliminate more toxins than it can handle. The smoothie may help with this by clearing out your digestive system, as would the Oxy Powder with compacted waste matter in the colon, but it would be best to start at low dosage and monitor your results closely as mentioned in the main article –

      Hope this helps.

  12. Sean says:

    Why the emphasis on a protein meal? Do parasites like protein or is there another reason?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Sean,

      Actually, parasites are generally believed to thrive on simple sugars. Enzymes in papaya seeds are useful because they break down undigested protein. Compounds in them like carpaine also help to eliminate parasites.

  13. Lynda says:

    Are seeds from genetically engineered varieties as good as from natural papaya?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Lynda,

      I prefer the larger South American papayas as their bigger seeds seem more potent. The also avoid the GMO issues with Hawaiian papayas.

      Hope this helps.

  14. angelwoman says:

    Hi Jim,

    You have no idea how grateful I am for this blog, thank you. May you be blessed with all that you bless others with by your kindness and expertise.

    I have probably had parasites for many many years and these last few years, just got so ill that I am now dealing with it having been brought to my knees in many ways. I’ve been too ill to work but that has made me far more perceptive and intuitive and I KNOW i have them (i feel something alien inside me and feel malnourished even though i’m a healthy(ish) almost vegan that is gluten free.

    Parasites were confirmed on an ASYRA nutritional bio feedback testing system with our Nutritionist (schistosoma mansoni, blood fluke and tapeworm) and i’m under going more stool samples this week.
    I’ve had IBS, (probable) Coeliacs Disease and a couple of decades of Mental Health issues including fatigue and brain fog (which no-one seems to understand unless they have had it, it sounds like copping out but as someone who enjoys a sharp and active enquiring mind and wants to do much in the world, i find myself reduced to functioning like a toddler unable to think in whole sentences and moderate my emotional intensity at times. (more often than i care to admit) I have diahorea at least 4 times daily and some incontinence. so, things are pretty bad.
    I have been full of despair but now feel the hope flooding in like a light in the dark as i read your blog. (i haven’t even been able to see through doing basic research to tackle this with an action plan)

    I am going to start your papaya smoothie regime over 6 weeks from this week. (Ironically, i had one this am before i even read this blog – a good sign i think that I am intuitively reaching for what i need) I’ve been taking Bio Care’s Eradicidin Forte for a few weeks which contains many of the natural ingredients you mention and a few nights ago, passed a one inch ribbon like worm with a dark tip. (does anyone have any clue which tribe of parasites that may have come from please?)

    More worryingly, the locum GP confirmed a cyst on the inside of my eye lid a few days ago, which feels as though it is attached to a worm like thing that moved when I lightly rubbed it. It has really scarred me as the GP said it could be a tropical parasite that carries cysts around the body!! I have been frozen with fear that taking the above kill-off remedy from BioCare (garlic, oregano, clove ad cinnamon) may have caused worms so rush around the body in a bid to escape and whilst i’m not prone to worry, i am now petrified that it may burrow into my eye or worse still, my brain. I have stopped taking the Eradicidin as I don’t want to make it worse. I know this was probably an irrational fear reaction. Unfortunately, i have a contamination/germ phobia and am seriously freaked out by all of this. (ironically, this phobia could be a genuine reaction to being infested with parasites)

    I do know that i have a significant parasite infestation of possibly numerous types and i’d like to ask a couple of questions if i may please:
    1. How can i get broad spectrum testing done? Is it necessary? (i am skint)
    2. If this is a parasite ‘travelling with a cyst’ on my inner eye lid, how can i get it out of my body without the risk of it going higher up/deeper?
    3. Are there any remedies on the market you are aware of which i can use along side the smoothies as i want to eliminate all parasites now that i’m on the case.
    4. I had my gall bladder out a couple of years ago so cannot tolerate oil (makes me gag/actually vomit) I know of the powers of caster oil, are there other alternatives please?
    5. What would be a list of other products to buy once i have got the stuff in for the smoothies please?

    I’m most grateful and wish you all increasing health.
    Chrissy. Brighton, UK.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Chrissy,

      I’m really sorry to hear about the situation you are in. |It sounds terrible what you’ve been through. I really think your symptoms are so serious that it’s very important for you to visit a specialist parasitologist.

      I’ve found this post on Curezone (often a great resource for different parasite treatments) where someone said she found a sympathetic parasitologist at The Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London. That’s not far from Brighton and it looks to be on the NHS so I’d strongly advise giving them a call and making an appointment.

      Alternatively, I also found this parasitologist at the Imperial College, also in London –

      From the research study I cite on along with my own and many other commentators experiences, I believe repeated treatments with the papaya seed smoothie ingredients can help with intestinal parasites like tapeworm. I think it’s probably better though for people who are otherwise in reasonable health.

      Unfortunately it’s also less clear whether it would be effective for schistosoma mansoni or blood flukes. I’ve decided to investigate this much more deeply with everything I can find in a future article on papaya seeds and other parasites like flukes and amoebas, but that will take a while and may not prove conclusive. For now I really think it’s worth seeing a parasite specialist. Hopefully the links above can help with broad spectrum testing for parasites and should be on the NHS.

      Curezone may be able to help with the issue with the cyst on the inner eye, but once again I’d think it best to see a specialist on this.

      There are many different remedies and some seem to work better than others. As I mentioned in the article and in many of the comments, enteric coated oregano oil capsules have proved effective for some against amoebas and black walnut, wormwood and clove can be a powerful combination as long as the strengths and dosages are correct –

      Triphala can be a gentler replacement to castor oil but as long as someone making up the smoothie has a bowel movement a few hours later these aren’t vital, though preferable.

      I’ve listed other good products in both the papaya seeds and black walnut article links above, but I really think it’s worth visiting a parasitologist first in your case and I wish you all the best for your healing and getting back your health.

      Best Regards,


  15. Amrita says:

    Hi Jim,
    So I started the smoothie treatment – the full one, including the laxatives- last Friday. On friday I took 2tbs of castor oil two hours after the smoothie and made go about 3 times to the WC . The next day I decided to do the triphala instead, so the night before I left 2 tsp in a glass with boiling water and drank it 2hrs after the smoothie – including a little powder and didn’t have any laxative effect. So today, Sunday, I decided to go back to castor oil. And it made me go to the WC only once, no loose stools, just normal BM ; is that normal?

    After these 3 days I expected the tikling in the anus/ vaginal area area to diminish -and I thing it did diminish the firts day, but i think it started to increase yesterday. Are pinworms so tough to kill? Tomorrow will be my fourth day of the smoothie treatment, and, since triphala didn’t have the expected effect, I’ll take castor oil again. And , as you told me, Jim I’ll rest for a couple of days and then go back to the smoothie and in the weekend will add the laxatives.

    Could potatoes worsen the pinworms. I have eaten potatoes yesterday and today? I also noticed tha pinworms might like stevia too.

    I wonder how long would it take to the papaya seeds to eradicated the pinworms.

    For months I have also eradicated sugar, white flour products and dairy. I’m a vegetarian, only eat eggs a couple of time a week. I also wash my sheets, underware, towels and pants every day in hot water -mine and my husbands. Also, after trying many antiparasitic treatments with no result, I did a lot of research and read about the volatile eggs , so , about 3 weeks ago, I washed all the curtains, bed covers, cushions covers and every frabric thing around the house exposed to dust. Did a big dusting. Gave my doggie an antiparasite treatment and repeated 2 weeks after. I Wash her once a week. Had My husband have a glass of papaya seeds with papaya fruit smoothie every night and a pumking seed grinded with water for 10 days.THen I found your blog, and started to do your treatment. Maybe my husband should do your smoothie with me too, although it’s hard to give him the laxative part, cause he always has things to do in the mornings, even in the weekends. He doesn’t have any symptom.

    Can pinworms mutate? Can they get inmune to your smoothie and other natural treatments?

    Thank you very much

    • Amrita says:

      I forgot to say that on Friday I started with 1 tbsp of papaya seeds, on saturday I increased to 1 1/2 tbsp’s, and today I had 2 tbsp’s. I didn’t feel any side effects. Should I keep taking 2 tbsp’s or could I increase the dose?

      • Jim says:

        I think 2 tablespoons should be enough.

        On your last message. I don’t think moderate amounts of potatoes (as long as they’re not fries or other processed versions) should be a problem. Eliminating sugar and white flour is great but free range eggs are worth having as healthy protein and lipids sources that may well benefit your immune system in getting back into balance. The old research on whole eggs being unhealthy has been soundly discredited and in my opinion they are well worth having often in a vegetarian diet.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Amrita,

      Unfortunately it can take a while with natural treatments like this and it’s impossible to give a definite timeline, though at 6 weeks is often recommended to deal with breeding cycles. It sounds like you’re doing the right sort of things to make both your living environment and your intestinal environment less habitable to parasites and it’s possible you are experiencing more ‘activity’ due to them leaving areas you wouldn’t normally feel.

      Castor oil does usually have a bit stronger response but as long as you’re having a BM after the smoothie it’s fine, even if it’s a bit longer to come. Sometimes if you’ve gone first thing in the morning it can take a while.

      I mentioned it in the original article but enteric coated oregano oil can also be effective against pinworms so may be worth taking at the same time as the smoothie.

      Hope this helps.

  16. shine says:

    Someone adviced me to blend one whole pawpaw with the skin and the seeds and take it fisrt thing in the morning

    • Jim says:

      Hi there,

      That seems an excessive amount to start, especially if you haven’t used it before. I’d suggest starting with around a fifth of a medium sized papaya and a tablespoon at most of the seeds. If you’d like to increase the dosage you can build up to larger amounts over time.

      Hope this helps.

  17. Sophie says:

    Do you know where i could find the nutritional value of papaya seeds? I think it would be different from the flesh of the papaya.
    Now that i know the seeds have health benefits, i don’t want to discard them anymore. I don’t like them by themselves but added to stir frys and soups they are palatable. They add a little chewiness, but the pepperyness is disguised.
    Thank you for your articles on papaya seeds. They have been very informative.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jim, I plan on starting a papaya parasite cleanse tomorrow for a persistent pinworm infection. I do not have experience taking papaya seeds. Ideally I would like to work up to the one tablespoon as quickly as possible. My question is, should I still start with only 1/4 teaspoon with something like this? Or could I start with one teaspoon and go from there?

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Starting with a teaspoon should be a good amount for most people to begin with. If this is well tolerated you could go up by half a teaspoon every day or two until you get to a tablespoon. The recommendation is so your system can get used to the treatment and start with a small dose in case you’re one of the minority that have a reaction to papaya seeds. Generally this is minimized by starting off slow and building up the dosage from there.

      All the best.

  19. Skyrainiah says:

    I was wondering if someone can kinda fit me in as to which papaya seeds are to be use or which is better to take. The raw green papaya or the ripe sweet papaya? Because once the papaya is ripe it turns like an orange like color (it is sweet) and the seeds changes colors are well. Where the raw green papaya is green. once pealed it is white like color and the seeds itself is white too.

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Skyrainiah,

      Good question. I prefer papayas just turning from green to orange with the seeds dark. I haven’t seen any analysis but suspect young green papayas that have white seeds would be high in digestive papain but lower in the alkaloids used to treat parasites.

      All the best.

      • Skyrainiah says:

        Oh ok Jim. Thank you kindly! I am doing researches and trying to understand what’s best for my dad. He gave it a try and didn’t mind either. Lol…guess that’s a good thing considering the fact that we’ve been eating papaya itself since our times has begin! :D

        • Jim Dillan says:

          Hi there,

          If you have easy access to papaya I think it would be a shame to waste the seeds.

          All the best,


  20. Terry says:

    Hi there, thank you for this post and all the info on it!
    Does this cleanse work for Candida too?
    I would omit the pineapple due to the sugar content

  21. Ed says:

    Hi Jim,
    Can I use pawpaw seeds instead of papaya seeds as pawpaw is more common in country Australia?

  22. denise says:

    Hi Jim,
    Can you tell me if any studies have been done in the use of papaya seed for parasites in reptiles?

  23. Dawn says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for all the great info on this parasite cleanse. I did my first smoothie this morning & have some questions.

    1. Never having purchased papaya before, the one I got is 12 inches long & 5″ high. The recipe made 3 cups of a very thick smoothie. Is that too much? It made me feel very full. I bought another papaya that looks like & is just a bit bigger than a pear but I didn’t use that one. What size is correct?

    2. If that is too much smoothie, could I save some of it & use it tomorrow morning or does it need to be made fresh?

    3. Instead of yogurt I’d like to try coconut water tomorrow……can I use canned pure coconut water (Ingredients:100% coconut water)?

    4. You say to use 1 Tablespoon papaya seeds however others are saying start with 1/4 teaspoon & work up to a tablespoon. I’m confused.

    5. I could not find Triphala Powder so I purchased AOR’s Triphlax 750mg vegicaps & pulled them apart til I got 1 teaspoon powder. Would that be the same?

    Looking forward to your answers & to dealing with these horrible critters! Thanks again.

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Dawn and sorry for the late reply as I’ve been away.

      In answer to your questions:

      1. Bigger papaya generally have stronger seeds and are better value. The bigger ones are also non-gmo as Hawaiian papayas are usually the smaller variety so I’d suggest the bigger the better for this recipe. A little bit of green on them when you use them is also fine.

      2. The recipe is meant to be a breakfast replacement and it should be filling but 3 cups is probably a little much. I usually get around two but perhaps with smaller produce. I’d suggest reducing the amount of papaya fruit and pineapple or halving the amount you currently make and keeping it for tomorrow in the fridge.

      3. Coconut water is excellent and recommended.

      4. I suggest in the article to have some experience with papaya seeds first if possible, such as starting with the smaller doses in the other articles like this However for parasite treatment I feel the tablespoon is necessary.

      5. This triphala powder is good quality with $4 worldwide delivery or free in the US though using capsules is fine. You don’t need to pull them apart but as I’m sure you’ve found you need a lot to replace the powder.

      Wishing you all the best with your healing and really hope the papaya seed smoothie works well for you.

  24. John Ramos says:

    Does anyone have definitive information on Papaya seeds and cirrhosis of the liver? Is it used for cleansing or or cause regeneration of tissue or ?


    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi John,

      The liver can regenerate under the right conditions. It’s possible that papaya seeds and other liver treatments assist with cleansing it enough that regeneration of liver tissue is possible.

      Hope this helps,


  25. Daria says:

    Hi Jim, your website and recommendatins are really very helpful and detailed!
    I have a question regarding papaya’s antihelmintic action.
    I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant and picked up pinworms from some of my elder kids. They are currently being treaten with a herbal treatmen which I would also normally use, however it contains black walnut and some other ingredients with abortive actions. And i suffer from it big time! However I was really hesitant taking any farmacy treatment as they are toxic as hell.
    Coincidentally I stumbled upon papaya in a veg store (which is kinda a very rare thing for Russia), and I really love papayas and was eating them a lot during annual trips to India, but we used to throw the seeds away, though I heard that they might be beneficial for something. So I was munching on papaya and browsing yhe web for the use of the seeds when suddenly found this page. Imagine how happy I was to find that it can be used as a treatment from worms! So I immediately chewed down a heaping tablespoon of the seeds with raw honey, and went on browsing your site. Half an hour later I found a line saying that papaya seeds enzymes are also bad for pregnant women…
    Now i really don’t know what to do. Please advise if i can take papaya seeds and particularly the awesome smoothie that you shared! Sorry for long but I’m really need a good advise

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Daria,

      I don’t think there would be any problem with having the papaya seeds once but there’s always caution when it comes to pregnant women and I have to respect that and defer to a qualified pediatric professional when it comes to questions like this.

      You could perhaps check with your doctor on the pumpkin seed recipe which I can’t see having anything that could affect pregnant women Altenatively, check on the site for pinworm treatments that pregnant women can use. I agree it’s a difficult area but I can’t recommend the papaya seed smoothie while you’re pregnant, and possibly not while breast feeding as well.

      All the best,


  26. Daria says:

    Thanks for getting back with the answer, Jim!
    I consulted my obstetrician and, as many russian doctors do, she prescribed me the Piperazine, which is also present as an antihelmintic med in western medicine. But since it is quite toxic too and basically does nothing to worm’s eggs, I decided to go my own way and drew together all the useful ideas I found in your post and in comments to it.
    My elder kids are still on this herbal medicine that we used before, and doing fine – no symptoms reappeared, and we will do the tape test after the holidays. We cleaned the house thoroughly and washed all the bedding at hight temp.
    I stuck to an alkalizing diet of fruits and veggies (I am a vegetarian anyway, but went 80% raw in this case) with loads of pineapples and papaya (no seeds!) and leafy greens.
    I’m also drinking apple cider vinegar with raw honey and hot water twice a day.
    Sympoms kept reappering for a week every day, and as I couldn’t stand the itching, (GROSS ALERT!) I removed the worms manually with coconut oil and an earbud (wearing gloves and cleaning thoroughly after). On a second week the weaker symptoms reappeared occasionally, and I went on with the procedure. So far no symptoms for 3 days and I feel sooo much better.
    I plan to go on with the diet for as long as I can, and keep fingers crossed!
    Hope this will be somewhat helpful to somebody in my situation.
    Kind regards, and thank you for your great website!

    • Jim Dillan says:

      Hi Daria and thanks for your comments.

      It sounds like you are doing everything right so hopefully you’ve taken care of them and they won’t come back.

      Blended up cloves in the smoothie or clove oil capsules are usually good for getting the worm’s eggs as well. Though sometimes I think you just need to get them before they get a chance to breed again to interrupt the cycle. This is why regular treatments are so important.

      All the best,


      • midnightblue says:


        I got rid of my pinworms fairly easily..

        I consumed raw garlic for over a week and placed hand sanitizer on my anus on occassion, especially during symptoms.

        In doing this, I made it hard for them to live off of my body since they cannot stand the garlic and interrupting the reproduction phase with the hand sanitizer.

        I just put one and two together and figured “hey, they can’t reproduce and they can’t feed off of me!”

        Hope this helps!

        • midnightblue says:

          ..oh, one more thing, I actually believe this helped kill of the females since they go out to lay the eggs they can’t survive the harsh environment, kinda stings, but it’s more of a relief.

        • Jim Dillan says:

          That would make sense. How long would you say it took for the treatment to work and how regularly would you have the garlic and apply the hand sanitizer?

          If it’s alright with you I might mention this method when I get up to covering garlic on Superfood Profiles?

          All the best,


        • Jim Dillan says:

          Hi there and thanks for sharing your method of curing pinworms. It’s great that garlic worked so well for you. I’d imagine combined with eating papaya seeds it would be even more effective. They’d probably even go well together in a spicy dish.

          Some people do seem to have a lot of trouble with reinfection with pinworms but hopefully this information can help someone.

          All the best,


        • midnightblue says:

          It’s definitely fine with me Jim!
          I appreciate your site and the insight it’s filled me with.

          To cover in more detail, I would shred about one or two cloves of raw garlic (depending on decent size) in a high capacity blender in 2oz of water. I then mixed it with 16oz of water. I did this an hour after eating (following a healthy diet i.e. nothing parasites crave ex. cheese, sugars). I only did this once a day (others may want to do it 2 or 3x).

          As for the itching, I placed hand sanitizer on my anus during symptoms (no matter where I was, even at work, when woken up due to it or when possible). I considered just sleeping with a cotton ball soaked in hand sanitizer but it din’t get too bad since my method worked so well for me but others may want to consider it to avoid waking up in the middle of the night multiple times.

          As for the linen and clothes, please do change your underwear often, change the sheets prior to the start of this method since I doubt you will have to do it again and do sanitize areas where human contact is frequent (doorknobs, bathrooms and sinks).

          I would say this ordeal literally took me less than 2 weeks. I am still consuming raw garlic, aswell as my variation of the papaya seed smoothie mentioned in this article and I say that with great respect to yours Jim because not everyone is the same.

          I’m currently duking it out with roundworms (trichinosis), which I recently discovered are the culprit of my abdominal pains and one may find not easily killed. It also worked well for me to try and “single out” the parasites by dealing with them individually while treating the general problem as a whole (consuming foods and things they hate and avoiding the things they love).

          P.S.: I vow never to consume pork/sushi again.

          Hope this helps many out there =D

        • Jim Dillan says:

          Thanks a lot for your reply and your positive comments.

          Many seem to find pinworms very difficult to get rid of but the hand sanitizer is a simple solution to interrupt the breeding cycle.

          I can think of various ways to get the raw garlic in and think I’ll write about this in the near future.

          It would be fairly potent in taste but blended up fresh cloves with the garlic, like the ones mentioned near the end of the article should help with roundworm eggs.

          Best of luck with getting rid of them permanently.

  27. jamaic says:

    can pawpaw seed help in restoring sized menstralcircle while not up to d age of monopurs?

  28. midnightblue says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I was able to remove some kind of “dog roundworm” (toxocariasis?) from my eye by doing a sea salt eye wash.

    It was interesting but a bit disturbing.. I would feel a bothersome “itchy” sensation in my right eye. Long story short, it was still there after I had tried to rid my body of trichinosis so I thought to myself, “eye drops,” eye drops are a saline mixture = saline is salt = sea salt kills/expels parasites = sea salt eye drops, miracoulosly (¿spelling?) it worked. I layed down and my eye started getting watery and I felt it moving out of my eye with the tears. I didn’t rub my eye, I just brushed it off but I”m so glad that’s over now. My vision was getting worse on that eye and so I believe my other eye had to compensate. I’ e done it a few more times since then, its been 3-4 days and my eyes look better and I feel great.

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