How Green Papaya Enzymes Benefits Digestion and the Best Way to Take Them

Papaw enzymePapaya fruit is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes like papain that aid in the digestive process. This is especially true of meals that contain meat or other concentrated forms of protein.

However, as this article will explain, supplemental papaya enzymes can be even more beneficial when taken on an empty stomach.

Protein Digestion and Papaya Enzymes

Many of us eat large amounts of low quality meat each week. This can put a heavy strain on our digestive systems, especially the enzyme producing pancreas.

Rushed meals, extra large serving sizes, low digestive enzymes and poor stomach acid production all contribute to this meat being only partially digested by the time it reaches the lower intestine.

Here it can putrefy as it is acted upon by masses of flatulence causing bacteria. But smelly gas is the least of the potential problems caused by undigested protein in the colon.

The place to fix flatulence, and other more serious issues associated with poor digestion, is not at the end of the process in the colon, but at the beginning.

Proper chewing is important and can significantly assist carbohydrate digestion in particular. Protein is more difficult to break down though. Here’s where proteolytic enzymes, like the papain in papaya, can really help.

What is Papain and What Does It Do?

The term proteolytic means protein digesting. Papain is recognized as one of the most effective proteolytic enzymes at breaking down meat and other proteins.

It is considered superior to the enzyme pepsin that we produce in our pancreas, and is commonly used in scientific cell isolation procedures. It is also used commercially as a meat tenderizer.

Papain works by cleaving the peptide bonds of complex proteins, breaking them down to their individual amino acids. This process makes them ready for use in the growth and repair of your body.

Introducing green papaya enzymes, like these high strength ones I take, into a meal containing meat can significantly speed up its digestion.

It can also help with the breakdown of other ‘troublesome’ proteins, such as the gluten in wheat and the casein in milk.Green papayas for digestion

Beneficial Effects of Papain Enzymes

Some people suggest that papain, and other plant based proteolytic enzymes like bromelain, are destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach and see no value in them.

However, many nutritional experts say that while papain may be rendered inactive with high levels of stomach acid, it would continue working again once it passes through to the alkaline environment of the small intestine.

There is also a period, sometimes as long as an hour, between when food is first eaten and when large amounts of hydrochloric acid is produced.

During this time salivary enzymes, and any plant-based enzymes in the food (or taken with it), begin the process of digestion. Within this period the addition of papain into a meal can greatly increase protein breakdown.

Additionally, since papaya as a soft fruit doesn’t require much digestion itself, some of its enzymes move into the small intestine before large amounts of stomach acid is produced.

Once in your intestines, papain and other papaya enzymes can help clear undigested protein-based debris and waste products.

Aside from reducing bloating and flatulence issues, proteolytic enzymes may also aid in more serious digestive conditions and aid in preventing constipation.

Why Green Papaya is Better for Digestion

Green papaya fruit contains significantly more papain enzymes than those that are fully ripened. That said, perhaps with the exception of green papaya salad, it’s not as appetizing for most people.

Bright orange fruits, aside from tasting sweeter, also contain more antioxidants and vitamins and have many other papaya benefits.

As a compromise, I personally use papayas that are just ripening but still have some green on them. I’ll also use sections of fully green papaya in digestive and anti-parasite smoothies.

A potent alternative to eating unripe papayas are green papaya supplements. These can be taken with any meal high in protein and are a convenient way to improve your digestion, and potentially avoid intestinal problems later on.Green papaws

Taking Enzymes on an Empty Stomach

While green papaya enzymes are most often taken with food, another strategy that is gaining popularity is to have them blended up in a smoothie or with water on an empty stomach.

Under these circumstances little hydrochloric acid is produced and the papain enzymes can pass into the small intestine unimpeded.

From here they can be absorbed into your bloodstream where they exert an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body.

The protein digesting enzymes from papaya are generally recognized as safe and well tolerated when used internally. Despite their many benefits, there are some precautions and a few potential papain side effects to be aware of which will be covered next.

Have you used green papaya enzymes before to improve digestive function or reduce inflammation?

These high strength capsules are the best way to take green papaya fruit that I’ve found. They can be taken with a protein meal to improve digestion, or alternatively on an empty stomach as a proteolytic enzyme supplement.

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Laura (So Ca)

I have been in a digestion and pain, burning, nausea cycle and struggle for about a month. Although I figured out I am low on Pancreatic enzymes (fat digestion has been hell), that didn’t solve this complex puzzle. Pancreatic Enzymes did kept the pain at bay during the night, but I was still having trouble digesting foods, and my stomach and intestines were inflamed and talking to me still, although I was feeling it was at least manageable.

Dried Papaya (no added sugar or sulfur) has truly helped me with the burning and nausea, but I have also eating Ginger Chews. After 30+ plus days of left side pain, and all the other symptoms, I’m feeling normal.

Mango is also one of my fruits, and I don’t normally eat fruit. Apples have a high pesticide level, so I gave them up. Papaya, Mango and Ginger are on the EWG List of Clean (Safe) Fruits.
EWG=- Environmental Working Grp

Papaya is not only one of my favs, it’s delicious. No pain, no inflammation, no nausea today!
I will be eating Papaya, Mango, and Ginger Chews for another week as maintenance. The enzymes seem to have balanced my micro-flora. I also take probiotics. It was a tweek here and there, that “cured” me.

Jim Dillan

Hi Laura and thanks for your comments.

Papaya, mango and other tropical fruits like pineapple are often good for this purpose, as is ginger. I’m glad they are working so well for you.

All the best.


I appreciate your articles concerning papaya seeds and will immed begin trying them and keeping a journal. I am challenged w celiac disease and am always searching for ways to improve my health! I will b in touch soon! ( just back from Wakiki where i discovered a dressing containing papaya seeds, honey, etc that delights my taste buds! Am searching for good place to purchase seeds!) aloha! Sa’ra

Jim Dillan

Hi Sa’ra and thanks for your comments. I only recommend papaya seeds directly from the fresh papaya fruit as seeds sold for planting may have been treated with something.

All the best.


im just wondeering how this would help me. I have gastropaaresis which is delayed stomach emptying. Would like your thoughts on this please. thanks

Jim Dillan

Hi Jeanie,

The enzymes in papaya or papain supplements could help if the problem is related to protein digestion. You’d need to check with your practitioner though, especially before using papain as it’s quite powerful.

Hope this helps


Jim, do you have any additional advice beyond papaya for small bowel bacteria overgrowth. It seems to be a widespread problem without a cure.


I consider myself a very health person (haven’t gotten a cold or flu in 4 years) but beginning about 2 years ago i began to experience bloating after even very small meals. Beer (even just 12 oz), pasta, ice cream became impossible to eat without suffering for several hours from a severe bloated feeling. Sometimes I would eat nothing all day and still feel full at dinnertime! My daughter suggested enzymes so I bought a $6.00 bottle of chewable Papaya Enzyme at the drugstore and began eating two after each meal. It’s only been one week but I already feel back to normal. No bloating or discomfort, almost no gas (that was becoming a problem too), even had pizza last night for the first time in weeks and felt great afterward. These things are amazing and there is no question my “cure” is attributable to the Papaya Enzyme because this problem was serious and continuous and now appears to be gone. I’m hoping there is no harm in taking them long term because I plan to
continue taking these daily.

Jim Dillan

Hi Michael,

It sounds like papaya enzymes have been very effective for you. There isn’t any harm in taking them long term. There’s a few potential precautions here but for most people they are considered highly beneficial at breaking down undigested protein that can cause many health problems.

Hope this helps.


Papaya enzyme has made it possible for me to eat outside food. Before I started taking Papaya Enzyme every time I ate food other than my own I would have to use the bathroom within 15-20 minutes of finishing eating. It didn’t matter if I ate junk or a salad. My friends always made fun of me, I am only in my 20’s with stomach issues. My one friend told me that her grandma had the same problem and took papaya enzyme to help her. I take Papaya within the first few bites of food and Now I am fine. If I forget to take the Papaya I am sick within minutes.

Finally I can eat lunch with everyone else at work with no worries. Papaya has made eating out enjoyable again. No rushing home anymore.


Another good thing about Papaya is that it is an excellent food option for diabetics as it has a low-sugar content even though it is sweet to taste.

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thanks for your comments.

It sounds like papaya enzymes have been particularly beneficial for you. I’m glad they’re working so well.

Jim Dillan

Hi Geraldine,

Papaya and indeed papaya seeds may be part of a treatment for small bowel bacteria overgrowth but you’d need to address the underlying causes, such as too many carbohydrates in the diet or milk sensitivity. I’d suggest researching this on where many natural treatments are discussed.

Hope this helps,



I discovered first Papua fruit and then papaya enzymes after problems and pain with digestion and acid reflux. I was diagnosed with a 4cm parasophogeal hiatal hernia which caused me no end of grief. The papaya enzymes have been a god send and allow me to enjoy certain foods again.

Jim Dillan

Hi Rosalin,

I’m glad to here the papaya enzymes have helped with your hernia.

Best of luck with your healing.


Hi Jim,
I really want to do this detox but I don’t think the papaya seeds agree with me. I did as you said, taking it slowly. I took only one the first day, chewed on that. (wasn’t too bad). Second day took two but not at the same time maybe 1/2 hour apart. Well that second seed did me in. The first symptom was dizziness and I had no idea it came upon me with no warning. I felt like I was drunk almost fell to the ground. It just got worst after that….. I felt an unbelievable high heart rate, big time nervousness but at the same time weakness at the legs, my throat was closing in on me and my jaw locked. It felt to me like something was joking me from the inside. I kept calm because I was home alone when I did this and I didn’t want to panic. This was around the time I was going to have dinner. So I tried to shove bread down my throat and drinking a lot of water to soak everything I just ingested. I did not want to make myself throw up to release whatever was there so I just kept drinking water. I felt bit better but I thought I was going to die. I was so scared. I read a lot about papaya seeds and it says that its safe and good for you, and man did I have a bad reaction. It lingered for a few days. Do you know anything about these symptoms and why I reacted this way when everyone else on here were fine. Oh another thing, do you think I could do the pumpkin seed one without so much attack on the system? Will wait on your reply. Thank you so much.

Jim Dillan

Hi Bella,

I’ve never heard of such a reaction to papaya seeds but in your case I would avoid them due to this.

The pumpkin seeds work with completely different compounds so there’s no reason to think they would cause the same reaction. There’s a recipe here that is especially good for tapeworms

You could also look into green black walnut hull extract which is more of a whole body parasite treatment

Hope this helps,



I’ve had bad stomach problems for decades. In the last few years I’ve been narrowing down the problem. It’s relying on doctors, most all don’t have a clue. I’ve read many sites mentioning burning mouth, especially in the morning. I’ve heard my stomach, sorry, lower intestine growl, squirming from I’ll bet, no, I know are a variety of worms. And parasites of numerous types I’ve got. I tried and believed in supplements but their effect was minimal. All in the process I’ve come to learn. There is nothing better to kill off the parasites and worms in our lower intestines than God given fresh fruits. The bugs that have evolved to enter our bodies and set up shop there must be countered by the fruits that have evolved right along with them over eons. In the lower latitudes mothers of children give their children papaya fruit and seeds when they see signs of infestation, and it works. The dusty playgrounds, green forests, natural environs in which they play are breeding grounds for worms and parasites to enter their bodies vie the air, into their lungs, move to the digestive tract, or through bare feet and move to the dijestive tract. Papaya and its seeds do a real cleansing by ridding the digestive tract, indeed the whole body eventually, of this now 1st world problem. I’m just glad that we have sites like this, abd people like Jim, to expose ways to treat thie awful problem that exists for many, many people. I hope that we can turn the tide and prevent the ugly efforts of mainstream medicine using draconian, useless, overly expensive, methods to ruin us and more particularly, our Ill bet temporarily sickened children. Mainstream medicine is the worst way to mend ourselves”


Step 1 – unclog digestive tract
a. Stop eating all grains, all dairy, all acidic foods, and all processed sugars; also anything derived from any of these things, an example would be alcohol.
b. Start eating foods high in pH(potential Hydrogen)
c. Once your bowel movements are 3 to 5 times a day and the diameter of a nickel you can begin step 2

Step 2 – Killing off Fungi
a. Continue Step 1 a & b, and once a day take one 3 sugar cubes 1 teaspoon of 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine for four days.
b. Massive detoxification begins to happen so be sure to drink 1 quart of water per 60 pounds of weight or you will get sick.

Step 3 – Detoxing

Step 4 – turn your system alkaline 7.3-7.5
a. buy acid/alkaline test strips and test your urine, if you are acidic or neutral you need to be eating food high in alkaline minerals, google search alkaline mineral foods. You need to be 7.3-7.5.
b. Keep your system alkaline and eat organic fruits, veggies, and meats often.

For additional info google Jennifer Daniels her program cured me

Jim Dillan

Thanks for your comments Brad and I really hope the papaya seed smoothie works well for you.

I agree that nature has the answer to parasites and tropical fruits like papaya and it’s seeds, pineapple and coconut have been used by people in these areas for a long time to combat parasites. It makes sense to use what already works naturally rather than toxic drugs wherever possible.

All the best,



I am on day 6 of the papaya seed smoothie cleanse. I’m using the salt water flush as the natural laxative. So far I haven’t seen any parasites or worms. I am sure I have parasites in me because I’ve been having migraines, tremors, teeth grinding, bloating, chronic fatigue, colds and flus for a long period of time. Sometimes I feel anal itching especially in the middle of the night. I will continue with the cleanse for a total of 10 days. Is that enough or do I have to do a longer cleanse? I’m hoping to see some parasites or worms being expelled soon. How many days of cleansing do I have to do before I see anything worms or parasites come out? I’m also eating a lot of pumpkin seeds as a snack.


Hi Jim,
I have just read some of the things on here and about papayas. It was interested to learn about a few things. What do u use papaya seeds for and how do u use them? the one guy apparently was allergic to them. Could this be use for weight loss also? I will do more reading on the subject.


I came across this article from a friend that said papaya enzymes may help me. I had IBS my whole life. I always used diet to control it. I ate a lot of fiber. Last year I had my gall bladder out and instantly I couldn’t keep a meal down. 8 months of this raising two young kids my specialist finally put me on a drug to help, I hate the idea of knowing I have to take this pill with every meal i eat for the rest of my life I have to admit it works. However it comes a long with a lot of heart burn, gas and gas pain. Do you think papaya enzymes is something that may work for me?



I made a papaya smoothie this morning and left the seed in. Immediately after a few sips, my stomach began to burn. I drank the remaining smoothie with some whole wheat toast and I felt okay. I read that I needed to start by only eating a teaspoon of seeds only after the burning in my stomach. Could it have been a cold war between some parasites and the papaya smoothie? Let it be, it sounds more adventurous.


Jim Dillan

Hi Doris,

This article has a lot of detail on papaya seeds and their health benefits

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Rosario,

It’s definitely worth starting off slowly with powerful natural treatments like papaya seeds. This article has a good rundown of how to use them and recommends just a teaspoon at a time to start

If you had all of the seeds in the papaya or a large portion I’m not surprised that your stomach told you about it as this would be too much to start with. Even at the stronger dose for the smoothie after building up your tolerance no more than a tablespoon should be taken.

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Hi Tammi,

I’d think fennel tea would be much better for IBS. This article has the details on how to use it

It would also be worth looking into a gluten or lactose sensitivity behind the IBS.

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Hi Kay,

Generally only the larger worms like tapeworms and sometimes roundworms can be seen, though they are often compacted in the stools. There are a lot of smaller parasites like pinworms (responsible for the anal itching) and parasitic amoebas that won’t be seen without detailed microscopic examination. This doesn’t mean they aren’t been expelled though.

An improvement in your symptoms, perhaps after some initial detoxification reaction, is usually a better guide to whether the treatment is working.

I’d suggest following the directions in Papaya Seeds Treatment Timing and Duration in this article as this is designed to deal with parasite’s breeding cycles.

Hope this helps,



I also have pancreas issues (chronic pancreatitis) and had the same issues with pancreatic enzymes not doing much for me during the day. Papaya and ginger have been a huge help! The papaya really has done a lot more for me than even the prescribed lipase/amalayse/protease combo I was on for years. During my first episode of pancreatitis, my gall bladder was removed, and I certainly think the papaya does far more to break down fats. I’m glad to see someone else has seen the same sort of benefits!


After reading all these reviews, I will definiely try papaya enzymes. I have had stomach issues since a child and have recently had a battery of tests that showed nothing. I am currently on a diet with lots of protein which, from reading other reviews, could be the reason I am all of a sudden feeling burning in my stmach at times, and I have always had constipation problems. Don’t think papaya will help that, but I am going to try it as soon as I can find it for the burning and will let you know.


Just a suggestion, if you want to eat and enjoy eating green papaya, eat a Thai dish called Somtom. It’s spicy, hot, and made mostly from green papaya, and taste great especially with sticky rice.


You have mention the green papaya seeds most of the article, how about the ripe papaya seeds? Does it have the same benefits?

Jim Dillan

Hi Santi,

The ripe papaya seeds are full of enzymes and more developed in the ripe fruit. This article was more on green papaya fruit which are more enzyme rich than the ripe fruit. The seeds are much more powerful though

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Thanks Charles,

I’ve had green papaya salad many times in Thailand and it’s delicious.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Yvonne,

Green papaya enzymes like these could help with the constipation issues as well since poorly digested meat is a common cause.

It sounds like your protein meals might be a bit large for your digestive processes to handle. The papaya enzymes should help but a bit smaller meals or avoiding the particularly hard to digest protein like processed meats would also be worth trying.

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Hi Liana and thanks for your positive comments.

I’m glad papaya enzymes are working so well for your pancreas issues and hope others find it helpful as well.

All the best,



Any suggestions on papaya enzymes for Gastroparesis?

Jim Dillan

Hi Mary,

There are some recommendations for using papain, one of the main digestive enzymes in papaya seeds, for gastroparesis but I think you’d need to discuss this with a healthcare professional. It would also be worth reading about a few potential side effects here especially regarding medications.

All the best,



Would the belize Caribbean red papaya seeds work the same? Where can I get the green papaya fruit?


when my dad was in hospice care for the final stages, the nurse told us to five him papaya or a papain supplement to help break up the mucous in his mouth and throat to aid in swallowing. It seemed to help him. Also, if you can find food grade diatomaceous earth to mix with your papaya smoothie, it will help to completely cleanse the digestive tract. I used it on my animals for years, and now have started to take it my self! Amazing results with one tsp mixed into my fruit smoothie. It also has beneficial properties for joint repair.


I just starting the papaya enzyme complex and hope it will help with my Chronic Pancreantitis and the 8yrs. of constant pain.

Jim Dillan

Hi Cordell,

Yes these are great. You just want them slightly under ripe so there’s still a little green on them.

All the best,



Am glad to here more from you. My son had stomach problems, vomiting and diarrhea, stomach pains. Doc said it was bacteria but i thought he had problem with digesting french beans i had given him a day earlier. Antibiotics didn’t work for him so one day i forced him to eat a papaya fruit and the following day he was playing normally.

Jim Dillan

Hi Dana and thanks for your comments.

Yes papaya can have a very soothing effect on the digestive tract. Glad it worked so well for him.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Kat and thanks for your comments.

It’s interesting that a nurse would recommend papaya. I agree with diatomaceous earth as well.

All the best,



Thanks for insight! My husband has pain off and on left side usually after urinating has diagnosis diverticulosis and I have ulcerative cholitis which I have had no problem for a long time but am looking at papaya enzyme to take him and myself! Seems so beneficial!


What a fabulous web-site and what lovely tips on the benefits of pawpaw and the pips! Thank you! I’m starting a raw detox-goodie today and after feeling rather negative about it, I’m now excited and ready – and hopefully get to knock out a few nasties in the process! Happy Day! Anli

Paul Cowie

I have been suffering from intense indigestion and heart burn for the past 6 months or so, it could be longer. I was also permanently bloated, and put it down to my “meat and potatoes” diet. Last week, I decided to buy a couple of paw paws, just for a fresh fruit change, and I started having half a paw paw before breakfast. The almost instant change has been mind blowing. I am no longer bloated, I have not had heart burn since the day I started, and my stomach has completely settled down, as it was almost permanently upset.
The ONLY change to my diet is the paw paw, so I can only put this miraculous change down to the paw paw.
Suffice to say, it will now be a part of my daily eating regimen!

Jim Dillan

Hi Paul,

That’s great that eating paw paw has made such a difference to your digestive system. If you ever need more help in this area in the future then triphala is highly recommended

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Thanks for your positive comments Anli and hope your detox goes well. I’ve found triphala can be especially good for this

All the best,



Hello jim greetings from jamaica, i want to thank u for your blog i knew papaya was good but didnt knw its benefit anyway, i know i have parasite in me and i took worm out i bought the pills at a pharamcy so i thought it would work it didnt i took three more worm out within two weeks still felt itching in my anus, i told my mother what she said that is just my mind but I know I have parasite, knw one believe me its like they think I’m crazy, but I know my body, my body’s telling me that something is wrong, so I began to search about parasite to fine much information about it, which led me to your site, I read what you said about the parasite cleanse with papaya seeds, since I`m jamaican and my island its full of papaya, I did it but I do not have any castor and so I have not gone to the bathroom as yet, when I dranks the parasite cleanse i felt very uneasy, i felt like their was a war in my stomach, like the worms where moving up and down im gonna buy the castor oil and do the cleanse again, but since i have not gone to the bathroom would it cause a problem


Thank you

Jim Dillan

Hi Ivoylou,

It’s no harm not to but it is better if you can have a bowel movement soon after the papaya seed smoothie.

Castor oil is very powerful for this so start off slow if you use it. I also recommend triphala that has international delivery with the link in this article

All the best,



Hi thats great news!

What colour and type of paw paw / papaya do you buy?



Jim Dillan

Hi Daryl,

I’ve written about how to choose a great papaya here

All the best,



SAW That Papaya Enzyme can help with gas, how much do you need to take for this.

Jim Dillan

Hi Angela,

Two capsules of this or the recommended dosage of another good papaya enzyme taken with any large protein meal is the best time to prevent gas. There’s also some good tips in this article on preventing digestive problems.

All the best,



Why don’t Dr.’s find worms during a colonoscopy or autopsy?
And if animals are diagnosed by stool sample within minutes, why is it so difficult in humans?


Hi Jim,

Have been eating Red Paw Paw (Skybury Brand here in AU is best by far) every morning for years and still loving it!

My partner and I are on day 2 with smoothie cleanser. Day 1 we had 1 tbs of the caster oil 2hrs after the drink this had no real effect, movements are normal for both of us.

Day 2. Have taken 2 tbs caster oil after smoothie this morning, about 2hrs ago and feeling normal. Any suggestions?


Jim Dillan

Hi Graham,

I remember the great paw paw in Australia.

Castor oil usually works well for most people. It is even used before colon operations for this purpose.

I’d hesitate to suggest more than 2 tbs of castor oil. Perhaps if you normally have 2 bowel movements a day, particularly one just before having the smoothie in the morning, you might be more regular than most down there and the usual effects of the castor oil and papaya seeds would not be as pronounced.

As long as you are not feeling blocked/uncomfortable in the hours after having the papaya seed smoothie I’d say just stay with your normal rhythm. If you do get this feeling you might consider other potential laxatives like a high dose of triphala as mentioned in the article.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Sheila,

According to many commenters here their doctors refuse to do tests specifically for parasites. Colonoscopy is primarily to diagnose colon polyps rather than parasites, though there are videos online that do show them.

All the best,



I have history of crohns and diarrhea. Would this be beneficial for me?


I was wondering if you could tell me why this happens. I used to take papaya enzymes and also before that I was taking pig enzymes. The problem I had was that I couldn’t take the pig enzymes because my legs would swell and I would get red welts on my skin, so I had to stop taking that. Then I tried papaya enzymes and it was better, but over time I would feel like my legs were so heavy I could hardly walk correctly.I don’t know why it was doing that. But then I started taking a different brand, and had the same results. I recently found out I might be diabetic and I wonder if it’s got anything to do with it and why?

Jim Dillan

Hi Suzie,

I think you’d need to see a knowledgeable practitioner to get that diagnosed in person. I can’t think of any reason why papaya enzymes would cause these symptoms but if there could be diabetic complications it would be important to discuss this with a healthcare professional.

All the best,



I am gluten, lactose and try to be sugar free to keep my stomach right. After a holiday where I fell of the wagon and had 1 ice cream, I was in agony for 5 days. It never really settled down again and on return from holiday i lost my job. I didnt know if it was upset or the episode on holiday. I normally can manage my stomach and put it right. I was at a loss after 6 weeks so I started taking Papaya and Pineapple together. It settled down quite quickly. A miracle. I was taking the fruits for breakfast. After reading your blog I wonder if I should be taking it throughout the day. I do eat a lot of protein as it agrees with me. Julie


Can papaya seed’s be used in poultry feed formulation?


Hi Jim,
I’ve been reading your blog and find it to be very interesting. I am an RN and work at an Outpatient Surgery center. We do many colonoscopys every day. I believe that parasites in people are very common. I see the results of the colonoscopy and do not see parasites in the pictures. I am thinking that the strength of the colon prep flushes many out, but the eggs left behind must be microscopic or are living in the small intestine. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


You possibly had problem with gallstones. Have you had them checked with ultrasonic stuff?

Jim Dillan

Hi Austin,

I’ve not read anything on the effects of papaya seeds for chickens.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Dee and thanks for your comments.

Yes, I agree that the strong colon flushes would likely clear out larger parasites like tapeworms before a colonoscopy. Eggs themselves, while very small, are often said to be hidden within the mucous membrane lining of the colon. Smaller parasites like amoebas, flukes and even hookworms can also be within the mucous membrane lining and unlikely to be seen unless specifically looked for.

I do appreciate that you have an open mind regarding parasites. Many people have written in saying their doctor refuses to believe them or even suggests that they have psychiatric problems, yet when they perform a proper parasite cleanse their symptoms improve dramatically.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Julie.

I wonder if this was the cause of your initial upset

Papaya enzymes are great to take whenever you have a big protein meal and can have other benefits as detailed in the article. Capsules can be kept in your purse or a work for convenience, though fresh papaya is great when you can get it.

All the best,



I too have delayed stomach emptying and my gastro prescribed papaya enzyme …. has been working great


I’ve suffered with acid reflux for years and have had two surgery to stretch my esophagus. Will papaya enzyme help with this?

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Due to the surgery, papaya enzymes may not be appropriate. I’d talk to a healthcare professional you trust and discuss complementary treatments with them.

All the best in your healing,


Billa khan

hey everyone! i have been suffering from hemorrhoid for some times. i did not get a treatment but i changed my diet to cope up with this disease. One of the important thing, i would like to mention here is that i have been running for hour sometimes more than 1 hour. i am usually drenched in my sweat after doing this running thing, so anyone who is suffering from this disease can be at relief by just doing exercise, without changing his/her diet plan. but as soon as i stop going for exercise, problem arises again. will it better for and help me to eat sun dried papaya and in what quantity?


Sir…I have never met you…and don’t know who you are. But…I must say this…you are providing a godly service to the public.

I can really tell that you truly care for and love us. I do appreciate you. You are important.

I am also suffering with IBS…due to gluten intolerance.
I find your website all inspiring…I truly feel love here.

I took pawpaw and pineapple enzymes combo for the first time just a few hours ago. I’m awaiting the results. God bless you.

Jim Dillan

Thank you for your very positive comments Jack.

I hope the papaya enzymes can help relieve IBS for you. Eating more of the type of superfoods covered on and avoiding grains will surely help as well.

All the best,



Hi Jim

I was tested and had confirmed low stomach acid. Will eating fresh papaya help? I have sour taste in mouth, but when no sour taste I felt my throat is burning sensation

Please help.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ella,

Fresh papaya before a meal could help. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before a meal would also be helpful.

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Two of my daughters have a rough time with their stomachs with pain, gas and sometimes not having regular bowel movements. They eat gluten free which helped some but someone mentioned to me about Papaya Enzymes and I was wondering if it would be helpful to order some and have them try it to see if it would help the pain and discomfort.They also cut out dairy products thinking that was aggravating them as well.
Thank you for your input.

Jim Dillan

Hi Darenda,

Papaya enzymes can help if taken with a protein rich meal. There are a lot of good natural remedies and possible causes of digestive problems on this site

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Nearly thirty years ago, a Scout master put capsules in the Boy Scout troop’s first aid kit. They were to be opened and the contents, liquid meat tenderizer, put on bee stings. When I moved to Mexico, I bought McCormick’s tenderizer, known here as ablandador de carne. It contains papaina as the active ingredient. There is a reason I forget, but in the USA tenderizer seems to use bromelain.

One morning, I got nailed between two fingers by a scorpion. My doctor friend had told me if I got stung by a scorpion, come directly to his office because sometimes people have a really bad allergic reaction. I wetted my index finger and shoved it into the bottle of tenderizer salt and put it on the sting. Then, I got on my pants and started walking to the doctor’s office. Every minute or two, I put more tenderizer on the sting and took another drink of water.

It started to swell, but by the time I got to the bridge in the middle of the town, it disappeared very fast, along with the pain. The doctor stubbornly insisted the scorpion simply wasn’t filled with venom. A few weeks later, I had a similar experience working on the irrigation canal. I was way up the hill, and when I got stung, not even sure what it was, I hurried down the hill, but taking the tenderizer as I walked. Before I got home, completely cured.

I told family members about it, and one or two actually tried it. We finally realized it was probably not the tenderizer on the sting, but that which I ingested while wetting my finger which did the job.

Now, they take it for granted to just use tenderizer and don’t go to the hospital. If they do go and get the injections,it stops the allergy, but the sting still hurts for many days. if they use tenderizer, all effects gone within half an hour.

Not long ago, a cousin took his teeth out for cleaning. When he put them back in a honey bee went with them, and he got a terrible sting inside his mouth. He put a large pinch of tenderizer inside where the sting was, and within half an hour, all effects were gone.

Last trip to the States I was browsing in the nutrition section of Walmart when I spotted Papaya Enzyme, 180 pills for less than $4. I had never heard of those pills, but did not need a detailed explanation to know what I could use them for. So, I bought a year’s supply.

The problem is tenderizer is made mostly of salt, which means an overdose is fairly easy, because salt is toxic. I don’t know the correct dose for Enzyme pills, but the bottle says 4 a day, so I assume for a starting dose, 4 will be fine.

Papaina from tenderizer also works for mosquito bites. I joke with the people if anyone wants to try it for coral snake bites, heh, heh. I have no idea, but will say if I ever get bit by a coral snake, I am sure going to be trying it on the way to the hospital.

A local herb doctor told me the indigenous people used to make tea from leaves of papaya plants. And, papaina can be obtained by cutting green papaya fruit and collecting the milk which oozes out.


hi, i am wondering when we take papaya fruit in the morning, how best to take it? With protein?
When I eat papaya on empty stomach it burns and creates a stomach ache..guess because there is nothing to digest.
But if eating it in the morning is best, should it be paired with anything?

Also if i eat papaya for digestion in midday, should I be eating it before or after meals?

Jim Dillan

Hi Avis.

If you are getting this reaction eating papaya fruit on an empty stomach then it would be best to have it after a meal. A greenish papaya has lots of digestive enzymes like papain for breaking down protein.

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