Papaya Benefits for Eyes, Skin and Digestion

Pawpaw fruit benefitsThere are many papaya benefits for your health and this beautiful tropical fruit is proof that nutritious food can also taste great as well.

Papaya, also known as papaw and pawpaw around the world, is a rich source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and special digestive enzymes that have a remarkable effect both internally and externally.

If you’d like to improve your skin, relieve digestion problems, protect your eyes, and enhance your vision, then consider the many benefits of eating papaya.

1. Skin Protection

Ripe papaya is a good source of antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids like beta-carotene and lycopene. These nutrients help protect your skin against free radical damage that leads to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

The enzyme papain, found in the flesh and skin of papaya fruit, breaks down dead skin cells and helps promote skin renewal when used topically on your face or body.

Papaya facial treatments are a popular way to improve your skin’s texture, elasticity and appearance. They may also help with wound healing and burns and even assist in the treatment of skin problems like acne, blemishes and age spots. 

2. Improves Digestion

Papain enzymes in papaya, and especially the green fruit, can improve digestion by breaking down proteins into their individual amino acids. Papain is so good at breaking down protein it’s used as a meat tenderizer commercially.

Undigested proteins can lead to many issues, such as gastrointestinal problems, inflammation throughout the body and an overgrowth of gas causing bacteria in the colon.

There is much more on how papaya can benefit your digestive health in the page on how papaya enzymes improve digestion.

3. Good for Your Eyes

Alongside their antioxidant properties, carotenoids like the beta-carotene found in papaya can be converted into vitamin A, particularly important for healthy eyes and vision.

Papaya fruit also offers good levels of two special compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin. Known as xanthophylls, these phytonutrients are concentrated in the macular region of your eyes.Papaw

Here they provide protection against both UV and high energy blue light that can damage your eye’s retinas and are involved in fine detail perception.

Research studies show a good intake of both zeaxanthin and lutein can significantly reduce your risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the most common cause of blindness in America.

The high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in foods like papaya may also protect against developing cataracts, glaucoma and other chronic eye disorders.

Many people also report an improvement in visual acuity and color perception with high doses of lutein and zeaxanthin in supplements derived from natural sources.

How to Choose Papayas

It’s recommended to choose a large papaya that’s just turning yellowish orange and still has areas of green on the skin.

These fruits, while not yet fully ripened, have the highest papain enzyme content and the most number of seeds. Much more on the many benefits of papaya seeds here.

If you’re picking a papaya primarily for its digestive enzymes these half green papayas are the healthiest ones to select. They can be used in smoothies and other recipes while not full ripe.Papaya fruit nutritious

Enjoy Healthy Papaya Fruit

I hope these papaya benefits have given you good reasons to eat it more often.

Do you enjoy papayas regularly and how do you like to have it? I personally find it to be both a great breakfast to start the day with and good for dessert after a big protein meal.

I’d be interested to hear any questions you might have on the positive effects of adding papaya to your diet in the comments below.

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Omotayo Ojo

Wonderful discovery of potentials for a fruit so Common and so undervalued, and wasting in our backyards! But among the various species, which is the best?

Jim Dillan

Hi Omotayo. Thanks for your comment.

There doesn’t appear to be significant nutritional difference between the different varieties from my research. The smaller Hawaiian varieties tend to be sweeter than the larger Mexican papayas though. Brighter colored pulp may also be an indication of more antioxidants.

If you intend using the seeds for their anti-parasitic and protein digesting properties, the larger seeds in the Mexican varieties do seem to be more potent. See for more details.

Vivianne titus

Dats great but i love d unripe on and strong. I mean not too soft and not over yellow. Pls wil it still be work as the ripe one?

Jim Dillan

Hi Vivianne. The greener the papaya the more papain enzymes it has in it, which is very good for clearing out the intestines of undigested waste. The ripe papaya are said to have more antioxidants. Some of both would be ideal.


Papaya also ideal for lose weight?

Jim Dillan

Hi Myriam,

The more healthy, antioxidant and nutrient rich foods like papaya you eat the less hungry most people tend to be, so yes I would think papaya could be beneficial for weight loss.


if a cube of ripe papaya could be rubbed on face, along with honey provides instant glow n can also helps undo the tiredness all over the day. papaya is too good for skin.


It was a young Indian therapist that suggested I take papaya for my incredibly sluggish bowel. Works like a charm. One day after eating, no problem, every time. But does anyone know if it will only work when I take it. Or is there any evidence to suggest that it could actually improve this chronic condition I’ve had as long as I can remember. What would be the best way to take it. And are there any other foods equally effective. Because eating just the one thing all the time is really boring!

Nadine brown

Papaya was one of those fruits that i wouldn’t even taste. Having heard about its health benefits, I am now eating and I have acquired the taste, something I thought I couldn’t do. Its nicer and more refreshing
when chilled.

Jim Dillan

Hi Nadine,

I’ve always enjoyed papaya, even before I knew how good it was for me. Different tastes I guess but it’s good to hear you’re having it now.


Wow.., all dis is amazing! But I wanna know wat proportion or amount is appropriate to be eaten on a daily basis.

Jim Dillan

Hi Freda,

You won’t ‘overdose’ on papaya so whatever you are comfortable eating is good. If you have easy access to this wonderful fruit then half a papaya in the morning makes a very healthy breakfast.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

This beneficial effect is likely due to the combination of digestive enzymes and natural fiber. Pineapple would be another good choice with similar properties and avocados, bananas and other tropical fruit are all likely to be helpful for improving bowel movements.


papaya is always a miracle fruit for me,,it does wonder for my digestion and skin as well.


i have a gastro esophageal reflux disease and my common problem with my stomach is that i always feel bloated even i eat only plenty of food…would it helps alot eating papaya ??now i start eating papaya….and also i want to loose weight


papaya also rich in vit.C and since i am acidic i have a Gastro Esophageal Reflux,is it ok for me to eat papaya??because citrus fruits not advisable for me..Vit.C same ascorbic acidic not advisable for people with stomach problem such as Hyper acidity..and papaya rich in vit.C…

Jim Dillan

Hi Althea,

Papaya is considered excellent for gastroesophageal reflux. Having it for breakfast rather than cereal would be a good step towards loosing weight. In fact, anywhere in your diet you can cut back on grain based foods, particular bread and pasta, would be beneficial.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi Althea,

Papaya’s are not acidic and are one of the most strongly recommended for this condition so I think it would be fine. You could try a small amount the first time and see how you tolerate it. As I mentioned, for breakfast would be a great time to have papaya.


this is good health informaton, thanks. pls how do I apply papaya for facial treatment and the fruits for worm

Jim Dillan

Thanks for your comments Jondel.

Papaya is one of my favorite fruits as well. With all of it’s beneficial effects on health I’d really like to see it become a more common fruit in the supermarket.


Hi jim, have been following your program. But I don’t knw if this can work for me, cos I have something like worm work round my body and in the gut

Jim Dillan

Hi Ciano,

Everyone is different and will respond differently. If you feel you are not getting the results you are looking for after trying the treatment for a while I’d suggest investigating other alternatives. Curezone can be a good resource, though there is a lot to wade through and it’s best to only listen to experienced posters or confirm from multiple sources on there before considering anything. Also have a look through the comments at There are other options discussed there (as well as some very good results that people have been having). Alternatively, my recent article on Black Walnut, Wormwood and Cloves might be more appropriate for you –

Hope this helps.

Remi o

thanks but is papaya seeds able to cure hyppertitis B , if yes how will u take doe.

Jim Dillan

Hi Remi,

I don’t know if you would consider papaya seeds a hepatitis cure, but the papain in them has been used to treat health problems from hepatitis like liver damage. I’d recommend discussing using them with a knowledgeable healthcare professional if you are suffering from the disease.

All the best.


I enjoy pawpaw together wIth pInapple anytime as a snack. They test nice. I want to try a piece of pawpaw and honey for facial skin. Ask me after three weeks.


hi. Do green papaya enzyme capsules/pills work naturally in your body like papaya fruit.can you also use them for your skin,and can you use them and eat the fruit at the same time?

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Papaya enzyme capsules can be used as a digestive replacement but I wouldn’t use them on the skin.

All the best.


Hi Vivianne. The eco-friendly the pawpaw the more papain minerals it has in it, which is very excellent for cleaning out the digestive system of spend waste. The fresh pawpaw are said to have more anti-oxidants. Some of both would be perfect.


I’ve actually never been aware of these amazing benefits of Papaya! Can’t wait to get some now, thank you.

Troy Smith

For a very simple, quick and healthy dessert you can cube papaya and marinate it with a bit of honey, lime and thinly sliced mint. Serve it over queso fresco (fresh cheese) and sprinkle with roasted sunflower and / or pumpkin seeds. So good!


i suffer with stomach burns and read the boiling the leaves of the papaya tree can bring relief. Can you shed some light about this

Jim Dillan

Hi Francille,

I’d imagine this would be due to the papain enzyme which breaks down undigested protein, though I don’t know specific doses for stomach burns with papaya leaves.
Hope this helps,


Derma Nova

Yes! Finally something about papaya skin.

Dick Brown

I was first introduced to papaya in Jamaica in 2002 while at a resort. It was very good and it was suggested for me to put a little lime juice on it. I was hooked. Best fruit I have ever eaten. Now here in South Carolina I search the grocery stores for it all the time. I glad to know about the benefits this fruit has.


Woww!!! Papayas U R awesome. Luvvv U.

Raghunandan Nair

Papaya fruit is a very healthy food which prevents almost all common illness


Hi.I suffer stomach ulcers and I don’t eat any citrus fruit. Can a Pappaya be good

Lillian Robustelli

The best way I found to have papaya is in a smoothy. Mix with banana soy milk pear walnuts. I freeze it for the smoothy.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ken,

Papaya should be beneficial as well but I’ve heard raw cabbage juice is particularly good for healing ulcers.

Hope this helps,



fruits are all great for your health but don’t think bananas are good for improving bowel movement .they actually can contribute to constipation.i know this from careful with bananas…


How much quantity to consume to get the desired effect.

Jim Dillan

Hi George,

I don’t think you need a huge amount of papaya in one sitting. It would be more beneficial to have it in smaller amounts more regularly. When it’s at a good price I often freeze extra for my smoothies and use around an eighth of a large papaya.

All the best,



Have you tried food grade diatomaceous earth? It kills intestinal parasites by dehydrating them.


Within 24 hours I noticed a significant improvement in the regulation of the frequency of my bowel movements and other related improvement. I was having 4-6 movements per day along with the bloating, gas, and stomach pain all of which is now much more tolerable. I don’t do the laxative part as I don’t think that is needed. One question that I have is do you think it would be bad for my body to continue to eat 2 Tablespoons of Papaya Seeds every day without a break? I don’t mind the taste when in the smoothie and I have not noticed any side effects after 5 days of continuous use.
Thanks for helping me to feel so much better.

Jim Dillan

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments. This is another topic I would like to write about in future.

gamma linoleic acid

Jim Dillan

Hi Richard,

Glad to hear the papaya seeds are helping. 2 tablespoons is a large dose. I’d go with the recommendations in the article but you can continue with them beyond the suggested time if you feel they are beneficial. That said, it’s always good to take a week break from natural treatments every month or two.

All the best,


myrtle brown

does the dried have same benefits thanks

Jim Dillan

Hi Myrtle,

Unfortunately I don’t think dried papaya would have the same benefits. Sugars tend to be concentrated while enzymes and nutrients diminished.

All the best,



Thank you Jim Dillan!

I’m commenting here because the original page I wanted to comment on, the one with the parasite killing smoothie, is redirected to here. (I read this wonderful article too!) I don’t have a question, or anything I want help with. I would just like to say this is an amazing website and I am absolutely astounded by the wealth of knowledge you’ve put in here. I want to say thank you on behalf of all the people trying to find answers in this huge mess we call the internet. And that your efforts, all your research and time, is so greatly appreciated. I know everyone is responsible for educating themselves, but the work you’ve done to make this information more readily accessible to the general public is incredible. On top of that the comment section is a phenomenal addition of information. Thank you so much for taking your time to do additional research for people asking more questions. The world needs more teachers like you! Thank you so much for helping so many people improve their quality of life!!!

Another helped by your work :)

Jim Dillan

Thank you so much for your positive comments Everynne.

It is really great to recieve a message like this and I wish you all the best in your improving health.





I am beyond excited to have read your article on parasites and papaya. Want to do the papaya smoothie first thing in the morning. My daughter and I have had pinworm symptoms for two weeks now. I’ve been told I must wait since I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy. For two weeks I’ve done the garlic clove, apple cider vinegar, pumpkin seed deal. Yesterday I discovered Dr Oz’s papaya seed concoction with honey and took a heaping amount (1/4 c this morning). Must be why I’m excessively itchy and not able to sleep tonight?!?!

And what would be your recommended intake of the smoothie?

Want these guys gone!!

Thank you so much in advance. Your site has already helped a great deal.


Jim Dillan

Hi Marissa and thank you for your positive comments. Apologies for the late reply as I’ve been travelling.

Unfortunately it would be best to wait before having too many papaya seeds when pregnant. As I wrote early in the article, and linked to here certain papaya enzymes in the sap are better avoided when pregnant and I don’t think the research has been done on whether they are in the seeds as well so I’d avoid them for now. I would have expected the other page on papaya seeds and honey to mention this as well.

I’m sure it’s fine as the papaya sap is actually applied directly and in much larger amounts in traditional cultures than you would ingest but I would still recommend not having any more papaya seeds or green papaya enzyme at the moment.

A bit unusual but one natural remedy I’ve heard of for pinworms specifically is crushed garlic applied topically to the outer ‘affected area’ before bed when they are most active. This may sting a bit but it apparently kills pinworms on contact so they don’t trouble your sleep.

Hope this helps,


Huma Aziz

Hi Jim.i have started taking smoothie u shared on other had papaya ,pineapple,papaya seeds,pumpkins seeds n few other ingredients.
I started having intense pain on my right upper abdomen ,liver n gallbladder area after 1 hr or so having smoothie.i wasn’t sure n thought it’s part of healing crisis.
Next day it happened again n pain intensity increased.i omitted cloves third day ,I was using more than advised.still had pain.
Any advice plz ?does it means I have gallbladder or liver parasites?have u heardths kind of effect in anyone?

Jim Dillan

Hi Huma,

Sorry to hear about your experience and apologies for the late reply as I’ve been travelling.

You might be a bit sensitive to the enzymes in the papaya seeds. If you’d like to try it again I’d advise starting with a much smaller amount at the start as recommended in the article perhaps just half a teaspoon and slowly building up your tolerence from there. Leaving the cloves out for a while or just a small amount is a good idea too.

All the best,



Hi Jim,

Hope you are good. I actually wanted to comment on the page about papaya for parasite cleansing. But its closed, hence my comments here.

I thank you for sharing something you found beneficial , with humanity. And I’m pretty sure, the comments of those who have being helped by your knowledge share, no doubt warms your heart. Fewer things give such joy.
I’ve suffered from worm infestation but today is not the day for sharing my woes.
I intend to prepare the smoothie ASAP. But I don’t have access to all the ingredients. So pls , I’ll just state what I have , then pls let me know if I’m good to go.
I have papayas in abundance, pineapple ( I don’t really like pineapples),fresh coconut (I don’t have the dessicated one like you suggested), I have organic coconut oil, I have dry cloves not the fresh one. I don’t have pumpkin seeds here. So pls, how can I still make a smoothie that will still be potent enough all the same, to flush out the worms?
Thanks in advance Jim.

Jim Dillan

Hi Leah and thanks for your positive comments.

The papaya seeds are the key ingredient you need and the other ingredients are supportive but not essential.

If you have pineapple some would be helpful, particularly the core. Dry cloves are fine. Pumpkin seeds are ok to leave out. The fresh coconut you could add or eat afterwards if you prefer. Coconut water would be a far better base ‘milk’ than dairy if you have it.

As it says in the article, it’s good to have some experience with papaya seeds before taking the larger amounts in this smoothie. Perhaps half a teaspoon first with a meal with protein, followed the next day by a full teaspoon for a day or two. If these are well tolerated you should be ok with the tablespoon in the smoothie.

As long as the castor oil says food grade or hexane free it should be fine but make sure you’re home for a few hours after taking it as it really works.

Regarding comments on the site I have to hold all of for in moderation to prevent spamming.

All the best,



Hi Jim

Excellent information. Question: How much fresh papaya should you consume a day and how do you store the extra. The seeds – how can they be stored and how long can they be kept before going bad. I just tried a fresh one today and they are delicious. Thank you

Jim Dillan

Thanks for your positive comments Jeanne.

I’ve written about using and storing papaya seeds here

All the best,



Someone suggested I must consume papaya to improve my eyesight, since started eating it I have experienced terrible hedaches. What must I do?

Jim Dillan

Hi Stan,

That’s an unusual reaction. You perhaps have an allergy to papaya fruit.

Arugula and bok choy are other healthy superfoods with strong eye nutrients.

You could also consider a triphala eye wash for a more direct treatment

All the best,


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