The Surprising Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Uses-for-papaya-seedsWhile most people throw them away, papaya seeds are not only edible, small amounts of them in your diet can be surprisingly good for you.

Keep in mind though that chewing half a teaspoon of the seeds is not like eating papaya fruit. They have a strong flavor, more like a cross between mustard and black peppercorns.

If you can handle that, ahead are some of the main health benefits of papaya seeds, followed by some interesting ways to add them to your diet.

Papaya Seeds, Worms and Other Parasitic Infections

Like green papaya, the seeds contain high levels of proteolytic enzymes like papain which can help rid your body of parasites. In the same way that papain breaks down undigested protein waste in your food, it may also break down parasites and their eggs.

Good levels of digestive enzymes in your diet are also believed to help normalize the environment in your intestinal tract, making it less hospitable to worms and other parasites. Enzyme rich green papaya capsules are a simple alternative if you don’t have the fresh fruit available.

The seeds from papaya also contain a unique anthelmintic alkaloid called carpaine that has been shown to be very effective at killing parasitic worms and amoebas. There is much more detail on the human parasite problem and a great tasting smoothie treatment to get rid of them in using papaya seeds for parasites and intestinal worms.

Papaya Seeds as a Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a disease, usually caused by excessive alcohol consumption over many years, wherein the liver shrinks and becomes hardened. In this state it is ineffective at removing toxins from the body, leading to a variety of serious health problems.

Papaya Seeds PregnancyPapaya seeds are often reported as an effective treatment for liver cirrhosis. One method is to grind up around five dried seeds in a pepper grinder, or crush up fresh ones in a mortar and pestle, and mix them with a tablespoon of fresh lime juice (these powdered organic seeds could also be used).

Drink this papaya seed liver treatment down twice a day for a month. Many cirrhosis sufferers have had dramatic improvements with this powerful natural remedy but it does need to be used regularly.

Obviously consult your doctor first if you are being treated for cirrhosis of the liver, especially with regards to the papain enzyme that may interfere with medications.

Even for people without such obvious liver damage, a small amount of pawpaw seeds taken regularly is said to help with liver detoxification. Anything that can improve the vital functions of the liver will be likely to improve your health in general.

Other Papaya Seed Remedies

Another one of the uses of papaya seeds could be to prevent or possibly even treat food poisoning. The seeds of papaya are believed to have a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on our digestive systems. Studies have shown an extract made from them is effective at killing E coli, Salmonella, Staph and other dangerous bacterial infections.

Once again, their potent digestive enzymes like papain can help change the intestinal environment to one that is more favorable to the ‘good’ bacteria and less so to the bad ones that can cause so many digestive issues and health problems.

In this way they may also be a helpful aid in the treatment of candida yeast overgrowth. By creating a supportive environment for healthy intestinal bacteria, both pathogenic yeasts and debilitating bad bacteria are much less likely to take hold within your intestinal tract.

There are even reports of using papaya seeds to successfully treating viral infections such as Dengue fever in parts of Central America like Costa Rica. Obviously this is a serious disease so consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional if you contract Dengue fever.

Papaya leaf is actually an even better natural treatment for Dengue as detailed here, including my personal experience with using it.

Precautions and Warnings

As a precaution, pregnant women should not use papaya seeds or the enzyme rich green papaya. This warning on their use would also extend to breastfeeding.

Additionally, while papaya seeds do have strong anti-parasitic properties, they may be too powerful for young children’s gastrointestinal tracts, so a doctor should be consulted before giving them to infants.

There is also some animal research suggesting that eating papaya seeds may temporarily but greatly reduce a man’s fertility to the point that would make pregnancy unlikely. I’ll leave it up to male readers whether they currently consider that a good or bad thing. There’s a detailed look at the contraceptive potential of papaya seeds for men here if you’re interested.

The side effects and potential warnings for using papaya enzymes on the previous page would also especially apply to papaya seeds as well so keep that in mind if you are currently dealing with any of the health conditions mentioned there.

Using Papaya Seeds

The benefits of papaya seeds, with their high levels of digestive enzymes, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and liver regenerating properties are powerful. You don’t too need many at a time, certainly not a whole fruit’s worth.

After you scrape them out of a fresh fruit, it’s best to keep them in a sealed container in the fridge if you’re using them regularly, or in the freezer if only occasionally. At the dose recommended on the next page, a large papaya fruit could supply enough seeds for several weeks of use.

While I do believe fresh papaya seeds are best, in some parts of the USA and Europe buying papaya fruit can be expensive, or they simply aren’t in season for much of the year.

The best alternative I’ve found is this 100% Organic Papaya Seed Powder. I don’t think papaya seed extracts would be as effective as the whole seed and definitely don’t get commercial papaya seeds for planting as they may be treated with chemicals.

I hope this article has helped to spread the word that papaya seeds are edible and potentially good for you in small doses or as specific treatment.

The next page will look at how to use papaya seeds for better digestive health, including recommended dosage and timing, and some unusual ways to add them into your diet.

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Jim Dillan

I want to thank everyone who has commented here. Unfortunately the number of comments this page has had is apparently slowing it down. That doesn’t help new people find it so I’ve decided to close them for now and continue the discussion at this page on papaya enzymes –


Does Papya seeds help to cure hepatisis “B”?

Thank you

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Moe,

    Papaya seeds have apparently been used to treat liver damage resulting from hepatitis B in a similar way to the method for liver cirrhosis as described above.

    I wouldn’t call this a cure though and would recommend discussing this with a practitioner, particularly if any medications are being taken for the condition.


Thank you for sharing this information. I am on day 2 but have been doing smoothies and eating healthy off and on for about 2-3 years (after a long struggle of health for about 15 years).

I went overseas 2-3 years ago and am sure i picked up some nasty parasites. Doctors were unreliable and were eager to throw antibiotics (which made the problem worse as candida overgrowth set in). I am now breastfeeding but feel comfortable consuming a normal portion of papaya et al a day.

I add flax seed and psyllium husk powder to the smoothie recipe and use dried cloves. Will this inhibit any effects?

Thank you again.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Becks and thanks for commenting on the alternate page. I was hoping people still would.

    You’re far from alone with the health issues arising from antibiotic use. Really hope this improves for you. I’ll be writing more on candida in future posts on Superfood Profiles.

    Flaxseed is good and psyllium husks (in small doses) should be fine. The only thing I would suggest is to check using the cloves with your Pediatrician or other health care professional. There are some warnings about using them when breastfeeding. While these can be blanket statements cloves contain some powerful compounds so it would be worth checking.

    Hope this helps.


Hi there, thanks for all this great info about papaya seeds and parasites. I am a nursing mother…so if i understand corrcectly, no seeds for me then? Or are small doses ok? What would you suggest as an alternative? What about GSE or neem leaf extract? Think you again.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Caroline,

    It would be best to avoid the papaya seeds themselves during pregnancy and nursing but the other ingredients in the smoothie are all valuable in and of themselves. Fresh coconut pulp is very good for changing the intestinal environment to one that is less favorable for parasites and would likely be healthy for the baby as well.

    Both Grape seed oil and neem have recommendations against use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While these recommendations often seem to be applied in a blanket way to any substance that has physiological effects, I’d have to advise discussing using them with a knowledgeable health care professional.

    Hope this helps.


Hi Jim,
Let me just say that I am both petrified and fascinated with the information from the other site about papaya seeds and killing parasites. I’m from Belize and as a child, I remember passing out parasites after being forced to take “ketrax’ pills. I would love to try the mixture, but I’m deathly afraid of what I might see. Could you recommend a medicine that might completely grind them so that they don’t come out half dead? Sorry for being so graphic. I remember screaming when I knew they were coming out. I think the ketrax weakened their grip on the intestinal walls and they came out alive. Someone always had to come and help me. Now I’m an adult and on my own with the issue. Would a colonic help to get them out? I definitely have a phobia. If I see a dead earthworm on the side walk, I will literally go across the street. Please advise. Thanks so much.


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Faith,

    With the exception of large tapeworms like the one described by Patrice in the comments in you’re unlikely to see most worms or other parasites unless you are doing a close ‘examination’. If you’re using the castor oil in particular and even with the triphala things come out fast.

    Colonics help clear out compacted areas where they breed and can be helpful. The paratrax treatment has diatomaceous earth along with parasite killing herbs as one of it’s main ingredients. This is supposed to help ‘shred’ the worms and their eggs protective coatings so it could be an option to make sure they are dead –

    Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for replying, Jim. I know I have them and it’s imperative that I do something about it. I will check back and let you know. Again, your post along with the cooments are very helpful. I’ve already passed on the information to others.


I want to know how papaya seeds can be use to cure staph

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Anastasia,

    Papaya seeds are antibacterial and have been shown to destroy Staphylococcus infections in the lab but I couldn’t advise them as a specific cure. Anyone with a staph infection should see a knowledgeable health care professional.


      Since papaya seeds are natural , I would try them before even visiting a doctor who understandably has no such experience. He might take you as an alien. I think no harm done. I eat them now although I don’t suffer from any illness. I eat lots of seeds and seed oils. Latest are passion seeds and like papaya I crush them and eat raw. I stopped consulting a doctor for years unless I am not able to cure myself naturally.


Hi Jim–

I have been researching natural methods for ridding of parasites since I tested positive for a “non-human, ingested protozoan parasite of unknown taxonomy” last year. Antibiotics have not worked.

Thank you for sharing the shake recipe. I tried it yesterday along w/ some castor oil for “stage 2”. It worked very well. Was actually quite uncomfortable and I believe my system is so sensitive moving forward I will need to utilize a milder evacuation stimulant. Ouch. 😉

All that said, today I feel so good! I have been suffering for a year – feeling sick, dizzy, a pain in my left side, unable to eat anything that digests normally, my exercise affected. This morning – energy, brightness, no dizziness or pain in my side, and no bloating after breakfast. Incredible.

I realize I likely need more shakes/laxatives but could not continue due to work this morning. This will be hard to plan. I’m really hoping that having a gap in consuming the shakes won’t allow the parasites to come right back. You mentioned 3-4 days consecutively, then again to capture the egg cycle. Would you so kindly say more about the duration of time relevant to how frequently the shake/evacuation process needs to occur to ensure a complete extermination?

Thank you again,

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Jennie and thanks for your comments.

    I’d try the triphala at a higher dose of two teaspoons, stirred up so you drink the sediment as well. This should be effective without the ‘dramatic’ effects of castor oil. It also has many health benefits taken more regularly at smaller doses as described here –

    Timing is an inexact science but my research pointed to a 3-4 day treatment every fortnight for a couple of months. Alternatively, every weekend for the same sort of time period. I’m aware that’s a bit of fruit to buy but if you can find papayas in bulk at a good price you can freeze both the seeds and the pulp for future use. A large one should provide enough seeds for half a dozen treatments and a little less of the fruit itself could be used without problem.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with getting this resolved.


Hi Jim,

I have red your article about how a papaya smoothie can expel worms. I am vrry muh interested as I suspect Ihave. I am 24 years old now and still a student. Since I am a child maybe estimated at 12 years old I have always been weak, always feeling tired and sickly. I am also underweight. Till now any effort to gain weight does not prosper. i have taken all kind of vitamins from energy boosting to appetite stimulant(though my appetite is normal just to have more appetite to gain weight) but no effect on my body.. I also tried memory enhancing supplements because of my being forgetful. Maybe its weird but i rarely feel itch and like something in your anus is tickling or trying to go out or something but as I said its very rare (like consecutive 2days in 4 mos) and then its gone so I thought it just it comes and go. somewhere in my teens I told my mom about it and she taken me to a doctor to know if i have worm but the doctor only laughs at us and only reccomended combantrin and thats it, no test.. He said Im old enough to still have worms..So yeah since I was a child till now I only had taken combantrin twice as Iam also afraid going to bathroom having worm sticking in my butt and have to pull it out.. and I rarely eat papaya and in small portions as its not my favorite fruit. But just last monday I experience again the ticlking in my anus or butthole and to my curiosity search it now and I found out the symptoms i have half my life. I thought I was just born weak and sickly but now I have sudden realization that what I am experiencing the weakness, sickly, forgetfullness, fatigue is because of this parasites.. At some days I also experience switching between diarrhea and constipation. i never thought having worms can really be that dangerous so I was really alarmed.. And now i found a light that if I expel this worms out of my system, Ill have a chance on a healthier life .. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with gastric problem but now It only severes when im stressed but since then i also avoided pineapple so can I remove the pineapple ingredients? And after how many hours can you eat after taking castor oil? Im really excited to try it although i am afraid of long worms to be pulled out I will do it as I want to be healthy already.. But as much I want to start, ill start next month as I am away from home and I dont have a blender to use.. Lol..

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Iaine,

    Some of the symptoms you have described are possibly pinworms though other types of parasites can be difficult to diagnose, hence the reason why many doctors are either unaware of them or dismiss them outright. Regardless, parasitologists recognize that intestinal worms are a significant health problem across the world, even in ‘developed’ countries.

    If you would like to try the papaya seed smoothie recipe then the pineapple is not essential (though helpful) but you would obviously need a good blender like the one suggested on the main page.

    I feel it would be helpful for you to some more research on this, perhaps at the curezone online forums with a search for parasites or websites like this –

    Hope this helps.


Can papaya seeds be used as anti inflammatory? pain in the abdominal region going down thighs


I ran into this website after having read “Brighton Baby” by Roy Dittmann. He mentions using papaya seeds and honey mixture as a parasite treatment. He also mentions Pin X (btm, Jim – wonder if you’ve heard of it).

It just makes so much sense! Parasites are often deeply burried within the biofilm covering the intestines and conventional drugs simply can’t penetrate it. The papain would likely help dissolve it and release the pathogens.
Adding castor oil to expel is a genious idea to sweep them out.

I’ve had giardia twice (as a child and teenager) but have always been afraid that it never went away – especially since my family was not treated (and you have to treat all of the household members to avoid re-infection).
I’ve had a long history of digestive and health problems in general – I’m very health conscious, eat a clean diet, research everything health related, and while did manage to improve, some symptoms are very persistent (bloating, gas, poor memory, yellowish skin, dark circles under eyes, fatigue, brain fog, itchiness).

My intuition always told me that Giardia might be behind all this, but I could never find a doctor that would take my concerns seriously – a problem that’s all to common. That just goes to show you – it’s best to trust that inner voice and not let anyone suppress it.

I”ll be starting this treatment soon – for some reason I really dislike ripe papayas (they smell of vomit to me), but I’m totally willing to go past that. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

And thanks for all the good work, Jim!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Martha and thanks for your detailed comments.

    I agree that the papain in papaya seeds breaking down the biofilm, and possibly making the eggs themselves more vulnerable, is a big part of why this parasite treatment appears to be working so well for many people. For really serious cases, it could also be combined with the well known black walnut, wormwood and clove combination as long as they are at proper strengths (rare) – The enzymes in both the papaya seeds and the pineapple should also help increase the effectiveness.

    I’ve had a lot of comments on regular GPs being very dismissive of the parasite problem. This really isn’t their area for most of them, so unless you can find a parasitologist who will see patients, a good holistic practitioner with experience in parasites is more likely to be able to help.

    It’s a bit of a shame that you don’t like ripe papaya, but the ones that are just turning from green to yellow will actually contain more papain than the fully ripe ones so perhaps they could be a good option. Please start off slowly and build up to the higher doses as the treatment can be quite powerful.

    I’m glad the word is getting out about papaya seeds but I’m not sure store bought honey is that necessary and is probably just used to try and mask the peppery taste of the papaya seeds. Manuka honey or true raw honey has antibacterial properties and would be fine to add if you have it. Otherwise, I’d just make up the smoothie without it.

    On the Pin-X, these kind of treatments may work for some but many people talking on forums seem unsatisfied with their results. There’s also the issue of pharmaceutical side effects It’s a decision everyone has to make for themselves after doing the research, but I personally prefer natural methods.

    I really hope your treatment goes well.

    Best Regards,


Ossa Leon

Hi Jim, thanks alot for these health tips. I would like to know whether i can possibly use papa seeds to treat microfilariae as the orthodox medicines as DEC, Ivermectin, albendazole, antibiotics have been ineffective so far. I have bin suffering from this condition for 4 years now and am currently using alternatives like garlic, ginger, fruits to fight this condition but there is not much improvememt. Hope i would hear from you. Thanks!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Ossa,

    Unfortunately there’s little on the subject and I can’t find anything specifically on using papaya seeds as a treatment for microfilariae, but it can be beneficial to treat these kind of conditions with a variety of anti-parasitics to see which works best for you. Aside from the papaya seeds, fenugreek seeds, grapefruit seed oil or fresh non irradiated cloves may be worth investigating. I wouldn’t give up on garlic or ginger just yet either but they may be more effective combined with other treatments.

    Hope this helps


Hey Jim,

I was just curious about your papaya seed smoothie:

1. for the yogurt, could/should I use non-dairy yogurt, like soy? I’ve been going dairy-free recently, just to see if it helped my general digestive comfort, so I wanted to stick to that if possible. The one I’m looking at in particular has L. acidophilus and B. bifidum, which I’ve read in many places are the ones you want most in your gut. I’ve noticed that these yogurts and yogurt in general tend to have quite a bit of sugar, which I’ve read are food for parasites, but maybe it depends on the type of sugar that is included?

2. for the coconut water, what about coconut milk if I can’t find coconut water? Is there even a difference? I’ve seen coconut milk many places but haven’t noticed or actively searched for coconut water, so I don’t know. If I do need the coconut water, I have no problem looking harder.

3. I’m used to including an avocado in my smoothies; would you recommend this in , or leave it for my other smoothies? My general go-to has been 1 avocado, 1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, some spinach, some flax seed, and 1 and 1/2 cups coconut/almond milk; all organic btw. This was before I found out about the possibility of me having parasites and before this papaya seed recipe, so any/all of these ingredients (particularly the banana, with its sugar…) would be subject to removal from my usual smoothie or added (like the avocado, maybe even spinach?) to the new papaya seed smoothie. So I’m just curious if additions such as these would be recommended to your recipe (too much of good things?). I’d have no problem consolidating these two smoothie recipes into one just for simplicity’s sake.

4. Finally, as an addition both to your recipe and my usual one, what about garlic? I’ve read that’s really good for anti-parasites, and was planning on adding it to my usual recipe until I found yours as well.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Yusof,

    These kind of changes are fine. The papaya seeds and the other main ingredients are the important ones and not so much the yogurt. I agree with avoiding sugary commercial yogurt and was referring to true cultured yogurt but using just the almond milk you mentioned (as long as it’s low/no sugar) would be ok. While I agree with avoiding regular milk I’m not particularly big on soy milk either I’m afraid.

    Coconut milk is a great addition to stirfrys and other cooking but I feel that putting enough in to blend this smoothie might be too filling. If you try it remove the coconut oil from the ingredients as it’s already in that. Another good option is the coconut based milk alternatives that are becoming popular now. One of those would be ideal.

    Though not particularly targeted at parasites, your usual smoothie ingredients would be healthy if you’d like to add them as well. Perhaps with the exception of the banana which is a little high in sugar for the moment. The papaya and pineapple with their digestive enzymes would be better of this purpose and still give a great taste.

    If you can add the garlic and it still tastes ok that would be great. I tend to use a bit of it in more savory dishes but would be interested to hear whether it overpowers the smoothie taste.


      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the quick response. I think I’ll just try your recipe as is for the moment, then see if adding avocado later makes any difference in taste.

      I had another question though, concerning the leftover papaya and seeds. Obviously, I can use the seeds for future smoothies, and the papaya as well, but what about eating the papaya before meals or as a snack? I’m concerned that eating the fruit by itself would feed the parasites too easily. Would taking a papain enzyme supplement before meals be better?



Hi Jim – Is this something that I need to clear my schedule for to prepare for a huge blowout? Also, Would a colonoscopy/upper endoscopy have shown signs of parasites? I have been having stomach issues for almost 10 yrs now, and most of them started after I came back from a visit to Tanzania. I’ve had my gallbladder removed and had every test known to man performed on me. Thanks for the help.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi David,

    It’s best to start on the weekend when you don’t have to go out for a few hours if you can to see how your digestive system reacts the first time. Rushing to work isn’t ideal but you’ll usually have an hour or two before ‘results’.

    Apparently it depends on the type of parasites with a colonoscopy and whether the doctor is specifically looking for them. A large tapeworm would be difficult to miss but many smaller types of parasites are unlikely to be detected.

    I’d suggest considering the effects mentioned in the original article and the precautions on this page – and whether it’s worth doing this kind of cleanse regardless of whether you have specific proof if you suspect parasites could be a problem. It’s a very long time to have been suffering from these kind of problems. I’d recommend discussing it with your physician and if you do decide to go ahead with the smoothie then plan for a longer treatment time and start of slow, perhaps just teaspoon or less of papaya seeds at the start.

    Hope this helps and you can get this resolved.


Hi. I am pretty positive I have worms/ parasites. I’ve had recurring “stomach bugs” at least every month, sometimes every 2 weeks. And I started to get them after I bought my dog. Me and my husband have suffered with the stomach problems for 3 years before I clued in as to what it could be. Now I really need your help because I am breastfeeding and I want to get rid of these things NOW. Is there anything that you can recommend for me to try and get rid of them with no ill effects to my 14 month old? I know my hubby will try the papaya smoothie recipe. But I need to be rid of these also. I am so sick of being sick on a monthly basis. It’s just not fun. Any help at all is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for this site and all the information you have provided.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for your comments. It often seems that breastfeeding women are advised to avoid a lot of natural products without any specific reasons given. That said, papaya seeds are powerful so I can’t recommend them for breastfeeding or especially pregnant women.

    Pumpkin seeds though are another natural intestinal worm remedy and I can’t find any problems noted with having them while breastfeeding. This page has a recipe for using them for intestinal worms –

    Hope this helps.


Hey there,

I have been having a teaspoon of crushed papaya seeds with some lemon juice both morning and night for the past month in hope it can cure my fibrosis/cirrhosis. I’m not sure if its helped yet as I haven’t gone for any tests but was curious as to how long I keep having the seeds for? Do I just stop? ease off them? or just keep on taking them? or up the dosage?

Thanks for the article.


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Dean,

    It’s best to take at least a week off every month from treatments like these. As long as you feel they are well tolerated you could then have them for another month after which you would take at least a two week break and so on. Each month adding an extra week until it’s a month on month off if you still felt like taking them. Keep in mind the precautions mentioned at the end of the article.

    I’d be very interested to hear your results if you get a chance after your tests come back and best of luck with your healing.




      A tablespoon for the whole day is way too much. Five seeds in the morning and five in the evening. Your liver tests will improve dramatically over the course of nine months.


Ill be starting tomorrow for my smoothie. I’m excited at the same time nervous of what will come out. hopefully the’yll just be in my stools.. im juat curious if you can pinpoint if you have lots or just few is on the size of your stomach.. and will i’ll be experiencing weight loss? im concerned about it as i am already thin.. and is a tea laxative ok as an alternative to castor oil or the other one you suggested..? another is i cant find dessicated coconut, amd im adding carrots, is it ok like that… thanks


    i had taken my first smoothie and it taste real good.. I added honey as its available on the fridge but ithink its not pure so im planning to buy. i dont have coconut water or desicated coconut but i added carrots.. ive taken senna tea 2 hrs about 2pm I went to toilet room.. im afraid of what will comeout.. it took me 30 minutes to finish.. i never seen anything.. immediately after i finished, i went back again.. as soon as i sit fluid came out after i finished ive seen a small black looking like worm like only half inch floating but not not sure what kind it is but im sure its a worm.. im not feeling any die off reaction today..


Hi Jim,

I have been suffering from stomach problems, i.e. gas, diarrhea, bloating, gurgling, for the past three months. My doctor ran urine, blood, and stool tests – all which came back normal. He decided that I had IBS and referred me to a GI. This was very stressful as I tried finding cures for IBS, but nothing was working.

After just learning to deal with the symptoms I noticed that a strange mucus like worm of some sort was coming out of my bowels and I found your papaya seed smoothie recipe. I have been drinking it every morning for the past five days and have seen a significant improvement. I am using 1Tbs papaya seeds, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, coconut, coconut oil, and kefir. There is much less gas and hardly any gurgling. I took two capsules of triphala last night (fourth day) and had a majorly uncomfortable movement this morning, but it seems it was a good cleansing. I am also taking ParaFree, which I found at Whole Foods and contains black walnut, wormwood, and clove. This also seems to be working very well.

I plan on staying on the smoothie for 7 days then taking a week break and starting up again for another two or three days as you suggested. Would it be alright to get a colonic to expel anything that may not be coming out with the Triphala alone? Would eating raw garlic be helpful at this point as well?

Thank you so much. This has really helped me and I’m able to get through a whole yoga class again without feeling uncomfortable.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Anne and thanks for your comments.

    It sounds like the treatment is working well for you. The kefir is a good edition too. I’d usually suggest a little more triphala but if that amount is getting the desired result then that’s fine. If not then you could increase it.

    The black walnut, wormwood and clove capsules are beneficial and I’ve recently written about them here – I’ve also read suggestions of adding black walnut tincture to colonics to really get at any parasites directly. There’s a good one in that link. Raw garlic is helpful to have during a parasite treatment as well.

    I’d suggest sticking with what’s working for you for at least 6 weeks including the weeks off to make sure you deal with it but glad you’re seeing improvements.


I want to first thank you for work and knowledge and the sharing of it. I have had Ibs and refuse it as a condition…i have battled doctors to try and the problem as i feel it is symptomatic. I have always considered parasites. I am off all medicines for anxiety i refuse to be anymore. I have done the smoothie and symtoms of conditions have improved. I have a question…since parasites are always going to be an ongoing situation can i include the smoothie regularly..not everyday but be used when i feel like having it…and can i do liver cleanse simutatiously or intermittently.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Timmy,

    You could have the papaya seed smoothie for a week and then have a week or two off and repeat the process for two months to be really thorough. The liver cleanse would be better on the week off from the smoothie.

    Hope this helps.


Hi Jim,
I just discovered that 2 of my 4 children have pinworms. I know you are reluctant to give advice without consenting a doctor, so I wanted to ask, what would you do with your own children?
Would you give your children the smoothie in moderation? How do you feel about papaya seeds and children?
I have read over and over how the prescribed pinworm meds aren’t working for so many. I hate to start down that path. I have a hard time giving my kids Advil, let alone other meds.
Also, for adult use, would adding Diatomacious Earth to the smoothie be effective, or would it lessen the effects of the other ingredients?
I so appreciate all the wisdom on this page.
Thank you!

Jim Dillan

Hi Erin,

That’s a great idea for using papaya seeds. I’ll still sometimes have them crushed up in meals that can take their spicy flavor, but I find adding them to a smoothie like this the easiest way to disguise the flavor –


HI Jim,
I started the smoothie 2 days ago without adding cloves, do you think I could replace cloves for another ingredient or could I use a few drops or clove bud essential oil?


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Aaron,

    I originally made up the smoothie without clove and found it effective. I only added it recently after a discussion with someone who added it. I think fresh, no irradiated cloves would be a good edition but not essential. Alternatively, clove oil capsules could be beneficial though the essential oil is overpowering and I think would ruin the taste of the smoothie.

    Hope this helps

      Priscilla bayhon

      Hi Jim,

      i’m taking papaya seeds because I’d done hepa B screening which is reactive. The doctor says , I’m going to take Banaclude that last 6 months . I rather to take papaya seeds because while I reading about these medicine , there’s side effect and the price is very expensive. Hopefully it will gone by taking papaya seeds and I trust God that I’ve read a lot miracle happened about these seeds and the person who discover this.
      Thank you, although I’m not done yet undergo screening and I’m positive to the result that i’m cure.



I have two questions:

1. Is the blender you suggested comparable to the Vitamix?

2. I have polysistic kidney disease, could doing the papaya seed cleanse be harmful or helpful to my condition?


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Celina,

    Vitamix are considered the best for good reason, but they are also 3 times the price of this one. I personally think it’s nearly as good, though if you can afford them a Vitamix is great.

    I’d have to suggest discussing using papaya seeds with a knowledgeable healthcare professional if you have polycystic kidney disease. Papaya seeds have been found to protect the kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure, but I can’t say whether they would be appropriate in your situation. Personally, I’d visit a good holistic practitioner and discuss the situation and using papaya seeds with them.

    Best Regards,



PAPAYA SKINS? Also, Jim, do you include the SKIN from the Papaya in your Papaya smoothie?

NIGHT SWEATS: I have read that parasites can cause night sweats. Does anyone know which parasites cause that?
I know someone who has chronic night sweats who lived for a while in Africa as a child. I now suspect the possibility of parasites as a cause.

    Jim Dillan

    Yes you can use a little of the papaya skin in the smoothie. If I have a papaya with a little green on the end I’ll often cut off the last inch, maybe remove the part where the stalk connects, and throw it into the blender. Perhaps start with half this for the first few times as it’s quite high in enzymes.

    It’s very difficult to pinpoint specific parasites for specific symptoms. It’s probably more helpful to take a more holistic overall view that this symptom, along with others, will have the best chance of healing by improving your digestive system and overall health.


Hi Jim,

I sent a comment on Friday, earlier made, which I see is “awaiting moderation.” In retrospect, I packed too many subjects in it. May I suggest you leave off posting the long one I sent, and I can try again in more digestible elements. Thanks again so much for posting the invaluable information you have and hosting this forum. It is extremely helpful.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I’ve been away for a while sorry. There are a lot of subjects there but I think there is merit in hitting parasites from several different angles. Different things work for different ones and for different people. As long as you are not having to bad a reaction to a treatment then it’s fine to combine a few.

    One important thing to remember is that a healthy intestinal environment is far less hospitable to parasites so as we improve both our general and digestive health they will naturally have more and more trouble remaining there. It’s difficult to completely avoid any chance of exposure, but having good stomach acid levels in particular and cutting right back on the sugar and refined grains that weaken your digestive environment greatly reduces the chances of a parasitic infection.

    More and more these days I think parasites are another symptom of an unhealthy digestive system, like candida or IBS. Treatments like the papaya seed smoothie can certainly help clear them out at the start, but longer term only a healthy natural food diet can rid you of them permanently.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with your healing.


I really appreciate the time you took to write this article. We have used pin-x four rounds, albendazole two rounds, and two of my family members still have pin worms. I have found both diatomaceous earth food grade or petroleum jelly mixed with grapefruit a seed drops both help to kill some of the worms going to the anus to lay eggs (apply to anus all day and night..they do lay eggs during the day too. My question for your article is can I use mango and the papaya seeds? My three year old wont drink it. I even froze it somewhat to make it an ice cream. He ate half but now he has not interest in it. I have to say papaya is not that good tasting when greenish yellow. Is mango an ok way to cover it up or is this just a sugar thanksgiving for them? Also I tried freezing the papaya seeds and pouring a little chocolate shell that turns hard over the seeds trying to get my child to eat it! He won’t go near the pumpkin seeds as well. Mayo clinic did some study on papaya seeds on children and seventy five percent of the kids were worm free after seven days! I can’t find the study or the drink they gave the kids, if you find it, could you post the kid alternative receipt here as well? One last question, can I just put the seeds in pickle juice for a couple of days or will I kill all the good stuff in the seeds? Everything tastes good pickled! Thanks for your time!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Elaine,

    Pinworms can unfortunately be very tenacious. For your question, yes mango could be used in place of papaya. Pineapple would be better with it’s protein digesting enzymes, but the most important part of the recipe is the papaya seeds. They admittedly don’t taste great which is why the smoothie is usually a good way to take them.

    The study you mentioned is I think this one – – where they used dried and ground seeds. I’ve found no evidence that there’s any extra value in drying the seeds but they do need to be at least chopped up somewhat which is why I blend them.

    Pickling is a novel idea. I don’t think this would affect the carpaine compound so there’s no reason why not to but them would need to be chopped up or ground before using to be effective.

    Hope this helps


Hi Jim, I’ve been reading with interest your article and the various comments submitted by your readers.

I live in the Caribbean where access to some of the ingredients (such as pumpkin seeds) is limited. Whilst I can get some of the ingredients (such as the fruits) for the smoothie, my other difficulty is that I don’t have a blender!!

Whilst researching the benefit of papaya seeds, I have noted some comments that the seeds can be taken with water. I have purchased a papaya and plan to take some of the seeds (grounded) with some lemon water first thing on an empty stomach tomorrow. I plan to do this for 3 – 4 days (whilst I am off work) gradually increasing the dose subject to how I react. Is this something worth trying until such time I can get all the ingredients??

The reason why I say 3 – 4 days is that I fly to the UK at the weekend and wanted to give this a go whilst I have a few days off work.

What are your thoughts??


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Kally,

    While I think the other ingredients in the smoothie are beneficial and enhance the effects, the most important ingredient is the papaya seeds. I think taking them in lemon juice before breakfast would be good. Obviously it won’t taste as good as the smoothie but as long as you’re ok with that it would be worth doing on a similar schedule as that I’ve suggested with the smoothie, as you mentioned, slowly increasing the dose.

    I’d also recommend having a large glass of water straight afterwards to help them get down into the digestive tract quickly.

Manpreet Singh

Hi All,

My father, age 78yrs has been suffering from cryptogenic (cause unknown) liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension for the last 8 years now. he has never been into alcohol. developed multicentric Hepatoma carcinoma (HCC) around one year back which has been treated with TACE through 2 sessions. other than these he has also been suffering from recurrent GI bleeding of small esophageal varices (since the last 6 years). the doctors are still not sure if this GI bleeding is caused by cirrohis or is heridetary releated as we also have heridetary hemorrhagic telangectasia (since his childhood, even I along with my uncles and cousins have this). he is now in advace child C status, decompensated with ascites and his doctor is not giving him much time (3-10) months. If im correct, I think he would have been transfused around 90 units of blood in all these years as his HB drops to around 6-7.

I would request you to let me know if there can be any positive impact on this condition and if any improvement possible in his liver functioning and life as a whole if i give him these papaya leaf extracts? I came across these articles on the benefits of taking papaya leaf & seeds extract and that it may help in liver recovery. is this recovery possible? please let me know if there can be any improvement as I am in dire need of help?

thanks and regards,

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Manpreet,

    I’m sorry to hear about your father’s condition but it sounds far too serious for someone online to be advising on. I can tell you that ground papaya seeds have been recommended as a treatment for liver cirrhosis and many people in forums report good results with it as per the method I outline in the post above.

    Personally, I’d consider looking for a knowledgeable holistic practitioner if whoever was treating me ever said anything along the lines of ‘not giving me much time’. It might be worth posting on and seeing if people there can recommend a practitioner in your area.

    Hope this helps.

      Manpreet Singh

      thanks for responding Jim. I am posting this on curezone. meanwhile, can you please advice if the papaya seeds powder can be given with anything else other than lemon juice as my father’s potassium levels are high? Also, can you please suggest me a good practitioner whom i can get in touch with over phone or over email? thanks again for your help and suggestions.

        Jim Dillan

        Hi Manpreet,

        The ground papaya seeds can be taken with other ingredients. Traditionally they are used with real raw honey. I generally advise against too much sugar when treating parasites but if you can find proper raw honey this could be good for getting them down in your father’s case, or mixed with anything he’s already drinking.

        This link has a list of holistic practitioners in the USA. You’d have to do some research in your area though and perhaps email or talk to them first over the phone to see if they have experience treating similar health problems –

        Hope this helps


This smoothie has helped me no end. After being mis diagnosed with scabies and being left with trying to solve the problem myself. I asked the Dr. If he could possibly treat me for parasites. After 1 dose of Ivermectin and still with the same symptoms- loss of energy,loss of speed( am an athlete) pain in my lower abdomen, weight gain,constipation,bloody stools, itchy skin with a biting sensation under the flesh, ( scratched raw) headaches, I was generally wondering if I had got it all wrong. So I took Verm eze for 2 weeks followed by 2 more weeks of liver nurse , which resulted in skin itch clearing, but still I had the feeling things weren’t too much better. Then I tried the papaya smoothie on a Wednesday. The next day I noticed something black in my stool. . Exactly 1 week later I repeated the papaya smoothie and the next day I passed heaps of white eggs. I will persist with this smoothie for another 4 weeks and then move onto a different cleanse, just to cover all bases. During all this i began and ended every day with 2 cups of cider vinegar tonic, as well as grated carrot before dinner and chewing pumpkin seeds before each snack. It’s been a real eye opener, as no dr. Seems to be interested in the cause of my symptoms but persist in treating the outcomes of having parasites. Ie scabby skin etc. thank you for such an awesome smoothie. It really has become a life saver!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Kezza and thank you for your great comments. It’s really encouraging to hear so many people having positive results with the papaya seed smoothie.

    It sounds like you’re doing the right things to clean out your system. I’d suggest having the smoothie for two weeks, alternate whatever other treatment you’re planning, having it for another week or two, alternating again and so on. It can take up to two months to make sure you really deal with parasite breeding cycles but having the treatment in two week cycles over this time is considered effective.

    Unfortunately you’re right on many doctors not being aware of the parasite problem, as many of the previous comments will attest to. It seems unless they’re a parasitologist they will have had very little, if any training in the subject so it’s not surprising they are only able to treating symptoms. Holistic practitioners are more likely to be able to treat parasites successfully in my opinion.

    Hope this helps.


Jim, thank you so much for sharing your research. I wanted to read through all the comments to not have a repeat question (starting with the first page) but am treating an infection right now and am very tired so forgive me if you have already answered these:
1) have you known this to be effective for chronic UTIs?
2) have you known this to be effective for Blastocystis hominis?

so much appreciation to you and heart felt well wishes to all who are suffering.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Sacra,

    I haven’t read anything about using papaya seeds for chronic UTIs unfortunately. I’d look into Candida treatments for that.

    Papaya seeds are included in protocols to treat Blastocystis hominis and can certainly help. That said, this papaya seed smoothie is designed more with intestinal worms in mind so I can’t say it’s a complete treatment.

    Oil of oregano has been used with success as well so some enteric coated capsules of these with the smoothie on an empty stomach would be likely to be beneficial.

    With this parasitic organism it is said to be especially important to clean out any compacted waste in the lower intestine. The Oxypowder mentioned at the end of this article would be useful for that, especially the evening before a treatment.

    Curezone has a lot of posts on people’s experiences with treating Blastocystis hominis as well.

    All the best with getting this resolved and having your good health back.



Hi Jim,

Thank you for this wonderful website. I was just curious if you have you ever heard of anybody being able to clear out dientamoeba fragilis with papaya seeds? At the beginning of this year my family became sick with stomach issues and we were all tested with stool samples. Only one of us tested positive with DF but I believe we all had it as we all had the same symptoms. From all the reading that I’ve done on this, it sounds like they are extremely difficult to get rid of even with antibiotics. None of our doctors believe that they cause issues and some of them didn’t believe that my child tested positive for it even with the stool test being positive! Very frustrating how the medical community likes to ignore the real threat of parasites. Anyways, I used some garlic, pumpkin seeds, cloves etc. and even played around with some papaya seeds to see if these could help us. In the Spring I had a colonoscopy done which came back clear. I didn’t take the results very seriously because they are microscopic parasites and I was feeling much better after doing some of the treatments with the above. I went on with everyday life and we have all been feeling much better until just recently. I now am having bouts of nausea and I feel as though my body is not absorbing the food I eat. I am thinking about trying the shake to see if it helps but was just curious to see if anyone has ever e-mailed you with a success at clearing up DF. Thanks again! These websites are great to see!!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Autumn,

    You’re unfortunately right that many doctors aren’t interested in treating parasitic infections like these. Most have very limited training in this area and if you’re looking to go the conventional route I think only parasite specialists are likely to be helpful. Here’s a link for those in the US –

    Alternative practitioners, particularly a good Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner may have more experience but I’d always recommend discussing the topic on the phone first to check that they know this area –

    These protozoa like Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis hominis do seem to be particularly difficult to treat. It seems treatments like papaya seeds and clove oil can kill a lot of them and people feel better afterwards but they end up coming back if intestinal conditions are right for them.

    I suspect a significant dietary change is the best way to deal with them, especially minimizing grain based foods and sugar which change the intestinal environment favorably to them. Make meals based around a healthy protein source and lots of steamed vegetables or mixed into stirfrys and cut down on high carbohydrate foods as much as possible. Adding desiccated coconut to any recipe that can take it and using coconut oil instead of inflammatory vegetable oils is also a good step.

    Best of luck with overcoming this and getting your health back.



i would add to your anti-parasitic shake some nigella sativa seeds too, 1 to 3 teaspoons… how much would you add?

also what do you think about taking this shake like 2 hours before sleep and right before sleep a laxative? so the shake can make its effect during sleep?? what are your toughts on this?

also as a laxative i would use sodium thiosulphate: 1 tsp mixed with 1 tsp ascorbic acid in 3 oz water(tastes bad)…its a REALY effective laxative… google it.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Roland and thanks for your comments. 2 teaspoons of black seeds or taking some of the black seed oil at the same time as the smoothie would be a good edition. I’d like to write more about this herbal treatment in the future.

    I’d think in the evening might not be as effective if it’s after dinner as the digesting meal would slow down the passage to where it’s needed. That’s why I like first thing in the morning best.


Hi! Great article!
I will share an experience.Papaya tastes like vomit because we usually throw up proteins that have been acted upon by the protease enzyme. So that taste is because of that. Papaya has that taste because of the similar protein-digesting papain. Every time I get that taste, I am happy I am giving my body some enzymes:)

I am using ripe papaya for intestinal parasites. Will that work? For how long should I eat it?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Maryam. I really like the taste of papaya and can’t imagine it that way but I can see the association with protease and they are indeed full of enzymes.

    Papaya seeds are much more powerful for parasites. My method for using them is here –


Hi Jim,

Fantastic readings, thus far. It’s the third or fourth time in 2 months that I’m having gastrointestinal issues – gas, diarrhea, constipation, in alternation, and very often closely followed by certain foods I eat. I think I have established that I eat too much sugar and fried foods. I am currently living in Colombia so I suppose certain parasites might be more available down here than in the North. This week I have been having diarrhea, and I was suspicious it was something I ate. However, my reaction has been quite a bit stronger than those who have shared all meals with me. I have a sensitive stomach. I have read the various things on the worms and am now …. frightened about what kind of beast is living inside my intestine.

Next door there is a holistic medicine practitioner who coincidentally produces his own line of medicines. He is not in town right now!!! Today I had soup for lunch, an agua de panela (sugarcane drink, hot, very nutritious – – –, then later I made a tea with: a lot of fresh ginger, ground clove, ground cinnamon, lime juice and fruit, sugarcane, passionfruit (with seeds too) and papaya seeds (which cooked for quite some time, and I wanted to ask – is this a huge problem? Is it much more recommendable to eat them raw? I found them cooked in the tea to be very enjoyable and easy to chew and digest….). This tea was fantastic and made me feel nice, after which I boiled some beets and had those with some plain crackers and a soup my neighbor made – carrots, ginger and pumpkin (no seeds) and fried onions on top. after we ate that, both my friend and I felt sort of sick afterwards, and he went off to the bathroom to pass a LOT of gas. he also had had the tea and I was thinking perhaps the seeds caused this?

I want to try the smoothie. But I am still having diarrhea whenever I eat pretty much anything. Not a LOT, just a small small movement. The itchy butt thing I get quite severely sometimes, and it’s been a LONG time….. I’m FREAKING OUT about the worms and want to get this cleanse over with to see if I can reestablish equilibrium in my intestinal tract. Should I wait for the diarrhea to completely abate before starting with this cleanse process? It’s not horrible diarrhea and honestly I think the tea and the carrot soup did me some good. We’ll see how I wake up tomorrow. Either way, it will be hard to get all those ingredients, where I am.

<thanks for your expedient response. great, yet disturbing, reads – – – as it reminds how much goes on in your body that YOU DON'T SEE ahhhhhh!!!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Zil,

    It’s difficult to know for sure whether parasites are the issue here but it sounds like your digestive system would benefit from less sugar. While fresh sugarcane is certainly better than the processed stuff too much of it still ends up as a lot of glucose and fructose in the digestive tract and elevating blood sugar levels. Simple sugars are also favored by parasites and yeasts. I’d suggest taking a week off sugarcane and seeing how your digestive issues are. The immediate reaction after eating something isn’t always the true culprit if your system is already struggling.

    That said, too many papaya seeds could cause a extended visit to the bathroom a few hours later. This is why I advise in the article to start off with a teaspoon or so and slowly increase the dosage. I can’t find much on whether heating would damage the carpine or papain enzymes in the papaya seeds, though my feeling is it would be better not to boil them if possible. I do know that they need to be crushed up or chewed to work properly, which is why a smoothie with papaya seeds works so well.

    I also wouldn’t expect any reaction you may have had from too many papaya seeds to last for more than that day so other issues are likely to be behind extended diarrhea. Regardless, it would be best to wait until this has cleared up before starting any parasite treatment. You can make up the smoothie without all of the ingredients. Perhaps for Columbia you could go a bit heavier on the papaya, pineapple and coconut ingredients and not worry to much about the rest. Interesting tropical foods are usually quite effective against parasites.

    Of the other foods you mentioned, ginger and cloves are great for parasites so feel free to include small amounts of those in your meals regularly. Cinnamon, lime, beets, carrots and pumpkin are all also good for your health and digestion.

    Hope this helps.

Nicole B

I agree totally with you. In the early 1990s after a heart surgery, I was asked to take a blood thinner. I dared to ask the surgical team the purpose for the medication, after which I agreed to take it for a certain number of weeks. Then I told them that I would do it with food (garlic, ginger, citrus fruits, etc..) they looked at me with round eyes as if I was an extraterrestrial being.
Still now, at 75, food is my medicine. nb –

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Nicole,

    You’re absolutely right. Hippocrates was onto something, but if it can’t be bottled and highly profitable many are not interested.

    All the best.


Hi Jim,

Sorry, but questions keep coming up.

My questions now is: what would be the highest dose of papaya seeds a human could intake?

As I said before, the first 2 days of the smoothie I did feel the tikling in the anus area diminishing, however the third day (yesterday) it started to grow a little. I had to stop the treatment (smoothie) after the 3rd day and was planing to do 4 days in a row : next fri, sat, sun and mon since I’m planning to stay home in the mornings. And today the tikling (produced by the pinworms “taking a walk ” around that area) increased a little more .

So I was thinking that the next that maybe these next block of days doing the treatment again, a could start with 1tbs of papaya seeds the first 2 days and 2 tbs the following 2 days . Would 2 tbs be too much? I did pretty well with 1 tbs.

Another question is: could I keep taking the smoothie for a week and take the purge -castor oil /triphala – only during the 4 days in row that is when I plan to stay home ?

Again , thank you so much for your time.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Amrita,

    I’ve personally taken 2 tablespoons of papaya seeds blended up in the smoothie without discomfort, but I did build up my tolerance slowly.

    A better way would be to start with 1 tablespoon and increase by a quarter of a tablespoon each day of the treatment. If you reach a point where you have a reaction to them you can take a day or two off and the restart at a lower dosage and build up again.

    The time limit is more to do with taking the laxatives like castor oil so the smoothie could be taken for a full week. I would think after that it would be good to take at least a couple of days off before the next treatment. Try to limit processed foods and especially sugar while treating parasites. Triphala is fine and beneficial to continue taking at the lower doses. I also think it’s good to add desiccated coconut and coconut oil (a great cooking oil) where possible as this helps improve the digestive environment.

    Hope this helps.


      Hi Jim ,

      Thank you very much for your answer.

      Can you mention some of the reactions I could have if I overdose the intake of papaya seeds?


        Jim Dillan

        Hi Amrita,

        The most common reaction to too many papaya seeds would be diarrhea, though some digestive pain is also possible.

        If you experience any side effects it’s best to drink regular water to help the papaya seeds pass through more quickly.

        Hope this helps.


Hi JIM am really impressed by ur show of knowledge. i just wanted to clear my curiosity so i googled d pawpaw seed n guess what i found? interesting that am on track n av experienced cHANGE SINCE i started using d seed, its really awesom to find out that its workin for me. infact i have pawpaw everywhere in nigeria even if i want it for free. thanks so much.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Leticia,

    Pawpaw is a very health fruit to eat itself and worth having regularly. You are lucky to have it so available when Americans often pay several dollars just for one. Hope the seeds continue to work well for you.


Hi Jim,

Thank you for your writings about Papaya Seeds Smoothies for Parasites Cleaning. I personally find it as a great solution for parasite symptoms that my husband (and lately I) have been facing this whole time.

Anyway, I have some questions for you:

1. Can I use any other kind of laxative beside Triphala or Castor Oil? I don’t know how to find them here in my country. I live in Indonesia.

2. Besides pinworms, is there any other parasite that can be contagious? Before I got married, I never have had any digestive problems or parasite possible symptoms. But lately, I feel like having those parasite possible symptoms (like my husband does): digestive problems (gas, diarrhea, constipation, even bloody stool), sleeping disorder, muscle and joint pain, headache, and excessive fatigue. I don’t think my husband has pinworms as he doesn’t experience any itching night.

3. I’m on pregnancy planning and have heard about Papaya Seeds’ effect on fertility both men and women. Is it ok to have the smoothies by your guide? Or should I reduce the dose of the Papaya Seeds?

Many thanks for your help, Jim.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Dee and thanks for your comments.

    Yes you can use other laxatives that work for you though I’d recommend natural ones where possible.

    Other parasites besides pinworms can possible be spread from person to person but they are more likely to be contracted through food, water or an infected surface –

    Unfortunately you should avoid papaya seeds and unripe papayas when pregnant or trying to be as per the papaya seed precautions here –

    I’d recommend seeing a knowledgeable healthcare professional for other treatment options. Often tradition Chinese medicine practitioners have experience with getting rid of parasites.

    Hope this helps.


Is the papaya seeds will helpful for the liver damage persons ???

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Vani,

    As per the post, papaya seeds have been used for liver damage. I’d recommend seeing a knowledgeable healthcare professional to discuss using them though, especially if you are currently on medication.

    All the best.

Audrey white

Do you have to chew the seeds for the benefits or can you swallow them whole? I struggle with the taste but definitely want the benefits. Also, they remind me of the taste of black seed oil…is this oil made from papaya seeds?? Thanks so much for your insight and wellness education:)


Want to thank you first for this discovery and now to my question: can papaya seeds cure or reduce the reaction of Atopic Dermatitis? If yes, how can I use it?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Folake,

    I have read of papaya seeds being crushed or mashed up and applied to dermatitis or eczema affected skin though I have no experience with this personally. The seeds contain papain which in theory could help breakdown dead skin cells but it’s possible they could be too strong and cause irritation.

    If you did want to try it perhaps a teaspoon of the seeds and a similar amount of the fruit crushed up in a mortar and pestle would be a reasonable amount to apply for 15 – 20 minutes before washing it off. You’d definitely want to patch test it first on a small area of unobtrusive skin to see if you have a negative reaction and wait until the next day before doing larger areas.

    Please do patch test first if you decide to try it as everyone’s skin is different and I can’t be responsible for a negative reaction if you don’t test properly first.

    Hope this helps.


Hi Jim,
I just came across your website 2 days ago. In my native country Colombia, people get “purges” (purgantes) every year. In the states no doctor has ever heard of that and would not prescribe one for me or my son. I suffer from insomnia and a little gas. My son suffers form bad breath, a little gas and tons of allergies. We were both checked for H-Pylori and came out negative. I was still concerned for my 9 year olds breath and overall health. I didn’t have a ripe papaya or all the ingrediants you mentioned for the shake. So, at around 11:00 am I made my own concoction. First I crushed about 2 tablespoons of seeds from the semi green papaya. Then I blended that with garlic, lemon and coconut water. Both, my son and I drank about a glass of that on an empty stomach. My American husband did not partake on my experiment. He is still weary and as most Americans, believe this is a hoax or something that only happens in Third World Countries. Two hours later we drank a laxative bought at CVS. We didn’t eat all day. In the afternoon, since we had not had a bowel movement, and I needed to feed my son, I made a pineapple drink. I used the core of the pineapple (which my mother told me is good for killing parasites) the pineapple fruit , coconut water and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. It tasted great, or at least I thought it tasted like a piña colada. My son hates coconut so he didn’t drink it. I had already subjected him to 2 nasty tasting drinks. I took a tablespoon of Castor oil to speed the process. It did not taste as bad as I had heard. I think the texture of it on my tongue was more weird than the taste. My stomach gurgled thru the nite but I had no pain. I don’t know if maybe I didn’t drink enough castor oil but as you mentioned better start slow. Especially since it was my first time drinking castor oil. I finally had a bowel movement at 5:00 am the next day, 16 hours later . I didn’t see any parasites. I was relieved that maybe I don’t have parasites but concerned that maybe my efforts didn’t work. My son has still not had a bowel movement. I was wondering if maybe we should have drank more liquids or done something differently. I am making another shake for me today. I will use the seeds and some of the papaya which is not totally ripened, pineapple, coconut water and coconut oil. My husband wants me to leave my son out of my experiments. Lol . If these drinks are not killing the parasites at least I feel I’m giving my intestines a break and a small cleanse. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you,

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Sandy,

    Your recipe sounds fine and seeing parasites isn’t usually expected as many are too small. It is a long time to go without a bowel movement after having castor oil and if your son is not having one daily then elimination problems could be behind his allergies and other symptoms. I’d suggest adding much more high fiber vegetables to your diet (where ever vegetables can replace grain based foods digestive health is improved) and seeking out a good holistic practitioner who can diagnose what’s causing these blockages. It’s often said that health begins in the bowel so this is important. Papaya seeds may help with these problems but if both they and castor oil are not stimulating a trip to the bathroom at least the same day a proper bowel cleanse could be in order.

    Hope this helps.



Thanks for the article. Ma mum is suffering from liver enlargement. Can she combine blended dandelion leaves with the pawpaw seed treatment? ( any side effects?)
Secondly, how much water can I add to the mixture of the seed and the lime juice??


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Douglas,

    I haven’t heard of any negative interactions between papaya seeds and dandelion and they are both considered beneficial for the liver. It would be worth starting off at a lower end dose for both as the potency may be enhanced and slowly building up if they are well tolerated.

    She can add as much water as she likes but she may prefer a small amount blended and then followed with a large glass of water as the taste of papaya seeds alone is quite strong.

    Hope this helps.


hiii….i’m wondering if eating papaya decreases my chances of being pregnant or not…we both eat it may b once weekly…do u think we should just stop eating it for a while?…and how long does its effect last…we eat the ripe orange fruit , not the skin or seeds..thank you

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there and thanks for your question. It’s highly unlikely there would be enough papain or other compounds in ripe papaya to have any effect on fertility. Only the green skin and papaya seeds are worth avoiding if you’re trying to get pregnant.

    Hope this helps.


Dear Jim, I just started the papaya smoothie to get rid of worms and parasites but i cannot find any triphaha powder nearby….is it ok to use capsule form or if i go to the bathroom after the smoothie do i need to take any laxative at all? Thank you, Adhikari

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Adhikari,

    If you have triphala capsules taking a large dose of those with a big glass of water should be effective. A natural laxative is preferable but not absolutely necessary if you are going to the bathroom within a few hours of having the smoothie.

    All the best.


Thanks for sharing my question is

Parasite symptoms on and off feel for weeks than stop itchy anus do I have to do the treatment when no symptoms.does the family have to do it too. I have young kids they can not take smoothies is it ok to give the papaya seed oil while I start mine. Thanks

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I’d suggest doing the full treatment as described in this article to deal with the breeding cycle, even if the symptoms stop. Unfortunately parasites can be a problem for the whole family so it is better to treated as a whole. As mentioned though, I hesitate to suggest this treatment for very young children and would recommend consulting a holistic practitioner with parasite experience if possible for young children.

    I’m also unsure whether papaya seed oil would work as important elements may be lost in the extraction.

    All the best.

Sole Troya

Hi Jim, is easy for me to get papaya seeds, since I live in Ecuador, however I want to take the laxative afterwards, I don’t think I can get the ayurvedic lax tea neither the castor oil, You Think It is okey to take other regular alophatic laxatives instead for afterwards smoothy treatment every day for there or four ocations?
Gracias, thankyou


    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I think any natural laxative that works for you is fine as long as you don’t take it for more than a week in a row. Many people find drinking a large smoothie with papaya seeds early in the morning sends them to the bathroom again within a few hours so as long as this is happening you may not need them.

    Hope this helps.


I am getting ready to order the ingredients for the Parasite eliminating Papaya smoothie How much of each I will need over the course of treatment (3 months) Did I read correctly that the recipe is for each day two consecutive weekends skip two weeks and do this process X 3 (2-4 days skip two weeks and then again 2-4 days and skip two weeks and 2-4 days…3 months form start to finish ) Has anyone figured out what size/amounts product to purchase to avoid waste and maintain freshness to produce necessary servings for 3 months? I just want to be sure to buy what I need and given bulk pricing it would be worth it to invest in the full 3 months, so if I am correct that would be 24 servings! Finally given the preference for fresh papaya, Am I correct to assume I can freeze the papaya for the rest of the course/protocol?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve found a couple of large papaya, which you’re right can be frozen and used as needed, a large bag of pumpkin seeds and a regular bag of desiccated coconut and cloves if you’re using them should be enough. With the papaya seeds frozen there shouldn’t be freshness issues with the other ingredients.

    Hope this helps.


Hello Jim,
First of many many thanks for taking time out to answer every query on your own and taking out your precious time. I am suffering from H- Pylori, blastocystis homminis and Giardia Lamlia. I am loosing weight month on month and have almost lost 12KG for now.. I have done every test under the sun to comee out with only these infestions and nothing else. I have already started taking this Papaya Smoothie and also my health practioner has recomended me to have Wobenzym N whih has Papaine and pineapple and other enzyms to help digect food and get rid of muscle pain and gut problem i have. My questions are: 1) Can i continue to take Wobenzym N along with this Papaye seed Smothie 2) Can ISabgol (physlum husk) is a good laxative to have after 2 hours of Papaya smoothie..Eagerly looking for some positive results from these remedies because Antibiotics do not work at all onme..


    I complete 4 days of taking papaya smothie all ingredients except the strong laxative part, i went for bowel for 1 day after 2 hours and on other days next day morning.. my symptoms are more or less the same. I started with one spoon full of papaya seeds and then made it 2 spoon. i plan to repeat the theory again after 1 week for 2 days… I did not find any worm or parasite in my stool, i am suffering from giardia and that is some thing which i think is not visible with naked eye. I have all symtoms nausea , acidity, bloating, indigestion.. I have not lost the faith i will continue this smoothie for another 4 weeks every week 2 days.. I will see if i can also do liver cleansing with Epsom salt and extra virgin olline oil may be that is of help.

    By the way have u heard of Antiparasite Zapper how effective is this Zapper, please let me know if u have experience with the same.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS INFORMATION AND TAKING UR TIME OUT TO HELP OTHERS> MAN KIND service is the best service one can offer… I really appreciate..

      Jim Dillan

      Hi there and thanks for your comments.

      Most people don’t usually see parasites in the stool unless they are large like tapeworms. Giardia are too small to be seen but that doesn’t mean they are not being expelled. I think it’s well worth doing parasite cleanses like this for at least a month to deal with their breeding cycle as you are doing. Cloves are said to be particularly helpful with this for giardia so I’d include some of those from the link in the article or at least some strong clove oil capsules with the smoothie.

      I haven’t had experience with the zapper. I’ve read some different opinions about it on the Curezone forum and it might be worth reading what people say about it over there.

      Hope this helps.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there and thanks for your comments.

    I think it’s fine to take the other supplement when having the papaya smoothie. Unless your practitioner advises you otherwise it might be better to have it in the afternoon or evening as the papaya seed smoothie already contains these enzymes.

    Psyllium husks are perhaps a little slow working to be ideal for this purpose. If you already visit the bathroom within a couple of hours of having the smoothie (not the normal morning visit) then you may not need the laxative. If not I’d suggest using triphala powder which has a lot of health benefits and may help with the other issues –

    I hope these problems can clear up for you soon.

    All the best.


I have a question..I work all day…and I was wondering if there is a huge difference between if I just skip an afternoon snack and do the smoothie as dinner on an empty stomach and follow the procedures from there? has anyone else done it this way? I just know that I need to do it for more then two days at a time and I’m trying to make it work out…

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Sherrie,

    This could work though it may get you up from bed to visit the bathroom. If morning isn’t possible this could be a good option. Perhaps you could try it on a friday and do it again over the weekend. I think two weekend mornings in a row can also be effective if this works for you.

    Hope this helps.


I don’t have a blender to do the smoothie so what do you suggest? If I have a large tapeworm, how will i be able to pass it through a bowel movement and will it come out alive? I’ve been taking the papaya seeds whole and juicing a whole pineapple, because that’s all i could afford right now.. today my juicer broke so could i eat the pineapple and get results? Thanks

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    The recipe does rely on a blender but the crushed papaya seeds are the most important ingredient. As many of the other ingredients that you could add to your diet would also be beneficial. Pineapple is probably better eaten than juiced for this purpose, including the enzyme rich core.

    All the best.


      Thanks so much for the quick response!! How would i know if what i have is large or small? I’m very concerned because it feels huge.. i feel something moving around in my stomach all the time…. and my stomach is very bloated… i never have a b.m. without a laxative… I’m very miserable..

        Jim Dillan

        I’d suggest getting in contact with a parasite specialist. There’s some useful links at the end of this post that I hope can help. The papaya seed smoothie has been effective for many people but there’s no substitute for getting a diagnosis from a specialist. Unfortunately few GPs have experience with parasites so you usually have to look beyond a regular doctor.

        All the best getting this resolved.

Alfred Freitas

Just a quick question…When you suggest taking a 1/4 tsb, 1/2 tsp etc. of seeds, are you suggesting whole seeds or seeds ground up when you measure?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Alfred,

    Whole seeds, which you can then grind up or put in the blender for the simplest method.

    Hope this helps.


Cynthia you are absolutely right! Man has to turn to the EARTH (individually) in order to better his health and avoid the greed PHENOMENON WHICH IS EATING AWAY at every living being!

Stephanie Ocate

Hi, I have a research and its about papaya seeds, is it ok if I will use your description? I will just put your name and website on my references if its ok…

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Stephanie,

    That’s fine. A link back to the article page would be appreciated.

    All the best.


Hi Jim,

Firstly to mention i live in Central Africa, In my case it all started with a mild stomach upset, going on to slight dizziness, i went for a malaria test which came out negative, after few days bloating and gas started, i was misdiagnosed and given chest infection tablets 500mg for 7 days, after the course finished i was still unwell, changed the doctor and he told me its a stomach infection (he didn’t mention in detail), i was given another set of antibiotics, this time 700mg for 5 days but only after 3 days i was getting worse, my blood report showed WBC count of 19,000 (normal is 5,000 – 10,000) so the doctor then decided to give me a broad spectrum antibiotic IV, this time 2000mg for 5 days, i have been possible overdosed with antibiotics which left my stomach flora in a mess, its been a hard ride since then to recover with all sorts of symptoms and mood issues, weight loss 12kg in 3 months, its now been about 2 months since i was given medications, haven’t been taking any more medications, only on probiotics to restore gut flora, but still have days (every few days) when i feel awful, low energy, rapid heart rate, vague abdominal pain which comes and goes, i have also noticed white specks in my stool (thinking its parasite segments or could it be the probiotic capsule segments), a very itchy anus, muscle weakness specially left arm and leg, sometimes see long worm like species but non-moving. I have been reading about candida and parasites and think i have either one of them, i am not sure if doctors in this part of the world can detect parasites or if there are any labs that are reliable, i would love to try this papaya seed remedy and hope it restores my health. What would be your opinion.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Zain,

    I really think you need to seek out a doctor who understands the parasite problem or better still a tropical medicine specialist. The papaya seed smoothie recipe here may be helpful but it sounds like candida could be an issue as well after all those antibiotics. The forum has some effective treatments for this and may be able to advise on some of the other symptoms but it’s difficult to replace a knowledgeable healthcare professional who can treat your health issues directly.

    All the best

N.P. Russel

Hi! Before I try this smoothie I have a couple of questions! First, is it okay to use kefir instead of yogurt? Second, are roasted pumpkin seeds okay to use if I cannot find the raw ones? Also, I am trying to decide how long and often to do this. Do you think it would be okay to do it just on the weekends for maybe 12 weeks in all? Would that be sufficient for catching the babies as they hatch? Thank you!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there and thanks for your questions.

    Kefir is fine and likely better than yogurt (though not as well known). Raw pumpkin seeds are much better. There’s some low cost sources here

    If you can make up the smoothie every weekend for 3 months this should be very effective and deal with the breeding cycle. A healthy low sugar/simple carb diet at other times is also helpful.

    All the best.


Hi Jim,
I did the smoothie yesterday morning and again this morning. I am now noticing that my sinuses seem to getting a lot going on in the way of post nasal drip. Is this related to a detox effect or something similar? Is it just a strange coincidence? Thanks!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Sarah,

    It is likely a detoxification reaction. These vary for people but getting mucus out is a common one. If it’s too much of a problem try halving the dosage of the papaya seeds and seeing if this helps. Some people need to build up to the higher doses but this should pass. Having less mucus forming milk can help and likely in your case coconut water would be better than yogurt for the smoothie unless it’s a highly probiotic one.

    Hope this helps.


Hi Jim,I consumed 3 BIG teaspoonful of papaya seeds just once….does it gonna affect my fertility issues or is there any chance that my wife won’t get pregnant? me and my wife trying for a baby….plz let me know? thank you


Hi, thanks so much for all the info and tips about the papaya seeds. A friend told me if I take 5 DRIED papaya seed every morning (not crushed) like pills, it would help me to loose weight, I am just wondering if this could be true. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂


My mother has bad rheumatoid arthritis Do paw paw seeds help with pain?


Hi Jim,
I have always had issues with my guts and am now gluten and dairy intolerant but have learned to manage my diet.
Recently I travelled to Madagascar where I ended up with very loose bowels and lost a lot of weight. However since I returned home, I am constantly constipated, bloated and very uncomfortable so I am thinking perhaps parasites.
My daughter (age 21) has the same gut issues as myself but she is also Type 1 diabetic. Are their any contra-indications for your anti parasite smoothie for an insulin dependent diabetic…?
Look forward to hearing from you.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Jane,

    There are obviously some natural sugars with the fruit so a diabetic person should check with their physician and avoid having the smoothie around the same time as medications. While the healthy fats in this recipe should slow down blood sugar spikes, it would probably be better taking the papaya seeds on their own as described here or making up the recipe without pineapple and just the papaya around the seeds.

    I’m not away of any contra-indications with the papaya seeds themselves and diabetes but once again it’s best to check with her doctor. This page has more information on papaya enzyme precautions:

    Hope this helps,


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