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Hi there and thank you for visiting Superfood Profiles today.

This website was founded in 2011 as a factual and high quality resource for detailed information on superfood nutritional properties and food based natural remedies.

Please discuss using supplements with your doctor, especially if you are taking medications or being treated for a serious disease. Nothing on this website should be considered medical advice.

My name is Jim Dillan and I’ve been a professional writer for over 10 years with a background in journalism.

All articles on Superfood Profiles are personally researched and written by myself as the sole author on this site and include relevant scientific references and research studies.

Over 2300 websites currently use superfoodprofiles.com as a trusted reference for factual information on superfoods.

My original work is also commonly used as the basis for new articles on many of the biggest sites online, though please note that I often pursue copyright infringement of my originally published work.

Why I Started This Website

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of information about superfoods online falls into one of two different categories. Firstly there are the scientific pages like research studies and detailed nutritional data.

These are the type of articles that, generally, only someone as heavily interested in the specific details of a particular herb or food like myself would wade through. There’s a lot to read and the tone is usually very dry.

Secondly, and far more common, are websites on general nutrition that will have a basic, summary type page on particular foods, or more often a top 10 list.

These summary pages will usually list a couple of benefits, perhaps a few vitamins and minerals, usually in bullet points and then quickly move on.

If you’re looking for more details or an answer to a certain question, they are like a small snack when you really need a big meal.

What I intend to create with Superfood Profiles is a resource in between these two extremes.

The purpose of this website is to provide detailed information on specific superfoods ⁠— beneficial effects, nutritional information, where to buy them at the best price, even detoxifying recipes and how and when to take herbal remedies for maximum benefit.

At the same time, I want every page to be simple to read and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

I’ll do this by focusing each article on a specific topic or question about an individual vegetable, fruit or herb, rather than lumping everything into one big page.

Feel free to leave a comment on the relevant article and you can also find the contact page here.

I’d also like to hear of any particular herbal remedies, green powders or healthy oils you’d like to see covered in the future.

Superfood benefits

Making a Difference

Incorporating a variety of superfoods into my daily diet, and importantly, treating them like the food they are rather than an occasional pill to pop, has made a huge difference to my wellness and well-being.

So many people these days seem so tired and lethargic or full of tension and stress. At the same time, diseases associated with poor diets and over-consumption are on the rise.

We may be generally living longer, but the quality of life we are living with is questionable at best.

While there are many factors behind these issues, a large one is undoubtedly the quality or lack of quality in the food we eat on a daily basis.

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Regularly having superfoods in your diet can provide the essential nutrition that is sadly lacking in the majority of over-processed foods dominating the supermarket shelves.

The effect of receiving a higher level of nutrition, after surviving with deficiencies for so long, is often both energizing and healing.

Once we experience this new higher level of vitality it becomes much easier to let go of addictive junk foods and habitual over-consumption.

That’s why having high nutrition foods daily is such an important first step to improving so many areas of your well-being and life in general.

Wishing everyone reading this the healthier energy and enhanced experience of living that superfoods can help to provide.

All the best,

Jim Dillan