How to Take Amla for Better Health

Indian Gooseberry usesAmla fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry or amalaki, is a powerful and rejuvenating superfood.

It is extremely high in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds for disease prevention, more energy and better health.

This page will look at how to take amla, how much to have, the best times to take it and the ideal dosage.

How to Eat Fresh Amla Fruit and What Does It Taste Like?

Fresh amla fruit has a very interesting flavor. I’d already been using powdered amla for a while when I found some fresh fruit in an Indian grocery store and bought a bag.

Cutting open the first amla berry the taste is quite sour and tart and my initial thought was that I might struggle to eat them all. I’d read though about a couple of tricks to try when eating amla.

The first was to taste a little salt before you bite into them. I tried this with a little Himalayan pink salt and it definitely improves the flavor. There was much more depth, less sourness and more of a combination of flavors, but hard to describe.

The next was to have a sip of water with it. Even stranger. The taste of the amla was suddenly sharply sweet.

I had a few more of these of these Indian gooseberries for the novelty value, but ended up using the rest of them, one a day, in a delicious smoothie recipe I’ll share ahead.

If you do live near an Indian grocer who can get amla fresh, and want to try some unusual flavors, then this would be the best way to have them. Just a single fruit a day can have significant benefits.

If not then powdered amla fruit, like this excellent organic one I use is easy to use and full to bursting with antioxidants. It’s a mainstay of my daily health regime.

Amla Uses — 6 Different Ways to Take Amalaki

1. Fresh Amla Fruit

Fresh is great if you can get it, even occasionally. Some specialty grocers online have weekly deliveries from India and will send out orders the same day.

If you live near an Indian market they may also sell them. Look for firm fruit as the older ones can shrivel a little.

Not all of us have access to fresh amalaki fruit though, so let’s look at some other options to get the benefits of amla into your diet.Eating amla

2. Amla Juice

Amla juice is popular in India, but unfortunately most of the commercial products I’ve seen have added sugar or, even worse, high fructose corn syrup.

It’s fairly pointless to pay for a health food that is full of sugar in my opinion. The preservative sodium benzoate is also often used, which is best avoided where possible.

Local Indian grocers may stock different versions, but the only one I’ve found online to recommend is this new USDA certified organic juice at Amazon. It’s made from fresh berries and is the only brand of amla juice I’ve seen that isn’t loaded with sugar or corn syrup.

3. Amla Candy

Obviously if supermarket amla juice is full of sugar then amla candy will be even worse. In fact, it’s even more likely to be made with fructose syrup, an ingredient strongly linked to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

It’s a common trick of food manufacturers to use a small amount of something healthy, while simultaneously adding lots of very unhealthy ingredients like sugar syrup. Amla candy looks to me to be a classic case of this kind of deceptive marketing.

If you can’t get the fresh fruit, I’d strongly suggest using the powdered version or these high potency organic capsules. Amla candy is unlikely to do anything positive for your health.

4. Amla Chutney

Amla chutney is an interesting way to get the benefits of amla into your diet. The chutney can add a spicy kick to steamed vegetables and rice and should be available from specialist Indian stores.

Once again though, if your health is more important than the taste, try to avoid brands with excessive sugar, salt, preservatives or flavor enhancers.

If you do have access to fresh Indian gooseberries, here’s a simple recipe for amla chutney:

  1. Take 300 grams of amla fruit, 200 grams of cilantro, 50 grams of green chilies, a small piece of ginger and sea salt to taste.
  2. Blend them all up well in a good food processor.
  3. Store in a jar and cover with olive oil or healthier avocado oil to prevent oxidation. It should keep for at least a month in the fridge.

5. Amla C Capsules

The simplest way of all to use Indian gooseberries is in the very popular amla capsules.

While I personally prefer the powder as I use it so often, these high strength organic capsules are good value and easy to take to work or with you when travelling for extra antioxidant protection.

Amla capsule suggested dosage is to have them both morning and evening at the recommended amount on the bottle.

They are best taken just before a meal to help improve digestion and are a convenient way to get the extensive nutritional properties of Indian Gooseberry wherever you are.

6. Powdered Amla

Whole fruit amla powder, like this organic version I use, is in my opinion the best and most inexpensive option for getting the many benefits of Indian gooseberries into your daily diet.

Personally, I find I really feel it first thing in the morning and mostly use it then in smoothie recipes or just mixed into a glass of water with lemon juice. I regularly use it in the afternoon before gym as well.

Should you feel a bit run down, or a cold or flu coming on, it’s beneficial to take Indian gooseberry powder with every main meal of the day to boost your immunity.Amalaki berries

Indian Gooseberry Powder Dosage

The recommended dosage for amla powder is 1 teaspoon, or around 4 grams. Take it twice daily, morning and afternoon or evening for best results.

While there are no commonly reported side effects of amla, as with any new health supplement it’s best to begin slowly and see how your body tolerates it.

You could start with just a quarter of a teaspoon, approximately 1 gram, building up to half a teaspoon or 2 grams over the course of week.

If this is well tolerated, the following week you could increase your amla dosage to a maintenance dose of 4 grams.

Some Ayurvedic practitioners recommend taking a teaspoon of powdered amla after each meal to help treat digestive problems and acidity in the body.

This would be a high temporary dosage though and it would be best to seek the advice of someone knowledgeable in Ayurveda if you intend to use it in these larger amounts for long periods.

Different Ways to Take Amla Powder

Some sites recommend taking amla powder with a teaspoon of sugar or honey. This seems like unnecessary sugars when so many of us are already overloaded with the stuff.

While the powder isn’t sweet, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be mixed up in a small glass of water, perhaps with some fresh lemon juice for cleansing the digestive system first thing.

In the past, I’ve sprinkled it on soft fruit like bananas and papaya, mashed it up with a fork and barely tasted it when I eat it.

It can also be mixed in with a small amount of good quality fruit juice (but be aware that large glasses of commercial juice can really spike your blood sugar). Generally it’s much better to make your own.

These days, the best way to have amla that I’ve found is to mix it into a superfood smoothie, like this recipe for better skin. Just add a teaspoon to your blender for a potent antioxidant boost you can feel.

I’d be interested to hear of any other ways you know of to use amla. While it is still relatively unknown in the United States, I don’t think a superfood this good will stay unknown for much longer.

You can see my latest recommendations for the best amla brands for organic powders, capsules, amalaki juice, whole fruit and amla hair oil here.

Amla powder is also a key ingredient the most famous Ayurvedic preparations — Triphala. I’ll be covering this amazing superfood in detail ahead.

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Tabia Coulibaly

Your site is very helpful to me. In terms of alma, David “Avacado” influenced me to buy some powder but have not found how to use it; the sour taste really put me off. Now have some great ways to use it. Thanks

Jim Dillan

Thanks for your positive comments Tabia. I use a few superfood powders in my daily smoothies but amla is a key one.

S. K. Yamdagni

I have absolutely no doubt about the great health benefits of Gooseberry. After a long gap of not using it , I found very inviting fresh Gooseberries in the Market. At home I took a glassful of Juice (Maid only knows how many pieces went into that juice) and some crushed fresh Gooseberries as fresh Chutney. I am sure I took an overdose and suffered extreme acidity followed by vomiting and loose motions for two days. I will be thankful if you could guide me how many pieces of fresh gooseberry one can take per day

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

It sounds like you did take a bit much, especially if it wasn’t something that you’d had for a while. If you have access to fresh amla, the recommended intake is just one of the fruit a day, it’s that powerful. Over time you may be able to increase this a little if you are experiencing benefits form it but you’d need to work out how much that is for the juice or chutney.

Hope that helps



Nice article. Quite informative.

Was just wondering if its ok to have amla powder with lemon juice and honey in the morning for weight reduction. I heard lemon juice and honey is helpful for reducing weight but am not sure if amla can be used for enhanced benefit. Please advise. Thanks


Jim Dillan

Hi Reddy,

I’m a fan of both lemon juice in water and amla as per the instructions in this article. I tend to alternate them but you could potentially have the lemon water first and then the amla. While honey is better than sugar, it’s still high in glucose and fructose and as such is a hinderance rather than a aid to weight loss. If you need to sweeten the drink you could use a couple of drops of stevia but Ayurvedic practitioners say it’s important to have a full spectrum of tastes to balance our bodies and the sharp tastes of these two may well be beneficial.

Sanjay Singh

get the amla juice between 25 ml to 50 ml twice a day once empty stomach in morning and again after or between meal in evening

Jim Dillan

Hi Sanjay,

If you can get fresh amla juice this would be great. I’m not sure the commercial stuff with it’s additives is that beneficial.


Do you know if amla has garcinia cambrosia in it? I want to take it as a fat buster as discussed in the Dr oz show. I have thyroid issues and am afraid to take the capsule forms sold in the market. I would much rather prefer to take it in a pure natural form.


Jim Dillan

Hi Rema. That would be a different kind of herb but I personally think Triphala (of which Amla is one of the 3 ingredients) would be better. The reasons why are in this article on using Triphala for weight loss –



I get fresh and raw Indian gooseberries easily, I just wanted to kno the timing of eating them.. (morning or evening)

thank you. .


I have lots of pre age grey hair, really stressful for me…..

Is there any easy to use remedy for my grey hair, I would appreciate if something is available to eat rather than apply on my hair as I do not get time to it.

Can you please also guide me which stores I can get the ingredients like Amla etc.


Jim Dillan

Hi Kalam,

I wish I had easy access to fresh Indian gooseberries. Morning first thing is probably slightly better but evening is fine as well. Before rather than after a large meal would be better.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi Saima,

Unfortunately there’s no definitive remedy for grey hair or it would certainly be well known and popular. The Chinese herbal treatment He Shou Wu works well for some and I’ve recently been reading about using raw potato juice to increase the catalase enzyme to help prevent grey hairs.

It’s a topic I’ve like to write more about on Superfood Profiles in the future. I believe these hair tratements will help improve the quality of your hair but it seems reducing stress and having a very healthy diet full of a variety of foods is the best preventative against grey hair. Individual foods, herbs or supplements seem to have mixed results.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jim

Nice set of articles on Amla. We Nellikai around here and yes it is an essential in any large rice-rich meal. It is also integral to Indian culture and religion. Have you ever thought about growing amla in your backyard? It might need some initial effort but the results would turn up sooner than you‘d expect. Seeing your responses I think youʹd really like to get your hands on the raw fruit.

Jim Dillan

Hi Hari,

It’s a good idea. I know David Wolfe grows many of his superfoods to eat. Something for the future I think.

All the best.


Thanks for great informtion of amla! which one is better to take in early morning like , amla or lemon juice especially for getting glowing and healthy skin ? I tried amla but I felt drowsy afterwords , is it because of amla? Is it because of winter season? please guide !

Jim Dillan

Hi Vaibhavi,

That’s a good question. Both have their benefits. I think the ideal would be to have one for one week and then alternate the other for the next week. This way your body would never get too used to their initial impact and they’d always be cleansing.

Some initial tiredness is common with highly cleansing preparations like Amla. This should lessen after visiting the bathroom but if not I would half the dosage and start off slower.

Hope this helps.

ajeet rawat

after drinking juce of amala in the morning empty stomach loose motion occur give me solution plzzzzz


I am age of 55years, how long amla juice can take regularly.

Jim Dillan

Hi Ajeet,

I’d reduce the amount of amla juice you’re drinking ny half and see if this helps. It’s very high in vitamin C and other compounds that could be responsible for this. If half the amount doesn’t cause problems you could slowly increase the amount you drink to find what’s right for you.

Hope this helps.

Jim Dillan

Hi there. Your age shouldn’t affect your ability to take amla, in fact it should be even more beneficial. Start off slowly and see how it affects you and follow the information in the article for timing and dosage.

All the best.

Abbas Devaswala

Hi Jim,

Very useful article by you. Do you know how much amount of Amla Juice should be taken? And if i am taking it with water, what should be the quantity of water? shall i take it in warm water for added benefits ?

Jim Dillan

Hi Abbas,

It would depend greatly on the strength of the preparation if it’s pre-made and should have it on the bottle. If you’re making it fresh you only need a couple of amla a day. Warm water is fine but not necessary and the more water the better, whether with or after the amla juice.

All the best.


Hi Jim,
Very interesting article and comments from the forum, thanks for sharing the benefits for this highly potent fruit.

It is considered the “mother” in Ayurveda, meaning that it takes “care” of you.
Just to clarify on the taste of Amla – it is one of the very few fruits that have 5 of the 6 tastes as categorized by Ayurveda : Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent & Astringent, the only taste missing is Salty, hence in India it is generally eaten with salt.

In the past weeks I have been reading quite some articles about AMLA and have taken to it, eating a few berries everyday, I must say that inspite of age, stress at work etc, I feel a lot better, not just in the physical sense, but also in the psycological sense.

Amla is being researched around the world and resutls show it has the ability to improve mental health and could possibily aid in deseases like alzhiemers / dementia etc…..

It is considered anti-ageing in India, that is probably true as the the research results around the world show…..

Sharing a bit of what I learnt about this fruit and it’s benefits for the rest……there are a huge number of data on the web on this fruit……if people have the time, they could do a bit more reading to convince themselves of the benefits……



In February I made amla juice. It was almost 10 litres .I have kept it in the fridge. Everyday in the morning I give it to my son.But now its taste has changed a bit. I have heard it is an anti bacterial fruit. Is fermentation possible? when I opened one unused bottle there was gas as if it is a soda bottle. Can you guide me? Is it worth using now? and which gas is generated in it?

Jim Dillan

Hi Hiru and thanks for your positive comments.

I agree Amla is quite an amazing little fruit and I hope more and more people learn about how good it is for you.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Manisha,

I haven’t heard on whether amla can be fermented properly without issues but that does sound like what has happened unfortunately. I’d imagine it should be ok for several days and would definitely last longer than most fruit juices but this might have been a bit long. Fresh would be better but one option might be to freeze it in small plastic cups and give your son one a day.

Hope this helps.


Hey Jim
I used to eat raw amla with my meals but I never liked it that way, hence my intake of amla was very less. Anyway last year I discovered I was suffering from hypothyroid and started losing my hair. But I’ve been having amla juice everyday in the morning on empty stomach for the past 3 months. Not only has my hairfall stopped, my hair thickened. And the fresh juice is so much better, in fact it’s tasty.

Jim Dillan

Hi Titiksha and thanks for your helpful comments.

I think it’s very beneficial to be able to have fresh amla juice, not just for better hair but for many other health benefits. When I next visit India I intend to have it every day I can find it.

All the best.


Hi, I am having fresh amla juice daily for last 2 mnths. (Juice of 3-4 amla by adding a cup of water). Is there any harm if I have it for long period,daily? Pls advice.


Hi Jim,

Many thanks for this very useful article !

Of late I have started drinking a mix of Amla and bitter-gourd juice every evening before dinner but unfortunately the juice contains some amount of citric acid, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate as preservatives. Will this juice cause me more harm than good coz of the preservatives ? Do these preserves have harmful side effects ?
Please help.


Raj Yadav

Hi Jim,
Here is Raj from Bangalore, India. Just now finished your article and read line by line user’s feedback also it nice to hear that.

Now a days having a single RAW AMALA daily in morning.
Excited to see the result….
My hairfall is continue….
I do not have idea how much time it takes to stop my hair……….

Jim Dillan

Hi Ajay,

Amla juice from the fresh fruit is considered very healthy and would provide a high level of antioxidants daily.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thanks for your question.

These are two very healthy ingredients but they would be better fresh if possible. Most people don’t have problems with the other two but sodium benzoate is worth investigating. Though if the extracts are predominant and the preparation doesn’t contain loads of sugar it may well have benefits.

Hope this helps

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thanks for your comments.

Fresh triphala is a powerful superfood that’s very high in antioxidants and can help correct imbalances over time. It’s difficult to say how long it will take to see benefits as everyone is different. But even one amla fruit a day is a very healthy practice.

All the best.

Rosh S

Hey Jim,

You asked for healthy, reasonably priced amla juice options available in India. I recently ordered Down to Earth Amla Juice from It says that it is organic and the ingredients include only amla. It does not contain any sugar for sure (I drank it and it was really tart) and no sodium benzoate. It is price at INR160 for 500ml. So quite reasonable. Let me know what you think of this option.

Jim Dillan

Thanks Rosh. Fresh would be even better but that sounds like a good one.



I have been taking 575 mg capsule of powdered Amla once per day for about 7 days now and have increasingly been feeling flu type symptoms and suffering severe insomnia. Could the dosage or maybe an intolerance to this product be the cause of my distress? If anyone knows about Amla side effects and I’m experiencing them, please let me know. Thanks so much!

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

That’s an unusual response, especially at such a low dosage. I’d suggest that if you’re sure there have been no other changes that could be responsible then you are either particularly sensitive to the product or there may be a question as to its purity or other additives. I know the amla powder in the link that I use is organic and high quality. There is sometime a day or two of detox but the dosage is so low it should not be causing these symptoms.

All the best.


Hi Jim,
I first read about the benefits of Triphala in the morning and was going to take it both in the morning and evening as you instructed. Now that I read about the benefits of amla, would it be safe and beneficial to take both amla powder tea and triphala tea in the morning? You mentioned that amla is part of triphala, so would it not be excessive drinking both?
thank you in advance!


Jim Dillan

Hi Fainka,

Amla is already in triphala so I think it would be more beneficial to have one or the other in the evening and split them up.

Hope this helps


Good Morning Jim,

AMALA Juice with Honey good for eye sight (to improve vision) but in what proporation (in ml or table spoon) it should consume and when !



Jim Dillan

Hi Sudhakar,

Unless you have access to true raw honey I’d leave out the simple sugars in it and just have amla juice on its own.

First thing in the morning is great but any time should be fine for fresh amla juice.

All the best.


Is there any harm in taking amla juice at night before sleep?

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

This would be fine and beneficial.

Lakshmi Nippani

Hi Jim,

Can u pl tell me the method to make juice of fresh amla (like how many amla fruits at a time)

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Any normal juicer will do though I wouldn’t have too many at the start. Even one fresh Amla a day is considered beneficial.

Seger venu

When to take amla fruit to get best result,B4 you sleep or the moment you get up.
How often you should consume, 2 or 7 per week ?



I m 24 i m having white hairs.. one of my friend to told me to have daily 1 fresh amala to avoid the white hairs. so daily i m having the fruit..

Please suggest me it ill help me or not to avoid the white hairs … or tell what are the steps i need to take to avoid the white hairs…

please suggest me.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

The high antioxidant and nutrient content of amla fruit may help if the underlying cause of the white hairs is a due to a nutritional deficiency. Stress and possibly genetic factors are also commonly cited as causes of grey hairs. Western medicine hasn’t had much luck in finding a cure for grey hairs but some report good results with Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi there,

I’d recommend both and for best results every day. There’s more details in the article:

All the best,



Try patanjali amla candy, it is without additives like glucose syrup.

K Shegaari

Try shudh amla juice


I am using NIVEE amla juice.this is organic with 99% amla juice extract


im a mother of a 3 year old now. at 28 i started seeing small bald patch on my head and hair started thinning. i tried this amla at home and saw a great difference within a month. ma hair felt kind of thicker and ma skin looked fab. a definite glow.
i used to juice out 2 amlas (minus seed) with a pakistani orange or a mosambi with 1/4th cup water. blend nicely n juicer and strain the rest. no sugar added and drink it on empty stomach morning daily..

Jim Dillan

Hi Raaz and thanks for letting people know that amla worked so well for hair loss and improving your skin.

All the best,


Agnes Sanchez

Hi Jim, I read that Amla is good for weight gaining, is this true? I’m mixing organic amla with my vega protein smoothie and tastes just fine. I wanna also know how much should I measure or scoop out to get my daily dosage. Thanks


I start use of amla juice in morning or evening. But there is a problem of lose motion after use. Help me.


U can get amla juice from any patanjali shops. U can even order it online. Amla juice is very good fr health. Its called wonderful fruit. N the juice u can get at a reasonable price. Thanks

g. crane

I did the same thing and had a glass of fresh amla juice made from the berries and suffered the same upset tummy LOL.
After making amla juice I now use the remains of the amla a dry squeezed out flesh and put into the fridge and use to sprinkle on my food or put into my cooking to aid my digestive system with additional fibre.
To make my amla juice I use a blender, distilled water, and a muslin cloth with a metal strainer.

diganta panja

U know amla is too much sour n tart in taste…it’s impossible to take .is it would be ok if I tk boiled amla?Is den amal’s food value will remain??plz help me.

Jim Dillan

Hi Agnes,

I’d imagine the antioxidants and other nutrients in amla would help bring the body into balance if there was an imbalance that was causing weight loss though I haven’t read anything specifically about amla combating weight loss.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Gagan,

If you have this problem try half the dose and see if this helps. If you still have the problem you may want to avoid taking amla for a while or start off at a very small dose and build up your tolerance.

All the best,



Hi Jim,

Your article was very informative indeed. I have found a good source of fresh amla juice, here in India. It contains no sugar at all. I have been drinking it first thing in the morning. I have two questions.
1. The juice, when had in the morning, causes loose motions and I end up going to the loo some 2-3 times in a span of two hours afer taking it, after which I’m perfectly fine for the whole day. Any idea why this happens? I currently drink 100 ml with some water in it.
2. How much water should be added to the juice? Does too much of it dilute its benefits?

Thanks for this article, again. Many people here have asked where they can find good amla juice. In India, you can get fresh amla juice without preservatives at Patanjali stores run by a yogi named Baba Ramdev. You c an also order it from his website, and they ship abroad, apparently.



Jim Dillan

Hi Kashyap,

It sounds like the high vitamin C and perhaps other antioxidant and phenolic compounds in the amla juice is giving you loose stools. You could try a half dose of what you’re currently having and see if you still get the same problem.

If not you can slowly build up your tolerance with a bit more each day, lowering the dose if you have problems again. It’s likely by slowly increasing the amount, perhaps by 10 ml at a time, your body will adjust to the strong nutritional content and you won’t have further issues with amla juice.

Adding water won’t dilute the benefits.

Hope this helps,


mahesh shah

As alma is hard in consistency&sour inn taste;I I use steamed alma &eat it with steamed beetroot or swettpotato.taste is now tolerable.


Thanks for this article on how healthy amla is!


Thanks for a great Article, If you are eating raw, any idea how much a day is good enough, as I was reading some where that consuming gooseberries may be harmful to your health in excessive amounts and to take in moderation because they contain fructose.


patanjali company of baba ramdev has a lot of genuine amla products and i am using the juice.i think it has no added preservatives and certainly no sugar ,it tastes natural.

Anil kumar das

Hi. I’m 23 and I am suffering from continuous hair fall. I thinking to have Amla. can it make any change?


We in India eat amla in different ways. Raw is one way. The other is soak the amla in salt water and bottle it and keep the bottle in the dun gor a couple of day. The salt water is absorbed by the amla and is eaten that way. Another is cut the amla and dry it in the sun fir a few days. Eat the pieces everyday. We also cook the amla and make vegetable or chutney or pickle it.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

If nutritional deficiencies are behind the hair fall then amla may help but it’s more likely a wider issue and it would seeing a healthcare professional on. Making sure you get a good diet full of healthy fats and enough protein would also be very important.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Naresh,

You would only need a few amla as they are quite potent, though not particularly high in fructose.

All the best,



hi can i take ammla powder with neem leaves with empty stomach ,i am taking amla powder daily in morning with empty stomach with a glass of water ,but now i am suffering from pimples in whole body also on my scalp i think it is due to excessive oil and blood infection that can be cure by neem leaves ,but don’t know how take neem and amla with empty stomach,plz help ?


hi, for the sugar patient we can eat the amla juice in the morning and with out empty stomach

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Fresh amla juice if you have access to it would be great. Commercial amla juice with added sugar is probably worth avoiding.

There’s more on amla for diabetes here

Hope this helps,



Tip. Its the potato peel not the flesh that helps hair color return but it needs to be done for about a year.

Jim Dillan

Hi Jassi,

This is likely a detox reaction. You can take neem powder as well but it would be best to cut your amla dose by half and slowly build up your tolerance.

All the best,



Thank you so very much for such an in-depth “how to”. It’s rare to find any website
highlighting the evils of sugar when it comes to consuming a health product. Most people
buy orange juice thinking that they are getting their vitamin C from it, but they are unaware
that the sugar prevents its absorption, as sugar is super fast and enters the cell very quickly,
thereby blocking the entrance to any other nutrient.

I have recently bought the Organic Amla powder. From the first day of taking it, I noticed
that I actually slept. Being an insomniac, this was a shock for me. I only got up once to go to the bathroom AND the recently appearing, large bulging veins on my legs and hands are now
barely noticeable. Imagine that! Yet when I complained about them to my doctor, he said there
is nothing that can be done about it, as it’s part of old age. I am 63yrs old and had a stroke
4mths ago. Oh, and the congestion in my nose and brain fog, has also improved.

With “immediate” results like this I am hoping that taking the Amla powder, daily for a month, will
see much more improvements in my health. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this info during my “health benefits” search. So many other products that I have taken have not shown such
immediate results. Not even store bought Vitamin C, in the many forms that I have tried.

Thank you again for such a detailer “how to” article.



my hair falling amla juice can help



Taking amla juice with lukewarm water on empty stomach is good for diabetes. Kindly advice


Is it beneficial to eat one amla daily with the meal either in the afternoon or in the dinner?


Hi Jim, I started drinking amla juice for past 3 months. I make fresh amla juice with 3 a day and add pinch of salt, ginger and a glass of water. But i found i get periods once in 10 – 15 days. I have no other problem. Jus nw i realized amla juice is the only thing i change I have made n my diet.. so wl t b a reason?? Am i consuming t wrong?? Pls advice.


I started taking amla juice 3 days ago..30ml in warm water and 1/4 tspn honey..i had loose motion too but only twise and fter 1 day the problem disappeared..still takind same dose same way.

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

I haven’t heard of amla causing irregular menstruation before. 3 may be a relatively high a dose to start with but this still should be the cause of early periods. You could try taking a few days off then start with 1 a day and build up to more over a week or two.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Laxmi,

Yes amla with its high vitamin C would be good for diabetes but make sure you have it without sugar or honey.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Sunain,

Either of these is fine and beneficial.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Ashok,

Amla may help with hair loss due to its high antioxidants. I’d also consider pumpkin seed oil

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Jim Dillan

Hi Irene and thank you for your positive comments.

Very glad to here amala is working so well for you. It’s a very powerful herb and I think it’s only a matter of time before it’s more commonly known for it’s many health benefits. It’s definitely far more effective than plain vitamin C and I hope it continues to bring you positive results.

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Please contact Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, in Coimbatore and Chennai – they will provide you more ideas, as Amla and its by products have huge health and commercial benefits. All the best to you Mr Arul.

Atul Bhardwaj

hi there,
as i am a big fan of Amla, i find this article very informative and very practical.there are many amla products in market but they are loaded with sugar and preservatives.right now i am using Patanjali amla juice(Amla Swaras) and i find it very amazing and healthy.after two weeks of regular use i find my skin more glowing,hairs more shiny and silky with less dandruff.this product has no sugar but have sodium benzoate and that is a drawback with packaged juice,otherwise it is best product for amla juice.since winter season starting i will prefer to use fresh amla juice made by myself.thanks


Thank you for writing this. I had many health issues and along with vegan unprocessed lifestyle amla was wonderful in correcting pain from fibromyalgia, sinus trouble inflammation, diabetes, sleep, energy and a host of other ailments. I wake up, cut the amla fruit open on a plate and remove the seed. Some of the juice gets on the plate. I wash my face with a wash cloth and warm water than wipe my bare hand on the plate getting all the juice I can than I wipe it on my face from my hand and rub the rest into the top of my hand. I eventually rinse it off but I leave it on as long as I can. I take the amla and add a little water or fresh coconut water and some fruit and blend it, today I chose pineapple and strawberry. I find that using amla on my face really reduces age signs for me. If is don’t have much time , I just eat the amla as it is . I always rinse my mouth than wait 20 mins to brush me teeth . Amla can cause sensitivity to teeth. Since taking amla I feel amazing . I feel young and vibrant . I went without amla for awhile and I felt ok but when I take it I feel even better. I get so much energy I refrain from taking it at night because I will stay up too late .

Jim Dillan

Hi Patti and thanks for your helpful comments.

It’s good to hear amla is working so well for you. The fresh amla on your face sounds great. I make face masks up with the powder like this and suspect they’d be even more effective with the fresh amla fruit.

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Is amla murabba having the same benefits as that of raw amla?

Jim Dillan

Hi Sunil,

Amla murabba contains a lot of sugar. Fresh amla is best if you can get it or use amla powder.

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Amla is something I’ve heard about and wanted to try but wasn’t sure about how to use. Thanks so much for this info!


Hello Jim,

How about frozen whole alma fruit which is available in indian grocery store. How does it compare to the dried alma powder.

Appreciate your opinion.


Jim Dillan

Hi Ritesh,

As long as the frozen amla has no added sugar or additives this would be a great choice.

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