How To Take Triphala Powder For Weight Loss

Bibhitaki haritaki amalaki dried fruit Most weight loss programs focus on cutting calories and dietary fat, eating less food and doing more exercise.

With obesity rates at record levels and climbing it’s clear that these approaches aren’t working for many people.

What if there was a completely different way to lose weight with triphala? One that focused first on clearing out the digestive system to perform at it’s best.

Constipation, The Colon and Weight Gain

Modern packaged meals, loaded with processed meats, inflammatory gluten and a range of unnatural ingredients, are often difficult to digest properly.

This can lead to constipation, where stools become backed up within the colon. Compacted waste matter can also be trapped within the folds of the lower intestine.

This compacted waste is a prime breeding ground for parasites and can be the pathway for toxic compounds to enter the circulatory system. It’s not a pleasant topic, but it’s an important one if you’re interested in losing weight and improving your wellness and wellbeing.

A poorly functioning digestive system means you won’t be getting as much nutrition from the food you eat. This in turn stimulates hunger, leading to weight gain, as well as general tiredness and the feeling of being run down.

Longer-term, the implications are much more serious. It has been said that all disease starts in the gut. That may be hard to verify but it’s clear that good health is very difficult to achieve without good digestion.

That’s where using triphala churna for weight loss, like this organic powder I take, can help.Bibhitaki amalaki and haritaki dried fruits

Natural Internal Cleanser

Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic preparation of 3 dried fruits — amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki —with potent body cleansing and rejuvenating properties.

Taken in a certain way and at a certain time, it is a highly effective digestive system cleanser, gently clearing away trapped waste products and tonifying the colon.

Importantly, this herbal treatment doesn’t just clear out your system, it also nourishes and rejuvenates the membrane lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

Triphala has many other beneficial effects on your body, including cleansing the liver and kidneys and purifying the bloodstream.

As a precaution though, it should not be used by pregnant women. People taking prescriptions should check with their GP first as well.

Let’s look at how to take triphala powder to reduce excess body fat and two other ways it can support your weight loss goals.

Using Triphala Tea to Lose Weight

Practitioners of Ayurveda recommend taking triphala churna in hot water as a tea. They believe it is important to taste the mixture to get its full benefits and start off the positive effect it has on your digestive process.

To be honest, the tea doesn’t taste that great when you first start. Especially to Western taste buds, conditioned to expect everything to be sweet. But if losing weight is important to you, can you handle downing something that isn’t saturated in fattening sugar?

Interestingly, after a while it seems to lose its bitterness and becomes much more palatable. Perhaps this is due to the balance of tastes said to be present in triphala. According to Ayurvedic theory, we taste what we most need when we are out of balance.

If you think the taste could stop you using it regularly then organic capsules like these are available. Use them at the same times as the powder recommended below.Ayurvedic herbal intestinal cleansing

How to Make Triphala Churna Tea

  1. If you’re making triphala tea, start by adding a level teaspoon of high quality organic powder like this to a cup of hot but not boiling water (turn off the kettle before it boils). Don’t add any sugar or honey.
  2. Stir it up well then let it sit for at least 20 minutes, preferably an hour or more. This allows the beneficial compounds really infuse into the water.
  3. Drink it straight down and you won’t taste it that much. When you take triphala for weight loss there’s no need to sip it slowly.
  4. Drink the tea both before bed and again first thing in the morning. The best times are at least 2 hours after dinner and at least half an hour before breakfast. For a more detailed description of how make it see the page on how to take triphala for digestive health.

It’s best to wait until you’ve been to the bathroom before having breakfast when taking triphala in the mornings. This shouldn’t be a problem if you had it before going to bed.

Triphala churna tends to stimulate the urge to go to the toilet quite quickly when taken in the morning as well. If you know you have to eat and be out the front door quickly then having this weight loss tea only before bed may be more preferable.

2 Ways This Herbal Remedy Helps You Weigh Less

You may be surprised at just how effective clearing out your system with triphala is at helping you to lose weight. There is one obvious reason for this and another not so obvious one.

Most people who start an effective cleanse using triphala tea drop a few pounds quite quickly, just from the amount of crap they are clearing out of their digestive system, particularly the colon.

That’s a good start, but longer-term a properly functioning digestive system means your body is getting the nutrients it needs more easily, so it doesn’t tend to stimulate hunger as much.

If your body has poor digestion and assimilation, you may eat a lot of food but not get the important minerals, vitamins and other nutrients you need. Your body knows it requires these substances to operate effectively and stimulates more hunger in an attempt to get them.

This doesn’t change the fact that you’re not absorbing the nutrients you need. But you end up eating more food anyway, usually high carbohydrate processed foods.

These simple carbohydrates are absorbed very quickly and unfortunately are very easily converted to and stored as body fat.

Using triphala regularly can help break this weight gain cycle by getting your digestive system working again to absorb the nutrition you need. This naturally reduces hunger due to a lack of nutrition.

At the same time, it’s very important to support it with plenty of fruits and veggies, greens, berries, nuts, seeds and slow digesting fruits, along with healthy protein sources.

Any of the superfoods featured on this site are a good example of a high nutrient food that satisfies hunger in much smaller amounts than supermarket junk foods.

Another effective option, particularly if you are short on time, is to take a high quality superfood powder like Organifi Green Juice in the morning before breakfast.Three fruits herbal rasayana formula

Maintaining Digestive Health for a Better Body

The majority of people find that once their digestive systems are working again, and they are eating predominantly healthy food, the hunger cravings they used to have disappear.

No counting calories. No starving yourself. Neither of these work long-term.

Exercise is important, particularly first thing before breakfast if you really want to maximize the fat burning potential.

Ultimately though, effective digestion, assimilation and elimination are the essential first steps to long-term weight loss.

With this in mind, cleansing to lose weight with triphala churna has to be one of the simplest and best way to get that started. Unlike the myriad of fat burning products out there, triphala is completely natural and relatively inexpensive.

After researching different preparations and how they are sourced, I settled on this organic one from a well respected company. If you prefer to use capsules then the same brand are great value here.

I’ve been very happy with my results from this product and the hundreds of positive customer reviews clearly agree.

I hope you’ll try triphala for weight loss and better digestive health. Many people have found it highly beneficial in getting to their ideal body weight naturally.

It also has the added benefit of improving your intestinal environment over time and relieving common digestive problems like constipation.

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I’ve taken the Triphala capsules for 1 week and still no results. I have taken as direct it with one full glass of water
What am I doing wrong?

Jim Dillan

Hi Nicole,

The effects of the Triphala capsules are much more subtle than the powder and apparently take longer to be beneficial. As I wrote in the article and here – – I personally think the traditional powder is far more effective.


Thanks for the article! I’ve been taking triphala every night for about a year and a half… and it has done wonders. I didn’t need the weight loss – but it helped my digestion immeasurably. My secret recipe for health and happiness: Kundalini yoga, triphala (1/4 tsp in hot water… more if “necessary”), and no gluten. This has been the trifecta that has brought about mental clarity, health, strength and vitality (and a more toned mid-section). Feeling better than ever. Hope more people get onboard – ayurveda rather than pills to mask symptoms!

Jim Dillan

Hi BK and thanks for your comments.

I agree triphala can have a very positive effect on your overall health, not just for losing weight. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a combination that’s working so well for you and hopefully other people reading will be inspired to consider all of these for themselves.


A little background about me, I started having joint pain about a year and a half ago when I was 19 (I am now 21, about to be 22). I now see a rheumatologist because it is believed that I have an autoimmune disease, likely rheumatoid arthritis. The only solid diagnosis I have is benign joint hyper mobility, which ontop of the arthritis has been causing me daily chronic pain and much fatigue. I ended up not exercising anymore due to pains, fear of damaging my joints or injuring myself, or just plain tiredness. I have since gained 30 lbs and have been virtually unable to get rid of it and my rheumatologist highly suggests I do to help decrease pressure on the joints and therefore decreasing my pain levels.
Also, I’m on many medications, the main ones I am concerned about that could possibly interact with Triphala are Methotrexate and Plaquenil. Do you have any information on any known interactions between these medications and the Triphala? I am going to speak to my doctor about it as well, but do not see him for over a month from now.
I just got Triphala tablets recently, and today is day 4 of taking them. The bottle says to take 2 tablets in the morning and two before bed, and are 1,000mg each. The first and second day I only took one tablet, then yesterday I took one tablet in the morning and two before bed last night. Then today in the morning I took two tablets. Not sure whether or not I’m going to take one or two this evening. I am trying to find my comfort zone with this without having to experience adverse effects. I just today feel as if its working, for reasons I won’t delve into, it would be TMI, lol.
My main question is, when should I expect to see weight loss results from the tablets at the dosage I’m on, and how quickly? If it helps any my height and weight are 5’7” and 170lbs.
Thank you for your time!


hi, Where can I buy this triphala thing? I think, after reading article thoroughly, it is a powder like substance you mix with hot water and drink. just like coffee. Am I right? Are there any proper brand which sells the right one. is there any website from where I can buy it? please I want to try it. If you could help me get to the right product it would be great help! Thankyou.

Jim Dillan

Hi Sunita and thanks for your question.

This is the Triphala I use and find very good –

If you can’t get delivery from Amazon then usually have the same brands and deliver internationally for $5. You can get that $5 off if you use this code at the checkout DIL799

It’s best to make it up like this and while it doesn’t taste as good as coffee it will do your body much more good.

Hope this helps.


I started taking Triphala in June/ 2013. I was 240 at the time. As of December when I weighed myself I am 198. 42 pounds in six months is not bad. Most weight I have lost ever, and kept it off.. I take 1 triphala tablet when I wake up 1hour before I eat, take 1 tablet before lunch and 1 tablet before I go to sleep at night. And drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Jim Dillan

Hi Will,

That’s great that you are getting good results with triphala. I personally think the powder is more powerful and might be worth considering, but if the tablets continue to work for you then it shows what triphala can do. You’re right that lots of water is very important as well.

All the best.


It took me 3 month to really notice much weight loss, but it worked! I just lost my desire to eat so much, and lost weight without trying. I went from 5’4″ 115# to 106#, my weight in my 20s. The only thing that’s ever worked for me!

Jim Dillan

Hi Catherine and thanks for your comments and sharing your results. I think permanant weight loss often takes a bit longer but it’s obviously worth it. It sounds like the triphala cleared up internal issues that were behind hunger for certain types of foods.

All the best.


Hi, I am taking amla juice first in the morning. Continuing with this, Can I take triphala powder or capsules in the night after dinner (before i got to bed)? Please guide. Having amla in the morning and triphala in the night will be fine?


I incidentally bumped on Triphala from my local Indian Shop in East London South Africa. I had chronic joint probs between the leg & the thighs, and I have taken Triphala for over 2 weeks and Iam feeling better, my IBS problems and severe constipation is getting better, I sleep well, and I generally feel fresh for a 61 year old lady.

I have more strenght & perform better at the gym and my knee joints have gotten better I actually dont feel knee pains anymore, and dont limp when I get off bed in the morning like in the past 2 years. I have lost appetite though and my weight seems to be going down. Can I give my elderly 83 year old Triphala ? I had bought it for her a few weeks ago, she hasnt taken much of it as she suddenly got very sick & has some bad bedsores from lack of care at her home since I dont stay with her. Could we use Triphala to cleanse her wounds on her bum where the bedsores are? how soon can this help her. She is extremely weak also from the sickness & can we make her a drink & mix some triphala to assist get her back on her knees again as she is bedridden for almost a few days

Jim Dillan

Hi Kiran,

I think that would be fine and a good combination for better health. Fresh amla juice or the amla powder in water is preferable to commercial amla juice with sugar and other additives though.

All the best

Jim Dillan

Hi Landiwe,

It sounds like triphala is working well for you and well worth using for yourself with such good results.

It’s difficult for anyone other than an attending health care professional to suggest treatment for someone like your friend in such a weak state and I haven’t heard of triphala being used much as an external treatment. I do hope she gets better but think you need to consult a health care professional to see if she can tolerate a low dosage or whether she is better off getting a bit better first.

All the best.


Hi am 24 years old then i have 11 months old child my weight is 59 height 5`2 i want to reduce my weight but i have thyroid issue can this triphala powder helps me to reduce weight


A great information about my weight is age 32.i had done gym 2hours everyday for sixty days.i had lost one kg.i really disoppionted.i had use weight loss drugs clenbeautrol use.but this article give me what parasites doing in our digestive system.why craving about I want start right now triphala choorna.and waiting for miracles

Karen Doll

Hi Jim,
Since finding your website, I’ve been reading about the benefits of taking Triphala. I bought a bottle of the capsules and began taking them yesterday. However, I’m a bit confused as to the correct way to take capsules. On the bottle, it states to take 1-2 capsules in the am and pm with water. I believe you suggested to take Triphala a half hour before meals. On other sites, comments showed people taking the capsules before bedtime. My main purpose in taking them is to cleanse out all the gunk inside my digestive system and to help me to lose weight (I’m not severely overweight, I’ve just gained about 20-30 lbs. due to taking an anti-anxiety med. and just not being active enough to counteract the weight gain)So, please help?
Also, I love your superfoods site! I’ve found such great information that I plan to incorporate into my diet. Thanks!!!!Karen

Jim Dillan

Ho Aksha,

A good holistic practitioner should be able to help with your thyroid issues but triphala can clear out digestive problems that often hamper weight loss.

All the best.

vicky mehta

I am suffering from my belly fat and i want to reduce my belly fat only not whole body and i have gas problem also so shd i take triphala churan and how please help me.

Jim Dillan

Hi Vicky,

I think triphala can be particularly good for reducing your waistline with its cleansing effects detailed in the article. It’s also likely to help with gas problems as well.

All the best.

Jim Dillan

Hi Karen and thanks for your comments,

The dose you describe sounds more of a general tonic dose rather than specifically for digestive system cleansing. I’ve written a post about what I think is the best way to take triphala for cleansing here

Hope this helps.


Hi ,
Curently I am drinking fenugreek powder with garlic clove ,first thing when i wake up, I am planning to start using Triphala also, should i stop fenugreek and garlic or i can take along with that ,may be after an hour of drinking triphala?

Jim Dillan

Hi Shalini,

I don’t think there would be any negative interactions with these herbs but it would be better to take the triphala first thing and then the fenugreek and garlic at least 15 minutes or more after, ideally both before breakfast.

Hope this helps.

c Patange

Triphala powder is a miracle medicine. My experience, I lost 3kgs in 4 weeks, my knee,ankle ,finger JTS pain almost gone,inflammation reduced, BP reduced,eye sight reasonably improved (typed without glasses).I am 58,I take tea one t s at night 1 hr after dinner & 1 t s morning with ample of water. No problem or side effect.Lfeel better & fresh than B4.

Jim Dillan

Hi there and thanks for your comments.

That really is a great result with triphala. I hope it inspires other people to give it a try and see what it can do for their health.

All the best.


i am 22 years old , i am having acne problem from past 5 years ..according to doctors its hormonal in-balance.
can Triphala powder help to cure this ?

Jim Dillan

Hi Ruban,

Triphala is a powerful intestinal cleanser so if your acne is related to excess toxins that your body is unable to deal with it should help in the long term. Initially there would likely be some detoxification which may temporarily make the acne worse. Starting off with a small dose as described here should help minimize this

Hope this helps,



Hi Jim,

My schedule is really hectic as my office begins at 8am and i leave home at 6 and its the computer job, till 6pm and come back home by 8pm..and i m really exhausted and have dinner and sleep. This job role has made me to put on weight from 62 to 75 kgs. i m 26yrs, 5.7 height, and i want to reduce my weight, kindly tell me the procedure to have this triphala powder, whether everyday or weekly etc. Thanks Vidhya


Hi, I want to know if triphala is good for thyroid patient to consume daily or does it have any adverse effect? As you normally see that people hypothyroidism suffer with excess body weight, I believe your advice on this will help a lot of people. Thank you!

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Triphala is highly beneficial for digestion and elimination which can be a problem for people with thyroid conditions. In Ayurveda it is said to be an excellent tonic for bring the body back into balance.

I can’t see of any adverse effects for thyroid condition sufferers specifically for triphala beyond those discussed here but you’d want to take it away from any medications.

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Hi Vidha,

Taking Triphala as per the recommendations in the article shouldn’t take more than a few minutes in the morning and evening I doubt there’s much more time efficient weight loss treatments than Triphala.

All the best,



I have started taking trifila from last 3 days to lose weight as I am 15 kg overweight.
In the morning I put one spoon trifala power in hot water.And in the night after dinner I take it.And again refill hot water in same glass and drink in the morning.
Is this right way.

parul chauhan

I lost 0.5 inches from my belly in just 5 days!
My schedule was like this:
– 1 glass of water – 5:15 a.m.
– morning jog
– neem leaves with 1 glass of water – 6:10 a.m. and green tea.(organic tulsi green tea)
– trifla powder soaked in 3/4 glass of water at night then boiled to half amount and strained! Add lemon n honey! Drink the concoction hot!

All this in morning! ^ and then a bit of exercise…for 1 hour!

I ate normal indian food chapati salad vegetables!

Jim Dillan

Hi Parul and thanks for sharing. These are good weight loss results with triphala.

Jim Dillan

Hi Kira,

That sounds right. There’s more details in this article:

All the best,




I am having Triphala juice every morning empty stomac. Every night I will soak one-one seed for all three ( Hara , bahera and Amla) and morning I will drink. I started this 70days ago to reduse hair grying & to reduse weight also. Please advice me do I need to drink juice at Night also before going to Bed. It will help to reduse hair grying? Please response.


Hi! I just came across the Ayuverdic product Triphala, One of my friends insisted on using it as he said it helps on weight loss.
I’v bought the capsules, I just want to know the proper routine of taking it daily, in terms of supporting weight loss.

Thanks and Cheers!

Jim Dillan

Hi Dean,

This article has the recommended dosage and timing for triphala

All the best,



Hi Jim I am giving breast feed so I can take triphala
Triphala powder juice &capsules all same or any different effect
Plz help me

Jim Dillan

Hi Harjit,

Unfortunately triphala isn’t recommended during pregnancy. There’s more on it here

Hope this helps,



I have tyroid problem from last 5 yrs. I am 32 yrs. my weight is 60 kg . my height is 5’ft.
so Triphala powder help me redue my weight
pls. suggest any plan for reducing weight

Murali Krishna

Hi Sir,
I read this article and very much interested to start taking the Triphala churna. Currently I am taking Vavuhara Churnam and Himalaya Sudha Guggulu for weight loss. should i stop this and start taking Triphala churna or i can continue both Triphala churna + Himalaya Sudha Guggulu.
Please share your advice. Thanks in advance.

Murali Krishna


Hi Parul,
1. can u explain, how do u eat neem leaves? Neem powder, or leaves by itself. and do u boil them or just eat raw. also which neem are we talking of, neem plant leaves or neem tree leaves?
2. how do u make tulsi tea?
3. how many hours do u soak trifla pwder?

Jim Dillan

Hi there,

Both could be taken but probably at different times would be best. This article has triphala dosage instructions

Hope this helps,


Jim Dillan

Hi Sarita,

The information in this article combined with the dosage recommendations and how to take it in this article would be the suggested plan for losing weight with triphala.

All the best,



My daughter is 12yrs old.But her weight is 65.Can we give Triphala churnam in this age?


Hi sir,
I want to use this Triphala tablets as I have a problem of acute constipation. I really find it useful but just wanted to know that do it in each case it leads to weight loss as I think I don’t need to lose the weight…

Jim Dillan

Hi Chitra,

Yes triphala is often recommended for children. Start with a dose half the amount in this article and slowly build up the amount as long as it is tolerated well

You will probably find the capsules easier to get her to take than the powder.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi there,

The ‘weight loss’ is more trapped undigested material that everyone would benefit from losing. Triphala should not make you lose muscle mass or thinner if you are already at a healthy weight.

All the best,



Hi Jim
I have intolerance to gluten and dairy, is triphala ok to use?


Im starting with triphala from tomorrow. As i want to lose weight in 1 month .can i know how much weight can i lose in that 1 month period of time?

Jim Dillan

Hi Anuksha,

Triphala can certainly help but the amount of weight varies greatly depending on the individual.

All the best,


Jim Dillan

Hi Paris,

Yes the triphala recommended here is gluten and dairy free.

All the best,


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