Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits Review: Pros and Cons, Ingredients, Customer Feedback and 3 Alternatives

Cheap Fruit PillsNature’s Way is an American company that makes a wide range of supplements and other nutritional products. Orchard Fruits is the name of their freeze-dried powder capsules for people who don’t get enough fresh produce into their diet.

In this honest review of Nature’s Way fruit blend I’ll cover the ingredients, pros and cons, dosage, directions, possible benefits and potential side effects.

Also ahead, customer feedback, where to find it, if it’s worth getting, 5 alternative products and my final verdict and rating for Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits.

Orchard Fruits Ingredients List

Each 900 mg serving of Nature’s Way fruit blend contains the freeze-dried powder of:

  • Plum, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Pomegranate, Pear, Banana, Cranberry, Pineapple, Acai and Raspberry.

In proprietary formulas like this ingredients are listed by amount added. So the first few in the list are the ones worth focusing on here.

Plum, orange, strawberry, blueberry, apple and pomegranate powder are likely to be the main additions by weight. Don’t expect there to be much cranberry, pineapple, acai or raspberry in these fruit vitamins as they are listed last on the label.Nature's Way Orchard Fruits Supplement Facts

Pros and Cons of Nature’s Way Fruit Supplement


  1. This is one of the cheapest freeze-dried fruits products on the market, especially here at iHerb.
  2. Plum, strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate are all high in antioxidants and nutritionally potent. The freeze-drying process preserves and concentrates their vitamins, minerals and other nutrition into highly digestible powder.
  3. Plums are a good source of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C, K and copper, they also improve iron absorption. Strawberries contain many nutrients beneficial for your skin, reducing joint pain and protecting your circulatory system.
  4. Blueberries are rich in antioxidant flavonoids, like anti-inflammatory anthocyanins, also beneficial for eyesight. While pomegranate is a superfood recommended for a wide variety of conditions and disorders.
  5. Nature’s Way state on their website and product label that this supplement does not contain salt, gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives or any yeast-derived ingredients.


  1. The 450 mg vcaps are quite small, which is helpful for swallowing but doesn’t provide that much volume. The recommended dose of 2 caps a day (900 mg) may not be high enough to provide noticeable effects. Doubling the amount you take should help but also doubles the cost per month.
  2. Orange and apple, relatively high up on the supplement panel, are much less nutritious than most of the other additions in this product. Removing them and adding more cranberry, acai and raspberry would improve the formula significantly.
  3. While most of the ingredients used here are high in nutrition, there are competing products, like Texas Superfood and Nature’s Sustenance, with far more potent additions. They are more expensive but you can get more beneficial effects with premium superfoods supplements like this.
  4. With objective analysis, some of the Orchard Fruits alternatives below look superior for a similar amount. JuiceFestiv for instance, with twice the vcaps and organic ingredients, appears both better value and more nutritious than it’s Nature’s Way competitor.Fruit replacement supplement

Dosage and Directions

Nature’s Way suggests taking 2 of their fruit replacement vitamins with water at mealtimes.

Many of the vitamins and other nutrition in powdered whole food products like this are better absorbed when taken with a meal that contains some healthy fats. Keep that in mind when deciding when to take them.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects listed for this product and the vast majority of people tolerate the fruit in this supplement well.

Plum, apple, pear and banana can occasionally cause gas and bloating, however this is unlikely in the freeze-dried powder form used here.

Customer Reviews for Nature’s Way Fruits Blend

Consumer feedback for Orchard Fruits is predominantly positive, with 4.8 stars for over 100 ratings on iHerb, as well as 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with more than 770 customer reviewers.

Reoccurring themes by people who bought Nature’s Way fruit blend include:

  • Increased energy with feedback like: “gives me an energy boost through the day”, “love this product. It gives me energy”, “have more energy than I know what to do with” and “noticed a feeling of increased energy and improved digestion”.
  • Relief from joint pain: “My osteoarthritis has improved dramatically”, “Within days of starting to take this product my achy stiff joints were much improved” and “have had chronic inflammation very badly for over 30 years. These soothe my entire body inside”.
  • Inexpensive and a convenient way to increase your intake, with comments such as: “They are a good value, and contain a lot of natural fruits”, “great alternative to much higher priced products” and “Easy, affordable and convenient way to increase intake”.

Negative consumer reports generally mentioned customers not feeling much effect from taking them. There were no common side effects or complaints with this supplement that I could find during my research.Freeze dried fruit caps

Where to Get Orchard Fruits

You can find these low-cost fruit caps here on iHerb. There’s also free delivery within the United States and cheap international delivery.

They are available on Amazon here as well. You can sometimes find this product at Walmart too, though at almost double iHerb. Currently you cannot get Orchard Fruits at Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS, GNC, Wholefoods or Walgreens.

Are Fruit Replacement Vitamins Any Good?

Eating a wide variety of colorful fruit and berries each day is much better than taking supplements. But fresh produce can be expensive and difficult to find in some areas.

Orchard Fruits by Nature’s Way are a legitimate and inexpensive option made mainly from freeze-dried plum, orange, strawberry, blueberry, apple and pomegranate powder.

While I don’t consider this product to be a scam, keep in mind that noticeable benefits and positive effects are unlikely to be dramatic for people not already nutritionally deficient.

While very few products are cheaper, there are potentially better value options available, especially taking into account nutritional content and possible benefits, even if the cost is a bit higher.

Here are 5 Nature’s Way Fruits Blend competitors worth considering.

5 Best Fruit Supplement Alternatives in 2023

1. Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits Vs JuiceFestiv

American supplement company Natrol sell their popular organic fruit and vegetable capsules combination JuiceFestiv (reviewed here). The cost is a bit more but there are 60 servings with JuiceFestiv versus the 30 in the Nature’s Way Fruits product.

JuiceFestiv Daily Fruit has many of the same ingredients. There’s more potent additions too, with noni, lemon peel, elderberry and black current as standouts, as well as acai much higher up in the formula.

Due to the longer ingredients list, amounts will be smaller. But as an added benefit, JuiceFestiv also contains vitamin C and E, B vitamins, beta-carotene, digestive enzymes, probiotics and a highly absorbable form of selenium, a mineral many people lack in their diets.Fruit & Veggie Caps

JuiceFestiv comes in a 2 bottle pack, with both Daily Fruit and Daily Veggie, which compares well with Garden Veggies by Nature’s Way, the companion product to Orchard Fruits. Increasing both your vegetable and fruit intake at the same time is more beneficial as well.

As an alternative to Nature’s Way Veggies and Fruits, JuiceFestiv has a strong claim as the superior product. On a cost per month basis it’s even cheaper to take too.

2. Nature’s Way Vs Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood is a popular premium whole food supplement. It comes in both veggie caps and powder and contains a wide range of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and greens.

The cost is higher with Texas Superfood, even compared to taking both Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits and Garden Veggies combined. The ingredients list is excellent though and you may well get more ‘bang for your buck’ with a broad spectrum superfood supplement like this.

You can read a full review of Texas Superfood here with nutritional information, pros and cons, consumer reports and a special code to get it for less.

3. Navitas Organic Superfood+ Berry Blend Comparison

Fruit only capsules are much rarer in the nutritional products market than veggie replacement supplements. Because fruits and berries taste so much better, manufacturers often offer them in powdered form, like the popular Navitas Organic Superfood+ Berry Blend.

This nutrient dense and antioxidant rich powder has only 3 ingredients — acai, goji and blueberry — but these 3 are some of the most potent superfoods available.

Acai is particularly high in antioxidants and omega-3s and often recommended for improving your skin tone. Goji is great for your eyes and has been used for centuries in traditional therapies to support wellness and longevity. While blueberry is an excellent source of protective polyphenols.Navita Organic Berry Blend

This berry blend has very positive customer reviews, with consumer comments like “more energy after one week”, “taste delicious” and “contains lots of antioxidants”.

Navitas Organic Superfood+ Berry Blend is available here on iHerb at a similar amount to Nature’s Way. If you are happy to add a teaspoon of berry powder to your drinks or food, rather than taking capsules, it’s a highly recommended alternative.

4. Nature’s Way Vs Simply Nature’s Promise

The supplement company Simply Nature’s Promise also sell freeze-dried fruit and vegetable capsules. Their Simply Fruits and Simply Veggies are a premium alternative to Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits and Garden Veggies.

Simply Nature’s Promise is made from USA-grown and organic-certified produce. Like Texas Superfood, the ingredients are clearly superior and it is a bit more expensive. Not that much more though and it may be well worth the extra for the benefits you get from taking it.

There’s a detailed comparison between Simply Nature’s Promise vs Balance of Nature here if you’re interested in seeing which one is better for you.

5. Superfood MD Vs Nature’s Way Fruits and Veggies

Superfood MD is a direct Balance of Nature copy with almost identical ingredients. It’s around half the monthly cost though.

All the ingredients are grown in America and the company has a strong focus on testing and safety. I’d personally choose these fruit and vegetable supplements over Balance of Nature. That said, getting Nature’s Way Garden Veggies and Orchard Fruits together is still better value.

6. Nature’s Sustenance Vs Nature’s Way

New Fruits + Greens by Nature’s Sustenance is a healthy whole food supplement with an impressive ingredients list, including alfalfa, eleuthero, dandelion greens, broccoli reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms.

A single bottle will set you back more than getting both Orchard Fruits and Garden Veggies combined. But if you’re not on a tight budget then this new superfood supplement is well worth considering.Fruit replacement pills

Final Verdict and Rating

Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits is an inexpensive freeze-dried supplement option. Currently great value here on iHerb it’s very affordable and has plum, strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate as standout ingredients.

Depending on your circumstances there could be better alternatives though. JuiceFestiv, for instance, is even cheaper than Nature’s Way on a cost per month basis. And Simply Nature’s Promise, Nature’s Sustenance and Superfood MD are other good options with more extensive fruit and veggie ingredients lists.

If you’d consider using a powdered product instead, then Navitas Organic Superfood+ Berry Blend is a worthy competitor as well. Acai, goji and blueberry are all potent superfoods and you’re getting a good dose of them in every teaspoon of this berry blend here on iHerb.

Overall I give a 3 star rating out of 5 for Orchard Fruit Blend supplement by Nature’s Way. Pros include its low cost, freeze-dried extraction and antioxidant rich ingredients.

Cons are its smaller serving size, average additions like orange and apple, and potentially better alternatives available in 2023.

I hope this Nature’s Way Orchard Fruits review has provided an objective comparison of inexpensive supplements to increase your intake of fruits and berries. There’s more superfood supplement reviews here if you are still looking for the right one for you.

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