Triphala Side Effects and Precautions

Triphala pregnant womenWhile triphala has many health benefits, what are some of the potential side effects and concerns to be aware of when using it and what should you do if you have a negative reaction?

First a quick summary of the important contraindications for taking triphala. These are especially relevant for pregnant women, those on blood thinning medication and people suffering from IBS or other digestive disorders. 

Common Precautions and Side Effects of Triphala Powder

  • Unsafe for women during pregnancy and not recommended while breastfeeding. Triphala should never be taken by pregnant women as it could increase miscarriage risk. It it is also suggested to avoid it during breastfeeding.
  • Avoid triphala if you have irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea or other digestive issues. Triphala churna can improve digestion but may initially increase intestinal upsets if the dose is too high.
  • Triphala detoxification can lead to a healing crisis. Potential symptoms include headaches, nausea, an upset stomach and a feeling of being tired and rundown.
  • Possible allergic reaction to triphala churna. If you experience swelling in the mouth or throat, shortness of breath or sudden skin redness and itchiness discontinue triphala use.
  • Potential drug interactions with blood thinning medications. Triphala should be taken away from important medications and may interfere with blood thinning medications like warfarin.

Let’s look at each of these potential side effects of triphala churna and how to avoid them so you can experience the the many benefits of triphala without problems or issues.

Triphala During Pregnancy

The major precaution to be aware of when using triphala is that it shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women.

While this is often a blanket statement used with pretty much every type of supplement or herb, Ayurvedic practitioners and texts advise specifically against taking it during pregnancy so it’s very important.

It is said to have a ‘downward flowing’ energy that may increase the risk of miscarriage. It is also not recommended during breast feeding.

Ayurvedic amla, one of the three ingredients in triphala, is often recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers in India. It is the other two ingredients in triphala – haritaki and bibhitaki – that are contraindicated during pregnancy.

So if you’d still like to keep your antioxidant intake high whilst pregnant, switching to powdered amla instead of triphala would be a possible solution.

Interestingly, amla is also believed to enhances fertility in both men and women by balancing the Apana Vata. It is noted as being beneficial for overall reproductive health and supporting healthy conception. Much more on the health benefits of amla here.

Digestive Side Effects of Triphala Churna

It is recommended not to take triphala churna if you are experiencing diarrhea, IBS or other digestive problems. Higher doses can trigger loose stools and more regular trips to the bathroom. If this happens unexpectedly, don’t take triphala for day or two and then start using it again at half the dose you had previously.

See if this amount is better tolerated the next morning before continuing. From that point on it is best to only increase the dosage slowly and in small amounts, perhaps just 1 gram at a time, while monitoring the effects you’re getting from it daily.

Some people experience an increase in intestinal upsets, bloating and flatulence as a side effect of taking triphala, though this is usually only a temporary effect. Once triphala powder has got to work clearing out the intestinal tract most people report less stomach problems and gas after a few weeks of using it.

Healing Crisis

One issue to be aware of with detoxifying formulas like triphala churna is the potential for a healing crisis. When too many toxins are being expelled from the body than it is used to handling it can be a bit overwhelming for your system.

Some potential symptoms and side effects of a healing crisis can include headaches, nausea, stomach gas and diarrhea and a generally tired and rundown feeling.

If you experience anything like this when you start using triphala then realize that there is a good chance it is as a result of your body detoxifying and eliminating trapped wastes.

With any of these types of symptoms, stop taking triphala churna for a day or two and then, if you’d like to continue using it, start again at a smaller dose, half is usually a good recommendation.

So for instance, if you took a heaped teaspoon of triphala for the first time and experienced side effects like headaches, tiredness or just not feeling your best, then try and drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruit and lots of vegetables and other healthy foods throughout that day.

Don’t take any powdered triphala the next day. Then after two days, if you’d like to try it again, start with a smaller dose. In this case, two grams or half a level teaspoon, or even just one gram or a quarter of a teaspoon of the powder could be a good start to check for triphala side effects.

If you still experience the same negative reaction with the same intensity it would be best stop taking triphala and consult an Ayurvedic practitioner. In most cases though, once you find your correct triphala dosage, you’ll feel a lot better after a week or two of using it.

Possible Allergic Reactions

While very rare, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to triphala churna. Symptoms could include:

  • Swelling in the mouth or throat.
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  • A sudden onset of skin redness and itchiness.
  • Diarrhea shortly after taking triphala and ongoing for several hours afterwards.

Should you experience any of the triphala allergy symptoms, immediately stop using it and consult a doctor if they continue or worsen.

Using Triphala with Medications

There are no commonly reported drug interactions with triphala in the medical literature, but it is always best to take medications well away from any cleansing formulas in general. So if you are taking important drugs in the morning then take your triphala in the evening or vice versa.

Some research has suggested avoiding taking triphala churna if you are on blood thinning medications like warfarin due to a possible interaction between gallic acid (a beneficial antioxidant) and the cytochrome P450 inhibitory effect used by these drugs. Consult your practitioner if you have any concerns or are taking pharmaceuticals like blood thinning medications for a serious condition.

For the vast majority of people, triphala powder is a safe and effective detoxifier that can greatly improve your digestion, elimination and health in general. The next page will look at how to take triphala for maximum benefit.

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Azmina Dewji

I have been prescribed Prednisone for Radiation Pneumonties.
Is it o.k. for me to take Triphala.
Please advise.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Azmina. There are no commonly reported drug interactions with triphala but it is always best to take prescription medicines away from any supplements. I would recommend discussing this with the doctor that prescribed the drug for you. Hope this helps.


I am about to start the papaya seed smoothie cleanse. I wasn’t able to find triphala powder, but instead bought it in tablet form from the brand Savesta. I found it at Whole Foods. Do you think that is just as good of an option?

Thanks!, Kailee



I have bought recently Himalaya Triphala Capsules. For the past 4 days am taking 2 (500mg) capsules per day. Could you tell me how long it takes for the effect ? Thanks in Advance.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there and thanks for your question. Triphala in the capsules is a much gentler effect than the larger powder dosages. It’s said to gently heal and tonify your intestinal environment over time. For triphala’s laxitive effect you’d need to take a larger dosage as described here –


Hi there Jim,

I am 38 yrs & on day 4 on triphala powder. I have been taking 1/2 tsp 1st thing in the morning (I previously tried it for a few days…before I came down with a cold – taking it before bedtime and I had unrestful sleep so changed to morning after my cold).

Since taking it this week, I have intense fits of itching, super hungry, & very tired as a result of detoxification. After reading your article, I’m thinking I should take a break for a couple days and then try triphala again at a lower dose (1/4 tsp). What do you think?

I really want to clense my body/liver/gi, get relief from my osteoarthritis (knees), and support my doshas (pitta kapha)….I hope I don’t have to stop taking it all together but I will if it’s not a good fit for my body. I know diet has a huge play…I’m trying to eat better for my pitta dosha (I get super itchy eczema periodically on hands) and consume less aggrivating foods/drinks.

Thank you so much for your time – I appreciate it.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there Beth,

    It does sound like the triphala is causing a few detoxification issues. It would be worth trying at 1/4 teaspoon for a week before slowly increasing it over the coming weeks. If you are still getting the issues you describe it would probably be worth trying a different protocol and/or consulting a holistic healer. There may be underlying areas that need to be treated first and seeing someone directly will help pinpoint this.

    All the best.


Hi there can you tell me if
Triphala affects the birth control pill cerazette .

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I’ve not heard of any interactions but it would be best to take any medications at least an hour away from triphala. Please consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional though if you’re unsure on this.

    All the best.


I would like to ask about the dosage of Triphala capsules(Himalaya) to be taken for dry eyes? Please do guide. I thought 1 or 2 capsule per day


I wanted to reduce fat and my weigth 120 Kg. How to take Triphala churna please tell me


Hi Jim. I was using Triphala from last 5 months. But now I have stopped taking it. Don’t you think my digestive system will become dependent on triphala if I use it for a long time?


Hello sir
Cam triphala be used to cure bile reflux & esophagitis?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Nitin,

    Bile reflux can be aggravated by constipation and triphala is excellent for this but I’d suggest trying aloe vera juice. Triphala isn’t known specifically as a direct treatment for either if these. The Curezone forum has a lot of good info on esophagitis treatments if you do a search for it and the condition.

    Hope this helps


I eat papaya yrsday and am 5 weeks pregnant i just wake up with cramps and back pains they cannot go away what must i do?

    Jim Dillan

    Fully ripe papaya should not be a problem though you’d want to avoid green papaya and papaya seeds in future. See a health practitioner if the pain continues.

    All the best,



I have IBS constipation and I have been taking Triphala. It works. I have not been consistent with taking it. It has affected my sleep. The benefits outweighs this minor side effect. I feel with time it will eventually resolve itself.


    Jim Dillan

    Hi Donna,

    That’s good to hear that Triphala is helping with IBS and constipation. I’d suggest having your main dose first thing in the morning and perhaps before lunch if it is having an effect on your sleeping patterns.

    All the best,



dear sir
i have diabetes.i can used triphala curna for life time? Plz help me sir


Hi there: Please advise if Triphla will be good for inflamed stomach lining. Walter

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Walter,

    Triphala has been recommended for gastritis. The dosage recommendations I’ve seen are 3 grams 3 times a day before meals for 7 days. Consult a doctor if you have any negative effects.

    Hope this helps,



I would like to know if Triphala is good for IBS like symptoms? and how should I take it?

sean kratzert

I have been suffering from an onset of acne for the last nine months, and I’ve been taking triphala for that time to try and see if it could cure it, however, do you think this could be making it worse? i know that gooseberry is a nightshade and could be causing inflammation if I am particularly allergic to it. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Sean,

    Amla is not a nightshade and not related to gooseberries.

    The high vitamin C and antioxidants should help with acne but sometimes there can be a detox reaction for the first week or two though I wouldn’t expect it to last for over a month.

    Far more likely causes of acne are sugar and processed grain consumption, vegetable oils and hormone imbalances that a holistic practitioner could help correct.

    All the best,



Hi my friend used the powder as an eyewash on her eye and she said it felt like burning and she went to the hospital and they eye doctor made the pain go away but ever since she’s had very blurry vision out of her left eye.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    It sounds like the solution was too strong or had unfiltered triphala particles in it. I hope your friend’s eye heals up and would recommend she avoid this particular treatment if she had such a bad reaction to it.

    All the best,


Peace Ravenwood

Hi, I just began taking triphala powder yesterday and, apart from the urghy taste (!) I feel sick when drinking it…This is the only side effect, so far, that I feel, so, reading this article, I should reduce the amount from 1 tsp to half?
I eat a vegan diet, lots of raw food and cooked carbs – must have more toxins in me than I thought!


I had gall bladder surgery last year, I have minor gastritis some times I will get loose motion pbm with passing mucos. Now a days I am gaining wt even if I do exercise. Is triphala churn work for me?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    Triphala may help with gastritis but you’d have to consult a healthcare professional on this about your individual situation.

    All the best,



Hi, I’m hypothyroidism patient & on 100mg thyroxine. Triphala is it good for me? Thanks

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    You’d have to discuss this with your doctor. All herbal treatments should be taken well away from medication.

    All the best,


Heema Arya

I have acidity problem. Will Triphala help in reducing this problem or will be higher side, as this contains Amla. Pls suggest whether I should go for Triphala or not.

thanks and regards


Anuj purohit

I regularly take Blood pressure medicine .I started taking triphala in early morning with hot water. My blood pressure is no . 67/100 I am feeling low I stopped my BP medicine . Is this a side effect of triphala.please reply


I am 14 weeks pregnant and took two trip aka tablets for constipation.. Should I be worried about miss adage?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    One dose shouldn’t have a negative effect but it’s best to not have triphala regularly when pregnant.

    All the best,



trifla is good BT it causes dryness of colon if used for long period of time say 2 years I developed a problem of lack of platelets so of course thinning of blood cause vitamin c cause it which is present in amla so it is strongly prohibited in case of if u r taking blood thinning medicine

Joulene Shepard

very less details is provided of trifala here. I have been visiting to India from last 30 years and was under treatment of Sb Sidh for 2 months in 2009.
I have good experience of consuming trifala. Better consult Sb Sidh who clears constipation and helps in reversing diabetes. I want to add few details on trifala.

Trifala is combination of 3 herbs as mentioned above. But Trifala further is divided into 21 different combination.
Yes in short, there are more than 20 different type of trifala.

one of the herb used in trifala is Hartika and there is more than 5 types of hartika and their effect on human system is different . so you have to be sure what type of hartika you are using in trifala.
let me guide you and try yo recollect names of different hartika as mentioned by Sb Sidh.
1) Amrita:
2) Abhaya:
3) Putana:
4) Vijaya:
5) Rohini:
6) Jivanti:
7) white Chetaki:
8)black Chetaki

My 12 years acute constipation was cleared by Sb Sidh from India who provided me different 16 type of trifala in 45 days time. it was proper combination of herbs which was needed by my immune system to repair the problem in liver and gallblader. My diabetes treatment was also started from Sb sidh and I been blessed to quit insulin in mattwer of 7 months after starting treifala and diabetes medicine from Sb Sidh.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    Yes indeed, a book or two could be written on the complexities of different triphala treatments. This article is meant more as an introduction to the benefits of triphala and, as mentioned, it’s best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for best results.

    All the best,


felicity smith

I’ve read some of the comments and still want to know if triphala is available in the Johannesburg area? Please help!

Tukaram Kudale

Hi Jim
My wife is 1.5 months preganant and was suffering from constipation. She took Tiphala Churna for 2 days. Will it really affect her preganancy 🙁 I am littile bit worried now after reading this articale. What should we do now to avoid miscarriage ?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Tukaram,

    I believe it’s only regular ongoing use late in pregnancy that is more of a problem but you could check with your doctor if she is concerned by this.

    All the best,


Fazel Khan

Hi, I started taking triphala digestive support for two weeks and the dosage is 2 per day. For the latter 5 days I have a problem sleeping. Is their any relation. Thanking you

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Fazel,

    None that I’m aware of but it would be worth trailing taking it in the morning and seeing if this makes a difference.

    All the best,



Can a person having low Blood Pressure take Triphala Churna. Is it safe ?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Firdosh,

    From the article “There are no well known drug interactions with triphala in the medical literature, but it is best to take medications well away from any cleansing formulas in general.

    Some research has suggested avoiding taking triphala churna if you are on blood thinning medications. Consult your practitioner if you have any concerns or are taking pharmaceuticals for a serious condition.”

    Given this I’d consult your doctor first.

    All the best,



Hi Jim,

I have been taking amla churna for 2 to 3 weeks (3 gms morning and night before sleep..) for the past 1 weeks, my sleep is full of normal dreams.. if at all i woke up and go to sleep, still i get dreams… do you think that dreams could have been caused by amla churna? Awaiting your kind answers. please help.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Ravikumar,

    I haven’t read of amla promoting more dreams before. I’d consider this beneficial though as dreaming is very important for good mental health.

    All the best,




Can triphala be use to cure esophagitis and esophageal valve

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Vittal,

    I haven’t seen anything to indicate triphala is especially good for esophagitis. I’d try aloe vera at the start then improving stomach acid production so protein meals don’t sit in the stomach so long.

    Hope this helps,



I have high blood pressure (160/110) for last 10yrs,all test should be taken (normal), but Dr.say’s there is no problem,if i have prefered triphala powder for HBP.

Plz reply me, with dosage and how many days triphala powder taken to cure HBP.

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