Where to Buy Amla Powder Online — Organic, Capsules, Amla Oil & Indian Gooseberries

Fresh Amalaki and Indian gooseberry juiceAmla, also known as Indian gooseberry or amalaki, is a potent and rejuvenating superfood that is incredibly rich in protective antioxidants for better health.

Here’s what to look for and where to buy the best brand of amla powder to take as a nutritional supplement or use as a natural hair and skin treatment.

Also ahead, where to find amla hair oil for sale, sugar free Indian gooseberry juice, whole amalaki fruit and the best organic amla powder capsules.

Amla Uses and Benefits

Amla fruit powder extract can be taken daily to boost your immunity, improve digestion, maintain healthy skin and hair and combat free radical damage that leads to aging.

It can also be used in homemade facemasks and scrubs to improve your complexion and as a topical hair thickener and gray hair remedy.

Fresh amla fruit is sometimes found at Indian supermarkets but for versatility and ease of use a good powdered amalaki extract is highly recommended.

What to Look for When Buying Amla Powder

It’s important to get the highest quality amla powder you can find, both for its superior benefits and in the interests of safety.

Organic amalaki is much better, particularly with USDA certification and third-party testing for purity and potency.

I use this highly rated organic powder in my daily smoothies. It’s USDA organic, independently tested and very good value in bulk.

Amla extract has a tart and tangy taste but not unpleasant and easily masked in a smoothie. If you prefer to buy capsules, these premium organic fruit powder capsules are inexpensive and easy to take.

For dosage instructions for both Indian gooseberry capsules and the powdered fruit extract see this article on how to take amla.

Whole Indian Gooseberries

If you live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, your local Indian grocery store may import and sell fresh amla berries.

Whole amalaki fruit is generally much more difficult to find than powdered amla though. For regular use it’s best to go with the organic powder or capsules.

You can also find dried whole amla fruit, like these organic ones, for Indian cooking and other specialty uses.

Organic Indian Gooseberry Juice

Some people who grew up in India miss drinking amla fruit juice. It’s available in the USA on Amazon with this one liter USDA organic juice, sugar-free and made from fresh amalaki.

You can add a drop or two of stevia if you’d like a sweeter taste, but avoid any commercial Indian gooseberry juice with sugar added. Amla is taken to improve your health and extra sugar works against that goal.

Amla Hair Oil

This popular natural oil for hair is made without mineral oil and has many positive reviews for hair darkening and improved strength and shine.

There are cheaper versions you can buy online at eBay or in supermarkets like Walmart, but I’d strongly suggest avoiding any with mineral oil or other chemical additives.

I’ve also written an article about how to make amla oil for your hair here at home from powdered Indian gooseberry.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Amla – Supermarkets, Grocery Stores or Online?

If you have a good Indian grocery store in your city and can access fresh amla fruit to eat then this is an ideal way to get nutritious amalaki into your diet.

For the vast majority of people though, buying this powdered organic extract I use and adding it to a smoothie, fresh juice or another drink is a convenient way to take it regularly.

You can also get these highly rated organic capsules online and take them to work to have with your lunch for improved digestive function and antioxidant protection.

As amla powder has become more popular, you can now find it in stores like Whole Foods and even in big supermarkets like Walmart and Walgreens.

Generally though, the quality is lower while the price is higher so it’s much better to buy organic amla online, keep it in your kitchen and take it daily for best results.

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