Homemade Amla Oil for Beautiful Hair

Amalaki Hair OilAmla hair oil is a popular treatment to promote hair growth and thicken and darken hair.

Commercial amla oil preparations are available but I wasn’t keen on the ingredients like unhealthy mineral oil and thought I could make something better at home.  My results so far have been very encouraging so I thought I’d share the recipe and how to use it.

Amla Oil Benefits for Your Hair

Many people online rave about the hair benefits of amla powder and coconut oil mixed together over gentle heat. I tried this homemade amla hair oil myself and found it very moisturizing, but had even better results when I added the extra ingredients below.

It’s particularly good for adding volume to normally thinner hair and even seems to cover up the occasional gray ones. Due to this slight darkening effect, people with darker hair generally get the best results. This amla hair treatment is probably not recommended for blondes or other lighter hair tones.

The amounts you need in each ingredient may take a little experimentation. I have short hair so only used a small amount. Women with longer hair would need significantly more. I’ll give estimates after each ingredient but feel free to use more or less keeping roughly the same ratios of oils to powders.

Amla Hair Oil Ingredients

  • Extra virgin coconut oil – Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing and nutritious for the hair and scalp. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, clears away dandruff and is said to stimulate new hair growth. Women with short hair would want to use around 3 tablespoons, medium hair 4 to 5 tablespoons and longer hair 5 to 6 tablespoons.
  • Amla powder – I use this whole fruit powdered amla that is relatively fine, even with the seeds. Some cheaper amla powder for hair may be a bit grittier. Amounts are 2 level teaspoons for short hair, 2 1/2 teaspoons medium hair and 3 teaspoons for long hair.
  • Brahmi powder – Brahmi is another Ayurvedic herb that is known to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss. Use 1 teaspoon for short hair, 1 1/4 teaspoons for medium hair and 1 1/2 teaspoons for long hair.
  • Rosemary essential oil – Rosemary oil stimulates circulation on the scalp, is antibacterial and anti-fungal and is believed to encourage new hair growth. It also makes your hair smell great. Essential oils are potent though so keep to the small amount suggested and avoid any contact with your eyes. Short hair would use around 4 drops, medium hair 8 drops and long hair up to 12 drops.

How to Make Amla Oil 

Amla for HairHere is how to make amla oil for hair at home:

  1. Start by heating the coconut oil in a small saucepan on the lowest heat setting. You just want to melt the coconut oil, not see it bubbling yet.
  2. Add the amla powder first and mix it in. Once it’s well blended add the brahmi powder and then the rosemary oil and stir all the ingredients well over a low heat.
  3. Keep heating and stirring the mixture until it just starts to bubble. At this point turn off the heat and leave the amla oil for a few minutes to cool to a level where it’s just warm rather than hot.
  4. Now you can then transfer it to a bowl to use. Or just take the saucepan with a teatowel underneath to the bathroom ready for application.

Applying Amla Hair Oil

This homemade amla oil seems to work best on freshly washed hair that is still damp. Ideally you could wash your hair with a chemical free shampoo (like this one that will really clear away the buildup from regular shampoos and conditioners) just before making up the oil so it is clean and still slightly wet before application.

Wearing gloves is recommended as the brown oil can get under fingernails and be difficult to get out.

To start, dip both fingers into the oil and begin massaging it into the top and center of your scalp. Head massages are great for stimulating healthy hair growth so why not combine it with the hair oil application?

To do this curl your fingers as if making a cat’s claw, dip them into the saucepan to coat them in oil and press firmly into the scalp, squeezing the fingers slightly together. Move slowly outwards and down, not so much dragging your fingers as pressing them into each part of your scalp coated with the oil.

Once you’ve pressed the oil into your scalp from the top to the sides, you can slowly finger comb it over both the top of your hair and from underneath to cover it as much as possible. Having an old towel around your neck is a good idea to catch any drops.

It does usually have a gritty feel from all the chopped up seeds but they are part of what makes it so good for your hair. So try and ignore the texture going on and see how it feels later after you’ve finished the treatment.

When you’ve got as much of the amla hair oil as you can on with your fingers, use a wide bristle comb to gently work it through even more. Stop if you come to any tangles. These are the much easier to get out later so it’s best to leave them for now.

Once the amla and brahmi oil is worked through your hair well, cover it with a shower cap or a towel you don’t mind washing afterwards and leave it to do its work. Check for any oil on your ears, forehead or neck and wash it off with a little soap. I personally haven’t had any stains but it’s been mentioned online as possible.

How long you leave this amla oil hair treatment on will depend on the time you have available but I’d suggest at least half an hour, more if you can. The longer you can leave it the better it seems to work.

I’ve been leaving this treatment in for several hours when working from home. Alma really does seem to have many benefits for your hair and scalp. The improvement in the way my hair looks and feels when I wash it out has convinced me it’s worth how silly I probably look typing away in a shower cap.

Regardless of how long you have, when you do go to the shower take your time really running a lot of warm water through your hair. Perhaps use the same wide bristle comb under the shower to make sure you’ve got it all out.

Once it feels like any residue has been washed away, lather in a small amount of shampoo. This is just a quick wash for any excess oil on the hair itself. You want the amla oil to stay in the hair shaft and do it’s work.

Curly hair in particular may need a really good rinse and a little extra shampoo to remove all the amla and brahmi powder particles as well as the coconut oil. Interestingly, people with curls often report much better hair with amla oil so a little extra time washing the treatment out should be well worth it.

Your hair should look really healthy and shiny and feel both soft yet thicker and much fuller after this hair treatment and you definitely shouldn’t need any commercial conditioner afterwards.

I hope this homemade amla oil works as well for your hair as it has for mine and many other people’s. I’d appreciate hearing your results if you try it for yourself.

Of course, amla is also very healthy for your hair when taken internally as well. You can read about the best ways to take amla here.

For good internal nutrition for hair it’s also worth considering potent black currant seed oil or this great tasting smoothie recipe that combines different superfoods into a healthy hair treatment that tastes great too.

Photo 1 credit: Brigitte…Meh / Photo 2 credit: Libby Arnold

I am SO confused re. Amla and Brahmi. I read they darken hair but one of the sites that sell these herbs ( and brahmi/ amla oil–bringhra oil) says it doesn’t…. even Amla powder
so… what’s the real answer?
( I have light brown hair and do not want to change my color, just make my hair stronger and grow faster)

    Jim Dillan

    Hi and thanks for your question. When I make up the hair recipe on this page I notice a slight darkening but I already have pretty dark hair. Other people report a stronger effect, though usually it takes a few applications or longer treatment time for obvious effects and is nowhere near as strong as commercial hair dyes.

    I’d suggest trying unrefined avocado oil with rosemary oil as detailed on this page if you want to be sure it doesn’t change your hair color – https://superfoodprofiles.com/avocado-oil-hair-treatments


    I m using home made amla oil powdered amla cooked in mustard oil it is doing wonderz i ve been using since 2 weeks n it is actually retaining my hair color n covering da grey ones compeletely it did miracle ….i m v happy i m going to use dis for life tyme for sure…..love amla oil

      Jim Dillan

      Hi Sana and thanks for your comments. I usually use avocado oil and haven’t tried mustard oil with amla. Appreciate the tip.


      Hi Sanakhail,
      Could you please send me your recipe and method of application as it sounds great..I’ve got greys coming through at a rapid rate and need to slow it down,quick!


      Hi Sana,
      could you please tell us your recipe, it sounds a good tip !


      Hi Sanakhalil,

      Could you please send me the recipie and more details like how often do you use it, etc.



“Wearing gloves is recommended”, does this stain the scalp? I want to do this but don’t want my bald spot to look funny.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Jim. I haven’t notice any staining of the scalp or my hands but added that as some people online have reported that the mixture can get under their nails and be hard to get out.

Neon Jim

I’m changing my user name so there’s no confusion. Wouldn’t want you to think you’re questioning yourself. lol

    Jim Dillan

    That’s fine Jim. Either name is ok with me.


I was wondering whether your hair treatment works well with men too.
I am 25 and have thin hair with lots of white hair too.
Also whether this works with facial white hair too .Last week i spotted a single white hair on my chin.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    The amla oil treatment will definitely thicken your hair. I’m a man too and it works well for me. Many women online rave about amla oil for thicker and shinier hair too.

    Amla will darken you hair as well and should help to mask grey hairs a little but I wouldn’t think it would be as thorough as commercial treatments unfortunately (though it’s certainly better for your scalp and general health). I haven’t tried it on facial hair sorry so couldn’t recommend it for that.

    The cause of grey hairs is something I would like to investigate and write about in the future. From what I’ve seen so far Traditional Chinese Medicine seems to have a better chance of treating this with herbal preparations aimed at the underlying imbalances that cause it.

    Hope this helps.


Hello and thanks for the wonderful recipe. I would love to try this recipe to condition my curly hair. I currently henna my hair with amla, and was just curious as to how often you would recommend this treatment (ie….once per week, once per month). Thank you so much!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Charlotte,

    You could do it once a week but I think around a fortnight is a good sort of time frame. Hope it works for you.


Good article
Thank you for this effort


Great hair mask! I’ve been using this hair mask for two months now. It works wonders with dry curly hair.


hey jim..I actually read somewhere abt making amla oil with its fresh juice and coconut oil. I just made it for the first time minutes ago…im nt sure if I overcooked it or what cus the residue is like black in colour now..im letting it cool before storing it.any advise?thanks a bunch jim 🙂

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Pavithra,

    I haven’t tried this combination but the amla powder certainly turns the mixture black with its tannins so I suspect this is normal.

    Hope this helps.

Debbie Secrest

Where do you buy this product? I have dry curly hair and have areal hard time finding products that will work on my hair.My hair falls out alot it is upsetting cause my hair is fine and thin. I have taken alot of hair products over the last year none of them seem to work. I have had blood work and thyroid checked nothing is showing up so it must be stress. Please let me know where I can purchase the products I need.thanks alot

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Debbie,

    I recommend the recipe in the article as commercial amla hair oils are made with mineral oils that aren’t the best substance to be heating up and putting on the scalp. Once you have the amla powder it’s not difficult to make.

    All the best.


Does this alma oil work on female pattern baldness .


Does it smell like the dabur amla oil? … And why do you prefer to make amla oil at home rather than buying the dabur amla hair oil – Is it not healthy?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Stephanie,

    The mineral oil in that product is worth investigating. I personally think it’s cheaper and more effective to make at home. Commercial products need to be stable for long periods and rarely have the potency of freshly made treatments.

    All the best.

Alessandra Martellacci

I am going to get amla powder today, as soon as I’m done typing this. Thank you. I work from home as well and am generally coated in oils, powders and other gooey home spa treatments so I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when you mentioned typing away in a shower cap. I do that ALL THE TIME. lol

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Alessandra and thanks for your comments.

    I know the feeling. I’ve often written articles with the face or hair treatment I’m writing about on at the time. There’s definitely a lot of freedom in working from home.

    All the best.



I cant wait to try this recipe!! I dyed my hair a orange-reddish color (copper). My hair is normally black. I was wondering if this will darken or change my hair color back and if so, what can i do to keep it from darkening my hair? Also, I have a 15 year old niece that is suffering from anxiety and her hair is coming out in spots all over her scalp. They say its alopecia, but i think its from stress from losing her father 2 years ago. I would like to know if you think this treatment would work for her. Thank you!!


Fareeda begum

Hey I’ve used alma powder with hot coconut oil …. But it’s dried my hair out and it looks dull an hard to comb ,. I dnt no wat I’ve done wrong !! I was told it’s good for grey hair .. Can any 1 help plz !!

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    It’s best to leave the amla hair oil mixture in for at least an hour and then make sure you wash it out thoroughly. A wide bristle comb can help to make sure all the residue is removed.

    Hope this helps,



Awsm recipe



Can we add a dry curry leaves …while preparing this oil.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Nitya,

    I haven’t made it with curry leaves but I know they are used in similar treatments and see no reason why not if you’ve used them before without problems.

    All the best,


Fehmina Iram

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe of amla oil. As i was looking for any remedy that could do good for my dry, fizzy and partially grey hairs and thats the end of my research. Will surely try this and hope will work for me.

Fehmina Iram

There is one question in my mind, should i make fresh amla oil from ur recipe every time when i want to apply. Or can i make a good amount of it for one month or more. Waiting for ur reply

    Jim Dillan

    I haven’t tried this but tend to think it would separate and not be as effective as freshly made.

    Hope this helps,




Could you please guide me on how to prepare Amla powder and Brahmi Powder at home?


Hello. I just ran across your site, and all of the info is completely new to me. I am fascinated with the Amla Oil concept. I would like to know your supplier for purchasing the extra virgin olive oil, Amla Powder, Brahmi powder, and Rosemary Essential oil. Thanks very much.


Can Caucasians use this or is it too strong?

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Tami,

    Yes amla oil is fine for Caucasians, though it may slightly darken light hair.

    All the best,



Hello! Glad I stumbled upon this because i did use the Dabur Amla oil but read that many people were not a fan of it containing mineral oil. While I don’t know exactly why it’s not good for hair, I tried this homemade version.

What made you heat the coconut oil? Is that important? Reason being, I didn’t heat it. Left the jar out for a bit to melt at room temperature.

I recently had surgery & shortly after I got my hair colored at a salon. The ammonia was too harsh. My hair is currently shedding in clumps. Im starting to worry.

I only tried this once but already feel like it’s going to help! Thank you!!

Ps..I really wanted to try using the Mustard Seed oil. However I was discouraged with all the warning labels on the bottles. Plus most kinds I saw contained TBHQ. I typically avoid foods that contain it.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Dee,

    I think heating the coconut oil helps it mix well with the amla and brahmi. With it’s saturated fat coconut oil is very heat stable.

    I agree to avoid anything with TBHQ.

    All the best,




I have all other ingredients at home, but no Brahmi powder. Is it ok to make the oil with all the other ingredients? Is Brahmi powder required to balance out one of the ingredients, or it is just for added benefit?

– D

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    I believe the brahmi improves the formula but you could try making it up with just the amla and seeing how it goes.

    All the best,



I read mostly all the above comments and the goodness about this treatment…i use too have very long and thick hairs before but now from past 3 years i have lost a great amout of hairs…i am 39 and was thinking is due to my age…my iron is really low too right now and taking pills to improve it. My hair texture is getting thiner day by day…will this treatment of amla could be helpfull for hair growth and texture…thanx and will be waiting for your reply.

ms. wray

Awesome tip!!!!

So the links for the actual products you purchase for the mixture forward to a totally different product.. what are the the actual brahmi and alma brand you used? I have the terrasoul super food amla powder.. is that ok? Or did I buy the wrong grade?
Sometimes different products use for internal use are not for external use (the hair). I just want to make sure… Thanks


plz help me…I used amala oil but I felt that my hair became thin ….Jim plz told me can I continue this oil.I felt that these are primary symptoms and then may be these are fine plz give me answer

    Jim Dillan

    Hi there,

    Usually amla oil should make your hair feel thicker. You could try it again with the directions from the article if you like but if you get the same result it may not agree with your hair type sorry.

    All the best,



Using amla oil alone is better or mixing it with mustard oil will provide better results,reply soon please

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Anurag,

    Some do recommend mustard oil with amla oil but I haven’t tried it personally.

    All the best,



Hi my question is how often should I do the treatment ? I do 2 times a week i hope it’s not to much.

    Jim Dillan

    Hi Valerie,

    I wouldn’t think you’d need more than once a week with amla oil. Maybe try every second week and then do it more often if needed.

    All the best,


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