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Superfood Health BenefitsWelcome to Superfood Profiles. This website is about using the world’s most nutritious foods for improving your health and preventing diseases. 

While better skin and healthier hair are usually positive outward signs of enhancing your diet, certain superfoods can also be made into effective treatments for your hair and skin, for an immediate improvement in your appearance.

Superfood Profiles also has many quick, simple and delicious superfood recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners as well as soups, juices and smoothies to have more of these healthiest of foods and experience more energy in your day.

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It’s my hope that this website can help more people become aware of and share the many benefits of superfoods in making a positive difference to their daily energy levels, physical appearance and overall health and well-being.

Superfood List

Fruit & Berry Superfoods

Avocado BenefitsAvocado

Why avocados are so good for you, avocado nutrients for weight loss, diabetes and a healthy heart and how to use it as a treatment for better skin and hair. Far from fattening, superfood avocados are actually one of nature’s healthiest foods.

PapayaPapaya for Health

Papayas are a rich source of antioxidants for improving your health and enzymes for better digestion. Also learn some unusual health benefits of papaya seeds, side effects to be aware of and how to use them as a natural remedy for parasites.

Superfood SmoothiesSmoothie Recipes

Delicious yet extremely healthy recipes for making smoothies full of superfoods and packed to bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other health promoting nutrition.


Healthiest Oils

Avocado oil nutritional propertiesAvocado Oil

The health benefits of using avocado oil for high temperature cooking and why it’s so good for hair growth and healthy skin, including treating acne, eczema and psoriasis.


Black Currant OilBlack currant Hair Loss treatment

Black currant oil is a potent nutritional oil full of gamma linoleic acid that may help treat and prevent thinning hair. Along with treating hair loss there are many other potential benefits of taking black currant oil.


Flaxseed OilFlax omega-3 benefits

Using flaxseed oil for weight loss, better skin and strong and shiny hair. Cold pressed flaxseed oil is one of the best sources of omega-3 alpha linolenic acid and an especially healthy oil for women.


Pumpkin Seed OilPumpkin oil for men

A delicious culinary oil, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is especially beneficial for men in preventing hair loss and prostate problems as it contains unique compounds that control excessive DHT levels.


Herbal Superfoods


Amla is an internal rejuvenator that boosts your immune system and liver function and promotes good general health and longevity. Here’s how to use it for a better body, brighter skin and stronger hair.


Gymnema SylvestreGymestra for losing weight

Gymnema tea can balance blood sugar levels and reduce carbohydrate cravings for weight loss, as an aid in diabetes treatment and as a preventative for those at risk of the disease.


Mucuna Pruriensmucuna for dopamine and testosterone

Mucuna pruriens is a potent mood enhancing and libido stimulating superfood for improving your mental state, energy levels, ability to relax and even body composition and libido.


 Stevia plantStevia

Using stevia regularly may well be one of the most beneficial things you ever do for your health. Not for the nutrition it gives you, but for what it helps you substitute in your diet – sugar.


Triphala PowderTriphala digestion treatment

Triphala is a powerful Ayurvedic preparation that cleanses and detoxifies your body while simultaneously strengthening and nourishing it. Here’s how to prepare triphala and use it for better health and digestion.


Nut & Seed Superfoods

Black WalnutsBlack walnut parasite remedy

How to use black walnuts as a treatment for parasites, to rid your body of candida overgrowth, for excessive sweating, cold sores, warts and other skin problems and fungal conditions.


Brazil NutsBrazil Nuts for selenium and testosterone

Eating delicious Brazil nuts to avoid becoming selenium deficient as well as increasing your natural testosterone levels and why this is beneficial for women as well as men.


Raw Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds for intestinal worms

Pumpkin seed health benefits for improving your skin tone, cholesterol reduction, kidney stone prevention and how to use pumpkin seeds for intestinal worms.


Superfood Vegetables

Arugula nutritional propertiesArugula

Arugula has some surprising health benefits for cancer prevention, weight loss and body detoxification and is particularly high in many important vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients.


Bok ChoyBok choy health benefits

Bok Choy is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and is especially good for improving your skin. Here’s why this vegetable superfood is a great addition to your meals if you value your health and appearance.


ParsleyParsley for skin and hair

Parsley is rich in nutrition and fresh parsley juice is especially good for kidney cleansing and liver detoxification. Also, how to use it for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, acne and discolored skin.


PumpkinPumpkin for better health

Healthy pumpkin is an antioxidant rich superfood for disease prevention, better digestion and glowing skin. Here are some great tasting pumpkin recipes plus how to cook it for maximum nutrition.

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Get OrganifiThis detailed review of Organifi Green Juice has the full ingredient list, potential health benefits, pros and cons and possible side effects of this popular new superfood powder.

Here’s where to buy it at the best price, how to get an extra discount with a special coupon code and whether it’s worth it.

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What is Organifi Green Juice?

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Grown American Superfood Review — Ingredients, Customer Feedback & Cost Per Serve

American grown superfood powderThis detailed review of Grown American Superfood covers the full ingredients list and the best and worst additions in this USA made organic green powder supplement.

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Papaya Seeds as Natural Male Birth Control

Male Contraceptive Papaya SeedsScientists are still working on a male birth control pill designed to block the release of fertile sperm and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

So far many of the attempted methods involving inhibiting hormones appear to lead to testosterone problems and decreased libido.

There are however some potential natural methods of birth control without such side effects. One of the most interesting is using papaya seeds for male contraception.

Ahead is what we know about using the seeds of papaya as a contraceptive for men, potential precautions if you choose to use them and the simplest and best tasting way to add papaya seeds to your diet.

Papaya Seeds as Birth Control in Traditional Cultures

Both men and women on the Indian subcontinent and in parts of Southeast Asia have traditionally used the papaya fruit and its seeds as a form of herbal birth control.

Women are known to use the unripe green papaya, with its enzyme rich milky white sap, to avoid pregnancy. For this purpose it is either eaten in large amounts or used as an abortifacient when applied directly to the uterus.

Both unripe papaya and papaya seeds are high in the enzyme papain. Papain is a beneficial aid to protein digestion but best avoided for women currently or trying to get pregnant. More on possible side effects of papaya enzymes here for both men and women.

Papaya seeds are also reported to have been used by men in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other parts of Asia as a long-term natural birth control method. The equivalent of around a teaspoon is suggested daily and is taken for around three months to be fully effective.

The effect is then said to last for several months after treatment is stopped, to be completely reversible in the long-term and with no observed negative effects on libido during treatment.

Two interesting studies on the contraceptive effects papaya seeds shed more light on their potential.

Research on Papaya Seeds for Male Contraception

As is often the case with natural treatments, there hasn’t been a wealth of scientific studies on non-pharmaceutical birth control methods. Companies can’t patent plant-based treatments like papaya seeds so there’s little financial incentive for research.

Two promising animal studies have been done though on the effects of taking papaya seed extract on male sperm. The first on Pubmed is a study of the long-term safety of a Carica papaya seed extract on male rats over a full year of daily doses.

In this research, while sperm became completely ineffective during the treatment, no decrease in testosterone or damage to internal organs was observed compared to the control animals.

The researchers said the papaya seed extract ‘affect sperm parameters without adverse side effects and is clinically safe as a male contraceptive’.

While rat studies are often used to test the safety of a substance, men are not rats. This second study though, involving adult male langur monkeys is significantly closer to our own biology.

In it an extract of papaya seeds, equivalent to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, was administered for 360 days.

Testing found sperm concentration, motility and viability notably decreased within 30 days and was significantly impaired by 60. After 90 days azoospermia (no sperm count) was observed in all the test subjects.

Once treatment was withdrawn, sperm function slowly increased and returned to the fertile range after 150 days with no noted long-term side effects.

The study concluded that the year-long administration of papaya seed extract ‘disclose no significant toxicological effects and the serum testosterone level was not affected’.

Using Papaya Seeds as Natural Male Birth Control

Despite the findings of these studies, we are unlikely to see a papaya seed-based male birth control pill in the drugstores anytime soon. Any man interested in using papaya seeds to decrease his fertility would have to do it with the seeds from papaya fruit and at his own (and his partner’s) understanding and risk.

You’d also need a good supply of papaya seeds to use them as homemade birth control. Fortunately, they can be frozen for bulk use and easily added to the simple papaya seed smoothie recipe ahead.

For people that don’t have access to fresh papaya seeds, this organic papaya seed powder is the best alternative. You’d only need about half a teaspoon per dose due to the seeds already being concentrated in powdered form.

On the positive side, papaya seeds actually have many health benefits so there can be significant additional reasons to take them daily for a man looking to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They have even been shown to be an effective treatment against parasites and intestinal worms.

Ultimately, the choice is up to each male reader individually. I’ve personally used papaya seeds regularly for long periods, primarily for the digestive benefits detailed here, but also as extra insurance against unplanned pregnancy, and noticed only positive health effects.

There’s no way to guarantee that using papaya seeds as a herbal contraceptive would be 100% effective. The noted studies and observations from traditional uses make it one of the best candidates for natural birth control, but each man would need to consider his own and his partner’s situation.

If you’re interested in using the treatment then here is how to prepare a consistent supply of papaya seeds. Following this is a simple way to take them daily in a great tasting papaya seed smoothie.

Preparing Papaya Seeds for Regular Use

Papaya seeds taste very different to the delicious fresh fruit, with the flavor often described as a cross between pepper and wasabi.

Just chewing up a teaspoon of seeds each morning isn’t that much fun so here is a more enjoyable way to have them without the strong taste.

To be effective, papaya seeds need to be chewed up, crushed or broken apart in some way. After trying all three, I know which is the easiest to follow for long periods and now always have the seeds blended into my daily smoothies when taking them.

You’ll need a high powered blender to chop them up finely so you won’t even notice them in your smoothie. After a lot of research I chose this one and it’s perfect for the purpose.

Unless you live in an area where papayas are freely available you’ll probably want to freeze a supply for regular use.

Fortunately, the large Central and South American papayas available in America contain a lot of seeds (and are not affected by the GMO issues of the smaller Hawaiian fruits).

The best way I’ve found to ensure a consistent supply is to get a couple of large ripe papayas, cut them into strips with the seeds and freeze them. Here’s how.Papaya seed birth control

How to Harvest and Store Papaya Seeds

  1. First gently rub the papaya skin with a splash of apple cider vinegar and rinse with warm water. This cleans it and helps remove any sprays. Papaya skin is high in beneficial digestive enzymes and it’s much easier to leave it on to be blended up in your smoothie.
  2. Once washed, sliced the papaya lengthways in half and cut off the two ends that don’t contain any seeds. These can be eaten now or chopped up and frozen separately to be added as extra smoothie ingredients.
  3. Now with the two seed containing halves, sliced them into vertical strips about half an inch wide. For large papaya, these can all then be cut in half horizontally and you should be left with sections of papaya that contain roughly about a teaspoon of seeds.
  4. For really large papayas full of seeds the vertical strips could be cut horizontally several times. We’re just looking for roughly a teaspoon of seeds, still attached to the papaya pulp. Don’t worry about being too precise. These studies found the seeds effective even at relatively low doses. A teaspoon is just an easy approximation. A little more or less is fine.
  5. I’ve found the easiest way to have the strips ready for regularly use is to then lay them side-by-side in a plastic container and freeze them. Just one deep is better so they don’t stick.

Chopping up a couple of papayas like this is a little work at the start, but once you’ve done this with a big papaya you should have enough seed laden papaya strips for several weeks.

They can then be used from the freezer and added, still frozen, directly to your smoothie. Unless you have the powdered seeds, this is the best way I’ve found to have a daily supply for regular use.

Simple Papaya Seed Smoothie Recipe for Natural Birth Control


  • 1 papaya strip with approximately a teaspoon of papaya seeds. Alternatively use half a teaspoon of this papaya seed powder.
  • Fruit of your choice – a big slice of pineapple, a banana, a whole chopped apple or pear or a handful of berries are all good.
  • 2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut or chia seeds which thicken the smoothie and provide many digestive benefits.
  • A cup of coconut water or diluted coconut milk, healthy hemp milk, almond milk or organic cow’s milk if you tolerate it (soy or conventional cow’s milk isn’t recommended for various health reasons).


  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon for a great flavor, blood sugar control and many antibacterial properties.
  • A couple of drops of Stevia for healthier sweetness if needed (should be unnecessary if you’re using sweet fruits like pineapple or bananas).


  • Simply throw in all the ingredients, top up with the coconut water and blend on high until the consistency looks smooth and rich.
  • Pour into a glass and drink immediately. First thing the morning is best for papaya seeds digestive benefits, but when you get home from work to keep you going until dinner is also very good.

Treatment Time and Final Thoughts

The langur monkey research observed a reduction in sperm viability with papaya seed after 30 days, significant decreases by 60 days and ‘no sperm count’ after 90, with a further 150 days of male contraception once the papaya seed treatment was stopped.

Given this, papaya seeds may be useful as a long-term herbal contraceptive for men worried about unwanted pregnancy. Though you would need regular access to papaya seeds and the commitment to take them daily.

I’d also highly advise testing your sperm count before relying on this method. Inexpensive home fertility tests like this are now available for men and are well worth it for something so important.

It’s not the place or purpose of this article to make the decision as to whether to use papaya seeds as a natural male birth control for anyone. Commonly used barrier methods like condoms are simpler, but in situations where these are causing problems papaya seeds could provide an alternative.

It’s a choice for each man to make individually, after researching the options available, but no method should be considered 100% effective. Obviously other factors should be taken into account as well, such as protection if you’re not in a committed relationship.

Do you have any experience with using papaya seeds as a natural contraceptive? I’d be interested to hear from men who have used the seeds for this purpose, how they found taking them regularly, and particularly if they have had their sperm count tested after using this homemade birth control method.

If you’re interested in other reasons to take papaya seeds for better health and for both men and women. See this article on some unusual papaya seeds benefits for your liver, digestive system and preventing bacterial and viral infections.

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A Maca and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe for More Testosterone and Higher Libido

Testosterone smoothieBlueberry smoothies are delicious but this special recipe for increasing testosterone and raising libido is far more than just something nice to drink.

Each of the ingredients in this smoothie recipe plays its part in making it a powerful treatment for elevating one of the most important of hormones for both men and women — testosterone.

For people lacking in the many nutrients this testosterone smoothie provides, drinking it can make the kind of difference most people usually only associate with expensive little pills.

Let’s have a look at what’s in this testosterone boosting smoothie and why each of them is so good for proper sex hormone function and a strong and healthy libido.

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